極限のダミーヘッド官能ソングSEVENTH HEAVEN Vol. 4 ユーリ Translation

ユーリジャケットTitle: Kyokugen no Dummy Head Kannou Song SEVENTH HEAVEN Vol. 4 YUURI

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ユーリ(Yuuri) ー 近藤隆 (Kondou Takashi)

Thank you to Mitsu for the lyric transcriptions!!


Hoping to die, you arrive at Hiiragi Mansion with the intention of going up in flames with it. Someone steps in and takes the lighter off you but he does not tell you to live. Instead he offers you to send you over himself in pleasure instead of pain. He introduces himself as Yuuri of SEVENTH HEAVEN, one of the special shinigami who have the power to send people off with the power of their voice. He promises to do anything within his power for your sake.

Unable to send you off that same night, you spend the next month in Hiiragi Mansion with Yuuri. The two of you enjoy the gallery within the mansion and Yuuri even paints a portrait of you. One night during a thunderstorm, you visit his room only to discover something new about him.


Translation Notes/Ramblings:

About his name, I think the official spelling is Yuri on the site but forgive me if I want to keep the 5-6 character pattern with the English translations of their names. Of course I can change it to Yūri but skdjfaoseifj _(:3)∠)_ ごめんなさい If it annoys you please comment and I’ll change it if a majority of people want it done.

Kaigaishii (甲斐甲斐しい) – Means gallant, heroic but also reliable. Yuuri could mean that he’s brave enough to still look after you after you pushed him away or he’s reliable enough to keep looking after you despite everything. 0_0

Track 01 – Drama I

*Crickets chirp and the lighter lights*

[0:08] Please wait. What is that you have in your hand? Could it be that you intend to burn this mansion along with you, and die? I see. As I thought. I will be taking custody of this.

*Takes lighter off you*

[0:31] If I let the mansion burn I would have been scolded by Master. He’s already frightening if even a scratch is made. *Sighs* At any rate, for you to think of dying here, you must have experienced a considerable amount of pain.

*Walks closer*

[0:51] The depths of your eyes are filled with sadness. Just by being like this, it is conveyed. It was painful wasn’t it? There there. Now, show me your face more clearly. *Chuckles* I see. *Sighs* You are really fine. *Chuckles* Ah, please do not cast your eyes down. I cannot permit you to light the mansion. However, I can suggest you another way of dying, okay? Hm? You hadn’t thought you’d be told something like that? *Chuckles* It’s okay, it is really simple. I will kill you for you.

[1:55] *Laughs* It seems I have bewildered you slightly. Listen here, there are still many things in the world that will perplex you. I will especially tell you a bit more about those things because you are so adorable. *Chuckles*

[2:21] I shall formally introduce myself. I am Yuuri. Ahh, perhaps it is better to introduce myself like this instead. I am…that’s right, a shinigami. I am given the same appearance as humans and am able to communicate through words like this, yet you and I are not the same species of living beings. Living…beings might be slightly wrong. I cannot feel the warmth of fire like you do. I don’t have taste. I have nothing at all. I cannot even die by my own will. However I believe I have the wish of not seeing ladies like you, who have a pure soul, suffer. *Chuckles*

[3:28] Within the shinigami, there is an existence called SEVENTH HEAVEN. They have the power to remove the pain of death from people as they die and can bestow them pleasure by their singing voices. In other words, as long as you have their singing voices, you’ll be able to pass over to that world in bliss. And, I believe you already understand. That’s right, I am also a member of SEVENTH HEAVEN. *Chuckles*

[4:02] Well then, you, who have seen a shinigami, are already have a fate of dying. No matter how you struggle, you cannot change this destiny. Definitely. You now can only have a peaceful death by accepting my powers. *Laughs* In the case you try to die forcefully, that soul of yours will forever wander in this world. As a pitiful existence that is not permitted to pass over into the other world. However, having met you here must be some kind of chance. As long as you wish, I am willing to send your soul to the other world. Along with pleasure. You would prefer that, no? *Chuckles*

[5:12] However I cannot do it immediately. There is one problem. There, please look at the sky. The fog is obstructing the full moon right? It seems that a strange power is at work and the gate to that world has been closed. Even though we are SEVENTH HEAVEN, we are not almighty. In order to send you over, we must wait for the next full moon. That’s right, in this mansion, together with me.

[5:53] *Chuckles* Here you have two choices. One, pretend that everything said was that of a strange man’s imagination and become a pitiful soul. Two, believe in and follow me. Now, your decision please? Of course, I recommend two. What will you do? If you decide to come with me, please, even just slightly, smile.

[6:34] *Chuckles* As I expected, your smile is most adorable. I will do anything, if it’s for your sake. If it’s something I can do, then I will do anything. I don’t want anything in return. Now, shall we go? I’ll lead you to the mansion. Ah. That’s right. I completely forgot about this. Welcome to Hiiragi Mansion.

Track 02 – Drama II

*Clock ticks*

[0:08] Hm? Ahh, my apologies. You were looking so intently at the sculptures so I just missed my chance of greeting you.


[0:22] Have you gotten used to living in the mansion? It seems you are most interested in this long gallery. If you go in further, there are many other things. Not only are there sculptures but paintings and jewels as well. *Smiles* You are free to wander around the mansion. If you are fine with it, may I join you? *Chuckles* Thank you very much. Well then, I’ll accept your offer and walk next to you.

[1:02] This sculpture is that of a woman with wings but as you can see, she has no arms. When it was created, she had arms but she has lost them now. However, it is most certainly not a lacking creation. Rather it is because she has lost her arms that the value of this sculpture increases.

[1:27] “What was this woman trying to do with those arms she has lost?” She may have been trying to brush up her beautiful hair or she may have been holding hands with a child. If not then… *Chuckles* There is not a person anywhere that knows the answer which is why there is no limit to the fantasies stirred up. What do you think? Here, take a good look and think.

[2:07] You look beautiful when you’re in deep thought. Hm? *Chuckles* I wasn’t talking about the sculpture but you. You are not only adorable but also beautiful, to the point where it is regretful I cannot see into your mind so know what are you running your thoughts over.

[2:30] *Laughs* If I say such a thing, will I be kept at a distance as a shinigami that says things that sets your teeth on edge? However, these are my true feelings and to not convey them is somewhat a pity. Oh, that’s right. I’ve just thought of something good. If possible I’d like to ask something of the adorable and beautiful you.



[3:08] You must not do that. Please stay still. If the model moves I cannot draw a picture. Well, no matter how well I say I draw, it is only the skill of experience. It’d be quite embarrassed to be compared to the ones hung in the gallery but with you as the model, I feel that it will become a fine creation. Now, please look towards me. That’s right, like that. The eyes are the parts that tell stories to an alarming extent. It is the most important part. That’s why please look this way properly.

[3:55] *Chuckles* *Sighs* As expected, your eyes are gorgeous. They are very straight forward. When I imagine who made you suffer so much to force you to choose death, my chest tightens. But as long as you are with me like this, you won’t ever be in pain again. Okay?

[4:33] *Sighs* Now, let’s leave it here for today. You can relax now.

*Walks and pours tea*

[4:48] Did I make you tired? Here, please have some black tea. I brewed my favourite tea. It smells lovely doesn’t it? I hope you enjoy it too. *Chuckles* Now, I’ll have a break of my own as well.

*Sits down and sighs*

[5:22] May I put my arm around your shoulder like a lover? *Laughs* I am joking. Ah, that’s right. About that sculpture we saw in the gallery…if the thing the woman was holding was a knife…what would you think? And the one being pierced by that knife was…let’s see…the love that won’t come true. That’s right. That woman wanted to make the man she was madly in love with, her own. And then…

[6:07] Ah, did I scare you? My apologies. *Chuckles* But if it were me, I would not scar my loved on with a knife. I would want them to stay forever by my side beautifully in the form I fell in love with. Yes, if possible I want to become one, without even a gap, with that soul. I’m only joking.

*Thunder rumbles and rain falls*

[6:46] Hn? It seems it is raining outside. Is there going to be a storm tonight? Can you sleep alone? *Laughs* I’m sorry, I’m treating you a little too much like a child. Ahh, but promise me just one thing. When the clock chimes midnight, please sleep properly. You must not walk around. Do you understand?

[7:25]Yes, good girl. You haven’t been able to sleep lately, have you? I can tell just by looking at you. It might be unreasonable to tell you to sleep well but lately, you haven’t seem to be eating well either. I am worried about your health, even though I am only by your side until the night of the full moon. If you cannot sleep…*Chuckles* I can pat and comfort you all night if you want. *Chuckles* What do you want done to you? I see. If you’re fine by yourself, then that’s okay. Ahh, I’ll be here for a little while longer to enjoy this black tea. Good night. Sweet dreams.

Track 03 – Drama III

*The clock chimes midnight as the rain falls heavily outside. Thunder rumbles, lightning strikes and breaks the window in your room. The wind howls and crow caws outside. You run out of your room, knock and enter Yuuri’s*

[0:26] Hm?

*Tools scratch*

[0:26] Who is it? Mint? It’s rare for you to visit me at this time. What do you need?


[0:44] Ah, it’s you. Ah, wait. Please don’t turn on the lights. *Sighs* So? What is wrong? If my hearing didn’t deceive me, the toll of midnight has chimed. Hm? Ah, your window was broken by the lightning. I see, that’s why…

[1:20] It was Kanade, huh. That’s unfortunate. There are many spare rooms so please use which ever you like. I would take you to your room but…I’m sorry but I’m a little… Yes that’ right. I’m not feeling well. Now, please go. Quickly.

[1:52] Hm? You’re worried about me? *Chuckles* I’m surprised. You’re a human yet you are worried about a shinigami. As I thought, you are a kind person. In reality people like you should live on… and be happy. Anyhow, there is no need for you to worry. I am fine. So please, leave the room. Even so you are still worried? *Laughs* You really have a pure heart.

*Thunder rumbles and lightning strikes* 

[2:45] Ah. What a pity. *Sighs* You saw it with the lightning just then, didn’t you? The things strewn around this room. They aren’t flower petals. Hm? *Laughs* Please take a close look. They are feathers. Birds’ feathers. They are the pieces of tens and hundreds of lives that I plucked.

*Lightning strikes*

[3:33] That’s why…That’s why I told you to sleep. Even though I told you kindly…I even lied about feeling unwell so that you won’t be frightened.

*Pushes you down*

[3:55] *Chuckles* You didn’t even think that you’d be pushed down onto the bed like this, did you? I had no intention of being rough with you at all. For a bad girl who’s broken their promise, I must punish her. *Kiss* Hm? To close your eyes…Are you scared?

[4:27] Is it the first time you’ve been treated roughly? So? How much are you willing to show me? *Laughs* That expression! Are you frightened…or could you be delighted? *Chuckles* Did you think that I wouldn’t be able to see because it’s dark? Unfortunately, shinigami have much better vision than humans. *Kiss*

[5:07] From what face you’re making to how fast your heart is beating…I know. Did you think you could hide it? *Chuckles* Isn’t it good that another one of the things you didn’t know about has decreased. *Kiss*

[5:32] *Sighs* To have you frightened of me…can you tell that it feels good? You, who have a pure soul probably don’t understand. *Kiss*

*Pushes him away*

[5:48] *Grunts* To push me away…how mean. I thought you were a nice person. What pity. Honestly, I’m not pleased. Please leave here at once. Now, hurry up.

*Runs out of the room*

[6:15] Tch. *Sighs*


Track 04 – Drama IV

*Clock ticks and door is knocked*

[0:07] It’s me. I brought you your meal.

*Opens and closes door*

[0:14] Please at least answer me. Really.

*Puts meal down*

[0:20]  And so? How do you feel? You don’t look well yet. You’re not sleeping well are you? That’s no good. *Sigh* You won’t even look me in the eye. Hmph. However, no matter what attitude you take, it is my job to look after you until the night of the full moon. Really, I am such a reliable being.

[1:00] *Sighs* It can’t be helped. Now, open your mouth. I’ll feed you the soup. Oh my, how stubborn. Ah, would mouth to mouth have been better? *Chuckles* I see. Open your mouth. Please drink it all. If you spit it out and waste it…whether it be table or floor, I’ll make you lick it. You don’t want to do that do you? *Smiles* There you go. You’ve drunk a mouthful. Good girl, good girl.

*Cutlery clinks*

[1:55] Now please feed yourself the rest. There’s no way you can’t do it right? *Chuckles* You can do it if you try. *Chuckles* Listen to me without stopping. Let me tell you this, you’re not the only one who is angry. Well, you’re probably just frightened. At that time, even I was angry. I told you not to wander around but you broke our promise. Well, I have an idea of who broke your window though…

[2:45] *Sighs* That’s right. That night, I took it out on a sinless bird to comfort myself. Why? Even if I explain my reason, I’m sure humans won’t be able to understand. It is a waste to even talk about it. No. Even so, do you still want to know?

[3:20] *Laughs* You…If you are that optimistic, couldn’t you have gone one without dying? Well, there’s no use talking about it now. Anyhow, what I don’t want to do I won’t. You’ll just end up being scared of me anyway. “I won’t know if I’m not told?” *Sneers* I already know….That even if you’re not, humans are just narrow-minded living beings.

[3:55] What is it? That dissatisfied expression. Are you saying that I’m wrong? Tch. I get it. Fine, I will tell you. I’ll let you regret. Are you ready? Even if you say no, it won’t do anything. Even if you block your ears, I’ll have you listen.

[4:25] *Sighs* If I didn’t take my mind off by doing that, I wouldn’t have been able to suppress my urges. No matter how I pretend to be kind, in the end shinigami cannot be helped but to be obsessed with death. We can’t fight it. We aren’t able to escape from it. It’s like as if we’re monsters. That’s why from time to time, I satisfy myself by killing something weak. When I am satisfied, it feels good. It becomes addictive; to the point I feel I’d go crazy.

[5:05] That’s right, even now, I feel like as if a very special dessert has been left in front of me. Ever since I was drawing…ever since then…I wanted to make you mine so badly. Right now your soul is like a ripe fruit. If I can, I want to do it right now…! Oh? That’s strange. Why are you not afraid? You can just scream and cry out loud as much as you want.

[5:52] Aren’t you going to run away? Or are you just being stubborn? No matter which it is, you aren’t running away from me. This makes me look like as if I’m the one who is the coward here. Human are…no, more like you are interesting. Extremely fascinating.

[6:24] Hmmm…Somehow, I feel like I want to know more about you now. Just by painting your picture will definitely not appease this feeling. So through your own words, would you tell me more about yourself? Your favourite book, favourite colour, favourite sound, favourite phrase, from when you wake up until you sleep and who was the one to make you feel miserable as well… Your pain and suffering, tell me all of it. I don’t mind even if it means to carry your suffering as well. I told you when we first met, right? For your sake, nothing is a waste.

Track 05 – Drama V

*Thunder rumbles*

[0:05] Oh, you are still awake? You’re up quite late tonight. Ah, did I startle you with the fact I’m soaked? I went out for a bit after drawing your portrait. *Smiles* It’s alright, shinigami don’t catch colds or the like. Thank you for your concern. However…ahh, if I stay soaked, I cannot hug you. *Chuckles* Now, let’s go back to the room. It’d be awful if you ended up catching a cold. Hm? What is it? You seem like you want to say something.

[0:53] Ahh…this blood…hmm. My sleeve was dirtied quite a bit. But it is not something you need to worry about. Even if shinigami get hurt, we don’t die. Besides, it isn’t even my blood. Now, let’s go. You’ll really end up catching a cold. Ahh, or would you prefer drinking something like warm milk in the salon? I’m also a little tired.

*Thunder rumbles*

[1:32] What was I doing outside? Are you that curious about this blood? If you are then there’s no helping it. If possible I would have liked to talk a little more teasing you with it but you are unexpectedly impatient aren’t you? However, if that is your wish I’ll comply with it.

[1:58] But where should I start from? There are so many parts worth listening to. How the human who hurt you cried, how they tried to escape…Ah but I guess first thing you’d like to hear about it what their agony in death sounded like.

[2:24] Shinigami are not permitted to show themselves to people who do not have a fate of death. I’ll probably be severely hurt by Kanade later but if it’s for your sake…That’s because I can’t forgive them, can I? For the sinful person who hurt my loved one to be living everyday life carefree…

[2:49] For that type of person to have dreams and hopes…I cannot forgive them. I won’t forgive them…everyone who has hurt you. *Laughs* Just remembering it makes me laugh aloud. They clung at my feet and unsightly begged for their life! *Laughs* It was so pleasing I couldn’t bear it. Are you so happy that you can even speak?

[3:25] Why won’t you say anything? Do you feel unwell? Ahh, could it be that you didn’t like how I killed them? That’s true. There’s no way your anger and hate will dissipate with just this. Hm? “That’s not true”? “I want to be alone for a while”? Why? Do you feel unwell anywhere? It’s not that? Ah…!

*Chases after you*

[4:08] Hey. I just thought of this. How about you take someone precious with you to the other world so that you won’t be alone? Yes, that would be good! Right? I don’t realise things like these so you are angry, right? The night of the full moon is close. You have to decide on someone quickly.

*Runs away*

[4:32] For these things, arrangements are important. Who would be good? I’ll immediately bring someone to you. A friend? Family? Or perhaps…


*Clock ticks and door is knocked*

[5:02] Excuse me…? Excuse me…I’m sorry. Even through a door, I can tell. That you are there awake. Even so, you won’t unlock the door for me will you? You won’t even answer me. If I made you angry, I’ll apologise. I did what I wanted without considering your feelings. But please believe even just this. I had no intention of making you sad. So please, calm down and listen to me. And also, even if it’s just a little, please show me your smile.

[5:53] Does this mean you won’t accept me? I see. But that would be troubling because the full moon is close. At this rate we’ll…It’s true that the blame is on me but even you are as well! I only want to talk a bit but…

*Thunder rumbles*

[6:22] Do you want to escape from me?


[6:27] It’s okay, we’ll soon understand each other. So please, open the door.


[6:37] Now, open up.


[6:41] Open up.

*Bangs door*

[6:44] Open the door!! Even though if you run away from me, run away from this mansion your soul will continue to wander…! Is that better off for you now? Please answer me.


[7:10] I’m just joking…I have the key here.

*Keys jangle*

[7:16] I always have it on me. Especially the key to this room.

*Unlocks door, enters and closes the door*

[7:28] *Sighs* What’s wrong? Why are you sitting on the floor? Ahh, I see. You’re scared of me aren’t you? Of course you would be. I am extremely angry right now. No, I did not want to frighten you so I’ll stop being angry.

*Walks to you*

[7:59] See? It’s alright now. I’m no longer angry. But please tell me this. What didn’t you like? Why won’t you say anything? Why do you look at me with those eyes? Why? How come? Why? I don’t understand. It was all for your sake. I said that I’d do anything for your sake, right? Only I can do anything for you yet…*Laughs* Ahh…I see. You still don’t understand do you? That’s why you’re surprised.


[8:53] If I hug you like this do my feelings get conveyed to you? You still don’t know? I like you. I like you so much. Ever since you said you’d stay at the mansion, when we looked at the sculptures together, when you said you’d let me draw you and even after you saw the bird in my room. So many times, many, many times…you accepted me. Every time you did I was so happy to the point I trembled. Hey, close your eyes.

*Pushes him away*

[9:50] *Grunts* Why do you keep yourself away from me? It’s only normal for two people who love each other to kiss, right? Yet why do you reject me? Reject…? No, that’s not possible. For you to reject me…that’s not possible. You accept me, and always laugh adorably…Yes, that’s how it was yet…

*Pushes you down*

[10:25] So, okay? Let’s become one right now. *Kiss* *Laughs* You look like you want to escape even now. No, I won’t let you escape. *Kiss* It’s fine, you’ll soon be unable to make such an expression.

[11:07] *Chuckles* You cannot escape. No, you won’t want to escape. *Kiss* Yes, you’ve become really quiet now. *Laughs* *Sighs* You look like you don’t know why you can’t put up a fight. Rather you’ll quickly want more of me. I wonder why? *Laughs* You don’t know? You still don’t know at all, right? *Laughs*

[11:45] I gave you a little medicine, bit by bit. Since when did I do that? I wonder…since when? *Laughs* I made you take it didn’t I? The tea, the soup…every little thing…How was the secret seasoning? And also…of course, even in this kiss. *Kiss* *Chuckles* *Kiss*

[12:37] You were always made to dance on the palm of my hands. It’s your miss for letting your guard down around a shinigami. To understand each other is just naïve to begin with. *Laughs* You can’t even give me an answer properly. *Laughs* Hey, do you think that you are an idiot. But I also like the idiotic and foolish you. *Kiss* *Chuckles* *Kiss*

[13:40] *Sighs* Drink it properly… *Chuckles* This is the end. Now that you’re a good girl, kiss me. *Kiss* *Chuckles* *Kiss* Mm~ It’s perfect.

Track 06 – Drama VI

*Crickets chirp*

[0:04] Look, it’s a beautiful full moon isn’t it? Ever since I first met you, I knew that the day we’d part would come. So I had intended to be prepared for this. But for my chest to hurt so much…You won’t die. You will become one with me and keep living within me. Yes, for eternity. You and I are that strongly tied. That’s right, please listen to me. I finally finished killing everyone you knew. You know right? That the only one who can share beautiful memories with you is only me.

[1:08] *Chuckles* Thank god, you smile this time. I love that smile to no end. Even if I didn’t use the medicine, you would have been like this for sure. That’s right, I’m sure of it. I’m sorry that I doubted you, I’m really sorry. I know more about you than anyone else does. Ah, you are crying…When you are happy, I am also extremely happy. Even your tears are mine. *Chuckles*

[2:03] *Kiss* You can cry if you wish. Do you…want more? *Kiss* *Sighs* For this to be done to me… I can’t take it. *Kiss* Hey, in your last moments, please let me feel your soul. I want you to show me.

*Soul is released*

[2:50] So beautiful…Now, kiss my finger. *Kisses* Yes, that’s it. When I touch your soul like this, my senses revive. I can feel you. *Kiss* *Chuckles* You are good at it aren’t you? It’s really good. Your breath is heavy. Are you getting excited as well? You and I are the same. *Kiss*

[3:38] *Smiles* This is like a dream. That you are…to me…It’s okay, do it as many times as you like. I want to keep looking at you like this. There’s no one to interrupt us. Hey, let me kiss your fingers as well. In the same way. *Kiss*

[4:13] I… *Kiss* Want more and more of you *Kiss* More…! *Kiss* I’ll trace the contours of all of you like this with my tongue. *Lick*

[4:47] *Chuckles* Ah, was it ticklish? How cute. *Licks* You can struggle more if you want, but whenever you do, I’ll hold you down and I’ll, for multiple times…*Kiss*…teach you that you are mine. You cannot disobey me and of course, you’ll come not to disobey. Your body only needs to be full of me. I will have to make every colour, sound and taste you sense to my taste. You’ll be filled with me more than you can ever be… and overflow…*Kiss*

*Bell tolls*

[6:00] *Kiss* *Chuckles* Do you feel like you’re going weird? It’s okay, no matter how you are, if it’s me, I’ll accept you. Expose your unsightly side. The more unsightly you are the more I’ll love you. I’ll kiss the most corrupted area. *Kiss*

[6:36] If I can, I want to feel everything that is you. Your hands, *Kiss* your lips, *Kiss* your hair *Kiss*…and here as well. Every single thing… *Kiss**Chuckles* It is only you yet why do I want it so badly? I don’t have any interest in anything else at all. I am filled with you already. To the extent that everything looks like you…*Kiss*

[7:54] Now, touch me with that hand. You already know what I want done to me right? Because you are me. *Sighs* That’s right, crawl down. *Chuckles* No, look at me while you do it. That’s right.

[8:33] *Sighs* I want to make a mess…out of you. By my means… Here, show me your face properly. Don’t even breathe. Don’t take in anything other than me. *Kiss*

*Bell tolls*

[9:18] *Kiss* I don’t wish for anything right now. I don’t need it. I only need you by my side. As long as you understand me. As long as we’re together, I am happy. Being together is the right thing. *Kiss*

[9:58] Yet…Why are you making such a sad expression? Your eyes are supposed be much shinier, much more gorgeous…and my reflection is seen and…*Kisses urgently*

[10:30] See, every time I kiss you, you body reacts. I can tell that your body is getting maddeningly hot. But…you…You aren’t looking at me. Only the eyes can’t lie. No matter how much you smile broadly, even if you seek my body, only your eyes…Only one thing…! I only wanted one thing. You… Why?!

*Bell tolls*

[11:25] *Sighs* I see. It’s fine, it’s okay now. The you who won’t become mine, is not you at all. I will now…kill you.

Track 07 – 永遠のWaltz(Eternal Waltz) (Song)


ふと妄想(ゆめ)   嘲う
華麗に挿入(い)れれば  想い通りの構図(え)が見える


その瞳(め)は 覚醒(めざ)めることはなく
美し過ぎたね  ふたりの  永遠のWaltzよ


濡れてる、貴女の脳髄(のう)  舐め採り  猟奇(ゆが)む愛
輪郭すべてが  鮮明(あざ)やかになる 私(シ)を意識してくれよ


閉ざされて逝(イ)くよ  狂えば  境界線の深淵(ふち)
幽かに聴こえた  崩れた  永遠のWaltzが



凍てつく揺り籠いてつく その瞳(め)は 覚醒めることはなく
美し過ぎたね  ふたりの  永遠のWaltzよ




Sono te wo nigirishimete
Futo yume azawarau
Chishiryou sunzen no tsumi wo ima
Karei ni irereba omoi doori no
E ga mieru yorokonde?

Eien ni tojikomete shimaitai

Itetsuku yurikago
Sono me ha mezameru koto ha naku
Utsukushi sugitane
Futari no eien no WALTZ yo

Aa, kirei da yo……(*kiss*)

Nureteru, anata no nou
Nametori yugamu ai
Rinkaku subete ga azayaka ni naru
Shi wo ishiki shite kure yo

……Nani mo oshiku nai kara

Tozasarete ikuyo
Kurueba kyokaisen no fuchi
Kasuka ni kikoeta
Kuzureta eien no WALTZ ga

Saa, watashi no naka de ikite kudasai
Minikui no mo kirai janai
Ari no mama no anata ga hoshiindesu
Ashisaki kara yubisaki made subete
Nioi sura itooushii
Sono subete wo toraetai
Hora, raku ni shite kudasai
Sou, chikara wo nuite ikeba ii
Watashi wo shinjite, zenbu, azukete
Ikitsutzukete kudasai

………Anata wo mechakucha ni shite shimaitai!

Itetsuku yurikago
Sono me ha mezameru koto ha naku
Utsukushi sugitane
Futari no eien no WALTZ yo

Ahahahaha……sugoku kirei da yo
Totemo kirei da……hahahaha……hahaha……


English Translation

That hand, grasp it tightly
A sudden delusional dream, you jest.
Now, the original sin on the brink of a lethal dose
If you insert it magnificently
You can see the artistic composition as you want it
Be pleased?

I want to lock you up for eternity…

A frozen cradle,
Those eye will never open
It was much too beautiful
The two of us’ eternal waltz

Aa, you’re beautiful…… *kiss*

Your wet brain,
I’ll taste it all, a distorted love.
All your contours become distinct
Notice death that is I.

……Because nothing is a waste.

I’ll seal you up when you die
If you go insane. The deep abyss’s boundary line,
I could hear it faintly.
It collapsed, our eternal waltz.

Now, please live within me.
I don’t hate you unsightly either.
I want you as you are.
From your toes to your fingers, everything
I love your scent as well.
I want to capture everything
Now, please relax.
That’s right, it’s best to relax and leave.
Trust me, everything, entrust it to me.
Please keep leaving.

I want to make a mess out of you!

A frozen cradle,
Those eye will never open
It was much too beautiful
The two of us’ eternal waltz

Ahahahahahah……You are gorgeous……
Extremely beautiful……hahahaha……hahaha……

Track 08 – Extra TrackLast Message

*Bell tolls*

[0:08] That’s right, I haven’t showed you the finished drawing have I? Here you are. It is you facing me and smiling your best smile at me. Ahh, these eyes…how beautiful they are. It seems like the real you has been sealed within this drawing. With this we can be together for eternity!

[0:40] I love you. I love you. I’ll say it as many times as you want. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Even though I love you so much…!

Thoughts FEELS:

(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ==== ┻━━┻ Yes I’m flipping tables again. Because Rejet just made me love another character I didn’t expect to love. Honestly I thought Yuuri would be some outright creepy shinigami and it’ll just be violence everywhere but he was scary in a different way.

He was nice, too nice. Not Hinata’s cute, sweet nice. Not like Itsuki who’s just really kind to you as a childhood friend who’s loved you and certainly not like Akira whose love is expressed in a different way. The politeness rung bells and lo and behold HE WANTS TO LOCK ME UP. Well, not literally but but laskdjfoaseijfaowseifj

Yuuri, Yuuri….omg Yuuri…………….. How he loves you and how he tries to keep you to himself by getting rid of every single thing that could possibly interrupt your time together. He would do anything…absolutely anything for your sake and would put on a smile not to scare you or worry you. Aslkdjfaosejf NOT SURE WHAT TO THINK ANYMORE.

Yandere characters are ❤ but lately I’ve been experiencing…somewhat suffocating situations so I probably didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have before. I STILL LOVE HIM THOUGH. Look at how much he loves you!! I don’t care if it’s crazy love, I don’t care if it’s just fabricated love he created but just hearing him in so much pain in the end…………I can’t hate him…I really can’t.

After Akira’s song (because I am completely biased) I love Yuuri’s song the most ❤ Possibly because I like songs which have more instrumental and it certainly did compared to the others. And and the piano, guitar, violin combo………..oh god. *Q* THE CHORUS THE CHORUS AND THAT VIOLIN I CAN’T MY FEELS sldkfja;owsefaj;wifo;eiwsfjalk

One last thing (because it’s pretty much a must now to comment on Kanade LMFAO) I didn’t notice before but…Kanade intentionally made the window break during the storm right? To make you go to Yuuri. His crow was there cawing again!! Dxlkfjaoseifjseifj I completely forgot even thought Yuuri says “It was Kanade’s doing” or the like aliejfoeifjoeij KANADE WHAT ARE YOU DOING???!!

Well, I got this out a lot quicker than I expected. Now off…to fricken cute Shion after the weekends. xD Such a babe, such a cute baby I can’t believe it, skjfdaioesjaosiejf щ(゚Д゚щ) Rejet why you make these characters???!!!



10 thoughts on “極限のダミーヘッド官能ソングSEVENTH HEAVEN Vol. 4 ユーリ Translation

  1. *just finished reading while listening to vol.4 again*
    I’m so happy that you shared my feelings… most of my friends are scared by him… :”v
    After reading your translation, I can understand him better… I think you makes me love him more… ;___;
    *suddenly went speechless*

    ahh… Kanade… if you don’t broke the window… can I get the normal love story with Yuri? ;___;
    Why do I want to punch Kanade in his face (again)? :’D
    Rejet… please… just… give me the happy ending with Yuri… Q_____Q /impossible/

    again, thank you very much for your translation… :’) *hugs*

  2. Oh my! At first I thought he would be the cute type but then his yandere side was exposed and oh my god! It certainly creeped me out but I LOVED IT! Yuuri is seriously mentally disturbed but as you said it wasn’t scary in a bad way it was more like enchantingly scary, lol. I think he’s my favorite after Hinata. But then I have to listen to Shion’s CD! I’ve got great expectations since Tatsun’s the seiyuu >w< I know is been already released but I'm waiting to listen to it along with your as usual great translation ^u^

    ♥ Thank you so very much for translating this series! ♥

  3. S…obb… His song was so beautiful and he’s absolutely mad and just dkjkbakbhx tears, tears everywhere. I remember when otome things used to be fun and cute and made you feel good! Then Rejet showed up and the flood gates opened. Oh Yuuri ・゜・(つД`)・゜・Thank you so much for this, it hurts that much more knowing all the loose little details. お疲れさん~ ( ; ▽ ; )ノ

  4. “The politeness rung bells and lo and behold” that line in your thoughts/feels about this dorama CD…. what is “lo”?? Hahaha…. Haven’t heard this dorama CD but planning to. I’m still reading review about it (is it gonna suit my taste and stuff) and I’m confused when reading “lo” here ^^

    • Hey there, thanks for reading my translations haha (an sorry for the really late reply.) ‘Lo’ is part of the saying ‘Lo and behold’ that kind of means ‘I saw it coming/expected it.’ At least I used it in that sense.

      I really do hope you listen to the series if you get a chance! >w<

  5. Thank you soooooo much,Aahhhh feels are just killing me (╥_╥) I understand him in so many ways aahh jeez it was amazing,I’m sure I’m gonna review it again,just once is not enough for me,he’s quite a drug I’m so addicted

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