Terashima Apologises

OMG He apologised (English post which links to original Japanese post). ;A; I’m happy he apologised though this doesn’t quite mean everyone on the internet will accept it. I am personally still wondering how I’m feeling about this.

On one hand, I feel so much better knowing that Terashima reflected on his actions and wrote this apology up. On the other, the words that were said during and after the event from the videos and radio are still echoing in my mind. I have to admit, after hearing them it’s been hard to listen to Terashima’s voice whether he’s talking, singing or voice acting for a character. Though maybe now, I can slowly ease myself back into everything.

I never stopped being your fan Terashima. I was disappointed and wished this had never happened. As of now, I’m still a fan but just not as…hardcore(?) as I used to be. I hope one day you’ll be able to earn back the respect, even just a little, that you lost 2 months ago.


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