DIABOLIK LOVERSドS吸血CD MORE,BLOOD Vol. 2 無神コウ Translation

kou-01Title: DIABOLIK LOVERS Do-S Kyuuketsu CD MORE,BLOOD Vol. 2 Mukami Kou

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無神コウ(Mukami Kou) ー 木村良平 (Kimura Ryouhei)


You’ve been kidnapped from the Sakamaki brothers and when you regain consciousness, theplace where you wake up is…

On Kou’s bed.

You are toyed with by Kou while in a blindfolded state, on his bed, with no way to struggle.

He spoke to you kindly but…When things don’t go the way he wants them to, he mood turns bad. He sinks his teeth into you forcefully, as if the scent of your blood tempted him to.

Translation Notes/Ramblings:

This is like…an obligatory drama cd translation just because Kimura Ryouhei voiced this. This time I’ve added in more story-like sound effects because I love Kimu-nii so much. QwQ This man…sounds so hot…as a Do-S vampire haha

Ero-nyanko (エロにゃんこ)– Erotic Kitten

M-nekochan (Mネコちゃん)– Masochistic Kitten

Thank you to Mitsu for the scans!

Track 01 – 目隠しされて (Blindfolded)

[0:00] Hey~ Hey you…. I said hey…Hey~Hey!

[0:16] Ah, you finally woke up! Ah~That’s good. You just kept on sleeping that I thought you wouldn’t wake up for eternity.

[029] Eh? “Where am I?” Eeeh~ How mean! Don’t you remember about what happened until you ended up here? *Chuckels* Seems like you’ve recalled it. That’s right, I ran off with you. “Why?” You’ve been asking a lot of questions since you woke up. Well, I guess it can’t be helped. I mean you’re in pitch-darkness right now. It’s normal for you to be frightened and scared.

[1:07] *Chuckles* Don’t worry; I’ll explain everything clearly, one by one, to you. First, you’re currently blindfolded and in my, Mukami Kou-kun’s, room and lying …on my bed. And the reason why I kidnapped you…Hmmm…There are a few but one of them would be because you’re a peculiar human.

[1:43] Do you know the meaning of that? It means that you’re different to just those humans around. You might not realise it but to our species, you’re an existence which attracts our attention. But you know that already. I mean you’re being kept at the Sakamaki household.

[2:09] Eh? You’re not being owned? Ah, I see, that’s right. Sorry, my wording was bad. I’ll correct myself. You’re the Sakamaki household’s…quarry, right?

[2:23] *Laughs* You don’t have to look so hateful. It’s the truth and it’s the reason that I took an interest in you, isn’t a good thing?

[2:40] *Rearranges self on bed* Hmm? Who am I? I told you my name just then. So forgetful. Eh? That’s not what you mean? Ahh, I know now. Hmm…Is it okay to tell her? Hmm…but…I get a feeling Ruki-kun will get angry at me. It’s a pain when he gets angry…What should I do~? *Chuckles* I’ll tell you when I feel like it.

*Moves closer on the bed*

[3:19] I’ve answered your questions for now. But forget all that, I want to know more about you. About various….things. I finally have those guys’ weakness here, and like Ruki-kun always says, inspecting things first is important. So I have to search you properly to find out which part of you is special and which part of you is peculiar, with these hands of mine.

[3:51]*Chuckles* You’re trembling. This the first time you’ve felt the touch of my fingers, right? You don’t have to be so scared, I’m kind. See, I’ll stroke your hair like this. Good girl, good girl. So don’t tremble.

[4:15] Hmm…you’re unexpectedly extremely wary. Even so, you’ve had all those things done to you by them? That’s weird. Or could it be that you’re actually only pretending to be wary? If that’s the case then you’re one hell of an ero-naynko.

[4:41] Apparently a skilled hunter is someone who wants a quarry that is highly wary and won’t be caught easily. I think I agree. Acquiring things easily is boring, since I can easily attain everything because of my job. Ah. But having them recognise me as skilled would irritate me. What do you think? As a human quarry, what do you think of the Sakamakis?

[5:18] Hey~ You’re not going to answer? Isn’t silence just mean? Hm? I guess questions like that all of a sudden are hard. Then let’s go with an easier one. Ah that’s right, what about this? Does it feel good to be fed on by them? Like you’re flying, like ‘fwaah~’. Does your body feel like as if it’s floating just with a kiss? Hey, you’re keeping silent to that as well? That’s really boring. Geez, what does it take to get you to answer my questions? “Where do you like to be touched?” or stuff like that? Or is it that you don’t really care about them at all, or something? *Chuckles*

[6:07] *Sigh* This is becoming a bother. You don’t answer any of my questions, even though I am being nice to you. What’s your point?

[6:26] “I can’t tell those things to people I’ve just met.”? Hmph.  I see, that’s how it is. Now that you mention it, that might be true. Then I need to introduce myself first.


Track 02 – 無神コウ (Mukami Kou)

[0:00] Here, take a good look at my face. I’ve taken the blindfold off. Look, I’m so close to you. So close that our lips almost meet. *Chuckles* Can you see me~? A pleasure to meet you would be a good start. I’m sorry for kidnapping you so suddenly. But if I didn’t then it’d be hard to take you away from them. I guess you’d say it was the best timing. It was a great chance.

[0:40] Do you…watch TV or anything? Well, you don’t seem to be the type to watch any. Hm? No, it’s nothing. I just thought you might know me if you watched TV. Not that it matters.

[0:57] If I can say so myself, I think it all went pretty well. Those guys are probably searching everywhere for you frantically. I mean their precious quarry was kidnapped from right under their noses. *Laughs* I laugh just remembering the dumbfounded looks on their faces.

[1:23] To think that I’m going to have a taste of that precious quarry …Somehow my breathing gets harder just by being near you. Is this your power? Hey, why do you seem so tasty? *Sniffs* You smell really good. What is it the smell of? Mmm~ *Breathes in* I can’t get enough. Where is it coming from?

[2:00] *Sniffs* It’s not here. Then, what about here? *Smells* I can’t tell with your clothes in between. Why don’t you just take them off? They’re useless anyway. Come on, hurry up. The smell on your clothes is a nuisance to my sense of smell. Come on, do it.

[2:28] Hey. Hurry up. I’m actually quite quick-tempered so if you don’t take them off obediently, you’ll have something horrible done to you.

[2:41] Tch. Aaahh! Geez, this is so much trouble! Are you trying to make a fool out of me? Do you even know what it means to disobey me?

[2:56] I’m starting to get irritated. You know, once I start getting irritated, I just get angry at everything. So, even that look in your eyes…*Laughs* It pissed me off.

[3:12] I’ll gouge them out. Seriously. You know, I actually quite like things like that. *Sneer* Oh? You’re going to take your clothes off? You’re going to obey me~? What, how boring. I was planning to various things to you. You know, if you were going to obey me then wouldn’t it have been better if you’d done that from the start? Or did you want me to snap?

[3:45] Ah. That’s right, that’s right. You were that type of girl. You wanted me to snap and do terrible things to you, did you? *Chuckles* You M-nekochan. Hmm? What’s an M-Neko? You’ll know soon enough. You’re actually quite stupid aren’t you? M means Do-M’s M, of course. A masochist. You’re the type of girl who feels pleasure when being hurt right?

[4:22] With that kind of personality, it’s no wonder you’d do as you’re told. Our species can make you feel pleasure in a way humans can’t. *Chuckles* Is it true that if you have a taste, you’ll become addicted to it? Hearing that, I kind of want to become a human woman once and have a vampire bite me. But well, doing the biting is a lot better.

[5:00] Ah, by the way. This is also something I heard. Apparently when you’re being fed from, an intense pleasure strikes through your body like lightning. That sounds so good, I’m envious. Even though I say that, I don’t want to be bitten. I thought, if only I could just have a taste of that pleasure, but I don’t want to be bitten by some other vampire even if I die. *Chuckles*

[5:33] Ah. Oops, I said something I shouldn’t have. Now take them off. Off. I have to find the origin of that tasty smell first. You’re hiding it right? Under those pieces of cloth that have not even slightly sexy. Your precious se-cre-t.

*Clothes ruffle and removed*

[5:55] *Smiles* That’s right, you have to show that obedient side of you like that or else you’ll have your eyes gouged out by me. *Chuckles*

[6:07] Eh? You’ve finished taking them off? Don’t say stupid things. If I say take them off, it means everything. You call just ruffling your outer garment “taking it off”? Heeh, you really are treating me as a fool.

[6:28] You know, I hate being treated an idiot the most. There are heaps of girls who want me to do these things to them in the world. And even though I’m making you do what those girls want to do…Ah. I know! You’re just pretending to be embarrassed but are actually happy inside. Ah! Or do you want me to rip you apart? But I don’t do such violent things. I mean, it’s boring if the thing I’m ripping apart doesn’t scream in pain. *Chuckles*


Track 03 – 裏表 (Two-faced)

[0:00] Ahh. This is so dull. I’m seriously getting irritated. And you don’t do things that are normal, if you gave it some thought, even if I tell you to do them one by one? What’s your point? You’re really a pain. Are you doing it on purpose? It’s an amazing feat to annoy me this much. *Laughs* I wonder if I should be moved instead of snapping?

[0:33] Ahhh~ But it’s no good. I want to make you a mess. I’m really tempted. I want to see you cry and scream. *Chuckles* You want that to be done to you too right? *Chuckles* I want to see you in a pitiful state.

[0:57] *Belt clinks* You know, I just want to torment pitiful girls more and more. Usually those girls just look at you as if they want you to sympathise with them and cling to you are the most irritating. Don’t you think so?

[1:19] You’re making that exact expression right now. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on me. Besides, the reason I kidnapped you wasn’t to dote on you. Well, you’re actually satisfied if I torment you right? I want to hurt you and see you feel joy. And then those guys’ expression when they know what happened…*Laughs* That’d be the best. *Laughs* I wonder what they would do if you opened yourself to me? Will they kill me? Just thinking of that is irresistible.


Track 04 – ヴァンパイアのエサ (Vampire’s quarry)

*Ties you up with the belt*

[0:05] There we go. How is it? I tied both your hands with the belt. *Chuckles* But you should be used to this. You’ve had horrendous things done to you up until now. Being tied up is the norm for you.

*Restrains you from stuggling*

[0:22] Ahh, geez. Don’t struggle. Even though I said I’d hurt you, you like that right? You’re actually just waiting eagerly for them, aren’t you? My fangs, that is. Okay? Just be a good girl and be sucked. I’m sure it’ll be extremely pleasurable. I’ll drive these fangs that you love so much into every part of your body. You’re happy that you can feel my fangs right? I mean, it’s my fangs, Kou-kun’s fangs. You don’t have to pretend to run away anymore. And that pretence of fea- Woah!

*Pushed away*

[1:15] What…was that just now? Did you…did you just…push me away? Heeh~ You’re going to reject me. Hmmm…I guess this isn’t a problem of acting. Even if it was just acting I can’t forgive you. It’s been a while…since I’ve had someone struggle so much.

*Squeezes your neck*

[1:48] Hey, do you even know where you stand? Even though I’m being so kind to you…are you a Do-M as I heard? If you had just been a good girl and let me suck your blood, when I was being nice, you wouldn’t have to go through this pain.

[2:08] Mmm~ It hurts doesn’t it? Well, I am making it hurt on purpose. I’ll make it hurt even more. I heard that when humans get choked, they go to that other world quite quickly. *Sneers* Really, humans are such weak beings. I wonder why such a vital point is in a easily targeted area. If I just burst the vein that runs through here, like *snap*, you’d die immediately right? If I was to bite into you now, I wonder what would happen. When I think about it, humans are really just prey for us vampires. You’re made so we can easily bite into you. Just like this.

*Bites and starts sucking your blood* *Licks*

[3:22] Aaah~ The blood is just streaming out from the holes my fangs made. *Chuckles* This is saying that you want to be sucked even more, right?

*Sucks* *Licks*

[3:50] Hmm~ I can see why everyone talks of your blood. It is different from other girls’ blood. But, it’s just the blood right? I can’t see what else they value in you. Even so, everyone wants you. Is it just because your blood tastes good? Ahh~ so tedious. I should have waited until you took all your clothes off before I tied you up. That way, searching your body inside and out wouldn’t have been that hard at all. Well, that was a failure.


Track 05 – キバで直接確かめてやる (I’ll confirm personally with my fangs)

[0:00] *Sigh* It’s tedious but I’ll take it off for you. You’re happy that I’m taking it off for you right? You’re squealing ‘Kyaaaahh~!’ on the inside, aren’t you?

*Takes your clothes off*

[0:17] Clothes are useless anyway, right? I’ll be feeding from all over your body anyway. I’m not interested in your body either. Ah! Just the thought of the thing they’re attached to being in an awful state makes me really happy.

[0:42] Hmm? You’re not struggling? *Smiles* Are you getting to know me better now? Or is it because you are actually happy I’m taking your clothes off?

*Rips clothes*

[0:55] Alright. Can you see? You’re in a horrible state right now. Your face is all red too. Could it be that you’re embarrassed? Then how about I’ll do more and more embarrassing things to you? Then I’d probably be more at ease from so many things, so would you. *Smiles*

[1:27] *Sniffs* Ahhh~  You smell…different from what do did just then. *Breathes in deeply* Do you smell different when you’re embarrassed? This…what is this smell? You have to be hiding something in that body of yours. Is that what those guys are so obsessed with? Well, whatever. I’ll find out personally with these fangs. That’s the quickest and easiest way. Listen up. Don’t move okay? If you try to do something weird, I’ll kill you. *Smiles* Well then~ Let’s expose this secret of yours.

[2:22] *Smells deeply* You smell so good. It’s irresistible, you smell so delicious. I can’t believe a woman like you smells so good. I wonder where this smell is coming from~ Here? The shoulder…maybe it’s here. Hmmm~

*Bites and sucks*

[3:05] Hmm…It’s not here? Then what about here? Just under the arm.

*Bites and sucks* *Sighs in satisfaction*

[3:22] This is quite good. *Licks* Hm? *Laughs* You’re eyes are swimming in intoxication. You actually love this don’t you? *Laughs* Or could it be that you like me? Ahh~ That’s how is it right? Even if you say you like fangs, the owner of them is important too. Your expression is telling me you want to be bitten more by me.

[4:00] What does it feel like to have a vampire like me take interest in you? Are you happy? You are of course. Most human women fall for me just by looking at me. You don’t have to hide it. Eh? “I don’t judge a person by their looks.” *Laughs* Ah~Ah Just how long are you going to keep that strong act up. I told you already, that it’s best not to do anything that’d annoy me. You really are an idiot.


Track 06 – 罰には罰が (There is punishment for reprimand)

[0:00] Aahhh~ This is annoying. I’ll suck out all your blood until you’re dry.

*Bites and sucks*

[0:19] Your blood is really good. *Drinks* But no matter how good your blood tastes the sin you committed by annoying me is serious. For sins, punishments are needed. That’s right, I need to punish you. *Laughs* That’s right…I’ll feed from your ear next. It’s a hard place so it might hurt but you’re happy with that. *Chuckles* I’ll injure you a lot.

*Bites and sucks*

[1:13] Hmm? The ear hurts? Heeh~ I see. *Sucks* Then I’ll lick it especially for you. *Licks* Blood is overflowing even into the ear. *Licks* *Chuckles* What is it? Why are you crying so much? Ah could it be that you’re sensitive at the ear? Geez, don’t get aroused when I’ve only bitten it a little. Hmm? “It’s only because it hurt?” You’re still telling lies like those? Well, whatever.

[2:20] Human open holes in their ears so I thought it’d be fine. You can endure things that feel good but can’t endure much pain? Hmm…Somehow even I’m getting dizzy. *Laughs* I see, so your blood has this effect, like a drug. And plus, look. This right eye, can you see? It’s glowing right? I’m sure that your blood triggered it to glow. It’s happened a few times up until now but your blood is really something special.

*Laughs and lies down on the bed*

[3:22]*Sighs* To think prey like you can sleep together with me…You’re really lucky aren’t you? Have you been watching vampires become obsessed with you because your blood is exceedingly special *Chuckles* You don’t have to deny it because I know. I know all about you, I can see through everything. So don’t hide it, there’s no meaning.

[3:59] Ah~Ah, how annoying. If only you had some other special value. No matter how you look at it, you’re just an M-neko. *Sigh* *Bites and sucks* Even so, we’re all being manipulated by you. There’s no way I wouldn’t get irritated at that. Do you understand this feeling?

*Licks and drinks*

[4:48] When I think that you must be feeling pleasure, I want to corner you in all ways and make you die in a pitiful way. You know, up until now I have never been obsessed with anything. Not even with human women. Everything is because of this blood. *Sucks* Even I’m getting aroused now. *Laughs*


Track 07 – 堕落した証 (Proof of corruption)

[0:00]Well, where should I bite next? Your arm and neck are covered in blood…oh, why don’t I just make then even more bloody? If I do that then you might look better in my eyes.

[0:27] Hmm…this wrist is so thin. *Chuckles* It looks like I can easily break it by twisting it. If I bit you here, wouldn’t I make a hole? Come on, give me your arm.  Hm? This scar is still new. Hmm…it’s not a scar from my fangs. So that means it’s a scar one of them left. Heeh~ Well, I’ve found quite a nice accessory. You really are an M-neko. I somehow know that you didn’t ask for it.

[1:13] Then…that means someone was controlling you. Like how a flower is or something. It’s not like as if flowers bloom beautifully by themselves. Someone with more authority makes sure the flower blooms beautifully so that bugs and birds come. So could you be made by someone to attract us vampires? If not then there’s no way that someone like me would want to take your blood even if I was asked to. *Laughs*

*Starts digging at the scar*

[2:00] Ah~Ah. Because it’s a newly made scar, blood flows out immediately when I just dig my fingers into it. Does it hurt? *Chuckles* Well, I am poking my nails at your scars. It hurts doesn’t it? Suffer more, you can even scream. No one will come. They won’t notice this place. That’s how it was made.

[2:27] Well…but even if they notice this place I wonder if they’ll come for you. You know, someone somewhere who is terribly obsessed with you. *Laughs and continues to dig at the scars* Are you in agony? Ah~Ah~ Your ugly face just became even uglier. Should I just say that you have some charm? But I can’t love that kind of you. But this scar…it seems like it has some kind of weird tenacity to it. I wonder why. Is it that fun for vampires to fight over prey like you? Haha, but then if I don’t leave a scar then it won’t be interesting. I’ll have to make my mark so that overlaps this scar. It’ll be evidence that you’ve been corrupted complete.

*Bites and sucks*

[3:53] I can smell their scent coming from this scar. It pisses me off. *Continues biting and sucking* I want to just bite this arm off. *Sucks* *Laughs* This is the taste of hatred isn’t it? That’s right, I won’t forgive them. No matter what. So…*Sucks* I won’t give you back to them. You’re already my property. Give me your body and soul, everything to me…and lose it.

[4:50] *Laughs* This is bad. What’s this? Am I getting aroused? Uwaahh~ This is the first time I’ve felt this. *Laughs* I really got my hands on an interesting toy. I only intended on having a taste before giving you to Ruki but I might not be able to do that now.

[5:22]*Sighs* Let me suck more. I’m becoming weird because of your blood. I’m starting to think that I want you to give that blood that runs through your veins only to me. Oi, you have more don’t you? The scars of where they bit. Tell me where. I’ll make you relive that pain again. Now, hurry up and tell me.

[6:00] Hey, are you listening? If you just keep making that stupefied expression, then I’ll do more painful and more suffering things. Hmm? Your stomach? Heeeh~ Where where? Ahh, you mean this one. I found it~ They feed in such a disgraceful way.

[6:27] *Licks* Ah, there’s a different scent this time. What’s with you? Did you let them feed from all over you? You’re really something, bitch. Hm? “I didn’t end up like this because I wanted to”? What the hell is with those rebellious eyes? Do I have to repeat myself multiple times before you understand? After drinking your blood I thought “as I expected~”. There’s definitely something in you that attracts vampires to you. I wonder who’s responsible for it. *Laughs* When I think of that, things get interesting.

[7:18] For now, I’ll just leave multiple scars on you. So…*Digs at the scar* I’ll sink my fangs even into this scar. You’re jumping in joy right? I mean, it’s me who’s saying I’ll do that to you. That’s right~Ah~Ah, what a dirty scar the fang left. I’ll erase it immediately for you.

*Bites and sucks*

[8:07] *Licks* This scent is so heavy. It won’t disappear. Dammit, so annoying, it pisses me off. To think that my fangs can’t get rid of the scent…! It makes me want to make a mess of you. I’ll have to sink my fangs deeper and deeper into your body. Like this.

*Bites and drinks*

[8:42] Ah. It hurts? *Laughs and plays with the bite* You’re spilling so much blood. What an disgraceful girl….But you shouldn’t be feeling any pain. You body should only be able to feel pleasure from my bites. *Laughs* I know that you want me, so say it out loud, properly. Beg me cutely. Come on, hurry up. Beg me to “please make me feel even more pleasure.”

[9:25] Hmm? I can’t hear you~ Beg louder,oh and more cutely.*Laughs* That’s right, just be honest to yourself. I might be able to love you even if you’re ugly. Mm~ That’s right. You begged for it properly so I’ll love you, with these fangs of mine.

*Bites and drinks*

[10:15] Hmmm? More? *Chuckles* It’s okay to ask for more. I quite like it when I’m asked. I’ll sink my fang even deeper and deeper into you.

*Bites and continues drinking*

[10:56] Did the smell disappear slightly? *Chuckles* You’ve become quite a good sight. Your body’s turned to jelly ages ago and your blood tastes sweeter now.


Track 08 – いらいらする (Irritated) 

[0:00] Where else… did you get bitten? Ah, don’t tell me. I’ll find it this time. After the stomach would have to be…the leg. *Laughs* Yay, bingo! There are actually vampires that like such risqué places. To bite at the crotch, how erotic. And they just kept biting this place…how L.E.W.D~!

[0:36] What kind of expression do you usually make when you’re bit here? You might not realise but all those parts of you are completely visible. How embarrassing. *Chuckles* But you like being bitten in this type of embarrassing situation. It’s like as if your expression is telling me you’re expecting something. Or am I over reading it? Is it because I’m the one who’s biting? *Laughs* Well, whether or not I’m overthinking will all be clear after I take a bite.  So which scar should I bite? Here? I’ve decided on here.

*Bites and sucks*

[1:29]*Laughs* What an awesome view. *Continues sucking* Well, aren’t you getting weak. Your body’s starting to lean in, how lewd. *Drinks more blood* This is nowhere near enough. Let me drink even more.


[2:11] Dammit, could this have been a trap or something. *Chuckles* It feels like as if it’ll be the end after I drink your blood. Well, whatever. As long as it feels good then it’s fine. Whether it’s a trap or not, I’m not scared. That someone who’s made you possess something special should have been able to foresee that. Right?

[2:45] He’s seen right through us who tried to turn the tables on them. They’re making a fool out of me. It pisses me off. You’re pretending it doesn’t concern you but it does. You’re wrong in thinking that you can pass time if you just be obedient and open your legs. I’ll thrust in a thickness that’ll make you suffer more and more and more.

*Bites and drinks*

[3:27] *Chuckles* Does I feel good? What good status you have, to be played around by me. Wouldn’t this break the record for humans? Well, usually humans would be in heaven with one bite but you…When it comes to you, you get tastier and tastier the more I bite. You also speak back at me, it really irritates me.

*Continues drinking*

[4:00] Hmm? You have scars on your upper thigh too. I’ll have to make my mark here properly too. Geez, what’s so attractive with this flimsy leg? I can’t comprehend at all but I hate it that you have scars that aren’t mine. *Chuckles*

*Bites and sucks*

[4:40] *Sigh* My body feels kind of heavy. Am I getting numb? It’s  because of your blood. Well this is bad. To think that I don’t want to let an ugly girl go anymore…It’s unthinkable right? I’m irritated at myself too. But I can’t help it. The only thing that excites me is my lust for you. What the hell is this? Dammit, I’m really getting annoyed. I haven’t wanted something this much before.

*Moves to suck your blood*

[5:42] So irresistible. You want more of me? I want you too. *Bites and drinks* Desire me more and more. You only have to look at me. You are…you are now my property. Are you happy? That’s right, of course you’re happy. If you stay in agony like that I can give you pleasure for eternity.

*Bite and drinks*

[6:38] It’s no good. I haven’t had enough blood. *Sigh* I won’t hand you over to anyone, anymore. You’ll forget all about them soon enough because I’m already attached to you so it’s expected right? I won’t call you ‘quarry’ like they do. You’re my property. You’re in joy right? I’m kind, you know. I know how to handle and treat girls. You don’t like vulgar words like quarry right? *Chuckles*


Track 09 – 気持ちいいことの考える時間(Time for thinking of pleasurable things)

[0:00] *Sighs* I’m thirsty again. Geez, did I get lured by you and develop some weird hobby? Well, whatever. As long as you’re here, as long as I can sink my fangs into you, my desire will be satisfied.

[0:24] Ah~Ah This thin leg…when I look at it I just want to make it all sticky with blood. But I’m feeling good right now so I won’t do it. Hmm…did the blood decrease? It feels like as if the blood pressure isn’t enough anymore. So I’ll be gripping your leg for a bit.

*Squeezes your leg*

[0:57] Alright. I thought what if I intercepted the blood flow. Ah, sorry. It hurts? Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel good in just a bit. Okay? So forgive me.


[1:15] *Laughs* Wow, it really looks like I could bite your leg off. You need to thank you blood. If it wasn’t because of it you would have lost your arms and legs in an instant. *Laughs*

*Bites and drinks*

[1:47] So sweet, so tasty. *Licks* Give me more.

*Drinks more*

[2:12]I feel like I could come any second now. And so could you. Hey, are you listening to me? I said hey~ Answer me. I told you to always answer me or else I don’t know what I would do. Ah. Could it be that you just…came? *Laughs* That expression, I don’t even have to hear your response.

[2:44] *Moves up and closer* But it’s not nearly enough. I can tell by that greedy expression. You want me right? Well, if you orgasmed just with my fangs then I have to give you a reward. I’ll kiss you.


[3:09] Hmm? Why are you surprised? You like this kind of thing right? Well, most idiotic human women like this.

*Continues kissing*

[3:33] *Sighs* To be satisfied with just lips touching each other…Humans are really easy. They’re so easy that they become adorable. See, you just felt a little happy right? The way you misunderstand is adorable. I hit the mark right? Ah~Ah You really are an idiot.

[4:07] *Laughs* Now, where should I bite next? My body is aching because I haven’t gotten enough. *Chuckles* I’ll look for the scars they left and remove them. Be prepared.

[4:29] Hmmm…next…here? The nape~. To suck from here…I wonder who it was? Do you remember each and every detail? *Licks the scar* You remember every time this scar is touched and you start aching here and there, right?

[4:54] Hey, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to just bite it? It’s rare for me to listen to your wishes, so come on. Hurry up and answer. Ah that’s right. Let’s do something that they’ve never done before. We have a lot of time anyway. Hey~ Are you listening?

*Slaps you*

[5:19] Don’t be so blank with me in front of you. Focus on me properly. Only look at me. Only think about me. *Moves and belt clinks* Hm? Ahh~ I forgot I kept your arms tied up. Well, you don’t have the energy to struggle so I might as well take it off.

*Undoes the belt*

[5:51] *Laughs* You might feel exhausted but there’s so much more to come. I want to enjoy myself even more. I’m going to be your company so there’s no reason for you to refuse, right?


Track 10 – 明けることのない夜 (Unending night)

[0:00] Well, what should I do? For starters, I’d have to do something about this scar on the nape or else you won’t enjoy it…right? Hmm…It’s the first time that I knew that somehow when a scar that isn’t made by me is shown off, it makes me extremely irritated. Really, I’ll erase them all for you.

*Bites and sucks*

[0:52] I’ll go even deeper. Deeper.

*Continues sucking*

[1:13] Even though I’m drinking so much, why don’t I feel satisfied at all? More and more…I want it until the limits. Until you die. That’s right, I’ll drink from you until the utmost limits. That’s why you can call it even more enjoyable. *Chuckles*

[1:43] Hmm? What’s wrong. Why are you starting leaning against me? You don’t have any energy? Well, it can’t be helped~ *Chuckles* Come here, I’ll hold you tightly. It’s painful? Of course it is. I held you tightly in one squeeze. See, thanks to that, blood is flowing out from the bite I made at the nape. *Licks*

*Drinks from the wound*

[2:31] You know, I’ve been feeling…what do you call it? Dizzy? My head’s spinning and my body feels so hot that I feel like I could melt any second now. I’m so close to my limit that I could easily become one with you.

[2:57] I thought “Well, I’ve gotten my hands on one hell of an M-neko” at first. *Chuckles* I was so annoyed that I thought I’d kill you in not time. But you turned out like this before I knew it. It’s laughable. On top of that, there’s no way I’d be satisfied with second-hand good that irritates me so much. Usually, I’m not interested at all.

*Breathes in deeply*

[3:37] When I smell you so closely, I just want to sink my fangs in. Rather than reflex, is it just instinct or something? *Chuckles* But that’s also what you want, right? *Chuckles* I’ve said it so many time. Always give me a reply. Not answering just because you’re feeling pleasure from my fangs really pisses me off. I’m not responsible for what happens next.

*Bites and drinks*

[4:33] I still want you. I’ll indulge in drinking from you. Using everything I have. You’re happy right? Of course you are. Be thankful to the special blood that flows through your body and mine.

*Continues drinking*

[5:07] Come on, open your eyes properly and look at me. You’re content just with that, right? The night will no longer become dawn. For eternity. I’ve decided mind in making you mine.

[5:33] *Laughs* It’s okay. I already know you’re delighted. So from now on, give me all of your blood. You can just stay there digest the bliss you’ll experience by being with me.

*Bites and drinks*

Thoughts FEELS:

*Crawls out from Rejet world like a zombie* This…damn CD… No one can friggen say nothing happened in this CD *cries* All those threats Kou-chan made and all that teasing. FML what is going on in my life. Why did Kimu-nii voice you Kou-chan? It’s such a perfect…pair.

I’ve blogged my live keysmashings on this CD before here. In other words instead of me live-tweeting and ruining it all for my friends (and getting judged by my RL friends) I shoved them on Tumblr under a very special tag xD

So as I said before I started, I thought being a huge Kimura Ryouhei fan meant that I knew how damn hot he could make this CD. I stand corrected. I was not prepared at all. Not even close. Haha. Listening to the CD once through first gave me the gist of everything. I thought I understood everything. I thought that the 11 minute track would be the worst one ever. It usually is right?

WRONG. Oh how wrong I was. People, if you’ve read these translations…you’ll understand why now. You’ll understand that the real danger is in Tracks 8 and 9. LOL Feel free to drop me a line if you want me to explain why things are translated the way they are.

The Japanese language is so beautiful that they find the most round-about ways in expression things that we would do explicitly in English. No really. Maybe it’s my lack of vocabulary but it was so hard making things…stay not as crude.

But I’ve gone off track. So let me explain my feels for Kou-chan. This idol calls himself Kou-kun. He refers to himself like some high and mighty existence. In reality…damn I can’t say he isn’t QwQ

He is nice. Ha. Nice in the way that he baits women, making them think he’s really gentle and just slightly playful. I think I referred to him as Kuso Koakuma Kyara (Damn Little Devil Character). Don’t you think it fits him so well?

So he makes you believe he won’t do anything bad to you, just tease you a little because, hey, he’s an idol and just play with you a little, right? To all those people who think that, be aware of naivety right now! He makes you let your guard down, makes you feel good but then when he gets angry because you won’t listen to him, it’s not the ROOOARRR! Angry. He doesn’t so much shout as to just smiling really creepily at you. His eyes probably don’t have any laughter in it. His kind, sweet voice drops an octave or more and just whispers in your ear: “If you don’t listen to me, I’ll kill you.”

AHAHAHAAH WHAT A GREAT CHARACTER I’VE FALLEN FOR. Have I ever told you that I’m weak for idol types? And also Koakuma type? Oh and the fact that Kimu-nii voiced him just drove the last nail into my coffin. Rejet did such a great job this time. NO seriously, they just picked out all these little qualities I love and mixed them together to create Mukami Kou.

Do I need to say any more? Do I need to go into details of what I felt every single track? I think not. You be the judge guys. Yes, Kimu-nii’s not that experienced in this dummyhead mic thing. I mean his first CD was last year.s;ldkfja;oeiajf BUT OKAY HE’S GETTING BETTER.

Did you hear his fricken techniques evolve throughout the drama? *S C R E A M S* The sucking wasn’t as good as the other seiyuu’s but then it got to licking and I DIED. And then…and then that little kissing he did is like FML just take me already!!! Ksjdf;osidjfasiejfd  AHAHAHAH (´つω・`)シュン I…don’t…know what to do anymore. He’s like…ugghhh

Don’t even talk to me about Tracks 8 and 9. So…embarrassing I want to crawl into a hole right now. No really, I thought I hear wrong. I think I wished I heard wrong but then when I did some research about the phrases used…FML Yeah okay. He said what he said. That’s all I have to say.

I don’t think I can handle another idol character…I don’t think I can handle another eroi Kimu-nii character…*whispers* I think I just want to go to Seventh Heaven now, maybe I’ll suffer a little less…

Like in my other ramble…I’ll leave this post with just one phrase: KIMU-NII STAHP!



31 thoughts on “DIABOLIK LOVERSドS吸血CD MORE,BLOOD Vol. 2 無神コウ Translation

  1. OMG!! I looooove it!! *O*
    Thank you so much for the translation!! *o*
    Can I translate to Portuguese? Of course, I’ll link you and give you the credits ^^

    • Oh wow, you’re quick hahaha. I don’t mind as long as you credit =3 I’m sure we want to spread this wonderful CD to the world XDD

      • Hahahaha XDD before someone takes it =P
        just kidding hehehehe
        sure, sure =D
        thank you!! =D

  2. Whooooo!! Thank you for the translation ^___^ !!
    I laughed in embarrassment at the ‘did you just come?’ bit. Oh my.

    • QwQ You’re welcome ahaha. I’m pretty sure there was something worse but uhhh, it was hidden under a whole bunch of pretty words xD

  3. OMFG! I’m sorry but thanks to your translation I’m in the depth of danger and oh god dammit, Kimura Ryohei make the voice of Kou more than perfectly. asjkdhasjkfasfakaskldasjnfhjadfak thanks for the translation.

    URGH! all the feeeels I’m having right now and blame it on this bloodsucking vampire.

    Cant wait for Ruki jaskduasdasfafk -dies-

    ehem sorry. i was more than crazy fangirl rn.

    • You’re welcome ww The only reason I TL’d was for Kimu-nii anyway hahahaha QwQ Suck beautiful voice used in such a dangerous way x3c

  4. omg I died listening to the track without the translations at first and only understood some parts but the sucking and kissing all insta killed me LOL no more phoenix downs for me Dx And now with the translations I dont think my ears can take it LOL

    Are you going to translate Ayato and Ruki?? oh man you would be my hero FOREVER!!!

    but anyways ty for posting this!!! My inner Do-M is coming out lmfao xDDDD

    Keep up the fabulous work!!!!

    • LOL I don’t even want to know how many phoenix downs you’ve used xD I wish I sold them so I’d be rich right now haha

      I’m not sure if I’ll do it for Ayato and Ruki. I intended this to be a one-off translation just for Kimura Ryouhei but I’ll consider it ^^;; Depends on how much I like the other CDs ;w;

      • Omg god knows how much LOL If you sold some I would buy them instantly ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

        haha You dont have to!!! Was just curious! But for sure Kimura Ryouhei did a freakin amazing job with Kou like you said just so perfect (●´∀`)ノ♡

        But once again ty for the translation im off to go listen to it now LOL

    Thank you for translating such a *cough*wonderful*cough* volume! I’m sure it was hard to contain all the nosebleeds and fangirling while typing it (^//A//^)

    And yes, Kimu-schwan is irresistable, I don’t get why I got attached to this type of voice too (the first CD I heard him with it was 42Gami, regrets nothing) and I just found myself coming after his smexy-sweet-idunno voice//// though DLMB is really a though do-s cd, I was kind of anticipating he’d fit in and alas, it was confirmed by your translatioonnn~~ thank youuuuuuu~~

    oh i’m commenting too much now. LOL sorry its KimuraRyoschwaannnnn <333

    • You’re welcome. xD Haha, the first CD you heard him in was his first dummyhead mic CD LOL What a great way to start ;3 You’ll need to backtrack into his other CDs too now because they can be so adorable kajdsfhla

      • HE’S WAY TOO ADORBS ayyyt? ❤
        Oh, I didn't know it was that, yes yes, it was a good start! <:3.

  6. After listening to this I think I’ve become Kimura Ryouhei’s fan! *o* it was so asdhadhafsdjhsfdjha. I’ve listened to the Diabolik Lovers series, but I’ve never been too much into it, the only one of the Sakamaki’s brothers I was crazy for was Kanato-kun, but this new turn of events and this new character were great!
    Thanks a lot for the translation!! You’re awesome! ❤
    Hey, could I translate this and the 42gami CD too to spanish? I really, really liked Kimura-san's voice 😀

  7. Thank you thank you! I’ve been out of the drama CD fandom for a while and dl’d a whole lot of Kimu-nii and oh god… Just for translating and telling us why you like it so much, thank you 😀 off to check now if there’s trans for his other new CD’s 😉

  8. good day! do you have the translation for volume 1? this is my first time listening to this and I would like to ask, if there is only one voice actor all throughout? thanks!

    • Hi Diane, unfortunately no I have not translated volume 1 or any other volumes in the More,Blood series. Each CD is a different vampire and a different voice actor. =3

  9. Thank you so much for the translations!! T_T)
    Kou is really cute and ikemen at the same time… but his childhood was really… :”DDD KOU IS MY BABYY ❤ So I'd like to thank you for the awesome translations!! I like your format too. ^o^

    • Thank you and you’re welcome!! >w< yes and Kou-chan is adorable… But shhhh~ People who haven't played the game know nothing about his childhood ;3c

  10. I just died from SO many nosebleeds. I love you…but I hate you…but I love you!

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