Title: BRCN DOUBT – BROTHERS CONFLICT Official Doujinshi

Okay, so I broke my own rule about not reviewing anything BL-related. Normally I don’t even touch BL unless my friends really recommend it, even then I don’t review. This time, it’s special. When Sylph Magazine announced that there was going to be an official doujinshi of Brothers Conflict, I knew I had to get it no matter what. Yup, I decided that then realised it was BL. But WHO CARES ANYMORE! It’s BROCON!! I know not many of the people in this fandom were able to get a copy of the doujinshi, since it was only sold at the 20th Dengeki Annual Girls Festival. I got mine through proxy and man, it was expensive, completely worth it.


DOUBT You – Go to Nirvana

“I get the feeling that Chii-bou is dangerous.”

This chapter is written from Yuusuke’s PoV where his emotions go crazy for Chii-bou and accepts them. Asahina Miwa marries Hinata Rintarou and so the 13 brothers get…another brother, Chii-bou. Yuusuke comments on how he wouldn’t have known what would happen if they got an older or younger sister *hintmainstoryhint*. Chii-bou is Yuusuke’s classmate, gentle, kind, really good with the housework and all, but he is やべぇas in OMFG O///O dangerous. Why? Well you see, Chii-bou moved into the Sunrise Residence almost immediately but the bath in his room doesn’t work. Because of that he’s been using the bathroom on the 5th level.

One night, everyone is in the living room just hanging around when Chii-bou walks in, fresh out of the bathroom…with nothing but a towel around his waist. His hair is still wet and according to Yuusuke, he smelt nice because he washed his hair. (Haha yeah right Yuusuke. We all know what you’re really thinking.) Just out of the bathroom, Chii-bou just sits on the couch everyone else is sitting on, nonchalantly. Then he lets out a sigh. Most likely a sigh of relaxation or comfort but oh~ All hell breaks loose for the gentlemen there! The atmosphere in the living room suddenly changes. Masaomi just stares at Chii-bou and the tea he spills this tea onto his shirt. Even though Subaru was supposed to have been watching sports, he suddenly blushes and leaves the room. Wataru, being the most honest of them all (because he’s the youngest haha, so cute >w<) actually says “Uwaah~ Onii-chan, sexy~♡!!” LOL As usual, Ukyo goes into scolding mode, telling Chii-bou that he is too defenceless for his own good. Why get angry Ukyo? You’re all guys…unless all of you are attracted to her him =3 Apparently this has happened plenty of times before. Now Yuusuke has started to look away from Chii-bou. Oooh~ Ema-kun/Chii-bou is just too hot for them to take! xD

It’s summer holidays and because of his bad grades, Yuusuke has to take make-up lessons at school. On his final day, he comes home really tired and hungry. When he walks into the kitchen, Chii-bou greets him. Not that Yuusuke’s really paying attention to that. Nope. All he sees is how cool Chii-bou is in a t-shirt and jeans. The sunlight shone on his neck, showing how pale his skin is. With every move that he takes, the collar of his shirt moves from his neck down to his collar bone, and back up again. Of course, Chii-bou doesn’t notice this and offers and makes something for Yuusuke to eat. Yuusuke chucks his bag onto the table and heads for the living room, but he turns around at a weird sound. The bag he chucked onto the table has crushed the watch Chii-bou got from his dad. It’s expensive too. To make up for it Yuusuke decides to get a part time job, earn the money and buy another watch for Chii-bou. How could he not, after seeing such a sad expression on Chii-bou’s face.

Thus, Yuusuke got a job at the temple where Kaname works as a helper. Just as he finishes picking up the alcohol cans, Isshin walks in and takes off his monk’s costume…thingy (whatever it’s called) for Yuusuke to wash. The customers he had just then got a bit touchy-feely and it made him uncomfortable. It also made his clothes reek of perfume. Before Isshin goes to change, he tells Yuusuke to set up the room for 4 guests. Yuusuke does and as he finishes Sasakura, who is also working there part-time, appears. He asks Yuusuke whether Chii-bou is working at the shrine as well and when Yuusuke tells him no, Sasakura tells him that he saw Chii-bou enter Ryuusei’s room…on the 2nd floor. That room is Ryuusei’s private room and Yuusuke gets all panicky.

Yuusuke runs to Ryuusei’s room and knocks, saying that his matter is really important. Ryuusei comes out with a towel around his waist because he was having a shower. (It’s like they love this scenario don’t they? |D) Yuusuke gets all confused and his mind starts making things up and going blank until Ryuusei mention’s Kaname’s name. When Yuusuke was given the job, Ryuusei was shown the family photo. He took an interest in Chii-bou and wanted him to become staff like Kaname. BUT! He was not allowed to tell Yuusuke if Chii-bou accepted his offer, because Yuusuke seems to hate Kaname’s job. Ryuusei tells Yuusuke that Chii-bou has agreed to try for one day and just left to serve customers with Isshin after he changed in this room.

Remembering what Isshin had said about the customers getting all touchy-feely, Yuusuke runs to the room and peeks. The 4 OLs are drunk and squealing at how cute Chii-bou is. They also comment on how Isshin is メロメロ on Chii-bou and became quieter when Chii-bou entered the room. Then…they start pulling out the BL. “Show us you two kissing.” “Ah, I’d like to see that too.” “Do you want to kiss Isshin, Chii-bou?” Stupidly enough, Chii-bou answers with “if Isshin-san wants to then…” I think Isshin got aroused by that LMAO. He wraps an arm around Chii-bou’s waist and takes a hold of his chin. Isshin says “Chii-bou…I…” as he their faces get closer. They’re about to kiss when Yuusuke runs in and punches Isshin. Then, he runs off with Chii-bou.

Later on, Yuusuke is fired but finds another job so he’s able to buy the exact same watch he crushed. On 31st August at 8PM,Yuusuke meets up with Chii-bou outside to give him his present. Chii-bou is happy and asks Yuusuke to put it on for him. (OMG why does this sound like an engagement?! xD) After he does, Chii-bou thanks hime and suddenly puts his arms around Yuusuke’s neck. Softly in his ear, Chii-bou thanks him for saving him. He wouldn’t have know what to do if Yuusuke wasn’t there for him. Chii-bou closes the gap between their bodies and wraps his arms around Yuusuke’s upper body. He whispers that he was really happy Yuusuke came. All this while, Yuusuke is thinking “crap crap crap!” and suddenly, he sees the doors open! Although he’s afraid, he wants to try going through that door.

DOUBT Azusa – Hug me tight!

“But as long as you accept me then that’s enough. I can live on with just that.”

It’s morning and Azusa just woke up. As he walks to the bathroom, he loses his balance and his chest hits the sink. He waits there for the pain to subside and when it does, he notices that his pyjamas are too big for him, or more like his body seems smaller. He checks himself in the mirror and what he sees is a perfect pair of breasts. At first he’s shocked but then thinks that it’s Tsubaki’s doing. They have the keys to each other’s room and have been playing tricks on each other since they were young. Azusa decides to call Tsubaki to his room and get him to take the make-up off him, and warn him not to do it again. But Tsubaki doesn’t pick up the call so Azusa decides to get ready for work and call Tsubaki later.

Tsubaki notices Azusa’s call and goes to his room. He sees him still in pyjamas just standing there at the entrance. He teases Azusa asking if he was waiting for him eagerly. Azusa nods. Tsubaki is really happy and hugs Azusa but finds something weird, like there was something soft on Azusa’s chest. Azusa tries to explain and when he speaks, he sounds like a girl. Tsubaki thinks that Azusa’ gotten really good at speaking like a girl but Azusa says it isn’t like that. When he checked in the toilet in the morning he realised that none of this was Tsubaki’s joke. Tsubaki is confused so Azusa unbuttons 2 buttons of his shirt. Tsubaki is surprised and asks Azusa when he become a pretty woman with breasts. Azusa tells him that everything happened in the morning. Azusa hugs Tsubaki, telling him that he didn’t care about anything as long as Tsubaki accepts him. Then he stands on his tip-toes to whisper into Tsubaki’s ears “you like younger sisters right?” Tsubaki pushes Azusa away and tells him that’s impossible to accept and see him as a younger sister. He walks out the room apologising.

Azusa stood there god knows how long after Tsubaki and doesn’t realise he she has until his her manager calls. She tries to call back to say she can’t go to work but quickly ends the call realising that she can’t speak to her manager since they’d suspect something, especially with the voice change.  Azusa realises that if she doesn’t work out how to get back to normal, she’d lose her job. She decides to call Masaomi for help but as she does a droplet of water splashes onto her smartphone screen. Azusa realises how much of a shock she took when Tsubaki wounldn’t accept her and is confused about what to do.

Natsume arrives at Azusa’s room with a bag of all the things she told him to by buy text. She doesn’t say anything to him and just communicates with paper. Natsume enters her room and gives her the stuff he bought. He’s worried as to why Azusa would need female underwear and why she’s got sheets wrapped around her. He asks if Azusa is sick and tries to take the sheets off her. She runs away but because Natsume is sporty, he pulls the sheets off easily and sees what’s going on. Azusa starts to break down, screaming at Natsume, telling him that Tsubaki won’t accept her. Natsume tells her to do a body check-up but she tells Natsume just to listen to her, and help her fix her relationship with Tsubaki. As Azusa tells Natsume what to do, he says to ask someone else. If it was Azusa he’d do it but he tells her that she doesn’t look like Azusa right now.

Azusa cried for a long time. She cried herself to sleep and when she woke up, the moon had risen. She has negative thoughts of how Tsubaki rejected her and Natsume abandoned her. She goes to the veranda and looks down. It’s the 4th floor so if she jumped head first, she’d die for sure. Just as she’s about to jump, her phone rings. She waits for the phone to stop ringing before she jumps but doesn’t. The message that was left was from Tsubaki. He apologises for what he did in the morning and tell Azusa that they’ll figure out what to do tomorrow. Azusa walks back into the room trying to pick up the phone before the message cuts. She doesn’t make it in time so she thinks to call back. But tears start to form and she can’t talk. At least all is well now that she knows Tsubaki didn’t reject her.

The next morning Azusa gets up and goes to the bathroom before she goes to Tsubaki’s room. Suddenly, she realises that her clothes fit perfectly and her chest is flat again. She turned back into a he. He gets ready quickly and goes to Tsubaki’s room. When Tsubaki answers the interphone, his voice a bit high but Azusa ignores it. He goes into the room, all excited telling Tsubaki that he turned back into a guy. Tsubaki is happy for him and Azusa hugs him. Then he feels something weird. Tsubaki’s chest is soft…and it’s a repeat of yesterday morning. Tsubaki has turned into a girl and asks Azusa what to do. She then thinks she has no right in asking for help because she left Azusa on his own yesterday but Azusa tells her that he’d never leave her alone and kisses her on the forehead. Then, Azusa hears movement from the sheets and out comes Natsume…who has turned into a girl as well. She’s complaining about how there’s work but Azusa ignores her, as payback for yesterday. Instead he turns back to Tsubaki and hugs her, telling her that it feels nice hugging her. He kisses her on the cheek.


DOUBT Fuuto – Blackout

“I’ll entertain you fully, Onee-chan.”

Ema has come home and Wataru put a big bowl of stew in front of her. It smells nice but it has all these weird ingredients in it, ranging from roots to purple stuff. Ema asks what’s in the stew and Wataru tells her that he doesn’t know. Hikaru gave it to him when he asked how to become “Onee-chan’s koibito (lover).” Hikaru tells him that he doesn’t know but does know how to make Ema Wataru’s “geboku (manservant)” By now, Ema knows it’s definitely not safe to eat the stew. She asks Wataru to let her eat the stew alone, but in her mind she plans to throw it away since there’s only her in the house other than Wataru. Wataru is unhappy and just as Ema’s troubled by his expression Fuuto comes in and takes the stew. It smelt nice and he was hungry. He devoured it in no time. Ema asks Fuuto if he’s alright and he says he is. But suddenly his chest hurts and he collapses like a puppet that had its strings cut.

Fuuto has gained conscience and Ema asks if he’s okay, clearly worried. Fuuto gets up and says he is…”Onee-sama”. Yeah, he calls her Onee-sama and is being really polite. Like, butler polite, all those honorific terms and endings to his sentences!! That’s not all though. He then kneels down on one knee and asks for forgiveness as he made Ema worried. He tells her to make it up to her and kisses her hand.

One hour late Fuuto has taken Ema to a popular cafeteria in an expensive hotel. Ema is given a choice of more than 20 cakes, all of which Fuuto has chosen, thinking she’d like and smile because of it. Ema is still bewildered about Fuuto’s attitude change and ponders on it. She realises it that it had to have something to do with the stew. As she is thinking, Fuuto asks sadly if she did not like any of the cakes he chose. Ema returns to reality quickly and chooses a few. Fuuto slices the cakes and serves it to Ema. He tries to feed her, but Ema is shocked. Fuuto tells her that she must not make such an expression as it doesn’t show her beauty. Ema apologises and eats from the fork Fuuto holds out. Fuuto is in a tuxedo so they get a lot of stares. People are whispering, wondering if she doing bridal training. They also notice that Fuuto is kinda of like the recently popular idol. Suddenly Fuuto’s voice brings Ema’s attention back to the food. There is chocolate cream on the corner of her lip. She moves to wipe it but Fuuto says it is his job. He lifts Ema’s chin and licks the cream from her face.

After the cake, Fuuto takes Ema to a hotel room where she changes into a robe. Fuuto asks if he can come in and gets her to sit down. Ema is unsure of what he’s going to do and asks. He smiles in reply that even with how he looks, he knows how to make a woman feel good. He takes her foot and slowly licks start from her toes. He asks whether it felt good and then kisses her knee. Ema jumps a little and Fuuto knows from her reaction that it does feel good. Fuuto tells her that he is her manservant and he is happy that she is enjoying it. He then does the same to her other foot and leg. Ema realises exactly what is happening and is in awe at how well the stew worked. She also wonders how long it would last. Fuuto notices that she isn’t paying attention and touches her ear. This makes all the thoughts vanish into thin air. Fuuto tells her that he will find the spot which makes her feel good, the most.

At some point in time, Ema lost consciousness and when she woke up she was no longer in the salon, but in a suite room in the hotel. Now that Ema is awake, Fuuto tell her that he is about to start. He starts taking off his gloves, tie and jacket. When Ema tries to get up from the bed he pushes her back down. When he does, Ema notices that she’s wearing a different dress. Fuuto tells her that he didn’t change her clothes but if she wanted him to, he’d be happy to. He then moves to hold down Ema to the bed by her arms. He tells her that he is her manservant and he’ll give her the final service. He lightly bites and kisses Ema’s neck. Ema can’t escape at all. Fuuto is about to kiss her when he suddenly collapses like he did before. After 30 minutes, he regains consciousness and is back to his normal self. He asks Ema what’s going on but not knowing how to explain, Ema tells him that it’s a long story. Fuuto leaves it at that and instead asks if she’s trying to tempt him with that dress she’s wearing. Ema ignores that and tells Fuuto that it’s time to go home. Fuuto sees the time which Ema pointed out. Instead of going to the door he moves towards the light switch. There is no way in hell he’s giving up such a good chance. He’s alone in a hotel suite room with his sister. He turns off the light and whispers into Ema’s ear: “I’ll entertain you fully, Onee-chan.”


Is it me or does Ema-kun Chii-bou look like a cross between Masaomi and Natsume? 83 Not that I have a problem with it. I mean, hey he look smexy~ LOL and the cover was a complete trap! A TRAP! MISLEADING! Nothing like that happens in the story and I’m kinda disappointed I didn’t get to see Chii-bou dressed as a monk. On top of that I’ve already forgotten who the other monks looked like so it was a little hard to imagine the scenes ;w; And whenever Chii-bou talked, I imagined a girly voice. =n= Someone help! Maybe next time I read it a male voice will appear in my mind LOL But anyhow, the writing was so detailed as always it made up for it. My heart went really ((((o゚▽゚)o))) ドキドキ♪ It was nice to see things from Yuusuke’s PoV too. =D

AZUSA-CHAN IS SO CUTE!! >w< I mean nothing really happens here but OMG Tsubaki and Natsume! How can you abandon such a cute girl?! You got what you deserved for abandoning Azusa-chan >D Karma, bro. It’s karma. Poor Azusa-chan was crying her heart out because her triplets left her alone *sobs* She even tried to die but TSUBAKI WHAT GOOD TIMING YOU HAVE!! LOL Talk about cliché where a phone call saves a life. =33

My first reaction to the picture of Fuuto’s chapter was: OMFG what are you doing Fuuto?! Why do you look so eroi there?! Asdkfjalk What’s going to happen. And then…I read it. EEEHHHHH???!!! LIKE WHAAATTT?! OMG You’d think you’d only see this type of Fuuto when he’s acting but OMG wow! PRINCELY FUUTO!! BUTLER FUUTO!! He serves you and only you. But you are only his as well. =w= I think I liked the story more and was more ♪((O(〃⌒∇⌒〃)O))♪ドキドキ than the others, probably because I still like my otome stuff more than BL.

I have no regrets whatsoever spending money on this doujin. I can just stare at the art and read it over and over again. Now I feel like re-reading all the available chapters of BroCon. OMG The triplets are making a move!!

On a final note: Any and all scans in this post are mine. They are for personal use only so please respect that. =3


10 thoughts on “BRCN DOUBT – BROTHERS CONFLICT Official Doujinshi

    • You’d think that the first one with Ema-kun would be the story everyone goes crazy over but OMFG NOT WITH FUUTO’S STORY THERE!! alkfjalkjalkdfja Come to Nee-san, Fuuto~ So smexy /shot

      • Fuuto… u… ero king. LOL Sometimes I feel he’s more ero than Kaname THIS IS WRONG LMAO
        Hearing Fuuto speaking like a butler would send shivers down my spine but he’s also… servicing Neesan politely ((((( ^q^ ))))) COME TO NEESAN

  1. OMG FUUTO!!! (〃д〃)
    Nghhhhh… Imagine, that KENN would voice THAT story! (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン
    I just LOVE him, he’s such a sexy beast~!

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us!

  2. I wish I could of got this doujinshi, but even if I did get it my japanese reading level is pretty weak. I would only be able to read only a few characters.

    Also just to be different from everyone, Fuuto’s chapter wasn’t my favorite. I actually liked the first 2 more; espically where Tsubaki and Natsume turned into a girl. I can only imagine how they would sound. XD They should make a cd drama of it just so I can hear their seiyuus attempt at sounding like a girl.

  3. So I was right thinking BRCN Doubt meant BROCON DOUBT!! I saw the title and I knew I had to read your review LOL ohh man I don’t really like BL but the artwork is pretty gorgeous, I can’t deny that. Plus story 3 had Ema and BUTLER FUUTO RAWR UGHHH THIS GAME why did my PSP have to break when it did T_T I wanna plaaayyy ;q; and wow, you had to order through proxy? Sounds expensive… but looks like it was worth it xDDD lol

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