Tears of Themis Translations

I’m absolutely late in announcing this but I’m just popping by to let you all know I’m collaborating on translations for Tears of Themis (未定事件簿), a Chinese mobile dating sim!

Chapter 1 complete and up for you to have a taste of what the game is like. Chapter 2 is in progress and let me tell you the story gets more and more compelling.

Weiding Shijianbu

Official website


Stellis City sprung up amidst a collision of culture. Science and technology light up its lively and bustling neon lights, but it also casts dark shadows.

Prevalence of mental illnesses has increased abnormally;
Public disturbance incidents have increased significantly;
Lovers, who were tender and considerate to each other, inadvertently became irritable and violent;
Friends, who once went through thick and thin together, turned into enemies overnight…

Although these incidents were caught and recorded, they were drowned out in the enormous flood of data. But there was still someone who noticed them, analyzed and sorted them, and redefined them.

This report was given the name “Conundrum” and it removed conflicts of interest and restored the truth which had been smeared.

In the end, these will be sent to the Scales of Justice, and you will be the one placing weights on the balance scale.

From Tears of Themis Masterlist

The feature image is from the Qixi Event, if anyone wanted to know! My bias is Zuo Ran, the Elite Lawyer. You don’t know how much effort it takes to drag him home through the gacha to stop him from working overtime… I kid. I don’t drag him home, I have to exchange for him. It’s like the game holds him hostage!!

With My Dear – Lyric Translations

Title (CN): 与卿 (yu qing) Title (EN): With My Dear Sub-title: Faithful to you this life, giving you my deep emotions Vocals: Zhou Shen Producer: Chen Pengjie Lyrics: Ming Feng Composer: Chen Pengjie Arrangement: Cui Boyuan Strings: International Chief Philharmonic Orchestra String music producer: Li Peng Violin: Li Peng Guitar: Li Meng Xiao: Flute Fool […]

Zhangmen Tai Mang (Sect Leader is Too Busy) – Character Profiles

I’ve been eyeing this game ever since Ilinox brought it to my attention and just wanted to share a quick translation of the synopsis and character profiles from the official website. It officially launches on 7 August on the Chinese server. I haven’t heard any plans for localisations. Unfortunately, historical games like these usually don’t ;w;

Game name:

掌门太忙; Zhangmen Tai Mang; Sect Leader is Too Busy
(previously known as 掌门在上; Zhangmen Zai Shang; Your Honorable Sect Leader)

Game Synopsis (Short)

“You needn’t be overcourteous. I only want you and Jianghu.”

You are an independent woman from the present who transmigrated through time and space to Dayong and become the “antagonist Sect Leader” of a sect everyone in Jianghu (the pugilistic world) wants to annihilate. In your fight to rebuild the sect you meet and get to know five men of extraodinary identity. From expelling ghosts, solving cases to making your comeback, your Jianghu story begins here.

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【Announcement】Doting Boyfriend becomes Crazed, Loving Boyfriend -Makoto Sougami-

Hi everyone! I’m here to announce the translation I’ve done for A-chromatic color has been released! The files on DLSite have now been updated to include the English script and translation of the documents. The links to the download pages are below the cover image. There’s a two-part sequel to this volume and I hear they’re working on a new series. You can follow them on Ci-en for their latest news and to support them.

This sets out your relationship with him. It was originally a stand-alone so you can listen to this volume only but I’d recommend to follow-up with the sequel for his salvation arc. It had me in tears. Apparently Mitsuhashi cried when he recorded because he got too into character.

Warnings: Sexual content, R-18. Don’t listen until you’re legal!


You work at a pharmaceutical company. One day a man known within the company as the ‘Mad Scientist’ confesses to you. You were frightened and chose to give your reply another time.

Makoto Sougami is your colleague, a senior employee. You complain about wanting to go for a drink. He recommends you take a mood stabiliser instead of drowning in alcohol.

However, the drug you actually took was ‘GIFT’, the poison the Mad Scientist developed.

Is this the beginning of misfortune…?

English: Doting Boyfriend becomes Crazed, Loving Boyfriend -Makoto Sougami-
Japanese: 溺愛彼氏が狂愛彼氏に変わるまで―贈守誠―

For those interested in my translator’s notes on this title, read on under the cut. Spoiler warning for the entire series, just in case.

Edit (2020/05/01): Makoto tweeted for a day on April Fool’s. You don’t have to know what happens in the sequel, but this was released after the series was complete. The English translations are under the cut.

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