うたのプリンスさまMUSIC (Uta no Prince-Sama MUSIC)

Official Website: http://www.utapri.com/game/music/

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Can I just say that this game is so fun I’ll play it over and over again? Why? Because it’s a rhythmic game and although I completely suck at is (yes, I got a friggen C in level 3 of EASY) just playing the songs gives you a sense of satisfaction. This game uses the buttons [X] [∆] [□] and any of the arrow keys. It comes out as a cross.

Hello there suckiness: 

This game includes all your Idol Songs, Audition songs, Duets, Happy Songs, A and S class songs AND OF COURSE!! Your MAJILOVE1000% album!! Unfortunately it doesn’t have ‘First impact, recipe’ but oh well. =3

Oh I was SOOOOOO happy~

At the start of each song, one of the characters say the name of the song and then says ‘Music, Start!’ when you press [O]. Now, I should tell you all, it is possible to unlock Satsuki (HUR HUR >U>) and Hayato. OMG When you play the duets/A/S class songs or Tokiya/Natsuki songs, you can change the character that’s going to be on the left of your screen. BAHAHAHAHA!! Hayato is HI.LA.RI.OUS! You just have to play this to know what I mean xD

SO, I’ve unlocked all the songs by completing each level in Easy and getting either an A or a ぎりぎりS rank. The ONLY song I was able to get a perfect in (which is indicated by that a little UtaPuri crown next to your S rank) is Tokiya’s ‘.星屑☆Shall we dance’. ;A;

It’s hard for me OK?! I can’t just button mash like I do with Stepmania because if you miss a note, you lose 1 ‘note’ and if you press the wrong note, you’ve missed the note so you lose 2 ‘notes’. For every COOL you get, it’s 20 points. Every GOOD is 10 and every POOR (i.e. You missed it or pressed the wrong button) 10 is subtracted. Your final score is actually all the above added then divided by 10. JUST TO MAKE IT HARDER TO EARN MUNNIEZ TO BUY 女装 CUSTOMISED STUFF FOR EVERY CHARACTER.

Ah, but if you don’t get any POOR during the song, you get extra points, how much depends on what song! =3 If you get all COOL it’s usually in the hundreds and you get that little crown next to your S =33 It looks so good. I felt so proud (even if it WAS EASY – Level 1). Depending on what your rank is, the character that you chose to have on the left will comment. Also, when you play the game, if you can somehow move your eyes away from the score (it’s so hard to do that), you’ll see the guys’ expressions change. The DERP face appears a few times xDD At least it looks like that to me.

A 50 note combo will get you a pink heart appearing for each note you press COOL-y until you hit 100. After that, it’s 3 hearts and then after 200 it’s just this BIG PINK HEART that fades in and out…kinda. xD These ‘special effects’ can be changed when you buy it from the shop when you’ve unlocked it.

With the MP (Music Points? CBF to check my PSP right now LOL) you earn by playing the songs, you can go into the shop and buy clothes, special effects when you press notes, backgrounds of the ‘music score’ and actual song. The one I’m eyeing right now is the女装 and pyjamas which is friggen 10,000MP and 20,000MP EACH respectively, and there are 7 guys. OTL

Each time you get an A or S rank in the first 21 individually sung songs, you get a heart =3. It is your reward (ご褒美) and Oh MAH GAD! It’s so cheesy and half the time I don’t even know if Haruka is there with them listening to them say these CHEEZY CORN lines or they’re just talking to thin air. Haha, right, speaking of that, Cecil (as much as I love you), is so random. The first ご褒美 I unlocked was of him, on that island, wishing you were there with him. He wished he could just spirit you away to another world with him~ xD

Haha, the TROLOL screenies I took =33

Now, I haven’t unlocked ALL of the ご褒美 so I can’t say that the others are going to be like that but there are 9 for each guy. Pass EASY on all 3 levels, you get one. Pass HARD on all 3 levels you get another. Pass PRO and you get the ‘final’ one. There are 3 songs per guy you have to play through, hence 9 videos. I’m going to need my friend to man the arrow button on my PSP if I have ANY hope of finishing these songs. xD OR…like how Hinano said, I could just get a C 30 times and I’d unlock it…OTL No thanks, I’ll aim for a B and play it 10 times or just and A/S rank…

There’s also a challenge mode somewhere (can’t remember) and it’s 3 songs, the Repeat, AA and SS game song…I think. They’re all on pro level. In the Music Library, the theme song for UtaPuri Music is there for you to play~

Overall, yes I’ll say it again, I. LOVE. THIS. GAME! If you ignore the fanservice they give with the ‘SHOP’ and the ご褒美 I’d say anyone who likes a rhythmic game would like this game. Most songs are good from UtaPuri~ =DD I still get goosebumps listening to MajiLOVE1000%, MIrai Chizu and Natsuki’s songs. xDD


That’s all from me for now~ Sorry for the short review ^^; (cries at my own lack of dedication)


15 thoughts on “うたのプリンスさまMUSIC (Uta no Prince-Sama MUSIC)

  1. I love this too~! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
    The songs are really hard like omg, my poor right hand (-̩-̩__-̩-̩)
    But even if I’m struggling I keep on pushing buttons hohoho.
    I haven’t fully comp the game because Ren, Natsuki, and Sho’s songs are bully >_>.

    • The songs that I used to…kinda hate are sticking now. They’re not as bad as I originally though xD

      Yes, my poor right hand, how am I going to write anymore?! I stop for a beat or two and then press, I lose less points that way xD

      I LOVE Natsuki’s songs so even if they’re hard, I’m still getting an A. I admit though, Sho-kun/Natsuki and Ren’s songs always seem to be the hardest ^^;

      The rest are just…mmmm~ I can do this yeah! *fails anyway on hard*

  2. Utapri Music~ yeah this game is fun but really sometimes it can frustrate me on certain songs (Ren and Natsuki) lol. Their songs are so fast… 😦 even I pressed the buttons like crazy still only got C lol. I don’t know if I can finish it or not he2 ^_^

    • Haha, well, it’s on of the games you keep on your PSP and it’s great to play when you only have 30 mins on the train or something. One of Masato’s songs are quite fast as well…OTL I think my arm was stiff after playing it.
      KEEP PLAYING!! =33 You unlock the ‘Memories’ as well later on. They’re short stories. xDD

      • Masato is the only one that I can finish lol ^_^ The rest I just give up, but maybe I’ll play it again later ^_^. I like rhythm/music game but really this game is hard he2.

  3. Omigosh the UtaPri games are SO CUTE!!! >w_> It’s sad because I own them but D: I haven’t had time to play them!!! Q_Q I’m so sad…. I hate being so busy. But omigosh this game looks too cute~!! I love rhythm games since I played piano for so many years but I don’t know how I’d do on this! Haha no button mashing allowed? QQ but that’s all I can do!! Haha jkjk 😛

    • (Wow, how late is this reply. Well better late than never XD)
      OMG At least you own them LOL I’m still saving up for the games but gaahh the newer ones are just so appealing. XDD Yeah, I know what you mean about being busy *sigh* Every time I think I have time to play there’s something else I know I should do OTL.

      This game IS cute. It’s not like you have to finish a route all at once *like I do with all my games* so it’s an nice game to play when you don’t have much time to play a route in other otoge. XDD

      I played piano too~ =DD But that was a while ago. Haven’t touched mine in a long time. Button mashing is fuuunnnnnn~~ It’s ok, when you fail they’ll encourage you in their own way…like calling you Tako XD

      • XDDD \o/
        LOL games are so expensive… dat shipping cost. so much *_* there are so many new games coming out too that I just want to get all of them for no reason at all D: it’s really bad! Haha!
        Yeah that’s the story of my life LOL. I want to play otoge but I feel as if I have no time. D8
        I haven’t played piano in a while too xD I haven’t touched or looked at piano music in forever lol and button mashing is the way to win games 8D LOL

      • This is precisely why I stalk AmiAmi every day XD To get my games at a reasonable price =DDD I take the train every day so there’s a little time for me to play then. Other than that…I try to make time. Not happening much.

      • Yeah lol if you want good deals on otoges you gotta stalk websites regularly XD LOL
        Ohhh yeah I don’t have much time mostly because I drive everywhere :(( and on top of that I do a lot during the summer and stuffs and then when school starts…. my time just flies away @_@ I have the tendency to play late at night cause that’s when I’m settled in for the day…night… well, you know what I mean lol D:

  4. Hell yeah!!! UtaPri Music sounds really fun and I was thinking of buying it, but then I decided to buy UtaPri Repeat first. Unfortunately my order got cancelled via Amazon and they changed their shipping fee’s from 10 to 30 EUR per article…. WUT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! (´;ω;`) I know it will be imported directly from Japan, but that’s just TOO MUCH…

    Oh well… I shouldn’t rage too much, sorry for that… I think I will try UtaPri Music, after I played Repeat… The ご褒美 scenes look so CUTE… I hope it won’t be too depressing, since I usually suck at pressing multiple buttons within a given time. LOL

    Btw… would you like to exchange links with me? 🙂

    • =OOO They cancelled your order ;A; Have you tried PlayAsia or YesAsia as a last resort. The first usually has discounts and the second has free shipping, except the product might be a little more expensive than Amazon.

      Please do try it!! Doesn’t matter if you don’t do well XD You’ll still unlock things if you’re presistent enough. Or just enjoy the songs LOL.

      ヽ(*⌒∇^)ノハーイ♪ OF COURSE!! =DD Onto my blogroll you go www

      • Yeah, I think I will order ist from PlayAsia someday… ^^ And I’m glad, that I didn’t bought it from Amazon… Those who ordered games from that seller never got their games… even though they got back their money. LOL

        Then I will enjoy the songs for sure. Hehe. 🙂

  5. LOL actually for me.. easy is easy but hard level 2 – 3 is IMPOSSIBLE!!! btw did you need to finish all of the song + level to get the maji love ? ( finished all of it ( but for the duo and trio i only done the easy level 3 ) btw when HAYATO’s say “Belive my voice” is sound like “Believe my Boys” <, laughed so hard here

    • Haha really? Once I play Hard/normal, because I’m so used to the rhythm I can’t do Easy properly again until I try a lot of times.

      I played this a long time ago but from memory, you have to pass at least 1 level for every single song before MajiLOVE1000% is unlocked.

      It’s like how you had to say finish Otoya and Tokiya’s song before their duet is unlocked. You probably have to finish the duets before the group song is unlocked.

      Ahh, Mamo’s engrish gives me laughs every single time ww

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