雅恋 ~MIYAKO~月詠の夢 (MIYAKO~Tsukiyomi no Yume~) Overview

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I’ve played this game a few months ago and with the fandisc due to be released in 2 months I thought this game would be a good one to do my first review on.

The heroine of this game is Sayuki, the third shikigami Abe no Seimei (an onmyouji) has created. She is referred to as ‘Sangou’ because she is the third shikigami. The game starts off where Sangou wakes up after being created. Poor Sangou. She wakes up to this beautiful and kind face and voice but the next thing you know, he’s pinching her making sure she’s functioning properly. Yes, you guessed it, it was our beloved Seimei-sama who woke her up. She is then introduced to Ichigou (the first shikigami) and Nigou (the second shikigami).

Ichigou is our tsundere. Every time he gets embarrassed (and Nigou is usually to blame), he kicks his ‘brother’ into the sky. He acts mean to Sangou but really cares. Nigou, on the other hand, is the mood maker. He teases Nigou, makes ridiculous comments and lightens the mood. He’s the cheerful and reliable character. Ichigou and Nigou together make Suzaku, one of the beasts that protect the capitol. Which explains why they call each other ‘brother’.

The second day she runs into Izumi, the crowned prince (soon to be emperor, I think). Of course she doesn’t know who he is at first. I loved Izumi’s introduction, it was just too cute. And I’m a NamiDai fan so there’s some obvious bias there.

Sangou is told the way back to the main road where our dear Do-S Seimei-sama has come to pick her up to go to the ‘Odd Jobs’ place. It’s ‘Odd jobs’ as it takes the requests of many people and help them. There she meets the rest of the team, Raikou and Genshin.

Raikou is the bodyguard of Izumi and he is quite stiff so to speak. He’s more the type of person who follows everything by the rules and tries not to be a bother to everyone. When I saw Genshin, my first thought was: “I can date a monk?” He’s a monk…kind of. He’s a teacher to the children of the capital and he’s the type of character who you turn to for guidance.

Sangou’s daily activity is to be part of the ‘Odd Jobs’ team and complete the tasks. She is given a choice to go with certain people each day. During the night, this all changes. The real goal is to find the 3 items, a dagger, a mirror and magatama. These 3 items are proof of royalty, i.e. Izumi must have these 3 items to become the emperor. Of course what is a hunt for treasure without enemies?

Sangou first meets Douman on a bridge where he had saved her from an evil spirit one night. Douman is the leader of the group who is also aiming to get their hands on the 3 items, but for a totally different reason. You constantly meet at least one person of their group during your night escapades. I don’t quite remember what their names are. I do know that one of them is voiced by Hino Satoshi.

Who you end up with in this game depends on who you join during the day and night.

I must say, I really liked this game, not only for the art but the individual routes (even though I haven’t done Genshin’s). Each and every one of them managed to make me cry. I went through at least 10 tissues for each route. Not to mention I played the routes one after another. I knew that Seimei and Douman’s routes, Izumi and Raikou’s routes and Ichigou and Nigou’s routes were going to be similar so I played one from each pair first.

This game…I don’t know whether to call it predictable or not. It’s not in the sense I didn’t yawn or roll my eyes at the events. Yet it was because I knew that some things could only go one way. I was glad that during the second half of the game I didn’t have the urge to hit the skip button. Each route’s back story and relationship felt realistic. The plot feels so complicated I wouldn’t mind playing it over and over again. To top it off, Sangou is not one of those D.I.D (Damsel in Distress) characters. “Hell yeah, I can fight baby!” Well, some what fight.

I’m absolutely horrible at putting my thoughts and feelings into words so I’m sorry if this sounds like I’m just repeating myself. Miyako is a game I would play multiple times and not get tired of it. I would still cry during every route and I would never get sick of listening to the BGM. I found myself wanting more at the end of each route so I’m glad there’s a fandisc coming out. Thank god I finally bought a PSP as well.

I’ve played through everyone’s route apart from Genshin’s so I’ll start the next post with his. I’m currently up to Chapter 6(?), where the flower in the text window just changes. I’ll be replaying through everyone else’s route since I have a few situations to fill in. Yup, my head’s going to burst from the amount of Kanji that’s in this game. And all those complicated explanations that my Japanese can’t accommodate with. Oh dear.

Well, I’m off to finish Genshin’s route. I’ll be inactive for about a week because of a sleepover I’m hosting. So meanwhile, happy gaming!


5 thoughts on “雅恋 ~MIYAKO~月詠の夢 (MIYAKO~Tsukiyomi no Yume~) Overview

  1. Yay! Namikawa Daisuke’s fans o(≧∇≦o) !! He’s my most fav seiyuu for now.

    I like Seimei and Izumi in this title, although I love Izumi the most (of his cuteness and that ‘dying’ scene). I know it. Sayuki (a.k.a. Sangou) can fight, unlike other heroine who just can taking a walk until she meet the destined one. I’m really grateful she’s a shikigami, though also a bit confused if it can end fine with Izumi, the crown prince…. Look, in the past, usually, princes are married to princesses or on the same degree, right??

    That’s so like me in the past. I couldn’t express what I’ve felt so I wrote on a minimum words..

    • =DD I would like to know who ISN’T a NamiDai fan. I swear it’s almost impossible not to hate him unless you hate that kind voice. Yeah, impossible.

      I like Ichigou, Seimei and Izumi. Nigou’s cute uhhh…dunno, to ‘happy’ for me. I relly want to start fangirling here but maybe I shoud leave it for my review posts. xDD Yeah. I’ll make them long JUST for Izumi. KYAAAHH!! HI ‘dying’ scene kills me every time I see it. And that’s every single time I load the game. Yup, I sit through th OP movie and it’s that CG…;A;

      I’m not sure how the marriage is supposed to work between Izumi and Sangou but who cares?! He’s the emperor and he can do what he wants! XD /shot Sometimes status cannot prevent true love /gah so sappy. ^O^ I don’t mind long replis. They’re interesting to read. =DDD

      • Yes, who can stand his kind voice?? Even more if he’s in pain (Takato and Shrade), it seems I can feel his character’s pain too.>>

        Ichigou, I like him too (part of it was because I like tsuntsun, similar to Seimei). It’s pretty lively to see him and Nigou fighting mouth. And yeah, I can’t fangirl-ing Nigou too, especially his story.

        Let’s leave the annoying part of Izumi’s destiny, right!! It’s too cliche to be in the story so it’s okay to not have that kind of storyline. Okay, I’ll leave my fangirl-ing in character’s post later..

  2. I really really love this game. Love the art, the characters, the music, the plot’s not so bad, but… the language!!!! I couldn’t understand what they were talking about at all until my friend agreed to help me out! It seriously killed me. They’re not even using any old structures or anything, so whyyyyy. Loved the game, both PSP and PC. It’s kinda really soothing. My faves would be Ichigou and Izumi. Izumi’s really nice and very soothing ,seeing that he’s voiced by NamiDai!

    • xDDD I love this game alksfjaoeijf Yeah, the structure of the language isn’t all that hard. It’s the vocab that they use that makes things harder.

      I preferred the PC game since it had an extra route (but Nigou’s route…;w;) and well, the CGs came out prettier on my screen haha

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