英国探偵ミステリア (Eikoku Tantei MYSTERIA) – Common Route Part 1

You’ve probably heard it plenty of times by now but I’ll say it again. The common route is extremely long. There is a prologue and 7 chapters after that where you meet and get to know each character a little more through a case. Chapters 8 and 9 have all the characters and…It’s kind hard to say if it’s common route LOL I mean they split and then merge again OTL These 9 chapters are also where you up some of you affection levels xD

So because of this extra long common route and my sudden urge to just kind of going tl;dr in summarising the route, I’ll have to split it into several parts. I’m estimating about 3-4 parts since I don’t quite want each post to go over 5000 words. It’s so easy to lose track of where you’re reading when it’s so long ww

As usual, there will be major spoilers not just for the common route (because it’s a summary!!) but also each of the character routes xD Well, it’ll mostly be for Lupin (≧艸≦) Oh and did I mention a lot of screenies? Σd(≧∀≦*)

As a note, all characters will be called by what they are called in the game. Watson means the son, and so does Holmes and Lupin. Whenever I refer to the parent, I will be using their first names instead. i.e. Sherlock or Arsene. There is a reason why I type Lupin. You can find that out later, or better yet, you already know what I’m talking about =w=


“19th Century England…
The only light on this foggy night comes from the gas street lights and moonlight through the clouds.
Ladies and gentlemen, please take care.
A scoundrel or thief may come after you.
Cases like these piled up on the proud Scotland Yard keep increasing on the streets.
Once you have been involved in one case……Please prepare yourself before you join us.
A clear-headed famous detective. A daring and unrivalled thief.
Come, as London’s Big Ben’s bell chimes, the chapter of love and adventure begins…!!”



Emily Whiteley is a lady who has just recently moved back to London from the countryside with her butler and guardian, Pendleton. She is invited to Queen Victoria’s birthday party as her debut into the society, which is also the 1st anniversary of the cat the Siam Republic (now Thailand) gave to the Queen, as she was born on the same day.


Emily and Pendleton arrive at the party where she bumps into Holmes and Watson. Watson catches the champagne glass Emily was about to drop (sjfaoiefjl IT WAS SO DOKI) but he and Holmes head off. Emily, having heard of Watson’s name before, realises who they are and being a curious girl she follows them after getting rid of Pendleton of course xD.

I knew who you were on the black screen when you made your first sound~
He’s so adorkable isn’t he?! WATSOOOONNN ❤
And then he wink and I go alkfdjao;wetiujfdslk ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ Holmes is there in the background going “Stop flirting and let’s go.” xD

She gets to a room where Holmes and Watson are talking to Inspector Lestrade from Scotland Yard and hides behind a curtain. Queen Victoria arrives but before she explains the situation, Watson finds Emily. Holmes demands her to leave and keep her mouth closed about what she has heard. However, Queen Victoria requests for her to stay partly because Emily is really similar to her late mother.

That being settled, Queen Victoria tells Holmes and co the situation. One hour ago, her pet cat Chelsea, which she was supposed to attend the party with, has run away while her maid tried to brush her. Queen Victoria wants Holmes and them to find her cat by 2pm before she has to make an appearance at her party.

Emily says she doesn’t have any experience like Holmes but would like to be of help to the Queen. Also, she is good with animals like Watson. Queen Victoria is happy with that reply that reminds her of Olivia Whiteley. And so Holmes, Watson, Emily and Scotland Yard all start to look for Chelsea. They head to Hyde Park where she was last spotted heading to.

On their way there, Emily is stopped by Pendleton who was looking for her. She asks him for a little help in finding Chelsea and she leaves to catch up to Holmes and Watson. That cat…is one smart cat. It goes back on its own tracks (according to Holmes). Obviously she doesn’t want to be caught. But who cares? xD Pendleton arrives with catnip from the Whiteley estate and Emily burns it. It attracts all the cats and makes them go high but in the end, they were able to catch Chelsea. Holmes isn’t your bastard character who takes credit where it’s not his. He gives it to Emily because that is the truth. Kawsjfoeifj >o<

Cats everywhere~ o(=・ェ・=o)=3=3=3
Cats everywhere~ o(=・ェ・=o)=3=3=3

Watson and Holmes decide to go to Buckingham Palace to ‘see the end of the case’ ww Well, more like Watson wanted to eat the food and Holmes (even though he didn’t admit it) took an interest in Emily.

The next day, Emily receives an invitation from the Palace. There, Queen Victoria gives her thanks for finding Chelsea. She also tells Emily that she has recommended her to Harrington Private Academy where her mother also went to. It is a school where potential detectives are gathered. Emily also receives a ring from Queen Victoria is a proof that she is the Crown’s detective, along with Holmes.

Chapter 01 (Herlock Holmes) – ハリントン学園への入学 (Entering Harrington Academy)


On the night before Emily starts school at Harrington, Pendleton asks her a few questions to see if she is fit to be a detective. (You’ll definitely get to go to the school. The questions have a very small impact on the route, so you don’t have to worry so much about it.)

The next morning Emily is having omelettes for breakfast and even has lemon and cream milk crepe for dessert. Though from the way Pendleton is speaking you’d think that there was something wrong. Yeah, it was all a dream. Haha. Emily gets woken up and is only given toast and salad. Poor thing, she really loves to eat and Pendleton is always teasing her about how she gets fat easily. He also always rants on about how horrible the world outside that bubble she’s living in is. It sounds like a big deal but knowing what happens later…he’s not that far off from the truth. x3

On their way to Harrington Academy, they meet traffic (because all the high-class people go by carriage as well.) Emily gets off the carriage and walks to school instead. Pendleton follows her but gets stopped at the gate. He’s not allowed into the school xDD

Emily gets introduced to the detective class by Mr. McKenzie, the teacher of the class. She immediately recognises Holmes but he denies knowing her (probably still a little sore at the fact she solved the case instead of him x3). She gets placed next to Holmes though. Woops xDDD Watson on the other hand is happy to see her again.

Before class starts, Mr. McKenzie gets Slater to collect the money for the graduation trip. Emily’s bag is white with ‘Whiteley’ sewn onto it and everyone finds it rare. (sasuga ojou-sama) ww Slater takes down the names of the people he’s received money from but gets ink onto his hand and the bag with the money in it.

Class starts and the first class is history. Holmes is asked to share his textbook with Emily but he gives it to her because he remembers the content. When he gets asked to read out a passage, the wording is different but the content is the same. Holmes gets a little pouty when Emily compliments him. Awww x3 Then a student Jack I mean, Mirrors Millers-kun xDD tells them to shut up so he can sleep haha. Yes guys…that is Jack… =w=

Next class is about manner and she gets them all to put a handkerchief on their head and a cup full of water on top of that. They have to walk with that on their head and the final aim is to get them to dance with that cup steady on their head. Here, Lupin (The /pin/ bit of his name is said as [pin] and not [pan] in Japanese to distinguish the two) and Miss Sara Marple are introduced. Marple is able to do it perfectly where are Lupin is clumsy as always and falls. Watson doesn’t even get the cup onto his head before the handkerchief falls off. Holmes just plain refuses to do it and in the end the 3 boys get told to stay back. Well, Holmes gets a special lesson xD

It’s 3rd period and this time it’s to do with medicines. Mr Underwood is the teacher and he’s completely meromero with his wife (despite the fact that later on, his wife gives him a poisonous flower xD). Well, he is anyway, not sure about his wife XD Holmes notices an empty jar and asks Underwood what it’s for. He tells them that a cobra was supposed to be in there and has, it seems, escaped into the classroom. The cobra is famous for being poisonous. Everyone is frightened and panicking while Holmes and Watson work to find the snake. Lupin thinks there is a snake at his feet and falls over frightened. Jack points out that it’s only a rope. Lkjf;oaiefj THIS COMEDY aoifjao;I and the way Lupin talks!! >w< Watson tells Emily that he won’t let her get hurt but as he makes her leave the classroom with everyone else the cobra appears before her. (BUT LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS~!)

The 'dangerous' snake loose in the classroom.
The ‘dangerous’ snake loose in the classroom.

Emily screams for help (either Holmes or Watson here) and they protect her. Watson then pounces on the snake grabbing it by the head and with Holmes, he manages to get the snake back into the jar. After that…Holmes points out that the snake wasn’t a cobra at all. Underwood confirms it. What a thrilling experience, now the class will want to learn more about poisons xDD I DON’T KNOW ABOUT THAT UNDERWOOD!!

You’d think that an escaping ‘cobra’ would be enough for one day but that wouldn’t be a detective class at all! During lunch, McKenzie comes to collect the graduation trip money from Slater but it is nowhere to be seen. McKenzie asks anyone who knows something about the money to go and see him in the staffroom.

With that, Watson takes Holmes and Emily out to the garden to have lunch. There, Slater approaches them to apologise but Holmes stops him from leaving. He knows that Slater has more to say and tells that to Slater. They move to another spot where no one is around. Holmes tries to get Emily to leave but she won’t. Her money is involved so she has a right to know. Holmes gives up and lets her do what she wants.

Slater tells Holmes that he wasn’t the one who stole the money. Holmes knows this and points out that Slater is being cautious and timid because of something else. He then asks Slater if the money was placed in the bag from that morning (the one that had ink on it). Slater hesitates a bit before saying yes. Holmes then tells Watson to do something for him and Watson leaves.

He then goes back to let Slater speak his case but Slater goes all pale at seeing Clave. Clave accuses Slater of losing the money but Holmes finds it weird. Being the detective class there’s no way something like that would leak out into other normal classes that quickly. Clave says that he heard it in the corridor but that isn’t possible as Slater was following Holmes from the start of lunch to find the right time to approach him. Clave gets angry but at that moment Watson comes back with the bag that the money was in. Holmes goes on with his reasoning and concludes that Clave had already known about the stolen money, or that he was the one who stole it. Clave moves to punch Holmes but  Holmes stops Clave’s fist by the wrist. WOO~ Then he just casually examines it haha. “Oh, I see. There’s ink on your fingernail. And it’s the type that Slater likes to use.” Clave goes in for another punch but LOL BITCH PLEASE! Holmes isn’t a weak detective you bastard!

Holmesy knows how to fight lah~ He ain’t goin’ down without one there. ❤

Emily was worried for Holmes for a bit there but now that she’s calmed down she starts thinking of where the money could be. With such a large amount of money, Clave couldn’t hide it all in one place or carry it all at once. But he’d surely want to use it. As Clave and Holmes fight, something sticks out from Clave’s chest pocket. It’s white. Emily moves in to get it and when she does, it’s her white back with the graduation trip money in it. With this, Clave is confirmed as the thief. Emily got to show off her detective skills, even Holmes complimented her xDD

Donchu mess with this lady!
Donchu mess with this lady!

Watson leaves for that make up class for manner and Emily and Holmes walk down the corridor after telling McKenzie what happened during lunch. Emily is suddenly hit over the head and Holmes turns around to her, but behind him there is another person. Holmes is also attacked. By the time they wake up it is night and they are locked in a dusty old underground storage room. The ones who locked them in were most likely Clave’s friends. It is Saturday night so they have to survive in there until Monday if no one can find them. They both try to find a way out but can’t. Holmes tells Emily to be quiet so he can think. Emily thinks that he is angry with her but when she apologises he says that he is angry with himself for not noticing the dangers around him. At that tense moment Emily’s stomach rumbles. LOL Nice girl. She pulls out the cookies she has and tries to share it with Holmes. He refuses it. Emily says something unlucky that makes Holmes half shout at her. She takes this opportunity to shove half the cookie into his mouth. xDD This girl…I love her awesomeness.

Holmes: “It’s all in crumbs, there’s no use sharing it.”
Emily ends up shoving it in his mouth when he shouted at her anyway. ヘ(`▽´*)

Emily then realises that her hair is a mess and takes out her mirror to fix it. This girl also doesn’t know the meaning of being anxious xD Holmes sees the mirror and asks to borrow it. Using the moonlight and mirror he creates a Morse code message. Holmes tells Emily to rest up and will wake her up when he gets tired. Of course that is a lie and he continues to create the message all night long until Watson comes in to save them. ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ Watson carries her back to her mansion. As a side note, Holmes was worried about Emily but he’s too tsun to admit it xDD

Emily wakes up on Sunday morning and reads the newspaper. She finds out that Clave Macleod was part of a thieving group with a few classmates. Inspector Lestrade visits her to make sure nothing was stolen. Pendleton also passes to her a few cookies that Holmes dropped off when she was asleep. They’re the same ones she made him eat in the storage room. Letters also came with it and Watson is nice asking her what she thought of school. Holmes on the other hand tells her to watch out on her snacking because she’ll get fat. Ahahah OMG HOLMES xDD Pendleton laughs at this.

“You’re the type to get gain weight easily when you eat, so take it easy on the snacks.” – Holmes

Chapter 02 (Sara Marple) – お茶の時間にご用心 (Take Care During Teatime)


This chapter starts off with Emily reading the newspaper before school (again. Trust me. She does this every single chapter of this common route but that’s just to set the stage for the rest of the chapter). The article that catches her eye is the one about Duke Arvin who died in his own mansion because of poison in his water jug. He water in his room before dinner and was found dead with his hands at his throat. It is thought that it was arsenic poisoning. Pendleton warns her again about food and to be careful again before she leaves for school.

As she gets to the classroom Watson asks if she’s read the article that morning. Out of curiosity she asks what the symptoms of arsenic poisoning are and Holmes goes into this really long and detailed description of it. He also brings out pictures. The rest of the class are grossed out by everything and Watson tries to stop Holmes. Holmes does stop in the end but not before saying that detectives need to know about this stuff.

At lunch, no one has any appetite apart from Holmes and one girl in the class. Emily approaches her seeing how lovely her lunch is. Tea, home-made lunch and all. Sara Marple, the girl invites Emily to eat with her. She feeds Emily one thing after another and it turns out to be ‘feeding’ Emily…treating her like a little dog. Haha poor Emily. But seeing how Marple and Emily are enjoying lunch, the others are hungry and start to eat.

*Drools* I’m hungry now…
“What am I doing? Can’t you tell by looking? I’m feeding and luring her.” – Marple

After they finish lunch Emily helps Marple clear the crockery but she bumps into someone as she does. Guys…it’s Jahn (I think they say it as [John] though xD Probably because of the French accent) Lupin lskfja;oweifj LUPIN THE CLUMSY ONE that always falls over losing that ring he got from the Queen. Though he always finds it again anyway. He’s so cute >w< At first I thought his timid voice was a bit annoying but I grew to like it >w< *cough* Anyways, Marple discovers that Emily also grew up in the countryside and kinda bonded on that. She asks her to go somewhere with her after school.

lsjfaoieugjlsdk ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS!! isejf;oaiefj _(:3」∠)_
lsjfaoieugjlsdk ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS!! isejf;oaiefj _(:3」∠)_
”Uwaa, so reliable….I am attracted to admire strong and kind ladies!” – Lupin
*sobs* I want to read into the word used but I’ll refrain QwQ

Marple takes her to the female dorms after school where her friend Angelica, who studies in the general department of the school, is resting up. She has a weak body and lately it has been getting worse. It’s almost been two weeks since she took days off. On their way there, they bump into a guy who seems to have just exited the female dorms (oooohh~) Putting that aside, the head to Angelica’s room that she shares with another friend, Elisa. They are both in the school ensemble and Angelica is the president of the club.

Elisa returns from making tea and they have afternoon tea together. Elisa is really good at making scones, jam and even the clotted cream which has a really nice almond aroma. Emily, being curious, asks to look around the room. Elisa hesitates a bit but agrees when Angelica asks if it’s fine. Emily finds the medicine that Angelica is taking and it has this really weird name. Apparently it’s a Chinese herbal medicine. While explaining that Angelica suddenly gets a coughing attack and loses consciousness. Elisa leaves to call for the doctor.

Have no idea of what that name means but it’s medicine.

Emily and Marple leave the dorm after the doctor has had a look at Angelica. Emily notices something weird about Angelica’s symptoms. They are convulsions, vomiting and confusion. Rather than illness it seemed more like poisoning to Emily. She asks Marple what Angelica is ill with but Marple says the doctor doesn’t know. In the past year Angelica had been getting better but in the last few weeks it suddenly made a turn for the worse. Marple is worried and Emily offers to investigate with her.

The next day, they meet up and head towards Baker Street where they meet Watson and Holmes and ask about the symptoms. He tells them that there are poisoning symptoms that are similar to what Emily has described. He also tells them that if the person is skilled they can mix it in with medicine. Hearing this, Marple and Emily head to the doctor that looks after Angelica for information. But the doctor refuses to answer any questions that violate the privacy of his patient. They bump into Lupin on their way out and find that the medicine he was given is the same as Angelica’s. Lupin tells them that he felt better after taking the medicine. Emily and Marple are glad to hear that but as a precaution they go to Angelica’s room and retrieve some of the medicine which they get Holmes and Watson to check for them. In the room, Emily notices a piece of a shell and picks it up. She takes it with her as Marple leaves in a hurry.

As they leave they hear two students arguing in the courtyard. The female accuses the male, Rayfus of two-timing Angelica. Marple steps in and asks Rayfus if it is true. He says he isn’t and that he is serious about Angelica. Even though boys are forbidden to enter the female dorms he has visited Angelica plenty of times. He bumped into Elisa once while leaving the room and asked her to not say anything. He swears that he isn’t two-timing with Elisa, even if she’s his ex. He says that Elisa is supportive of him and Angelica and even makes scones and jam to bring to ensemble practice from time to time. He asks Marple to help Angelica. (It seems everyone thinks there’s something wrong with how bad Angelica is getting).

Watson checks the medicine for Marple and Emily and nothing is wrong with it. Instead Holmes notices the shell that Emily has and asks to look at it. It is the shell of an apricot seed (i.e. almond) and the soft part inside it is poisonous if used incorrectly. It has the aroma of an almond (DUH!) when it is taken out. At this, Emily and Marple realise something. Angelica had said that the clotted cream Elisa makes for her has the aroma of almond. They both go back to the dorm and confront Elisa.

Just as they enter the room, Elisa is giving Angelica scone with jam and clotted cream. They join them for scones and reach for the cream when Elisa grabs their hands. That action confirmed what Emily and Marple were thinking. They take Elisa outside and confront her as not to hurt Angelica.

It turns out that Elisa was jealous. Rayfus was paying a lot of attention to Angelica and Elisa thought that if Angelica was unable to go to school then she would have more time with Rayfus and be able to get him back. But it had the opposite effect. Rayfus started to care more and more about Angelica. Elisa begs them not to tell anyone but Marple and Emily are reluctant. Angelica who has been listening in to their conversation also asks Marple and Emily not to forgive Elisa. Marple tells Elisa to leave the dorm and never to appear in front of Angelica again. If she does, Marple will tell Scotland Yard and Rayfus. Elisa does as Marple says and leaves.

Angelica gets better after that and starts practising with the ensemble. She invites Emily and Marple to go to the Christmas concert when they perform when she sees them in the corridor. >w< A good ending in a way. But what end? This is only chapter 2 orz

At night, just before Emily sleeps she looks at her family photo. It was taken when she was four, also the year that her parents were killed. On that windy night, she heard something from the bedroom and she opened it, only to see her parents dead with knives in their chests. The mansion was set on fire and it was made to look like an accident. Emily is back here in the rebuilt mansion in London to solve the cold case of her parents’ death.

Chapter 03 [Jack Millers] – 異端児の生徒ジャック (The Non-conformist Student Jack)


The chapter starts off in the East End of London where a woman is being killed. She is being sliced apart and the next morning, it is in the newspaper. The White Chapel killer has struck again. Pendleton tells her not to stick her head into any dangerous case. The way he describes her potential death by the killer is quite…vivid. He also  moves her curfew from 7pm to 4pm just for safety reasons.

At school, everyone is talking about the case and honestly speaking, Emily is interested in the case. xD While she is talking with Holmes, Watson and Marple about the case she bumps into a student. HELLO THERE JACK MILLERS!! The weird scholarship student of the class who lives in the East End. Emily being…well Emily approaches Jack and tries to start up a conversation. She means absolutely no harm but what she said kind of offended him. He tells her of quietly in a cold voice and turns back to the window.


In the medicines they’re asked to write a report on Delphinium which is poisonous if you eat it. Underwood warns the class to use gloves when handling the plant and to avoid contact with any injuries. Lupin forgets his gloves and handles the plant LOL (I don’t know how many times I fpalmed at him but lskfdjao;eij SO CUTE) In this class she apologises to Jack for offending him that morning. He tells her to leave him alone and that he doesn’t need any of that fake kindness. She then notices that he has scratches on his hand and touched the poisonous plant. She grabs his hand and wraps her handkerchief around it. He seems a little bothered by it (but only probably because Emily is such a busy-body. Really she gets into no-good things all the time ww) OH DID I MENTION HE LOVES TO SLEEP IN CLASS BUT GETS THE WORK DONE ANYWAY?!

“I got this as a wedding anniversary present from my wife. She was smiling…It was quite a surprise! Haha!” – Underwood
“I-I’m sorry…To have treated such a beautiful flower that way…what did I do…!” – Lupin
Hun, I don’t think that’s the problem…
Jack didn’t say no~ >w< He didn’t slap her hand away ww Or maybe he just knew she’d keep pestering him until he let her treat his wounds.

At the end of the day, Holmes and Watson leave before Emily to help Scotland Yard with the White Chapel murders. Jack calls out to her probably wanting to say something but ends up not doing so. Emily is happy when she sees that Jack has gone to the infirmary to get his hand treated properly. With that Jack leaves the classroom but this time Emily calls out to him. Emily, wanting to know more about him, write a quick letter and gives Jack a letter telling him that she’ll be waiting for his reply. He calls her weird but takes the letter anyway.

A few days passes and there is still no reply. One morning she heads into school early and finds Jack sleeping under a tree. She sits near him but ends up waking up. Emily is about to ask about the letter when Jack passes her a letter and her handkerchief. He said that it took him so long because he didn’t know what to write about. Emily had told him to write whatever he wanted so he did. Then he just leaves for the classroom. xDD Later in the day she reads the letter. It says “To Miss Emily Whiteley, thank you for the handkerchief. The next time you give me a letter, do it when no one is around. I’m sorry this letter was late. From Jack Millers”

He sleeps all day long…because he’s active at night =w=

That night, Pendleton comes in to report on what he has found. It turns out that Emily’s parents, Robert and Olivia, graduated from Harrington. With a few other friends they started the Harrington Education Fund and that was when the picture of them, their friends and Queen Victoria was taken. Emily asks Pendleton to ask those friends if they knew anything about her parents.

Jack’s chapter was so short D; There needed to be more!! Well, Emily didn’t solve a case or get caught up with him which is why its so short. And the reason why that happened is obvious but stiiiill~ Jack’s not my favourite character in this game but I like him!! I wanted more time with him!! >n<

To be continued

Still slowly working my way through the other chapters and they are getting longer and longer. Want a hint on who will be in the next post?




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  1. OMG I just saw the tag with Toyonaga Toshiyuki… FOR REAL?! He’s voicing a chara here? I FUCKING NEED THIS GAME NOW!! I LOVE HIS VOICE, after hearing him voicing Riito in Custom Drive… 8D 8D

    Thank you for your summary, but I’ll refrain myself from reading, because I plan to get this game too~!!! Hehehehe. 😀 😀

    • XDD Yeah, his character Kobayashi only gets a small route though DDDDDD; lkajswfoaijef *flkails* OMFG Riito~~~~~ He’s so…cute…but lkajfd;oaiwefjlkdm xD \o/ Hope you can play the game soon. I really love this game >w<

  2. \o/\o/\o/ for this post! xDDD

    I’ll find a freakin time to read this later (and squeal and flail as i go reading >w<).
    Looking forward to part 2 because Watson and that kaitou. 8D


    • “again. Trust me. She does this every single chapter of this common route but that’s just to set the stage for the rest of the chapter)”
      — because that’s what a lady should do…or at least according to Hudson www

      • xD Indeed ww Because reading the newspaper every morning to know what’s happening in the world is extremely important. ww

      • It depends on the guy, most of them have another 5 or so chapter after chapter 9 =3 Side characters like Kobayashi have 1 and then there’s the truth route (which I haven’t done yet)

  3. Omg u are playing this? Ì’m still in the beginning so I’ll refrain myself from reading xD I love this game too so happy Emily is voiced and Lupin xd will come back and fangirling more after I finish the game xD

    • xDDD Played it a few weeks after it got release because I couldn’t wait until I got my VICTORIAN Box. Now I’m just stuck here doing these blog posts because I’m no longer on break ;w;

  4. Um, I’m now playing this game and don’t know how to get route per person. Can you explain how? Thank You

    • Hi, could you explain in a little more detail what you’re trying to get? Are you trying to get into the separate route for each character because that doesn’t happen until Chapter 10.

      In the chapters for the Picnic and the code-cracking, choose the guy you want to go for. It’s the easiest way to get them. To ensure you get into their routes, it’s best to only up their affection levels and not any other character’s.

  5. I know no Japanese. Would importing these be a good idea? I was wondering if their are English guides or if Google translate could help. What are everyone else’s methods? Thanks 🙂

    • The game is only in Japanese and I played it in Japanese too. As far as I know, there is no English guide but there might be someone who has summarised all the routes. Unless you plan to somehow extract the script and google translate it as you play, I’m not sure you’ll understand thus enjoy the game as much. Many of my friends are self-taught in Japanese so you can start from the basics if you are willing to.

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