Otome News

Lately, my twitter timeline has be quite busy. It all started with Lore. Yup xD Well not really. You can thank Rejet for creating such lovely games like Diabolik Lovers and Black Wolves Saga. ww

By ‘busy’ I mean that quite a few major projects were started up on twitter and are slowly progressing. We had the DIABOLIK LOVERS English Wiki, the Hana Awase English Wiki. The Primer for Hana Awase can be found here if you’d like an idea of what it’s about. These two wikis have translations for scenes that most people on my TL contribute to and though it’s not that active right now it’s still progressing. What started these were our uncontrollable feels for these games. Yes, they’re not the happiest or sparkliest otome games there are but we love it. We love the despair it has brought us. No really, WoGa and Rejet has probably ruined out lives haha XD

Finally, and the biggest news of all is OTOME JIKAN. This is a blog where news about otome related things are gathered. It is set up by Lore but around 50 or more people in the otoge fandom are contributing to it. It is a blog made by fans for fans.

“Otome Jikan belongs to everyone.”


You can find out more about it here. Feel free to contribute! Everything you need to know about how to do that is on the site as well.


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