42 礻申 Vol. 1 Celesta 〜天国からのインビテーション~ Translation

Title: 42 GAMI Vol. 1 Celesta ~An Invitation from Heaven~

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チェレスタ(Celesta) ー 木村良平 (Kimura Ryouhei)

門番 (Guardian) ー 子安武人 (Koyasu Takehito)


The human world is overpopulating and God has told the Guardian of Owari no Kuni to do something about it. The Guardian tells the shinigami Celesta to kill human and bring them to this side. He does but down there, they discover a woman who can move in stopped time. The Guardian stops Celesta from killing her. Instead he decides that they need to investigate what special ability this woman holds. The Guardian tells Celesta to find out, stops him from killing her a few times and in the end tells him to make her fall in love with him. Celesta does and the Guardian tries to kill her now that she has the will to live. Celesta protects her and happily ever after they live =DD

This is the first dummyhead mic Drama CD Kimu-nii has done and OMG I think I died multiple times (in a good way 8D) ASDFGHJKL Haha Kimu-nii did his job as shinigami well~ x3 I’m probably just extremely biased but well *cough* people, you need to listen to this CD!! I’m just translating it since I needed and excuse to hear Kimu-nii’s voice saying those lines over and over again just wanted everyone to know what was going on and what he says to make me go *fwapfwap* with my hands every single time. HURHUR

I’ll tried my best to give an accurate (non-awkward) TL but if you spot any mistakes please feel free to point them out!! ww~ ENJOY 8D

Translation Notes:

M = 門番(Monban) – The guardian

C = チェレスタ – Celesta

Owari no Kuni – Literally ‘Country of the End’ so I guess it’s something like ‘World’s End’ or the afterlife.

Young Lady vs. Ojou-san (sama) – I use the latter when Celesta or the guardian addresses you (the listener). The other is used when they’re talking about you.

Mentaiko – Marinated roe of Pollock.

Zundamochi – Unsweetened mocha (rice cakes) with a slightly sweetened edamame paste from Sendai.

Seikon – Mentioned in Track 11 at 2:45. I’m actually not sure which せいこん he’s talking about since it can be stigmata or soul. Without the kanji I’m quite lost so hopefully this all still makes sense.

Track 01 – Prelude “Celesta”

M: Ojou-sama, you are aware that this world is built on a range of balances, yes? Give and take, male and females, predator and prey. These are all the things that God hoped for when he created this small world. From my position, I see this world as nothing more than a toy in God’s small box. But it seems that God loves this toy to pieces. That is why I have to maintain this toy so it doesn’t break.

[0:58] *Opens door*

M: “Oh God! A dangerous dictator is being born over here!”

[1:03] *Opens door*

M: “Oh my, how dangerous! There’s a war happening over there again.”

[1:06] *Opens door*

M: “Oh how horrible! Something dangerous is being made over there!”

[1:12] *Closes door*

M: Just like that, I watch over this ever changing world so it doesn’t break, so it doesn’t get destroyed. That is my role.

[1:24] *RING RING* *Answers call*

M: *Sigh* Yeah this is the guardian to Owari no Kuni. I’m REALLY busy right now y’know!

M: Oh, it is you Kami-Sama! Oh no no no no. I’m not busy at all! Really, who said that? Yes, I await your orders from the bottom of my heart 24/7. What shall it be today? Ah yes, about that case. You have read my report?

M: Yes, really just when I wasn’t looking for a little while the population increased again. Really, these people here and there just keep popping out babies when take my eyes off them for just a second!

M: Yes, at this rate the ecosystem can only get destroyed. It is a serious situation. Oohh! You agree with me? Yes, indeed. It cannot go on like this! If you leave into me then I can get rid of humans without trouble, without overdoing it and smartly! Yes, please leave it to me.

[2:32] *Flips phone shut*

M: *Sigh* Hmph. I guess the shinigami business isn’t that easy.

C: *Snore*

M: Hey! How long are you going to sleep for? You’ve got work Celesta!

C: Mmm… Mentaiko Mayonnaise…

M: Geez, what is he dreaming of…? Wake up Celesta, it’s work!

C: Zu…Zundamochi… *Snore*…Chi…chi?

M: Chiitara…

C: Ra…? *Snore* Ra…Ra…Ah! Ramen! Ah!! That just then doesn’t count!

(T/N: They’re playing a Japanese word game called Shiritori where the person must say a we’d that start with the final syllable of the word. The person who says a word that ends in ‘n’ loses.)

M: That ‘doesn’t count’ doesn’t count!

C: *Snore*

M: Please listen to “Love’s Requiem”!

C: U-Uuuwaaaaaahhh!!! What is that sound?!

M: Alright off you go!

C: Aaaaaahhhhhh!! What about the Shinigami Manual Labour Reinsurance?!?!?


Shinigami Number 01 Celesta ~An invitation from heaven~


C: ……Uuuuuwaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Gah!

C: Ah ouch ow ow ow ah geez it’s not even just that level if pain! If I was a normal human I’d be dead! The fact that I’m alive just proves I’m a Shinigami. But that doesn’t change the fact that it hurts, damn Guardian!!

[4:27] *Train horn blares*

C: Huh? What is that sound?

C: Uwaaahaha!! A train’s coming!! Hah. But killing before getting killed is the basics! DDDIIIIIEEEE!!! *Shoots*

M: Okay, timer! Stop!

C: Huh? What is it?! Don’t just push someone from the sky and just casually turn up! I could have died!!

M: What’s the point if a Shinigami dies? And put that dangerous thing away. To just pull out and shoot your gun…Exactly how many people did you intend to kill?

C: Who cares? It saves time. We can take as many people as we want at once if I just kill what’s in my line of aim.

M: There’s a limit to how unnatural deaths can be! We don’t know what God would say about that! Hey! Hurry up and let’s move. It’s not easy to stop time!

C: Che~ …Huh?

M: What is it Celesta? Oh my.

C: Why can she move in this situation?!

M: Aahhh… There are a few sometimes…humans who have troublesome special abilities…Well, it’s just a silly ability.

[5: 33] *Jumps and walks over*

M: Hello, Ojou-san! Please excuse me.

C: Did you kill her?

M: I don’t kill people. That’s your role right? Here! *Throws*

C: Woah! *Catches* What?

M: First, you sh-

C: Okay~ I’ll kill her!

M: Wait Celesta! Listen to me until I’ve finished!

C: Aw what a pain…

M: It seems she has a special power. And, maybe, that power will be useful to us. Let’s just see how things are.

C: To see? To just stare and keep looking at her?

M: Who said to do such a perverted thing?! Just be … by her side as a gentleman.

C: I get it. So after I keep looking at her, at what timing should I kill her?

M: Ahh…when I do this. *Gestures*

C: What an uncool sign…

M: Don’t complain about just a sign as well! It’s fine since it’s easy to understand!

C: Let’s make it a cooler sign!

M: Wha- A cooler sign?!

C: *Gestures* This!

M: *Gestures*

C: Oohh!! I can kill her yeah?!

M: *Slaps head* Idiot! That was just a practice!! Well whatever. God will get angry with me if I’m away from Owari no Kuni for so long. I will go back. Do your work properly.

C: Yeeeaaaahhh…

Track 02 – First Contact

C: Morning Ojou-San. You’ve woken up? Ah, you don’t have to force yourself to get up. It’s okay to stay lying down.

C: Me? I’m Celesta. I was just there near you when you fainted. Eh? You saw a weird man? Ah, no. I didn’t see anyone…did you see him in your dream? Was it a nightmare? You poor thing.

C: Aahhh, sorry! I shouldn’t have touched you? Sorry, it’s normal in my country so I just… The customs in Japan are hard. I’ll be careful.

C: Hm? Even so…*sniff sniff* Do you wear perfume? Oh, you don’t. Hmmm but you smell sweet. *sniff sniff sniff* Is it vanilla? It’s like the sweet smell of a milk candy. Nope, I don’t hate it. More like I like it. It smells delicious.

[1:20] *Kiss*

C: Huh? You’re angry? Sorry! It’s normal in my country. Ah. Calm down! Don’t get so angry. There there. Ah right, you’re not a horse. Huh? Are you leaving already? No, you can go. We’ll meet again anyway.

C: Reason? There isn’t one. I just get this feeling that I’ll meet you again. That’s it. When that time comes, I’ll steal it. Steal what? You seriously don’t know? Guess I can’t help it. I’ll you especially. Your life. Hahaha, that’s a lie! I’ll be stealing your heart! See ya.

Track 03 – Sweet?

M: What were you thinking, making her be cautious of you, you idiot Shinigami?!

C: Yes, yes, I’m sorry.

M: I’ve told you before haven’t I?! Japanese women are modest and shy beings! What did you hear?!

C: That many Japanese women look like they have tiny breasts but that’s not really the case.

M: Don’t just remember useless details!

C: So annoying…geez. Let’s stop doing boring things and just let me kill her already. I got close and took a look. She just seemed like a normal girl. I didn’t feel any special ability.

M: Did you take a good look? Was there anything weird about her?

C: Like I said, she’s a normal girl! Aaaahh, now that I think a about it, she smelt sweet.

M: Sweet?

C: It was a sweet scent like vanilla. I feel like I’ve smelt that before somewhere…

M: Vanilla?

C: Ah but it’s probably her shampoo or something. Girls usually like that stuff.

M: Hmmm… I see…

C: So, I can kill her right? Yeah?!

M: No you cannot. Until we are sure of what her special power is-

C: Ah, what a pain! *Snore*

M: Listen Celesta. I am Owari no Kuni’s guardian and you are the Shinigami who gathers the residents of Owari no Kuni. We are just the employed here.

C: That’s true.

M: However, if I were to become the ruler of Owari no Kuni then what would happen? There would be no reason for you to just be an employed Shinigami.

C: I don’t really care. I’m fine with how it is right now. So drowsy, can I sleep?

M: What do you plan on sleeping for?!

C: Because~ I can’t kill her right? Then it isn’t my job.

M: Go and take another look without complaining!

C: Uwwwoooaaahhh!!! Shinigami have human right tooooooo~~~

Track 04 – Bang!!

C: Nnnn… Vanilla…? Huh…eh? You’re…  *Smiles* Did you save me? I fainted? Ahh… Well… I was kinda pushed off… Eh? Ah. No it’s not some kind of accident. More like I was told something as bad as being pushed off by my demon of a boss. You’re worried about me? You’re kind. Thank you.

[0:40] *Gets up*

C: Ah, yeah. I’m fine now. What? Were you that worried? You thought that I was dead? Ahaha, I won’t die. I definitely won’t die. Do you feel relieved now? Mhm, that’s great.

[1:00] *Sniff*

C: That aside, you…really do smell nice. I wonder what it is…It’s a really comforting scent. *sniff* It’s nostalgic, I want to be spoilt. Oh, woops! You get angry when I get close don’t you? Eh? You won’t get angry at a patient? Heeh~ You’re nice.

C: I wonder if I can become happy if I stay beside a young lady like you. Will you make me happy? Ahaha, it’s a lie, a lie, I’m joking. But you’re good. You are. So good I just feel… like killing you.

Track 05 – 恋をしなさい (Fall in Love)

M: Wait! Timer, timer! What are you doing?!

C: Aaahhh, but it’s fine right? Hurry up and let me finish this. It’s bothersome.

M: Hello Ojou-san. Nice to meet you. I am this idiot’s boss. Eh? Demon of a boss? Is that supposed to mean me? What a rude- It was this guy wasn’t it?! *punch*

C: O-Ouch! What was that for?

M: Don’t give me that! And put that gun down. See, Ojou-san is sitting there idly because there’s a gun in her face.

C: *Sigh* What a bore.

M: *Sigh* Why did I choose you for this job this time?

C: Hey hey, why can you move normally in this world as well? See, the world’s stopped. Did you notice? Haha, you finally noticed! Are you scared? Frightened? Really? Haha You’re so cute. If you’re by my side you don’t have to be afraid. It’s alright.

M: What is a guy who pointed a gun at her until seconds ago saying? Come on, Ojou-san. Get away from him. You’ll be infected by his stupidity.

C: Who’s stupid, oi!

M: It seems that idiots don’t realise they are idiots. Unfortunately.

C: What’d you say?!

M: You are being noisy. This is no situation to be entertaining an idiot. You see Ojou-san, I’m extremely sorry but I will be erasing your memory.

C: Oh, I don’t think there’s a need for that.

M: Hm? What do you mean?

C: Because this young lady is in a place close to death. She probably thinks it’s okay even if she dies.

M: No, really? That’s not possible. Even though she was born as a human who can live an interesting life, you’re saying she thinks it’s okay to end it?

C: She thinks it’s okay to end which is why she didn’t resist when I pointed a gun at her. Well, that doesn’t explain why she can move in this world, where you stopped the time, though. Ahah, so let me finish this up. This young lady is wishing for that too,

M: No you cannot, Celesta. For now, we will return.

C: Eh? Why?!

M: Ah, Ojou-san. If you don’t want people thinking you’ve gone crazy, do not speak to others about us. I don’t think anyone will believe you. Come on Celesta, let’s go.

C: *Sigh* Bye-bye Ojou-san.


M: Aaaahhh! What is this situation?! She was the target we finally found but…!

C: What problem is there? Let’s just kill her already. She doesn’t seem to mind.

M: But that’s where the problem is! God extremely hates killing people who want to die. If he finds out we did just that, then I don’t even know what will happen.

C: Hmm, then I guess it’s a target change.

M: No it isn’t. She definitely has some kind of special ability. We have to investigate that.

C: What? That’s not the job of a shinigami.

M: Exactly. So, Celesta, make that young lady fall in love with you.

C: Huh? W-what are you saying?

M: When women fall in love they have the will to live. When she becomes all “I love this person. I want to live on with them.” then take her life. By that time, what her special ability is would be clear, yes?

C: That’s kinda cruel.

M: That’s what the Shinigami business is like. Well, now that’s been decided it’s time to leave.

C: W-wait!! Don’t kick me! Seriously, don’t kick me!

M: You’re going out willingly, so of course I won’t kick you out…

C: Haha, well thank god.

M: Is what I’ll say then *kick*!

C: Uwaaahhh!! I want to eat curry for dinner!

Track 06 – Good Morning

C: Good morning. What? You don’t have to be so startled. We’ve met many times so this isn’t the first time right? Hm? How’d I get in? Are you still curious? That window there. You should make sure to close it properly. Ahah, I came in quietly.

[0:29] *Screams*

C: Woah, be a little quieter. And hurry up and notice already. I’m not a normal human. So there is no use even if you scream. I’ll just escape in an instant, wait until you’re alone again then come back.

C: Was it uncomfortable? Sorry. Now that I look, you’re wearing something pretty cute. What is that fluffy clothing? Heeh…That kind of pyjamas are popular? They’re cute. Can I touch it? Don’t worry, I won’t touch anywhere indecent. It’s okay? Waai, yay!

C: Ooohh~ It’s like a fluffy towel…or a baby’s clothes. So this is popular. That’s great, it looks good on you. You look cute with your hair down. You were cute yesterday with your hair up like but you look adult-like and good with your hair down too.

C: Have you slowly gotten used to me being close? It’s good from time to time right? To wake up with someone in the morning. Do you have work today? Then you should get up soon, right?

[1:52] *Points gun*

C: I’m sorry for doing this to you over and over again. If I want to shoot you now, I can. It was the same yesterday. But, I won’t shoot now. I’ll put it on hold.

C: Got it? That life of yours is a life I gave you because I didn’t shoot. Meaning that it’s mine. Don’t handle it roughly.

C: Ahah. Alright! Then it’s about time we got up!

Track 07 – セカイハツマラナイ (This World is Boring)

*Keys jangle and you open the door*

C: Welcome home! It smells great right? Yeah, tonight’s dinner is curry. I didn’t know what you liked so I made it mildly hot. Pickled vegetables are a must with curry, but putting in other sauce or eggs is heresy, right? Ah but I think cheese is okay. Ah, do you hate curry? Ahah, then that’s good! Thank god I learnt it from that old man Guardian. Well, he can only make curry though. Eh? Why am I still here? That’s because I want to be with you. Don’t make me say it. *Sigh* I have something important to tell you later. Yeah, I’ll tell you after we eat the curry.

[0:58] *Beep beep beep*

C: Ooh! The rice is cooked! I want a big serving. How much rice do you want? Freshly cooked rice and curry, this is the best!

[1:12] *Washing dishes*

C: Was the curry nice? That’s great. Meals you eat with someone are delicious, yeah?

C: Do you eat alone a lot? I see. You’re like me. I also eat alone a lot. Lonely? Am I lonely? I don’t know. You only feel lonely if you’ve experienced a situation that doesn’t make you lonely, right? I don’t know that situation. So I don’t know.

C: Hey, why aren’t you scared of dying? Most people are scared. There are even people who scream and beg for their life but you seem fine even when I point my gun at you. Why?

C: Boring? This world is? Really? It seems quite interesting though. Hmm…Ah! That’s right. Go on a date with me. We’ll go to the amusement park, go shopping, eat yummy food and do a variety of things! Meaning? Of course there is one! We’re going to see how boring this world is. We’ll do everything that is normally said to be fun and we’ll verify if this world is boring or not. Go out for the whole day with me tomorrow, and if this world is still boring you can end it. I have the means to do that.

C: Haha, alright! Now that’s decided, tomorrow will be a busy day! So we should sleep early. Eh? Bath? Okay, go take one. Who’d peek at you?! Hurry up and go take a bath.

C: She doesn’t have the intention to die but doesn’t really mind if she does, huh? Maybe it would have been good if I had that kind of future.

Track 08 – 死神 (Shinigami)

C: *Chuckles* Can’t sleep? Me? I’m fine even if I don’t sleep. Probably for a few years too. But when I’ve got free time, I sleep. Hmm? Does that mean I’m making up on my sleep? Huh? Where are sleeping hours I lack stored? In my head? Eeh?! If it’s like that then my head is just full of sleep! Where’d my brain go? Ahhh, I still have a brain. Then that’s fine.

C: You’re worried about me. Thank you. But you have to sleep. Tomorrow’s a busy day.

C: *Sigh* Your hair is soft. Were all girls like this? I’m usually just with that old man guardian so I don’t know about girls. But recently I’m always with you.

C: Hey, can I lie down next to you? Don’t worry, I won’t do anything. You know right? That I’m different from normal guys.

C: Should we talk about something until you’re sleepy? What do you want to talk about? Eh? About me? Hmm, well I don’t mind but it’s not interesting. Is that still okay? Okay, then I’ll tell you. When I realised, I was already working under that old man. Monster? Well, I guess so. I might be something close to that. I don’t have any memories so I don’t know. I can’t recall the past. I just remember wishing strongly “I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.” And then I became this monster-like existence. The thing I know is that I can’t disobey that old man. It’s that kind of relationship.

C: That’s it about me. Let’s talk about you. What did you do when you were young? What kind of kid were you? What’s the oldest memory you can recall?

C: You have a lot of memories. That’s why you feel lonely. I’m envious of that. *Kiss* Good night.

Track 09 – 神様の匂い (God’s Scent)

*Screams and cheers at Amusement Park*

C: Aaahh~ That was really fun! That ride just then was awesome! I thought I’d be thrown off or something. What about you? Were you scared? Haha, you had fun too? Just like me, huh. Ah. Hey hey, let’s ride that one this time. Here. *Offers you his hand* We’re going to hold hands. It’d be bad if we get separated right? Come on, let’s go.


M: Oh dear, you neglect your work and are having fun aren’t you? Well, that’s fine. I have things I have to do as well.

*Dog growls*

M: To think just a lowly dog like you would dare to growl at me.

*Dog whines and runs away*

M: That’s good. Well, I need to get back and keep researching. That woman’s scent…there’s something intriguing about it…


C: Heh~ You buy your clothes here? Oh, this looks cute. Try it on. Eh? It’s not flashy. It suits you. Excuse me, is it okay to try this on?

[1:33] *Curtain opens*

C: Ooohh! It’s really cute on you. It really is! It totally suits you. Right? *asks shop assistant* See, even they say it’s cute. Then, we’ll buy it. It’s fine. I’ll buy it for you. That’s the reason why I got money from the old man. Sorry, she’ll be wearing this home so can you put her other clothes in the back please? You don’t seem like yourself? But the you now is still you. I like it. Ah, but I also like you when you’re at home sitting idly in your pyjamas too. Ahah, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s the truth. Ah the shot assistant’s calling. I should go pay for it.

[2:24] *Cash Register sounds*

C: Eh? We seem close? Eheh, we do, don’t we? We are really close! Right? Oi, wait, why are you silent? It makes it look like as if I’m the only one who thinks that. Ah! How mean. Why are you laughing? Aha, well whatever. I like your face when you laugh too. I’m hungry! Let’s go and eat something. Ah, oh it’s fine. I’ll carry the things. That aside, here, let’s hold hands. What should we eat, other than curry?

[3:05] *Papers flipping*

M: Hmm…just as I thought. I thought it was a scent I’ve smelt before but to think it was God’s…

[3:21] *Gets up from seat and opens a drawer and pulls out a gun*

M: Well in this case I’ll have to have her come to this world no matter what.

[3:35] *Gun is assembled*

M: I’ll have you die for me.

[3:41] *Cutlery clinks*

C: Wooah! So yummy. This is seriously yummy! Seriously! Eh? Yours is delicious too? That might be true but I think mine is more so. Do you want a taste? Okay, then ‘aahnn~’ *feeds you* What? You said you’d try it. So ‘aahnn~’! If you don’t eat it I’ll keep doing this forever. Good girl. Make sure you chew well before you swallow. Yum? Like I said, right? Let me try yours too. Aahnn~

[4:19] *Chews and swallows*

C: Hm? Wow, this is yummy too. Hmm…which is more delicious? This is good but that is too. Ahh, this is troubling. Well, let’s leave it at both being delicious. Ah. Hey hey, there’s a part opposite here. Let’s go there after. Ah, but before that we have to eat dessert. I’ll order something different from you so let’s share.

Track 10 – セカイハ (This World is…?)

*Crickets chirp*

C: The dessert was amazing. It was so cute it seemed a waste to eat. That’s was one type of arstr- Ah, I got tongue-twisted. Ah, don’t laugh! Ar-ti-stry is hard to say. Well, it doesn’t matter. I like your smile. How many times have I said that today? If I say it too much it’ll lose its meaning. Hey, wait! Don’t nod so readily! I was saying it seriously too. Ahaha, do you remember the day when we first met? You got angry when I just kissed you. Such a meanie. Ah, okay okay. It was my bad. But I didn’t mean any harm. It’s all because you were too cute. I think you’re cute now too. Yup. So I want to kiss you. Heeh~ You’re not resisting. Then, here I go.

[1:16] *Kiss*

C: Ahaha, I had a lot of fun with you for the whole day today! I don’t think this world is as boring as you make it out to be. Playing, shopping, eating out, whatever we did was fun. What about you? I see, that’s great! Then you can’t have you life taken from you by people like me.

[1:51] *Hugs*

C: Sorry, Just a bit…just for a little while, let me stay like this. This world has a lot of things. There are painful times and sad times. There are times you’d think “why do I have to live.” But that’s not all. There are definitely times when you can feel happiness and fun times. So you can’t think “it’s okay to die.” I’ll return the life I held onto. Don’t let go of it again.

[2:42] *Gets up from bench*

C: I have to go. I can’t, I have to go back. *Kiss* Goodbye.

Track 11 – 門番 (Guardian)

C: I’m baaaack.

M: Celesta, how did it go?

C: Ah, her? It’s impossible. Her desire to die was too strong, I couldn’t change her feelings. God would get angry if we killed someone who wanted to die right? So I don’t care anymore.

M: And so you came back?

C: Yeah. I didn’t end up finding out what her special ability was either. It probably isn’t anything big anyway.

M: Hmm…

C: Heey~ Give me a new target. Make it one that I can kill instantly this time. At this rate, I’ll forget how to use my gun.

M: What a selfish shinigami. Deciding who to kill isn’t that easy. Anyhow, I understand your opinion about her. This time, I’ll withdraw my order to dispose of her.

C: Huh? Are you going somewhere?

M: Yes, I have something to do. I’ll have you house sit while I’m out.

C: Gotchaaa~

[1:02] *Door creaks shut*

C: Hmph, he listened to me quite willingly.

[1:11] *Door to your room opens*

M: Good evening Ojou-san. Oh dear, it seems a certain idiot has made you cry. You poor thing. What did that idiot say to you? He couldn’t have said nothing. I am that idiot’s boss. I came here thinking I should apologies on his behalf in case he was rude.

M: Ah, please don’t be so cautious of me. It makes it look like *points gun at you* I’m doing something bad. What is it? Why is a human, who didn’t even flinch when Celesta did the same thing, frightened of just having a gun pointed at them? Haha, as I thought. You have changed. You no longer think the way you did back then, when you would accept death were it to come. Is that so? The power of love is truly terrifying. That’s right. I was the one who ordered Celesta to make you fall in love. That idiot moved according to my orders, right? Ah, it’s best if you don’t misunderstand. Even if he looked like he fell in love with you, that is only because I ordered him to.

M: I’ve made you sad, but even if you have that sad expression you still seem dignified most likely because you are the owner of that seikon. What is the seikon? When we get to Owari no Kuni, I’ll slowly explain it to you. Right now, please die.

[3:00] *Crash*

M: What?!

C: Ahh, ow ow, ouch…Why the hell can’t I fall down safely every single time? Isn’t there a better way, old man?

M: Ah, there’s actually a staff elevator.

C: What?!

M: But I won’t tell it to a subordinate who gets in my way!

C: I’m not getting in your way. And aren’t you getting something wrong?

M: What am I getting wrong?

C: Killing her is my job. Didn’t you say that you don’t kill people?

M: Well, that is true but you’re the one who abandoned you job.

C: I didn’t abandon my job. I didn’t get a sign from you, old man.

M: Sign?…Ah! That?

C: Yes, it was a promise between men. Make the sign properly.

M: Okay okay! Ahem. How’d it go again? Uhmm…

[3:56] *Gestures*

C: Run, now!

M: Ah, Ojou-san! Where are you going?!

C: Run as fast as you can! I’ll stop him.

M: Celesta! You plotted that, didn’t you? How dare you.

C: It’s your fault for being tricked.

M: I cannot forgive you. For a lowly shinigami like you to oppose me…!

[4:20] *Changes form*

M: I’ll bite you to death.

C: The monster appeared.

M: You are a monster too.

C: Don’t group me with you!

[4:32] *Shoots*

M: There is now way I’ll be defeated because of something like that.

C: I figured. So I’ll escape for now!

M: Wait, Celesta!!

C: No way!!

[4:45] *Huff*

C: Wooaah! You, what are you still doing here? What is it? Why are you angry? Ah, I see. You were told various things by the old man. I got it. I’ll tell you properly later. So for now, just listen to me. I want you to live on. You can’t come to a rotten place like Owari no Kuni. Got it? You saw the old man’s form right? That’s his real form, Owari no Kuni’s Guardian, Cerberus. A brutal doggy that bites the dead. It’s okay. I’m here. But even if I say that, what should I do? He has a good sense of smell so he’d probably find us immediately even if we hide. I guess I just have to kill him. If I shoot multiple shots one of th-

[5:40] *Punched*

M: I told you already that there’s no use in shooting me with that thing. Play time is over, Celesta.

C: *Grunts*

M: Ojou-san, what are you planning to do picking up that gun?

[5:59] *Points gun*

M: Please don’t. I already said that doesn’t wo-!!

[6:02] *Shoots* *Cerberus grunts*

C: It worked…?

M: *Grunt* How…is that…*Grunt* I see. Seikon‘s power.

C: Woaah! What was that? How’d that happen? You just shot it normally?

M: *Grunts* I have not choice. *Flinch* I will return for now.

C: Huh? Old man, what about me?

M: I don’t care if you don’t come back at all!!

[6:32] *Leaves*

C: Huh? Then does that mean…I can be with you? Ahah, yeah! I’m really happy! Hey, can I be with you? I like you! I want to be with you forever! Ahh, that’s right. I didn’t talk to you properly about that. I’m sorry. It’s true that I got the order from that old man to “make you fall in love”. I obeyed that order and appeared in front of you. But inviting you on a date was of my own will, because…I felt the same as you. I wanted to make sure as well. Whether or not this world is really boring. If this world was boring and rotten then I would have killed you and free you from this world. That’s what I thought. From that time, I was probably already mesmerised by you. But you realised that the world isn’t that bad. And that to feel loneliness is a sign of happiness. I was the same. When I said goodbye, I felt really lonely. I realised, that when I’m with you I don’t feel lonely.

[8:10] *Hugs*

C: Please stay with me. Ahaha, yes! Thank you! I’ll take care of you forever. Old man Cerberus might come again but I’ll protect you will all my might when that time comes. Thank you. I love you.

Track 12 – Goodnight

*Door slide open*

C: So you where here. What are you doing? Ooh, you’re right. Tonight’s stars are beautiful. Hm? Which one of those stars is Owari no Kuni? Haha, it’s not in space. It’s in a separate dimension so in terms of distance or time it seems like a totally different world. You look sad. What’s wrong? Ahh… Is that it? It’s true that because I’m not human, I can’t grow old with you. But to me, that is insignificant. I said it before, that I won’t leave you by yourself. That I’d definitely protect you. I won’t break our promise. You are my precious person. Feel relieved? Haha, as I thought, your face when you laugh is the cutest. Come on, you’ll catch a cold. Come here.

C: Your hand is cold. Haha, such cute hands. They’re hands of a girl, so much smaller than mine. But you tried to protect me with those hands. Thank you

[1:42] *Kiss*

C: Haha. I only kissed your hand. Don’t make such a cute reaction. You make me want to do even more. I can? I see, I can.

[2:02] *Kiss*

C: Do you like kissing? Haha, I like it too. Your hands are warm now right? This is troubling. I’m so close to you but even if I touch you, kiss you; I still want more and more of you. I’m getting greedier and greedier. Can I keep hugging you tonight? Yeah, I want to sleep while hugging you. Thank you. I like you. This is the first time I’ve thought someone to be so precious. I love you.

C: Well let’s go to sleep together. Nuhuh, I won’t let you escape. I won’t ever leave you so it’s obvious if sleep with you. Come on, let’s go.

Track 13 – Finale “Celesta”

C: This colour would definitely look better than that one. But, well, both look cute though…Ahh, sorry. That doesn’t really help does it? Anyhow, I am totally with this colour. Come on, just try it on. Excuse me! Can she try this on please!

C: Ahh, yes, we did come to this shop before and bought those clothes. Eh? Husband and wife? Ahah, yes we are a couple. Right? We’re newly-weds, so happy to the point it’s troubling. Ah, the fitting rooms that way? Okay.

[0:42] *Walks to fitting room*

C: It’s fine of we just leave it at that. We’re husband and wife, husband and wife! It’s interesting! What? It’s okay if it’s not a lie right? Then we can just get married. I’ll always be by your side so there’s no problem in getting married right? Ah, but I don’t have a birth certificate though. I will say it properly!

C: Let’s get married. I’ll treat you well forever. Haha. Alright! With this, we’re husband and wife! Now that that’s decided, you should try these clothes! Try on the clothes recommended by your husband! Ah, wait. Are you… Happy now? Are you having fun living? Yup, that’s good. I’m happy as well.

Track 14 – Extra Track

*Door squeaks open*

M: Aahhh, ow-ow-ouch! Antiseptic, Antiseptic!

[0:12] *Blows on wound*

M: *Sigh* It’s fine now. *Sigh* Looks like I’ll have to rest for the time being. Geez, how did it end up like this? To think I’d get betrayed by something like a shinigami. That Celesta should have only been an idiot! What the hell is he doing falling in love normally?! Shinigami don’t have puberty!

[0:40] *Bangs desk*

M: Gah! This…damn…*Sigh* Hm. Indeed. There is no use in just being angry. Let’s look back at the case this time. I need to find the reason, what shouldn’t have been done.

[1:01] *Rewind*

M: First, you sh-

C: Okay~ I’ll kill her!

M: Wait Celesta! Listen to me until I’ve finished!

C: Aw what a pain…

M: It seems she has a special power. And, maybe, that power will be useful to us. Let’s just see how things are.

[1:22] *Stops memory*

M: It’s not that. That was an appropriate measure taken. If we had killed her just like that, we wouldn’t have known what her special ability was. She’d have been buried just as a dead person. Hmmm… then was it then?

[1:42] *Fast forwards*

C: Because this young lady is in a place close to death. She probably thinks it’s okay even if she dies.

M: No, really? That’s not possible. Even though she was born as a human who can live an interesting life, you’re saying she thinks it’s okay to end it?

C: She thinks it’s okay to end which is why she didn’t resist when I pointed a gun at her. Well, that doesn’t explain why she can move in this world, where you stopped the time, though.

[2:13] *Stops memory*

M: What if Celesta’s opinion was wrong back then? What if he had lied about her desire to die, tricked me and delayed her death? No, no, no, no. That idiot couldn’t have thought of something like that. Then it must have been that time. Dammit, then it was wrong of me to say that at back then.

[2:45] *Fast forwards*

M: Exactly. So, Celesta, make that young lady fall in love with you.

C: Huh? W-what are you saying?

M: When women fall in love they have the will to live. When she becomes all “I love this person. I want to live on with them.” then take her life. By that time, what her special ability is would be clear, yes?

[3:12] *Stops memory*

M: If I hadn’t made him make her fall in love then Celesta wouldn’t have noticed her charm. And he would have shot through the crown of her head as per the decision that I, who noticed her seikon power, made. That form would certainly have been beautiful.

M: Ahh~ I wanted to see it! What a pity! She, who had her life stolen by a shinigami, would have definitely not been able to go to heaven and would come straight Owari no Kuni. And there I would have taken her seikon!

[3:50] *Laughs*

M: And then I wouldn’t have any more use for that young lady. I could have just made her Celesta’s toy.

[3:54] *Daydreams*

C: Hey, Ojou-san. What does it feel like to be my toy? You don’t like it? Liar. *Smirk* You don’t look like you hate it. You look really happy. If you were a dog, you’d be wagging your tail. Ahah, I didn’t call you a dog. But, you aware right? That you’re my toy. The toy I got from the old man guardian. You got it? Then say it. “I am your toy.”

C: Ahaha, good girl. You’re cute. I like honest girls. I hate dishonest ones. If you make me hate you, I’ll throw you to the dead in Owari no Kuni. Being the handsome Celesta-sama’s toy is much better than being the toy of the dead right?

C: By the way, don’t even think about running away. There is no place for you to live anymore. You can only be by my side. If you even think a little about escaping…I’ll…remodel you. Ahaha, you did it when you were young right? You take apart your toys and put them back together.

C: Ahh~ But you’re a girl so you didn’t do that sort of thing? I’ve done it plenty of times ever since I came here. Shinigami have spare time when we have no work. We take part our toys and put them back together the way we want. And then when we get bored of it we throw them away and get another toy.

C: Those hands, those legs, this hair and these lips as well…these are all mine. No part of this body is yours. Got it? Good, you do. Good girl.

[6:33] *Kiss*

C: I like you. Yup, I’m nice to good girls. Try to entertain me as much as you can. If you do then I’ll love you if you want.

[6:52] *Back to reality*

M: *Crazy laugh* Nice, cruel Celesta!! Shinigami should be like this!! This was the ending I was wishing for! I see, I see. So I shouldn’t have randomly made them fall in love! This has been a very valuable lesson!

[7:12] *Swings open door*

M: Love is, as always, increasing here and there. As I thought, I need to regulate this.

[7:20] *RING RING*

M: Ooooh!! It’s from God! Well then, whose life are we taking next? If it’s yours, I’m sorry.

Track 15 – Encore #1

C: *Lick* Mmm~ Ice-cream is delicious as always! The best! Eh? There’s ice-cream on me? Where? I can’t tell. Hey, wipe it off for me. Ahaha, oh what? It was there?

[0:35] *Licks ice-cream*

C: Hey, just then, my heart raced. Did yours? What, you didn’t? But you touched my lips. There’s no way my heart wouldn’t race. You don’t understand? Then, I’ll have you understand. Stay still. I’m going to smear ice-cream on you. Ah! Don’t move! Don’t worry, I won’t smear that much on.

[1:14] *Smears*

C: Okay, it’s on. I’m going to touch your lips, okay? *Chuckles* How do you feel? Did your heart race? See, you do don’t you. Let’s swap ice-cream. I want to try that flavour too.

Track 16 – Encore #2

C: *Troubled* Ah, don’t move. Hmm…doing up hair is hard. You do this every day right? You’re amazing. It’s like magic. Okay…Huh? It’s done? Hmmm…no it’s not. Ahh, it’s no good. I have to include that strand of hair and tie it properly too.

[0:46] *Tries to tie*

C: I can’t do it well. Hm? Oh. Ooohh!! I did it! Haha, how’s this! Here, look at the mirror. You’re so cute. You’re always but but you’re especially cute today. Huh? Ahh…it came loose…*Groans* I’ll have to do it again. Ah, no you can’t! Don’t escape. I’ll make you even more cute so do as I say. Okay? Good girl.

Track 17 – Encore #3

*Licks ice-cream*

C: Mmm~~ No matter how many times I eat it, ice-cream is yummy! Ahah, the best! Hmm? What’s this? Oh no, the ice-cream is melting. I have to hurry up and eat it. Ah but I won’t make it in time on my own. Hey, you eat too. I’ll eat from this side.

[0:28] *Licks*

C: Mmm~ So good…Ahh, I shouldn’t be savouring it. Ah, it got onto your hand. It’s okay, I’ll lick it for you. *Chuckles* It’s yummy. It’s not really anything to be embarrassed about. I already know that you taste good. I know that you’re much sweeter than ice-cream. You’re sweet, smell good and the last bit is amazing.

[1:07] *Laughs*

C: Okay okay! You don’t have to be that angry. Come on; let’s eat the ice-cream.

[1:15] *Licks*

C: Ah, there’s only one bite left. Here you go. I’ll give the last bite to you. Give me something even better later. Okay?


First thing’s first…AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD CELESTA! FFUUU!!! Okay so compared to the otoge that I play this story might not be all (゚Д゚)ハァハァ but my feels for this CD! I’ve listened to this at least 5 times not including when I was translating it. It’s like Kimura Ryouhei!! Kimu-nii!! You did such a good job at stealing my heart with this first dummy-head microphone DramaCD.

At the start  I was all “Okay…so Celesta what are you doing, flirting with me when you intend to kill me?” But heck, I don’t care LOL (How biased can I get OTL) And then…THEN! You go and actually try to make me fall for you?! Then you say goodbye?! On my first listen my reaction was (ノ ;Д;)ノ ==== ┻━━┻ That all disappeared and was replace by flailing in the next track. *Sobs* To think you’d lie to someone you can’t disobey to save my/her life! ALAKSDJOIWEJD Playing the bad guy to protect!! I’m so weak against these characters! The main story is so sweet I just can’t get sick of it!

Then comes the extra track…OMG. LOL Hello there ドS Celesta and more use of the dummy-head mic ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ I don’t know if it’s the aftermaths of DIABOLIK LOVERS but I enjoyed it and wanted more /shot Yes Kimu-nii Celesta! I AM ALL YOURS. >w> *Cough* Oh wait but am already (refers to track 17 – Encore #3) Pfffttt…You talk dirty Celesta ww so dirty. I just…IDE. That tone of voice that suggests something more than the literal meaning of your words!!

There’s an talk track as well but I didn’t translate it. I might do it later if people want me too though I’ll have to abuse my dictionary a lot more for that LOL. All in all, I had fun TL-ing this =w= I had fun listening to it over and over again. Now I actually have lines I can refer to and just continue fangirling about it. HUR HUR. ;3

The second CD of this series 42 礻申 Vol. 2 Armonica 〜キミに嘘をついた~ featuring Suwabe Junichi and Koyasu Takehito will be released on 21/11/12. I hope it’s as good as this CD~


15 thoughts on “42 礻申 Vol. 1 Celesta 〜天国からのインビテーション~ Translation

  1. I love this CD so much, it’s the only drama CD I bought while I was in Japan (even though I was already broke, lol). So happy to know the details that used to be unclear to me. And yup, do-S Celesta/Ryouhei is ashgakgklansg/// Thank you so much for sharing and translating ❤

    • ALDKJAOIWJE ❤ You're welcome and I'm glad it cleared up a few things for you! Haha I haven't bought the CD yet but I will. I have to for Kimu-nii~~!! XD I keep listening to that Do-S bit over and over again, and that section was the fastest to TL too haha.

    • /)w(\ OMG thank you so much. I’m glad you like it. I probably will do more translations when I get time. Not sure which series though, but I’ll probably do the next CD in this series.

  2. ALL RIGHT TWOFIVE, MAKE THIS INTO AN OTOME GAME RIGHT MEOW. 8D lol nice translation, I haven’t listened to this but now I’m quite interested in it~~!! ^0^ I would like to see this type of drama cd get made into an otome game :3 at first i thought this was mafia cause of the gun LOL ahahaha…. xDD;;

    • Yes, I’m will translate Vol. 2 and the rest of the series. I’m currently busy right now with personal things so the translations won’t be finished until a while later.

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