極限のダミーヘッド官能ソングSEVENTH HEAVEN Vol. 1 アキラ Translation


Title: Kyokugen no Dummy Head Kannou Song SEVENTH HEAVEN Vol. 1 AKIRA

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アキラ(Akira) ー 野島健児 (Nojima Kenji)


Unable to take the final step towards death, you stumble upon Hiiragi Mansion. There, you meet Akira who introduces himself as SEVENTH HEAVEN.

Because you have seen one of the SEVENTH HEAVEN you must pass on by their song. You go along with Akira who promises you an unpainful death and that your soul will not linger in this world.

SEVENTH HEAVEN are shinigami, but this is not a horror story. Enjoy the dummy-head microphone performance. For those who cry easily, please prepare a box of tissues. You will need them.

Translation Notes/Ramblings:

The pain…of choosing whether just to use the romaji of what is said…or to actually translate it. Haha Some things just don’t turn out nice as well. Ah well. I hope it still makes sense and I’m sorry for replacing one word in Japanese in with a long phrase xDDD

I got so lazy with the sound effects LMAO. I’m so sorry QwQ But Akira chuckles so much and I lack vocab xDD!! Lkejfaolweifalekjf

This is my first time translating song lyrics so I’m a little unsure of it. Please tell me how I can improve them!! I tried to keep them true to the meaning (including the meaning the kanji had so I think they’re a bit wordy…and wrong Haha. SOMEONE FIX THEM PLEASE!) Well, at least it’s how I interpreted the song based on the entire drama CD. The song is part of the story.

Also, I’m pretty sure the original lyrics are correct but if anyone has the lyric card would you be so kind to correct me if I’m wrong? >w<

Dobu-Nezumi (溝鼠) – Common rat; secret evil-doer. I’m pretty sure Akira just calls her a common rat.

Ashiki Mayakashi (悪しきまやかし) – Literally means an evil deception/phony.

Track 01 – Drama I

*Bell tolls*

[0:17] Oi, you there, that didn’t end up dying. How long do you intend to just stand there? Hiiragi Mansion, this estate’s clock tower isn’t a place for a woman to sightsee. No, to have climbed over the railings, you probably intended to suicide by jumping down. If you wish to jump, then jump. Surrender yourself to the night wind. Well, go ahead and jump now. Grant your wish for death. Or could it be that now you’re here, you wish to have someone preach to you about the value of life?

[1:01]*Chuckles* I know how much you long for death. There’s no way I can hold onto your life now that you’ve come so far. No one in the world can.

[1:18] I’ll take back that I called you a survivor. Woman who seeks death, what kind of hand has the world dealt you? Why do you cast your eyes down? Do you feel vexed? Do you feel envious? But you already want to die so much that you can only save yourself by running away from reality. Instead of suffering in this world, you chose death.

[1:52] But as you think of the pain of death, you cower in fright and can’t take the last step. You poor thing. I understand. Maybe I should say that it’s because it’s me that I understand. You look like you want to tell me that I make no sense. It’s fine, you’re just like a human. Not a bad reaction. Why not, I’ll tell you. It’s simple. The fact that you’re listening to my words is the answer itself. You long for death and can no longer escape that fate. Only people like that can see me.

[2:53] Haven’t you heard about it before? The existence of SEVENTH HEAVEN? That’s right, you humans call us shinigami as well and I am one of them. What’s wrong? You can’t speak because there’s a shinigami in front of you? I want to kill you right now but … I can’t let that happen.

[3:31] Look at the sky. The moon is being hidden by mist isn’t it? This is quite troublesome. An unusual power is at work and has closed the door to the other world. You don’t understand? It means that even if you die now, your soul cannot enter get to that world.

[3:58] Really, I’m fed up with his games. Hmph. I’ve been left with something bothersome. That’s why I said we shouldn’t bet in a game of poker. Those guys of SEVENTH HEAVEN challenge me even though each and every one refuses mine. There’s no way I could refuse. There’s a thing called socialising even between the shinigami. The result of the challenge was that I’d specially come and pick you up from here.

[4:38] Huh? What? It’s unexpected that shinigami would decide on such a thing with a game of poker? *Chuckles* Well it’s a thing that’s only allowed for SEVENTH HEAVEN even within the shinigami. The shinigami who just take souls and we are different. Only the chosen that can ascend a soul with their singing voice can be call themselves SEVENTH HEAVEN. We can send humans who wish for death to the other world with a pleasure that surpasses the pain of death.

[5:23] Did you relax hearing that you can escape the pain of death? So naïve. Who said I’d let you go? Don’t be conceited. I don’t care what happens to you. But, well, if you really wish to leave, there are conditions. I’ve been bored for quite a long time. I’ve been wanting to kill some time. The next time the door to the other world opens is on the night of a full moon. I’ll have you kill some time for me until then. Offer me that body of yours. Don’t worry, it’s only trivial. *Chuckles*

[6:34] Ahh. Let me warn you. You have no choice in this. To have tread upon the ground of Hiiragi Mansion and seen me, you have no choice but to die by my voice. Otherwise you’ll just be a dead that lingers in this world. It’s nothing to be afraid of. As long as you don’t run away from me, I’ll promise that I’ll send you over along with pleasure.

[7:11] *Chuckles* You nod so obediently. And that seals the negotiations but you still have to wait. Do you best in entertaining until the night of the full moon.

Track 02 – Drama II

*Door opens and closes*

[0:04] Hm? She’s finally back.

So slow! How long did you intend to make me wait? Just how many minutes does it take to bring tea to the salon? The mansion is so big you kind of got lost? That’s not a good enough excuse to have made me wait. Hmph. Well, whatever. I didn’t intend to drink that anyway. I only wanted to make you waste what little life you have left on bringing in tea.

[0:50] Anyway, forget about the tea. Leave it on that side table or somewhere. Come here. Sit next to me. Hurry up. Right now.

[1:08] Hmm? You’re starting at me, what is it? If you have something to say then say it.

[01:19] “What would have happened if I had thrown myself off that clock tower?” you say? I told you, your body would have definitely dies but your soul would have continued to linger in this world, accompanied with pain. Depending on the situation, it could be forever.

[1:53] *Chuckles* Are you trembling now? Well, it can’t be helped. You chose death to escape suffering but were about to experience more pain after you died. Huh? Why do you thank me? It’s not like as if I save your life. I just lost a game of poker. Besides, your soul smells pure and sweet. I’ve lost my senses many years ago but strangely enough, you have a scent that makes me want to nibble at you even now. Ah, yes I know. You’ve wounded your soul relentlessly up until now. It’s that kind of scent.

[3:01] *Chuckles* Anyhow, don’t get me wrong. Let me tell you, even now I can forcefully kill you and make you suffer. Ahh, that fear-struck expression is not bad at all. Maybe I should just actually kill you here.

[3:32] I’m only joking. I made a promise with you. That I’d send you over for sure. Why do you widen you eyes so? Did you think that shinigami don’t keep their promises? Well, I personally couldn’t care less. I will do what I need to do. So indifferently to the point I want to die.

[4:08] Ah, by the way, what is your name? I see.

[4:16] *Chuckles* Fool, just because I know your name doesn’t mean I’ll call you by it. You self-conceited woman.

[4:25] *Clicks* I’ve decided. I’ll call you dobu-nezumi. There’s no particular reason for it. I just decided to.

[4:41] You. What is with that face? You don’t have a problem with the name that I gave you, do you? No? If you don’t then smile. Show me your smile. Come on. Yes, that’s right. Well, it’s stiff and unbearable to look at but I’ll let you off here for today. Hmph.

[5:17] *Chuckles* I’ll tell you something good as a reward for listening to my command. Look. There is a painting drawn onto the wall over there, right? A beautiful woman sleeping within a hedge of roses and a shinigami with black wings, approaching her. What do you think happens to the woman after in this painting?

[5:50] *Chuckles* The woman wakes up by the kiss of the man she loves. Her cheeks flushed with happiness. The man she loves is…yes, of course *kiss* that shinigami. Hm, I see. It seems the tale in that painting wasn’t wrong. Your cheeks have turned red. But what’s with you stiffening like a rock?

[6:34] *Taps* Hey, did you die? *Taps* Oh. You’re alive. Interesting. Come on, show me more of your face. Quench me of my thirst. Come on, more. More. Why am I doing this? I told you. I am bored. There’s nothing else to this. This world is too boring to live eternally in. You begin something and it ends. After it ends, it begins again. Everything is just like that. It’s boring. I’m already fed up with everything. Would you understand this somewhat? This thirst? Well, whatever. There is still time until the night of the full moon. I’ll have you entertain me slowly.

[8:00] *Walks and stops*

Ah, that’s right. Come to my room tonight. Don’t be frightened so openly. I’ll make sure you have a lot of fun. Of course, you know what will happen if you don’t come, right? *Chuckles*

*Door opens and closes*


[8:33] *Knocks*

You came. Now, sit in the chair over there. Have you prepared yourself? Judging your expression, it seems like you haven’t yet. So uneasy. *Chuckles*

[8:56] *Walks closer*

This isn’t the first time you’ve been invited like this, right? It’s nothing big, just a little game. Well then, it’s about time to be entertained. *Sits in chair*

[9:24] *Chuckles* What’s wrong? Are you scared? Hmm? What is so frightening. Come one, tell me. Now, relax yourself. You’ll enjoy yourself more if you do. *Chuckles* Hey, do you…know the rules to poker?

[10:15] *Chuckles* What did you come here thinking of? Did you think that you’d be pushed down and ravish you? On the mark. Ahh, interesting and pleasant. There aren’t many people who would fall into that trap. Should we not play poker and really do that instead? I don’t really mind if we do.

[10:52] So? Can you play poker or not? Which is it? You don’t look confident.

*Shuffles cards*

[11:12] *Sighs* With you as an opponent, it might not be a match at all. That’s a little boring. Oh, that’s right. If you lose entrust your body to me. How about that? You don’t have to be on guard like that. It just means you have to win. I’ll go easy on you. Besides, I’ve already decided. I won’t listen to any objections. Well then, shall we start?


[11:58] *Laughs* This is ridiculous. This is why such lowly things that humans take interests in are so…Let me quite. Fold! So boring. To lose to a human…I’m out of practice. In the end the one that had fun was just you! I’m absolutely displeased! Hey, dobu-nezumi! What? Why did you just tremble? I was only going to tell you to pack up the cards. Don’t lie. I can tell just by looking. Say it. If you don’t I’ll actually scare you and make you cry. I see. You thought I’d do something to you with force.

[13:01] Well that’s inconvenient. Is that how little of your trust I have? When it comes to you humans, just because we’re shinigami…Hm? Ah, could it be…that you’re being careful of me because I stole a kiss in the salon? If that’s so then that’s upsetting. I didn’t promise that I wouldn’t steal another one but well, I’ll take care from now on. If I do intend to, I’ll tell you. Is that fine?

[13:41] To not be able to live with according to their desire, humans are so troublesome. It’s no wonder you want to die. Oi, why are you laughing? Tell me. What did you laugh? Geez, it’s unpleasant. Ah! You laughed again!

[14:11] Hmph. But well, you can even make those expressions. Ah no, it’s nothing. Hm? What is it? As an apology you’ll brew some tea? Hmm, that’s the first time you’ve said anything like that.  Ahh, I know. What are you plotting? All you humans are so easy to read. You’re probably thinking of putting something like a petticoat mottle gill into the tea or the like. Unfortunately it won’t work on me. If it’s not that then…Huh? You’re not planning anything at all? Hmm…Well, no matter what I’m served, it won’t work on me at all.

[15:08] If you absolutely insist then I can drink the tea you brew. I’d be called a devil if I didn’t do so with you bowing so low. “I’m not bowing at all.” You say? I-I know that! I was only exaggerating a little. Hmph. I’ll let you brew the tea for me then.

[15:35] Ah, right. I want my tea with one dollop of cream and ten cubed sugars. Shinigami don’t have taste but I like my tea like that. Also, this is the most important. The temperature of the tea has to be low, but warm. When I still had my senses, I was troubled by a girl who was said to have a cat’s tongue. It’s stupid but I still haven’t gotten rid of that habit. And yet you bring in tea that looks hot.

[16:11] Anyway, other than that you can do what you are. I can’t taste so I can drink anything enjoyably. It’s not like I’m expecting anything of the tea you brew. Oh, you should pour yourself something too. It’s just while you’re at it. Only because you can do it while making my tea. You’ve finally started to relax so I’ll have you tell me about humans. Huh? “Is it okay for shinigami to have tea with a human?” Well, there aren’t many shinigami who drink tea with humans. But…uhmm…Ah that’s right. Us of SEVENTH HEAVEN don’t have any strict rules forbidding it. How’s that? We are quite broadminded no?

[17:10] Y-you’re laughing again! Ahh, geez! If I say it’s alright then it’s alright! Hurry up and go!


Track 03 – Drama III

*Organs play*

[0:11] Hm? Oh it’s you. What’s with that surprised expression? Is there a rule saying a shinigami can’t play an organ? Hmph. Even if you try to explain yourself now, it’s useless. What? You want me to play you one song.

[0:40] Don’t stare at me so much. It’s something you listen to and not something on display. Ahh, but it is said that a woman who has listened to a shinigami play the organ will sometimes give into their desire and start seducing men. Do you mind?

[1:03] *Chuckles* You really are a fool. Even a shinigami doesn’t have the power to make you do such a thing. We’re not omnipotent. Use your brain a little. Don’t glare at me. Anyway, if you want me to play a song then hurry up and close your eyes. Go on, before I change my mind. Good.

*Organ plays*


[1:40] Oi, oi! Oi! You finally woke up. What kind of fool falls asleep on the sofa listening to someone perform? On top of that you were you were tossing and turning. It’s no use apologising now. I’m actually angry. So, you don’t look that well. Did you have a nightmare? It’s not that I’m concerned about you. It’s just that I’m displeased that you were having one while listening to me play.

[2:22] Well, but, there must have been some suffering on your part for you to have chosen death. I don’t intend to press you for it but…it’s nothing right? Then that’s fine.

[2:44] Hm? What? You’re going out to clear your head in the night wind? Hmph. Do as you please.

*Door opens and closes*

Time Skip

[3:04] Ah, so you were here. You said you were going out to clear your head but didn’t come back for quite a while so I thought you had gotten lost again or the like. Don’t thank me. It makes it sound like I’m actually worried about you. You are really good at being conceited aren’t you?

[3:26] So? Do you like this rose garden? I see. The flowers tonight are also blooming in profusion for your sake. Hm? What do I mean? Ah, haven’t you noticed yet? As expected of a fool. Listen up, Hiiragi Mansion is called a shinigami’s estate and sometimes unusual things occur like the mansion’s name suggests. For example, it realises the wishes of guests like you who enter the estate.

[4:13] Well, half of it is just that guy’s whim. The fact that you got lost in the mansion that day might actually have been your wish, because you didn’t want to bring me tea.

[4:37] *Chuckles* Well, that’s how it is. It’s best if you don’t think of anything silly.

[4:50] *Walks* It’s already half-moon, is it? Are you anxiously waiting for the full moon? Hm. Why do you cast your eyes down? Give me your hands for a while. Just do as I say. Don’t make a fuss. I got permission from you after all.

[5:20] Hm? What do I intend to do? When human women are lost in thought there’s a definite convention to just be quiet and do this isn’t there? And then after a while, repeatedly show a suitable smile quietly and nod. Huh? There’s no such thing? Damn Shion, he lied to me again. I’ll kill him later.

[5:55] *Cough* Ah, no. It’s nothing. What? Is my hand that cold? Just like a dead person’s…Of course. It’s true that I exist here and now but it doesn’t mean that I’m alive. That’s why I don’t have any warmth like you humans.

[6:20] It’s not really inconvenient but…not know how warm your hand is a little displeasing. But just by touching you like this, I can tell how small your hands are.

[6:44] You are indeed alive now but soon you’ll go to that world, even if you regret it. Even I cannot change that fate, no matter how much you fight against it. That’s why at the very least, let me send you over without pain. Don’t worry. There is not a thing in the world that can hurt that sweet scented soul of yours.

[7:25] Hm? Why are you crying? What is sad? Huh? You’re not sad? Then why are you crying? Because you’re happy? I thought people laugh when they are happy.  Is that wrong? As expected, humans are quite interesting. Well, anyhow. If that’s what you say then that’s fine.

[8:02] Ah, that’s right. Something good happened to me. Do you want to hear it? You want to don’t you? I’ll let you know. It can’t be helped. Yes, I’ve noticed. That I like your smile so…come on, show me. Come on.

[8:36] What? Are you acting all high and mighty? Hmm. Well, there aren’t many women who can laugh in front of a shinigami anyway. Even you were…Hm? I was scary at first? Well, as a shinigami to not be feared by people would mean no standing. There’s no helping that we aren’t courteous.

[9:08] So? What about now? Are you still scared of me? Are you scared? You are aren’t you? You don’t stop trembling. Hmph. To shake your head so furiously, what should I do with you?

[9:00] Huh? What did you just…Did you just tell me to laugh? I can’t laugh even if you ask me to. It goes agains the teachings of a shinigami. No. Way. No matter how long you wait for me, it’s not use.

[9:47] Eh? If I say it’s useless then it is! Geez, you’ve ruined my mood. We’re going back. It’s cold here. It’s not like I can feel the cold but you can right? On top of that I hear that human women aren’t that good with the cold. Come on, we’re going back. Geez, you really are…

Track 04 – Drama IV

*Flips pages of book*

*Door opens*

[0:05] Hm? Oh it’s you. You’ve come a good time. Can you light the fireplace over there for me? I don’t dislike the sound fire produces. There’s no more firewood? There should be some in the house separated from this estate.

[0:24] Huh? You’ll go and get some? No, it’s fine. You want me to leave it to you? Hmm. What’s with you, you’ve become a lot more devoted haven’t you? When we first met you were always just in fright. It couldn’t be that you don’t want to leave me, could it?

[0:54] *Laughs* Don’t get so sulky and angry. Then I’ll leave it to you, but I’m also-

*Runs off*

*Door closes*

[1:14] *Sigh* Really, listen to me until I’m finished. I’ll carry the firewood. It’d be heavy for a woman like you. You don’t have to do anything at all. I shouldn’t have said something unnecessary either.

[1:37] Sound is the one thing that can move my, SEVENTH HEAVEN’s emotions, even if emotions have been numbed after such a long time. It might be because our singing voices have the power to make someone pass on.

[2:00] The sound of rain, the sound of wind and the sound…of your voice is extremely pleasant.

[2:15] *Chuckles* Oi, are your cheeks hot? They’re quite red. You’re such and easy to understand woman. Ah, that’s right. Won’t you let me hear more of your voice? Don’t worry, it’s nothing difficult.

[2:45] Why do you step away? You’re not scared of me right? Come on, let me hear it. Ahh, I only have to do this.

[3:04] You can’t escape if you’re wrists are held and pushed against the wall. *Kiss* Women feel it better if they’re handled a little rough, right? See, like this. *Kiss*

[3:30] Why do you look at me like that? It’s like you want to say I’ve betrayed you. Well, whatever. What about the neck? *Kiss*

[3:51] Then what about the ears?

[3:58] *Laughs* Ahh. What a nice voice. You’re happy as well right? Didn’t you say you wanted me to laugh?

[4:22]*Laughs* Where do you want it next? Ahh, rather than a kiss would it be better if I touch you instead? *Chuckles* How does it feel to have my fingers run along your leg?  Just like this.

[4:50] How does it feel to be dirtied by the man who deceived you? Come one cry! Scream! Let me hear you shout! Say that you were a fool to have been taken advantage by a shinigami! Why won’t you say it? Will you disobey me? Why?!

[5:10] Because I’m…not me, you say? What are you saying? Here, take a better look at my face. Are you saying that I’m some sort of illusion? Feel my cheeks with your own hand. How is it? It’s warm isn’t it? Huh? The real one isn’t warm at all.

[5:50] *Laughs* It seems you only have unnecessary knowledge. Or could it be that you think you know everything about the shinigami? Just a mere human? I have the same face, the same voice. Who cares what I do to you! *Kiss*

[6:22] Such an excessive reaction just from having your clothes touched. This much is normal.  Hmm, judging by your reaction, it seems that guy hasn’t gone far with you. He should just make something that’s going to die soon, his by force. Like this.

*Hurried footsteps*

[6:54] Ashiki mayakashi! This is an order! Kneel! How does it feel to be kept crouching on the floor, unable to get up? How unsightly.

[7:09] Oi, are you alright? Come here. You neck is red. Is this what he did? Oi, mayakashi. It seems like you lack discipline to have laid your hands on someone else’s prey. I can easily erase your existence right now but that’s slightly boring. I’ll teach you what suffering is with… that body of yours. Don’t expect to die easily.

[7:50] *Whips* A mayashiki like you probably hasn’t felt any pain before.

[7:59] *Whips* So, how is it? How is death’s pain, the first and last pain you’ll ever feel? What about the suffering?

[8:11]*Chuckles* Now, just let yourself be whipped repeatedly!

[8:16] *Whips* Hmm, is it painful? But I still won’t forgive you. I’m not satisfied yet!

[8:29] *Whips repeatedly* *Painful screaming*

[8:47] Hmph, he disappeared, that low-life. Was this another one of Kanade’s whims? Or was it…?

[9:04] Oi, are you okay? Let me see if you’re injured or not. I’m sorry, you were put through something horrible by that mayakashi. Of course you’d be scared of me when he looked the same. But I can’t leave you here. I don’t know…what should I do in situations like this?

[9:30] Hmm? Aren’t you scared of me? I see, if you say so. Wait, but…that is…should I just pat you or something? Come here. Hmm, what? You believed in me? That that was definitely a mayakashi? What are you even saying?! You saw him right? Even though it was a mayakashi his appearance, figure even his voice was the same as mine! Anyone would have been deceived! You should be more cautious!

[10:19] Wait no, that’s not it. It’s not that I want to scold you at a time like this. Words are troublesome. Darn it. That is…what I mean is that I’m not above…expressing my… gratitude to you. Hm, what wrong? Are you crying? It’s okay, if you want to cry then cry. Hiiragi Mansion is the last place you reach, and I am a shinigami. You don’t have to hold back now that you’re here. That’s right, but right now the only thing I am unable to do is give you warmth. Nor can I feel your warmth. If I was a human male…then I could have. I see, this is the fate of a shinigami.

*Bell tolls*

[11:28] Tomorrow will be the night of the full moon. *Sighs*

Track 05 – Drama V


[0:05] It’s me, are you awake? I’m coming in.

*Opens and closes door*

[0:13] What’s wrong? Could you not sleep? Oh right, what about…play poker now? If you play win then I’ll send you soul to that world. What? Are you thinking that you can definitely win? I wonder about that. The result of a game is something that you don’t know until the end. Well, let’s start. The final game.

*Deals cards*

[ 0:51] I have a flush. It’s your loss. That’s your first lost. Is your heart in confusion? Let’s continue.


[1:10] *Laughs* It’s my win again. Full house. Is that the extent of your abilities? Now I wonder what will happen next.


[1:27] Four of a kind. This time I win again. What’s wrong? You’re quite weak tonight. *Chuckles* Now, the game hasn’t ended yet. Not yet…not yet…I won’t let you go just yet.


[1:55] You have a straight flush, huh…Seems like you’re back in swing. *Sigh* *Chuckles* Did you think you could win with that? Royal straight flush. Unfortunately, it seems like it’ my win again.

[2:22] *Chuckles* Your face tells me that you don’t know why you can’t win. I wonder why…? You don’t know? I told you. This is the mansion of the shinigami. What you wish for will be granted and you, did you really think you could win against a shinigami?

[2:55]*Chuckles* Now, let’s play another hand.

*Bell tolls*

[3:03] Time doesn’t stop, huh?

*Opens windows*

[3:12] Look, seems like the rain has stopped. It’s a fitting and magnificent full moon for sending you to that world, isn’t it? The game’s over. Come on, let’s go.

Track 06 – Drama VI

[0:06] Is this rose garden your choice for the end? It’s not bad. You surrounded by roses is…beautiful. It’s an emotion I haven’t had in a while. That’s not all. You’ve made me remember many emotions. Thanks to that, I wasn’t bored. I thank you.

[0:38] What? Is it weird for me to thank you? But I do. I will keep my promise. I’ll sing for you. But in this last moment, can I touch you…your soul? You were quite an interesting woman…that’s why…I can remember you if you want. No, I just don’t want to forget you. Do you mind? I see. Then I’ll release it, your soul.

[1:38] This is…your soul. It’s beautiful as expected.

*Moves to hug*

[1:54] This is the first time I’ve hugged you. You’re warm. I can tell just by feeling your soul. I can feel my shinigami powers strengthen so that I can feel your warmth, your passion, your emotions being stimulated.

[2:20] It feels so comfortable. It’s strange but there is only so little time left to feel each other like this. And once I’ve known this feeling, after you’re gone I’ll continue to suffer in this memory. But it’s not enough just by holding you. I want more and more of you to the point that my shinigami power grow even more. I want your lips. I want all of you. If you don’t want this then fight against me. Got it?


[3:12] If only I could steal everything of you the way I stole your lips, then I would do so. If I could break the ways of this world…*Kiss*

[3:32] Why is there a kiss mark in such a place? Was it that mayakashi? I don’t like it all. *Kiss* I’ll make my mark even deeper. *Kiss*

[5:01] Will you disappear now that you’ve taught me what warmth is? *Kiss* I’m the one who will see you to your end. Not anyone else but me. *Kiss*

*Bell tolls*

[4:31] No, just listen to my voice. Soon, you won’t respond to anything that I say. This warmth will disappear and you won’t smile at me anymore either. *Kiss*

[4:55] I’ve seen enough of human crying. I also know that no matter how much you wish for it, the dead will never come back. And you will become like that too. *Kiss*

[5:23] I thought that nothing could move a dead heart. But was that because I hadn’t known you?

*Bell tolls*

[5:35] *Sighs* My heart tightens when I think about how we have to part. This moment where I’m hugging you is awfully calm. Even though I know it can’t be granted, I want to continue holding you in my arms. I end up wishing for that.

*Bell tolls*

[6:05] I know, I know! I know we can’t escape this fate. I’ll hold you until I can’t feel your warmth anymore. I’ll be by your side even as you die. So there’s nothing to be scared about. *Kiss*

[6:43] I’ll promise you. It’s a promise. I won’t ever forget you. *Kiss* As a shinigami, I don’t know what happiness I would have ahead of me. If there is something like that, if there is something like that left for me, then I’ll give it all to you. *Kiss* You only need to be released from your suffering and rest in peace. *Kiss*

Now, close your eyes. I’ll grant you your final pleasure.

Track 07 – Love Delight (Song)


鐘の音が告げた終焉(おわり) 想いだけ募ってく
儚げに乱れ咲く 一輪の薔薇を手折れば
可憐にね 混じり合い 融解て(とけ)いくよ


誰も知らない 愛の光を
瞳閉じれば 純白(しろく)耀く(かがやく)

月灯り見上げてる 哀しい目をぬぐいたい
微睡んで口ずさんだ あの歌だけ


何も知らない 罪な笑顔
呆れるぐらい 愉悦めて(ゆがめて)
深く入れば 交差していく
ふたりの想い 今ひとつに



もっと激しく溢れ出ている 愛の泉で溺愛(おぼれて)
悲し記憶はすべて忘却て(わすれて) この愛だけ刻んで逝け

誰も知らない 愛の光を
瞳閉じれば 純白(しろく)耀く(かがやく)



Kane no ne ga tsugeta owari
Omoi dake tsunotteku
Hakanage ni midarezaku
Ichirin no bara wo taoreba
Karen ni ne majiriai tokete yuku yo
Kono te de

Mada ikanaide kure

Dare mo shiranai ai no hikari wo
Motto oku made hanatte
Hitomi tojireba shiroku kagayaku
Sekai ga kitto otozureru yo
Eien ni

Tsukiakari miagaeteru
Kanashii me wo nuguitai
Modoronde kuchizusanda ano uta dake
Mou ichido

Negaeba negau hodo

Nani mo shiranai tsumi na egao
Akireru gurai yugamete
Fukaku haireba kousashite iku
Futari no omoi ima hitotsu ni
Naru hazu

Sou da, motto yorokobe
Hazukashigaru koto ha nai
Kanjiru mama ni koe wo daseba ii
Yume wo miteiru no ka
Kao wo motto yoku misero
Motto kitsuku semaruzo
Yagate yorokobi ni kawaru
Me wo miro
Mada iku na
Namida wo nuguna
Nurashita mama de ii
Kawaii kao da
Sa, kurushikatta darou

Mou, itte ii zo

Motte hageshiku afure deteiru
Ai no izumi de oborete
Kanashii kioku wa subete wasurete
Kono ai dake kizande ike

Dare mo shiranai ai no hikari wo
Motto oku made hanatte
Hitomi tojireba shiroku kagayaku
Sekai ga kitto otozureru yo
Eien ni


English Translation

As the bell rings of the end, only memories start piling.
As it blooms profusely in hope, I end one rose’s life by my hand
Sweetly it mingles and fuses with the rest
By this hand.

Don’t go just yet.

The light of love that no one knows
Shine it deeper into the abyss
If I close my eyes, it shines purely
The world will surely call on you
For eternity

I want to wipe away those sorrowful eyes which look up at the moonlight
You doze of humming to yourself. That song.
Just once more…

The more I wish for it the more…

That sinful smile that knows of nothing
Makes me waver to the point which astounds me.
If I go deeper we’ll meet
Our two affections will become one
It should.

Yes, be even more pleased.
It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.
Just let your voice of divine response out as it is.
Are you dreaming?
Show me more of your face.
I’m going to press on harder now.
It will soon become pleasure.
Look at my eyes.
Don’t go yet.
Don’t wipe your tears.
Leave them wet as they are.
Such a sweet face.
You were in such pain, weren’t you?
It’s alright

You…can go now.

The fountain of love overflows more intensely with doting love.
Leave your sorrowful memories in oblivion and go with just this mark of love.

The light of love that no one knows
Shine it deeper into the abyss
If I close my eyes, it shines purely
The world will surely call on you
For eternity

Track 08 – Extra TrackLast Message

*Bell tolls*

[0:13] Even after you’ve passed away, you’re still warm. So warm. Will I end up passing time to the point of insanity again?

[0:42] You are no longer here. But this pain will make me remember you. The deeper the pain of unable to meet you again for eternity, the stronger, the clearer I’ll remember you. Even when the day that I can no longer feel your warmth comes, this pain will hold us together.  Forever.

Thoughts FEELS:

(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ==== ┻━━┻ Let me just go on a rampage about this aksjfao;eijfaslkdj Too many feels right now orz orz orz I thought track 6 was bad enough, pulling out these feelings.It’s amazing how little time is needed to make me love a character and Akira…is cool, one of my favourite types of characters. He’s tsun but not so tsun that I’d be annoyed at him. He’s Do-S and I think most of use Rejet fangirls have become Do-M anyway. He’s really nice in his own way to the heroine and and *sobs*.

Akira acts all “I’m better than you” to the heroine at first but he has that right. He’s a shinigami who’s lived for 997 years. He has the power to kill you on the spot. He’s the type that teases, but gets embarrassed easily. He’s the type that keeps promises. He’s the type that once he loves something, he’ll hold onto it forever. *SOBS*

Poker was the reason he met you. Poker was the first time he saw anything but fear from you. Poker…was the last game you played with him. This game holds so many of the memories he has with you and and I DON’T THINK I’LL EVER SEE IT THE SAME WAY EVERY AGAIN!! Nor a rose garden…or the full moon. (Man the full moon has so many different meanings to me now slkajfaoseifj) 。・゜・(。´ノω・`)。ウウゥゥ

When I first listened to the CD, I have to admit I didn’t quite get some of it but the feelings were there. I felt the despair that Akira felt in the story, especially so in the song. The last message just made it worse.

When I started translating, which means listening to it over and over again, it just got worse. Looking up all the words used and actually understanding every word Akira was saying almost broke me. I think I found the actual lyrics from the lyric card that game with the CD. The kanji characters used instead of the normal ones…I don’t know why but but MORE FEELS THEY CREATE EVEN MORE FEELS AND I JUST… burst… QwQ

It’s not just forgetting about him but erasing it.
It’s not just shining your light far and wide. It’s into the dark abyss (which I assume is his darkness of eternity or even the other world. I like to think the former).
Don’t go, don’t leave has another meaning as in DON’T DIE AND STAY WITH ME GDI! Lksaefjoasiegjlsji AAAKIIIIRRAAAAAAA

All my tears just didn’t stop and I had the song on repeat. It’s not helping at all hahahahaha. GDI!

Oh, one of the lines: 「感応じる(かんじる)ままに、声を出せばいい」was said in a way that…the first few syllables sounded like as if Kimu-nii said it. Haha I died. I died even more thinking of the possibility of him doing this CD. Aslkefjao;eijfa’eifj

Let me just end it here before I start blubbering on about the kanji used in the song and what not because THEY REALLY DO ADD ANOTHER LEVEL OF MEANING TO THE SONG!! Lkjfdaoseihfaosehaf Thank you for reading this and I hope you suffer with me too.



37 thoughts on “極限のダミーヘッド官能ソングSEVENTH HEAVEN Vol. 1 アキラ Translation

    JUST ಥ_ಥ brb crying forever

    Thank you so much for translating, you beautiful soul you have my eternal gratitude and my cardiac hospital bills (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) god…. damniittttttttttttttt


  2. hayai!
    thank you very much for the translation! that was fast!
    I also cried a lot hearing to this.. ;w; especially when the song played.. when Akira sang “Kanashii kioku wa subete wasurete” wits such a sad tone.. my heart.. can’.. hold.. it.. orz
    even listening the song before sleep.. it makes me crying while hitting the wall beside me.. ;w;

    thanks for the hard work! *hug*

    • LOL well I know I wouldn’t have time to TL properly next week so yeah. What is sleep? ww
      *sobs* I was crying translating that too gaaaahhh My heart ached so bad ksdjafoesifj
      The song…is still on repeat…haha…QwQ Forever on repeat…And now that we have the lyrics… akjfaoeifj
      ❤ You're welcome~ ww

      • we’ll have our hearts broken every month until October now.. ;w;
        I also repeating that song.. >__> and it makes me gloomy everyday.. so, that song isn’t good for our health you know.. orz

  3. OMG… You are so BADASS for translating the whole CD!!!!!! *bows down to you*
    Anyways, thank you for your hard work!!!! \(^w^) I think I should relisten to the CD and look up the parts I haven’t understood yet…

    • WWWWW I DID IT SO ALL OF YOU CAN SUFFER WITH MEEEEEE!! xD Go go go relisten~ >w< Now just to wait for tumblr to explode again with feels…maybe ww

      • Yeah, suffering together sounds good, but I should go to bed now… orz I will drown in feels again on weekends… ;__;

  4. It’s so sad for akira-san at first when i read all of it i started crying now understanding how he feels i could tell how much pain there was but what really happen to the MC and making her want to die did something bad happened to her past and future…Now i know the meaning behind the song…so i guess we will suffer together doropyan-chan

    • I think what happened to the MC to make her want to die is up to you since you ARE her.

      Yes, it’s a beautiful song that has so much put into it. Rejet does it again, we’re all being pulled down into the deep end. ;w;

  5. I’M
    I’ve never cried so much on a drama CD before. And dayum, NojiKen had to be the one to do it. MY HEART CRIES BIAS ZXDGHDCGHDFH ;;;;
    Akira’s so cool and nice despite being a do-s shinigami. He’s really that lovable. ;;;
    AND THAT SONG. /endlessly puts on loop/ ;;;

    Good job on translating btw ;w; My heart broke for I-don’t-know-how-many times already. It’s suffering to be a Rejet fangirl. Too much suffering ;w; LET ME HUG YOU TOO ;w; WE NEED TO SURVIVE THE OTHER CDS. /HUGS/

    • NO MORE YOU SAY?! I will not allow that!!! You must have it on repeat until Hinata’s CD is out at the end of May!!

      OMFG NOJIKEN GDI I STARTED AGAIN ON HIS GAMES STARTING WITH I DON’T KNOW WHAT PROBABLY HIIRO NO KAKERA2 and just kept playing his route orz School of wars, geten no Hana…then his anime…and other drama CDs…NOW HE DOES THIS THAT DAMN MAN!!

      How…I knew I’d love AKIRA because of his profile but I didn’t think it’d be to this extent. How did just a cool tsun do-s become someone who can make me cry so much? NOTHING SAID HE WAS TRAGIC APART FROM BEING A REJET CHARACTER!!!

      *Cough* I think… I’ll keep TL-ing this series ww SO IF YOU WANT THEM KEEP ME ALIVE BY SHARING MY SUFFERING. *clings to you and wails* My heart isn’t in pieces anymore. They’re almost in powder…

  6. you will continuing translating this series? OwO
    I’ll be glad to share your suffering on my page.. >w<)/
    I'll be always here to hug you and share this suffering! QwQ)d

    also, I just saw you liking my Seventh heaven fanpage few days ago.. :v
    nice to meet you anyway~ :3

    • Haha, yeah. I’ll be TL-ing the series as quickly as I can get my hands on the tracks and lyrics. May or may not decide to order but that’s still a maybe QwQ

      OMG You’re the one in charge of the facebook page?! /n\ Now you know who I am orz orz orz *what is being anonymous? ww*

  7. Im drowning in feels and crying my eyes out, ughh my heart.. ;_;
    anyways thank you soso much for putting down so much effort and translating all this! hope you’ll be doing the others too since this was really amazing

  8. Uhh… I’m so done with Rejet…Thanks for letting me suffer with you, doropyan! I’m glad to have a place to look up things I haven’t understood the first time…

    I wonder how the other volumes will turn out. The samples for the second CD are somewhat likable and dislikeable at the same time… I really like the talk samples, but I’m unable to like the song sample no matter how often I listen to it… ;__; Should I get the CD or not??

    • Haha you’re welcome~ I’m glad you suffered as well QwQ Now go put it on repeat until the next disc is released ww

      ^^;; I’m still deciding whether I should get it or not too ;w;. I might wait until after Hinata is released and see how I like that first since Hinata’s the character I like the least out of all of them (judging by characteristics and character design) >n< For Hinata's song, I only like when the chorus begins orz It might grow on me…maybe ww

  9. *drowning in feels* 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。
    I dun know how I’m going to survive the rest of these CDs o(╥﹏╥)o …….I’ll be dead, drowned in my own tears before Kanade =w=;;; *Meanwhile listens to song on repeat* T.T
    Thank you so much for translating this!! *bow* You’re so amazing for translating everything!!! *gives chu a hug and a plate of cookies* (。・・)_且

  10. THIS HIT ME RIGHT IN THE KOKORO HGKJSDHGKJHSD I DIDN’T THINK IT’D BE THIS SAD. Thank you for translating it …. even though it made me cry… *sniffle*

  11. HI
    All I know is REJET MAKE THESE INTO GAMES. ohmanLOLlovetragedy4life?
    seriously rejet loves to make their fangirls cry.
    “He’s Do-S and I think most of use Rejet fangirls have become Do-M anyway.”

    • You’re welcome! If you look at my translation backlog, the entire series is on my list. I’m currently juggling 2 other CDs with vol 2 /_\

  12. I love this series thank you for translating this 😀 I was wondering if it’s okay to use your translation in a video I’m making for this

  13. UGH I just finished listening to this CD and Hinata’s and oisfjeoghseogiesjgvesogh.

    I could literally go ON about how I feel about these CDs, the boy’s feelings and so many freaking things ugh uhguhguhggheosig. Thank you so much for translating you are a perfect human and deserves all the love and hearts of the world like seriously. so many things i can say but i’ll keep this short ahahahaoifseg.

    Thank you again, so very much. LONG STORY SHORT UH YEAH I THINK

  14. I just want to say thank you so much for the trans. I kind of know what I’ve signed up for–BUT THE FEELS STILL HURTS. Onward to vol 2 for me and hopefully your upcoming trans for this series ;w;

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