極限のダミーヘッド官能ソングSEVENTH HEAVEN Vol. 3 イツキ Translation

イツキジャケット-thumb-380x380-678 Title: Kyokugen no Dummy Head Kannou Song SEVENTH HEAVEN Vol. 3 ITSUKI

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イツキ(Itsuki) ー 高橋直純 (Takahashi Naozumi)


You are found unconscious by after you try to drown yourself near Hiiragi Mansion with someone worrying and fussing over you. Unable to recall anything about him, Itsuki explains that he and you are childhood friends, and that you had promised him not to step even a foot into Hiiragi Mansion. Now that you have, he has no choice but to use his powers as part of SEVENTH HEAVEN to send you off.

You spend time with Itsuki around Hiiragi Mansion until the next full moon. You don’t want him to send you over because you’re worried he’d be alone, but he tells you that he’s found a song he can sing which will allow you to wake again.

Translation Notes/Ramblings:

At the start of Track 2, I don’t actually know for sure what he says. It sounds something like 密室 (misshitsu) as in secret room. Yet it sounds like as if they’re in a garden or indoor garden at least. If anyone can hear, please tell me what it says. Similarly with Track 4 at around 2:10, I think I have it right but eeehhhh… _(:3)∠)_ Someone get me the script please~ /shot

About the meaning of flowers, when Itsuki says 場所 as in place, I’m assuming the placement in a bouquet because depending on how you arrange it, meanings can change as well.

Beni-iro (紅色) – Usually translated as red but not the primary red. It’s more of a magenta (Hexidecimal colour code: #D71345), so I’ve translated it as such.

Tetsu no Okite (鉄の掟) – literally the law of steel; or golden rule but when we talk about relationships it’s more of a code (like in bro code?) xD I’ve translated it as a friendship code instead.

Mizukusai (水臭い) – literally meaning to be stand-off-ish, distant but in the sense of a friendship, it means you’re being polite in a way best friends aren’t usually. (As in you’re at the stage where you just take each other’s lunches, but saying thank you awkwardly? x3)

Fu ni ochinai (腑に落ちない) – ‘Fu’ means guts and is said to be the place where a person holds their thought and soul/spirit (心). Literally it’d mean “not entering into the place of thought” which would mean “not persuaded” or “do not agree” (納得できない) metaphorically.

Tsumugi (紡ぐ) – To spin, or make yarn. So in the lyrics I means to nurture love, develop love slowly and with care like you spin yarn.

Sei () – Energy, spirit, strength, semen. I didn’t know which to use in the song because @_@ Just keep in mind it can mean semen judging by the context. _(:3)∠)_

Track 01 – Drama I

[0:05] *Sighs* Thank god, you finally woke up. Ah, wait. It’s best if you don’t sit up just yet. Stay lay down on the bed for a while. When I say no, it means no. Listen to me at times like this. Okay? No, actually please just listen to me. I didn’t think you’d try to suicide by drowning…

[0:38] I was seriously surprised, that you disappeared. Why did you break our promise? You promised, that you’d not step foot into here, into Hiiragi Mansion, to that extent! Even though I’ve told you that monsters appear at this mansion so you should never come close to it so many times when we were young. Despite that…why?

[1:06] Did you think that if you were here, even I wouldn’t be able to find? You idiot!

[1:16] *Sigh* At any rate, I’m glad you’re conscious. Because of the situation I…well, I took the liberty of changing your clothes…Are you cold?


[1:36] Sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t understand that you were suffering so much you wanted to die. If I was late in finding you…I wouldn’t even be able to hug you like this. When I think about that…

*Lets go*

[1:58] Do you hurt anywhere? How do you feel? You look…not that great just yet…Hm? What’s wrong? Why are you looking me like that? Do you have something you want to eat? Ah, that expression doesn’t seem to say that you’re hungry. Hmm…what is it?

[2:28] What? What did you just say…? You…you don’t know who I am? You’re kidding right? C’mon, remember! We were together just this morning. Not only this morning. We’ve been together ever since you were young. The whole time. That’s the expression of unable to recall…It’s because you came to this mansion…No.


[3:13] Don’t screw with me. What are you doing just forgetting like that? Remember, remember for me. I had you make dinner for me last week. Did you forget that too? You promised that it’d be my favourite plain omelettes next and…! …Hey…

[3:36] It’s no good. I see. I see, I get it. You don’t know what to do right? Being hugged by a guy you don’t know and told to remember. The one who’s most confused is you. It’s no good if I’m like this. Yeah. I’m sorry.

*Lets go*

[4:08] Well, um…I’m Itsuki. I’m your childhood friend. Even if you’ve forgotten me, I’ve never forgotten you. Not even for a split second.

*Touches your cheek*

[4:27] I’ve always wanted to touch your cheeks like this. Are you surprised? They’re cold as if I’m dead right, my hands? Why? Right, that’s right. You don’t remember this either even though I’ve told you countless times. They became cold because you weren’t nice to me at all. *Chuckles* Idiot, of course it’s a lie. I am…yeah. Because I’m not… I’m…not a human.

[5:18] It’d be great if this form of me was a lie…I’m sorry. Even though I’m touching you like this, I’ve never been able to feel your warmth even once. The ‘monster’ I’ve always told you about are…the shinigami called SEVENTH HEAVEN who have the power to send people over with their singing voice…was me. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you until now, that I’ve deceived you until now. I’m really sorry.

[6:04] I want to save you. I want to laugh it off saying wanting to die is just a moment of confusion and when tomorrow comes, it’ll be back to normal. …But…I can grant any other wish of yours but this is the only thing I can’t. To step into this mansion means just that.


[6:36] Idiot. Why did you come here? If you were suffering so much to the point you wanted to die, why? Why didn’t you tell me? Just that one act…! Why? …The night… of the next full moon…You’ll…! By my power, by my song, without any pain…to that world… Sorry. I’m sorry. Let me stay like this for a while.

*Crow caws*

Track 02 – Drama II

*Birds tweet*

[0:04] Hey, I was looking for you. This secret place, do you like it? If you do, I can show you around. Here, your hand please. *Smiles* Nothing good will come out of looking down. I’ll be doing what I usually do, just like this. Okay? Come on, your hand. What? Just let me escort you.

*Takes hand*

[0:39] Alright, then let us go, Princess.


[0:50] See, look at this rose. This is…what they call magenta? It’s vibrant. Ah, there’s the thing about the meaning of flowers right? Even if it’s the same rose, the colour, shape, placement changes the meaning. This flower means ‘I yearn for your love to the point of death’. *Smiles* Ah, but there are a lot of thorns so you shouldn-! Oi, and right after I just warned you… *Sighs*

*Walks to you*

[1:23] Here, let me take a look. *Sighs* You’re bleeding…Come on.

*Sucks the blood away*

[1:40] Disinfection complete. And now just in case…umm…

*Rustles through pockets*

[1:48] Here, a bandaid.

*Puts it on for you*

[1:56] It’ll be fine now. You’re kind of careless. Well, that’s where I come in though. Hm? Why are you apologising? “I cause you trouble”? You don’t get it all do you? I’m happy being troubled by you. Do don’t make such a face. Well, it’s cute so I’d stare. Ah! No, it’s nothing!

[2:35] What is it? You look like you want to say something. Try saying it. Oh. Why is a shinigami like me your childhood friend? *Chuckles* What? Do you really want to know? It’s not really an interesting story or anything. You’re serious? Hm… *Sighs* I get it. I’ll tell you. But where should I start? Hmmm…alright!

[3:18] Before I met you…yeah back then I was bored of anything and everything. Sick of people dying, of taking souls, of being here. When I think of just repeating that forever everything is entirely boring. At that time, I was told by Kanade, someone like the master of SEVENTH HEAVEN that close by there is an especially pure soul. And that that person would one day choose death for themselves and come to Hiiragi Mansion.

[4:00] It was kind of good news to me, who was bored. And I couldn’t wait until that soul would come. I couldn’t so I went to take a look myself. I met you there for the first time. You were a baby who still couldn’t speak but I could tell immediately that you were the one Kanade was talking about. Even though only those close to death can see shinigami…You pointed at me and smiled. You probably thought I’d play with you.

[4:47] Then I asked Kanade for a favour. “Let me send that soul over when the time comes. Until then, even if it is temporary, I want to live as a human by her side.” It wasn’t easy persuading Kanade. I was played around with just to get butter him up. Like, thoroughly. *Sighs* Just recalling it makes me depressed.

[5:23] Anyhow, I moved to your neighbourhood and appeared in front of you as Boy A of the same age. I lived as your childhood friend from there on. Of course, if you came to Hiiragi Mansion, I intended to send your soul over, just as I had promised Kanade. Every time you were down about something, or every time you cried, I asked myself “is it now? Is it time?”

[5:57] But…*Sighs* I wonder why? When I realised, all I thought about was how to make you stop crying. The cry baby you were disappeared as you grew up and this time, you started to smile forcefully. I thought stuff like “you can cry in front of just me”. I was constantly warned by a member of SEVENTH HEAVEN called Mint. To not get in too deep. *Sighs* Well, as a shinigami it’s sound logic.

[6:43] …But…it was too late. At that time, being by your side was something taken for granted. I didn’t want to see your soul hurt. I wanted to be by your side more than anyone else when you smiled or were in pain. In the end, all I thought about was how to stop you from coming to Hiiragi Mansion and stop you from choosing death.

[7:21] You are human. As long as you are human, you will one day die for sure. But you can’t end your life yourself. It doesn’t matter how other humans die. They can die however they want. But you…only you…I wanted you to be happier than anyone, to grant your wishes, to live without regrets…

[7:53] Well, that’s about it. I knew there’d be a time I’d have to tell you everything. But I couldn’t say it. Rather than knowing what you’re better off not knowing and suffering because of that…And also… in front of you, I wanted to stay a normal guy.

[8:25] Well then! That’s the end of that talk. Oh right, do you want to have tea in the salon after? I’m pretty good at brewing tea. Up until now, I haven’t done anything like that, right? Ah, no. I’ve never done it before.


[8:48] Let’s go! …Ah.

*Walks back*

[8:54] Could it be that in this situation, it’d be better if I carried you like a princess or something and take you there instead? Like a prince? Hmm…I got refused. *Chuckles* What a shame. Ah~ah! It’s really a shame. …And also…Did you remember anything…from the talk just now? About you and me? “Nothing at all”, huh? Well, it can’t be helped. Yup.

Track 03 – Drama III

*Runs to you*

[0:05] Oi, look! It’s the limited K-Kuma-chan doll! It’s the one that was so popular only the game centre in the next city had it. Isn’t it great? You wanted this didn’t you? *Laughs cheekily* At first I really didn’t know what was so good about this bear but after looking at it at the game centre for hours I kind of get it now. Yup. When I finally got it, even the employee gave me an ovation of applause. The whole centre was moved. See, it’s great isn’t it? *Laughs* Well, if you say you want it no matter what, …I don’t mind giving it to you. Well more like…here, I’ll give it to you.

[1:04] Huh? “Is it alright?” Of course it is! Who do you think I got it for…? *Clears throat* Hey, could it be that you’ve forgotten what today is? It’s your birthday today, right? Hah. You look like as if you forgot it. Well, that just makes it more worth celebrating. And as you can see I remembered it clearly.

*Message tone rings*

[1:44] Hm? What’s with that message tone? It’s different from mine! Who is it? Could it be a guy? A potential boyfriend? Oh, what, it’s not? But who is it? Friend? A girl? Hmm…hmm…And so? In the end do you have anything after this? Wait, no matter what I take priority. From one year ago, no actually from ages ago, we promised to spend birthdays together. The childhood friend code number one is that! Hmph. Alright. Just in case nod one more time. Hm, good good.

*Clears throats, inhales and exhales*

[2:48] By the way…when…when will you have a boyfriend? Hey. Okay, listen up. At this rate you’ll end up spending your birthday with me. Is that fine with you? Well~ I’m really such a good-natured person, or great childhood friend or something…Well, umm, from a childhood friend’s perspective, you’re not that bad of a woman. *Smiles* So, shall I make you my girlfriend?

[3:39] Oi, what are you so surprised about? Did you not think about things like that at all? *Sighs* Who the heck would celebrate a girl’s birthday if they’re not interested? Geez, you’re way too dense.

[4:00] Hey…do you…hate me? Not as a childhood friend. Not like that…You are really important to me. You’re precious. Well, how do you say this… I like you, as a girl. I have always…always liked you. Probably more…than you thought. Hey, to you now, am I still like before just a childhood friend to you? Can I not become special? *Smiles* I’ll wait until tonight for your reply so…


*Clock ticks and chimes*

[5:17] Ah. You woke up. Morning~ You slept well on the sofa so I just let you stay there and I stared. The whole time. W-why are you looking back at me? S-stop, stop.  So, what is it? What happened? You dreamt of me? Hmmm…you say something quite pleasing. What kind of dream was it? Let me hear.

[6:06] H-hmmm…I see. Your birthday huh? *Laughs awkwardly* For a dream, it’s quite a real…Aaaaahhhh, geez! Of all things to remember, why do you remember that?! Ahhh…! Idiot, let me act cool for a bit. Ah, geez! It’s not a dream! It really happened! Ahhh….ahhhhh! Hm. Yes, well it can’t be helped. So? That dream’s…continuation, you can’t remember it?

 [7:07] *Sighs* Idiot. I haven’t heard your reply yet. You told me you wanted a bit more time and if you wanted time I’d wait. I wait however long you wanted me to. But I honestly felt uneasy. I was worried if you were approached by other guys and about other stuff. Guys think about various things!

[7:34] Ah, I’m sorry. I’m troubled you. I’m sorry. But let me say just this. I don’t want to give you to any other guy. Not anyone else. That hasn’t changed even now. I don’t want to let you leave, to anywhere. So… you understand right? That I don’t want you to die in a place like this.

[8:17] As a shinigami, I’ve seen countless people pass onto the other world. But I really just don’t want you to be one of those people. I don’t want it to happen. Hey, can you tell me just once. Do you…do you in reality want to live on? Entrust everything that has caused you hurt to me. So, please say that you want to live. Thank god you nodded. I’m sorry for asking you something so painful. I know your feelings now. I’m glad…really.

[9:27] So, okay, listen well. If it’s the SEVENTH HEAVEN which is a special existence within the shinigami, we can save a soul, just once. By singing about the sacredness of life. That is singing while rejecting myself who governs over death. It’s nothing complicated. If I can save you then I don’t need meaning to my existence.

[10:11] I stole into Master’s…Kanade’s room. Hiiragi Mansion changes appearance from time to time. We especially can’t get close to Kanade’s room that easily. So it took a little time but I’m glad I made it in time. No matter what you say, I’m going to sing it. I’ve made up my mind. Hm? If I do such a thing then what’d happened to me? *Smiles* Geez, I can cry. You’re worried about me.

[11:08] Other than that, you have something else to be worried about right? Just think properly about yourself for now, okay? Well, it might just so happen that after I finish singing, all of this will disappear from your memories.

[11:30] Ah, wait, why do you look like you’re about to cry? Geez, if you forget about me then of course I’d make you remember even if you didn’t want to. If you really can’t remember then…well, I’d start from a self-introduction. Anyhow, as long as you live, it’ll work out. So smile. Yeah, you’re cute. Yes, cute.

Track 04 – Drama IV

*Footsteps and door opens*

[0:07] Hm? This is rare…for you to come up to the roof at sunset. Come here.

*Walks to him*

[0:20] So? What’s is it? Did you feel like getting some fresh air? I see. Then breathe deeply. Okay, breath in. *Breathes in* Breathe out. *Breathes out* Why am I the only one doing it? You’re a bad girl. For bad girls, it’s this!


[0:51] Tickle attack! *Laughs* Ah! You don’t have to run away for real! *Laughs* Ah, so funny. One more time! *Laughs* Ah! W-wait! Stop! Ah! How perverted. *Chuckles* You just felt my chest. You really felt it.

*Pulls you to him*

[1:19] Take responsibility and stay by me forever. I’ll make you happy.

[1:30] *Sighs* Now, look this way for a bit. Stay still. Hmm…You…you’re troubled by something aren’t you? Is it about the song? And so you thought it’d be better if you died and you came here. When your eyes look like that it’s a sign saying “leave me alone”. *Sighs* I thought so. Geez, I told you not to worry. Come on, come closer.

[2:29] If there’s something you want me to do then say it. Then your attention will be slightly diverted. If you say “nothing” I’ll sulk dramatically. *Chuckles* Hmm? “Hold me for a little while?” *Smiles* Okay. Of course I’d do it happily. More like, let me stay like this.

*Hugs you tighter*

[3:10] As I thought, it’s still strange. I hadn’t even thought that I’d be able to hug you in this mansion. At first, it was fine just talking with you. But gradually that wasn’t enough. If I hadn’t become greedy, it’d be easier. I couldn’t think of the consequences even though I wasn’t even human like you. *Chuckles softly* It’s really troublesome.

[3:47] Hm? Have I sung to other women? *Smiles* Yes I have. To send people over by the power of their song…that is the role of SEVENTH HEAVEN. *Smiles* What? Was that jealousy just now? Get more jealous. Sorry. But I kind of…really like that. When you make an expression line the one you just made to me…I feel relieved. I think that I’m wanted by you even a little.

[4:39] Have you come to hate me? But when I send people over, you have never left my mind. When I think that one day, you’ll become like that too…honestly it was quite tiresome. And why are you making a hurt expression? If you make such a face…it’s cute so I’ll eat you up.

[5:15] *Laughs* Idiot, I’m kidding. I won’t do anything you don’t like. Of course, if you say it’s okay I can make love to you here, right now. You won’t allow it right? Then come on. Smile. As if you intend to comfort me. *Chuckles* Yup, so cute. Can I eat you afterall? Can’t? Ah, as expected, you’re so hard to get~ *Smiles* Ahhhh~ Geez!

[6:03] Uhm, I’m going to go back to my room to sort out my mind. See you later!

*Opens and closes door*

Track 05 – Drama V

*Cuts food*

[0:05] Hm? Oh, what are you doing? Cooking? You’re making plain omelettes? Could it be for me or something? *Laughs* Eh? It’s really for me? Wait, seriously? Really? Ahh crap.

*Walks to hug you*

[0:30] I’m so happy. Ahhh, geez! Ah! I’m sorry for getting in your way. Um, what should I do? Ah, I won’t get in your way so can I watch you from here? I’ll be quiet and just sit. Go, go, and continue please.

*Smiles and hums while you cook*


[1:07] Ooh! It looks delicious! Hey, can I eat it? Not yet? All right! Then thanks for the food!

*Eats happily*

[1:20] Oh wow! Ah, so happy~! No, well I’m a shinigami so even if I eat I can’t taste it but how do I say this? The feelings? I’m so happy I can cry~ Thanks for the food! Thanks, I’m overjoyed. But why this all of a sudden? You wanted to thank me somehow? For the…song? You’re so polite. You’re so cute so let me pinch your cheeks. Ah geez, you’re looking down again. *Laughs* I’m enjoying this. When I’m with you why is it so…?

[2:21] Hm? “Is there anything else you want me to do?” *Chuckles* No, it’s enough already. You only need to be by my side. Ah but…hey…Ah, actually never mind. It’s nothing. I’ll give up on it. Now, I’ll clean up so go and take a rest in your room. Hm? That face tells me you’re not persuaded. Ah, even though I restrained myself! No, like I said…um…that is…Ah geez!

*Walks to you and pulls you close*

[3:25] Any time now, I want that something of yours. When I say something I mean…that is…just hugging you like this isn’t enough. I-It’s true that I can’t feel your warmth…but…no, that’s exactly why I want more of you. I…I won’t make you uneasy. I’ll treasure you forever. Is a shinigami not acceptable? A shinigami isn’t that bad. At least I won’t die before you. I can stay with you forever, and ever. I won’t leave any omelette leftovers.

[4:23] Hey, about me…what do you…I’m sorry. I think I’ll stop myself for now afterall. But have your answer ready. On the night of the full moon…tomorrow night, I’ll confess to you once more. Once you hear the toll of the clock tower’s bell, come to my room. Goodnight for real this time. I’ll see you later.

*Walks out of the kitchen*

Track 06 – Drama VI

*Bell tolls and you walk to his room*

*You knock and open the door*

[0:10] I’ve been waiting for you. Come in.

*Closes door*

[0:22] The full moon. It’s the first time I’ve viewed it with this type of emotion. What about you? What are you feeling now? You can’t look into my eyes anymore?

*Hugs you*

[0:46] It’s no good. I’m sorry. Even though I thought of what I could say when I saw you but it’s no good. I’m sorry. I shocked you didn’t I? Sorry. Become mine right now. If not, I won’t like it. That is all…

*Bell tolls*

[1:25] Your eyes…close them. I’m going to do it…Kiss you. I’ll really do it. *Kiss* I’m…already… I’ve always thought about it. “How would it feel if I could kiss you?” *Kiss* Why are you surprised? It’s fine right? Even I think about that kind of stuff composed. But I finally know…how it feels to kiss you. *Kiss* It feels really good. I want to do it multiple times. *Kiss*

[3:06]*Chuckles softly* You’re so shy, it’s cute. *Kiss* It’s okay, you can blush even more. I’ll keep watching you. You’re only mine. That’s right. You are now only mine. *Sighs* This is so nice, so blissful. Don’t look away. Come on, look at me.

*Tilts your head*

[3:57] I’m no longer your childhood friend. I’m not. *Kiss*

[4:20] I’m a guy and you are…that’s right, the cutest girl in the world. *Kiss* Hey, are you scared? What do you want done to you? Do you want to go over there? If you make such a face, I’ll take you there even if you say no.

*Carries you to the bed*

[5:12] When I touch your cheeks…like this with my fingers…and kiss your ears…how would you twist your body? *Kiss* What kind of sound will you make? *Kiss* I’ve always…always wanted to know. *Kiss* So let me hear it. It’s okay right? *Kiss*

[6:25] Hey, you still have something…you haven’t shown me right? Show me…your soul…all of it. *Kiss*

*Your soul is released*

[6:52] This is your…It’s so warm…What should I do? It’s warm…you’re warm. *Kiss* When I hold you like this, you really…you’re really a girl. I knew, I knew it but…more and better… *Kiss* Let me kiss you even more. *Kiss* *Sighs* It’s not enough at all…Hey, how much do you think I’ve restrained myself? *Kiss*

[8:50] Do you hate… being touched like this? Then I won’t do it. But… *Kiss* If you don’t hate it, I won’t stop. *Kiss* Show me more of your face. Come on, face me properly. Hey… Hmm…As I thought, your expression doesn’t say no. *Chuckles* *Kiss*

[9:55] Hmm…This is troublesome…I can’t stop. *Kiss* Your body is getting hotter…You’re also feeling me. *Chuckles* I see. *Kiss* But I’ll make you even hotter. *Kiss*

[11:10] I…really can’t hold back anymore…I’m also hot. What is this…it’s irresistible. *Kiss* This is dangerous…I can’t…*Kiss*

[11:49] If I break you…if I make you into a mess, how will that turn out? *Kiss*

[12:15] Will you cry? Hey, with what expression? Hm? *Kiss*

[12:45] Sorry, I’m sorry. It’s fine. I won’t say anything like that again. Okay? Relax. *Kiss* I told you, you can’t make that face. It’s illegal. *Kiss*

[13:32] Just having you by my side…having you in my arms…I…feel like I could go crazy. *Kiss*

*Bell tolls*

[14:09] *Sighs* When you wake up, make sure you tell me your feelings. *Kiss* It’s a promise. *Chuckles* It’s alright. I’m holding your hand. I love you.

Track 07 – Reunion (Song)


甘い記憶(キヲク)に 砂糖を溶かしてね
そっと目を閉じ 抱き締め 愛を紡ぐ
「みんながきっと笑う そんなKISSをしよう」
そう おどけてたね

「……今 、叶えてやるよ…(チユ)」

ヒトツに混ざれば 渦巻いて逝く
誰にも渡さない ふたりのREUNION

深く挿入れれば 目覚めた想い
瞳の裏に滲む 黑い景色を忘却(わす)れ
今 結ばれたい


オマエの笑顏に 満たされて咲く
ひとしずくの精(せい) 注げば
夢見た世界に 広がる「奇跡」(キセキ)二人で創るよ

「痛むのか?…… (チユ)」
「手を握っててやる…… (チユ)」
「ずっと 、こうしていたい」

「オマエのすべてを見せてくれないか…… (チユ)」

ヒトツに混ざれば 渦巻いて逝く
誰にも渡さない ふたりのREUNION



Amai kioku ni satou wo tokashite ne
Sotto me wo toji dakishime ai wo tsumugu
“Minna ga kitto warau, sonna KISS wo shiyou”
Sou, odoketeta ne

Ima, kanaete yaru yo (*kiss*)

Hitotsu ni mazareba uzumaite iku
Hitorijime shitai JEALOUSY ga
Dare ni mo watasanai futari no REUNION
Ashita he tsunagu yo

Fukaku irereba mezameta omoi
Hitomi no ura ni nijimu kuroi keshiki wo wasure
Ima, musubaretai

Mou, gaman dekinai kara (*kiss*)

Omae no egao ni mitasarete saku
Hitoshizuku no sei sosogeba
Yume mita sekai ni hirogaru kiseki
Futari de tsukuru yo

Mou nido to hanarenna
Soba ni ite kure
Itamu no ka?… (*kiss*)
Me wo tojitero
Te wo nigittete yaru… (*kiss*)
…Kanarazu shiawase ni shite yaru kara
Zutto, koushite itai
Motto hiraite, misete
Yume miteita, kono toki wo (*kiss*)
Aishitai…motto…oku made
…Hazukashii no ka?
Kore ga hitotsu ni naru yorokobi dakara…

Omae no subete wo misete kurenaika… (*kiss*)

Hitotsu ni mazareba uzumaite iku
Hitorijime shitai JEALOUSY ga
Dare ni mo watasanai futari no REUNION
Ashita he tsunagu yo
Zutto issho ni…


English Translation

Melt sugar in our sweet memories
Close my eyes gently, hold you tight and spin our love out.
“Let us kiss in a way that everyone will surely laugh.”
That’s what I jested.

…I’ll grant your wish now… *kiss*

If we join into one, it’ll continue to swirl.
The jealousy that makes me want to monopolise you…
I won’t give it to anyone, our reunion
Links to tomorrow.

If I insert it in deeply, the feelings awakened
That which blur the back of your eyes, forget that black scenery
Right now, I want to join with you

I can no longer hold back *kiss*

With your smile, I am filled and bloom. If I fill you with a drop of energy
The miracle spread across the world that we dreamt of, let us create it together.

Don’t ever leave me again.
Stay by my side.
Does it hurt? …*kiss*
Keep your eyes closed.
I’ll hold onto your hand…*kiss*
…I’ll definitely make you happy.
I want to stay like this forever.
Open up more, let me see.
I dreamt of this, of this time *kiss*
I want to love you…more…deeper.
…Are you embarrassed?
This is the joy of becoming one.

Won’t you show everything of you? *kiss*

If we join into one, it’ll continue to swirl.
The jealousy that makes me want to monopolise you…
I won’t give it to anyone, our reunion
Links to tomorrow
We’ll be together forever…

Track 08 – Extra TrackLast Message

[0:10] Hey, wake up. Wake up. Now, let’s go home. Open your eyes. Hey…

[0:28] Why? Why…won’t you open your eyes?

[0:42] You said you’d tell me how you feel! I…killed you? Why? How?! Finally, I thought I could finally be with you! Whenever you disappear…every time I chase after you but I can…no longer…

*Crow caws*

[1:33] I see…Was it you, Kanade? You knew everything all along…everything. Hey. Say it. You’re probably watching from somewhere right?! What do you need to take from to be satisfied? Everything? That’s right. With this, it’s everything.

[2:08] Ahhh…I won’t forgive you. I won’t…I definitely won’t! I’m sick being manipulated by you! I’ll kill you…I’ll kill you and…! There’s nothing…no longer anything I can lose…!

*Crow caws*

[2:43] Ngggh…Wait…what is this…? Ahhhh…! What…is this? My memories…are being eaten…! Why? No. Just that I won’t allow! I won’t forget! Her name is… Ahhh…! Her…name…is…is….

Thoughts FEELS:

Every word of this CD was a stab in the heart. o┤*´Д`*├o アァー It was so sweet at first, I mean we got hope that maybe Itsuki could actually save you by singing a different song. That would end up doing something to existence but hey, you’d still be together with him. Track 3 gave you a piece of your memory back. That confession and that birthday…Then there’s your cooking oh and don’t forget track 6. Haha, this series is story-orientated but I guess Nao-nii is just so strong that he blows that out the window and we get our sexy track as usual. EXCEPT THAT TRACK IS IMPORTANT TO THE STORY TOO *SOBS* ヽ(´∀`。)ノ

So hey, we had hope. Oh but Hope? In Rejet? No. Rejet says no. Kanade fricken says no. Itsuki had nothing to lose. NOTHING now that he had killed you. He killed you, sent you over thinking you’d die a fake death and wake up. I dunno, maybe waking up as a shinigami would have been nice since you’d get to stay with Itsuki. Even if you lost all your memories at least you were still with him.

With you gone, what was left for him? Nothing. Nothing tangible and BLOODY KANADE FRICKEN GOES AND TAKES AWAY HIS MEMORY???!!! How cruel can this get?! It killed me knowing that all that hope of you waking up again, that little hope found in Kanade’s room was fake and that it was probably all his doing again.

WHY KANADE?! Why do you make us spend time with him only to lead us unknowingly into that bloody trap of yours? Is this a game? Is it all a game for you? Akira lost someone, Hinata lost someone but they still have their memories. Even though it’s painful, AT LEAST THEY CAN STILL RECALL THEIR LOVED ONE. And what? With Itsuki? He’s known the girl he loves for the longest out of everyone. Longer than Akira and Hinata and is more emotionally attached. He only had the memories of her to hang on to and Kanade destroys them.

I don’t know if it’s good or not. I REALLY DON’T. If Itsuki remembers, he’d be holding that guilt within him the whole time but he’d still remember her. Yet now that he’s forgotten, does that mean he’ll suffer less? Does it? Or is it going to be like some void in his heart as well? I FRIGGEN DON’T KNOW ANYMORE.

Kanade…release your bloody CD please.


21 thoughts on “極限のダミーヘッド官能ソングSEVENTH HEAVEN Vol. 3 イツキ Translation

  1. Reblogged this on cealhq and commented:
    I swear Itsuki is my NO 1 Seventh Heaven, give that sweet baby the longest hug ever and never let go ;-;

  2. In a twisted sense Itsuki won’t have to live with the guilt that he killed her and I’m assuming the reason why Kanade was being the grade A douche bag OTL is because itsuki might start something and end up killing him and also in a sense to spare him from the guilt? thoughidoubtkanadeisthatkind.

    • sldkfjaoeijf My logic is exactly that. Maybe Kanade doesn’t want any trouble that Itsuki will make because of losing you so he removes his memories to reduce suffering. It’s all speculation until his CD comes out haha

  3. The first time listening to this, I was crying a river and cursing Kanade and his crow… orz
    even though I know… Kanade must have his own reason for doing that to Itsuki…
    I’m afraid in Vol.7 I will cry a sea(?)… maybe Kanade is kind in his own ways? maybe he’s actually care about the others? who knows? orz
    Kanade… already trough a lot isn’t he? :”)
    I can’t hate him, even though he’s a REAALY bastard there…
    Seriously, this makes me more curious about Kanade… Q___Q

    hope you can finish Yuri translation soon… my FC on this series… my megane yandere do-S… >w> *slapped*

    • I’m conflicted about Kanade. He has his own CD so I don’t want to hate him so I make up excuses. Knowing Rejet, they’ll come up with a bunch of twists that’ll through us into another craze xD

      Ah, I’m working on Yuuri’s translation already ^^;; *I’ve finally gotten back into things _(:3」∠)_* Thanks for your patience ww

      • yeah, we all know that Rejet always give us so much surprise… _(:3」∠)_
        I hope this tear-jerking series will get second season… or something to give the shinigamis good ending… I want to hug them all… ;___;

        Ah, I wonder about the tokuten too~ what story will be told there? XDXD
        Will you translate the tokuten too later? owo *puppy eyes*

        I will always waiting for your translation~ :3
        so glad that you back to translate this series… :”3
        good luck with your other projects too~! (9OwO)9

      • Ahh, the tokuten. Well I’d love to translate them except I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get my hands on them ^^;; Especially the short story booklet from Stellaworth

        Thank you for always reading my translations! >w<

  4. Omg dear i’ve suffered a lot with Itsuki ;A; without a full translations and now with yours… my pain is getting worst!!! It’s very very sad, why does he lost our memories together?! i still don’t wanna maka a judge for Kanade but i have a lot of questions about his acts!
    Nao nii, he’s the sexiest guy I’ve ever listened, I love him so bad XD

    Thank you for your hard work. I hope you continue translating the next volumes, I’m already waiting for a Shion translation too!

    • Throughout the CD this was me → щ(゚Д゚щ) Hahaha………….. Knowing from the start we’ll die, but having the hope of living on only to have that stripped away left me raw and sore ww Not that Nao-nii made it any better with his sexy and passionate acting. _(:3」∠)_

      As for Kanade…he’s all mystery 0w0 Hurry up and release his CD please!! (≧艸≦)

      I’ve started Yuur’s CD translations so Shion’s isn’t too far off. Though, I believe there are translations for Shions already on Tumblr?

      • Yes there is a Shion translation on tumblr but i love yours very much! So I’m really excited now that you’re translating again 😀 thanks a lot for your wonderful work!!!!

  5. Thank you for this translation!!!
    First I want to thank you because I know this wonderful CD from your blog :D. Since got very angry to Yui in Shuu’s CD I stopped listening to Rejet’s CD andhave no intention listening to Seventh Heaven UNTIL I read Akira’s translation and know that this is a tear-jerker CD that will send us to land of despair and tears instead of nose-bleeding hell :D.

    Listening to first tracks, at first I’m shocked “what? so this cd will get happy ending?!” then proceed to the last track, and…… T_T, seriously, I really hope that Kanade CD will come soon so (maybe) I can laugh over his sadness and take revenge for my baby Itsuki.

    Anyway, good job! I’ve translated several drama cd’s before so I know it is hard job, and sorry if I rambling too much.

    • Oh! Thank you for reading my translations haha And I’m really sorry this took so long to release ksjdfhaosfji (But I’m glad a fellow fan-translator like you understand the pain we have to go through haha)

      I’m also happy that because of my translations, you were able to listen to Rejet dramaCDs again QwQ It really would have been a pity if you missed this series.

      Kanade’s CD…I’m expecting it to hurt the most haha And no no, don’t worry =DD I like rambling >w<

  6. Amazing ♥_♥ I have a question!!!! When are you going to upload the vol.4??? I am so anxious, I am couting the hours for this!! Your translations are incredible they have everything the song, extra and the time, other pages dont have that extraordinary work!!! Thanks for this, really 🙂 LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! And the others cd dramas also jajaja I am wating to hear kanade’s story jajaja I hope he suffer a lot >w< , because he's Ice King and make his "brothers" suffer a lot, mostly to Itsuky !!!!!!!!!! I hate him a little jajaja att: Lu ♥

    • Haha, I’m halfway through vol. 4 right now so you might have to wait until next Monday or Tuesday since I’m busy this weekend ^^;;

      Thank you so much!! I hope my translations make you enjoy the series even more. sjfhdjwnd

  7. Oooo~h, an update. o3o Welcome back!!

    Aaahh, you always do such a nice job translating the song lyrics, and of course, translating the CDs and sharing the sadness with everyone. Ahah, I feel like everyone forgot about this series after Itsuki’s CD. ;n; Well, now that you’re back I’m sure they’ll get more attention. >u<

    It seems like the CDs are setting you up to hate Kanade and them his is going to be the most tragically depressing one. (It's also the one I'm looking forward to the most!!)


      Haha with the lyrics I tend to try to keep the line by line structures but I’ve seen some that do the overall meaning w Thank you for reading them though qjfjkajDd

      QwQ I bring back the suffering with me haha Make you hope and remember the despair called Itsuki ww

  8. When I saw this on your blog I literally screamed LOL Welcome back~ \(^o^)/ *throws confetti*
    Thank you so much for the translations!!! I would have never listened to Seventh Heaven without them!! >//<

  9. Oh my! This CD was so cruel! Poor Itsuki =( I can’t believe this Kanade guy! And track 6 was so sexy! Thank you so very much for your translations! ❤ Can't wait for the rest of the series!

  10. Listening to this again, I wonder if I’m the only one thinking Itsuki may be going through a loop of being bored as a shinigami, but then getting interested in a (new) human girl only to lose her and forget her. After all, if Kanade erases his memory at the end, who’s to say he isn’t reliving that he’ll every time? ;;_;;

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