Hey guys, as you know, I’m officially back (though I have to say mid-sems are closing in on me haha.) I’m really just finding a reason to procrastinate. Now I wanted to just give everyone a little update as to the next few months in regards to translation projects.

  1. Seventh Heaven is up to date (until Mint’s CD releases in a few days)
  2. My next few drama cd translation posts will be Kimu-nii drama cd ones. (I need to catch up because he release like…4 in one month ww)
  3. JoouBachi has been taken off the list as Ilinox has translated the CD. You can read it here.
  4. Diabolik Lovers More Blood is on hold until I get all my Kimu-nii cds out. (MY DANNA TAKES PRIORITY OKAI?!!)
  5. I know I really shouldn’t but I’m looking at Wasurenagusa Season 2, Bad Medicine, and Vanquish Brothers (because Nobunaga as Nobunaga LMFAO) as potentials. REJET WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME??!! If you could let me know which series you’re most interested it, I’ll take that into consideration.
  6. Game translations and summaries are going to slow and on indefinite hiatus because right now, drama cds are easier and faster to do haha
  7. I have a side project of song lyrics going on…because FREE! and Haruka. I mean how can I not? They’ll probably come out in a batch (but you should be able to find lyrics and translations everywhere by now haha) I’m only doing this for myself :3c

Also, as mentioned before on Tumblr,  please check my Translation Backlog before you ask if I’m going to translate or keep translating a series. Sometimes I’ll reply in the comments but please still check. ^^;;

Thank you guys for your constant support and I hope I’ll be more regular with my updates. Feel free to drop me a comment on relevant pages/posts (if there are none then the About Me page?)!! I don’t bite…much. I promise ;3



19 thoughts on “Mini-Update

  1. I’d like to see Vanquish Brothers! There’s no way I can buy all the CDs anymore (and…Nobunaga’s last sample kind of scared me anyways ahaha ;;) but I’m still curious about all the characters, since it’s an 「おバカxエロ」 series (to use Rejet’s words) and doesn’t have a game I could see them in like Bad Medicine does.

    • I knoooww~ >w< 「おバカxエロ」VanqBro is the only new series not getting a game so I'm being a little biased. Also with that historical yet modern setting and…Zakki _(:3」∠)_ It's really high up there w

  2. Welcome back! I’m a Kimu-nii fan as well :D. I’m most interested in Vanquish Brothers. Shimazaki is getting pretty close to my bias list cause his voice is pretty nice orz

    • Haha, thank you~ >w< I need to dedicate more time to my dear danna-sama hurhur. ;3

      Thank you for telling me what you're interested in!! 0w0
      _(:3」∠)_ Zakki is already on my bias list. I'm so close to putting him and SuzuYuu on my 'MUST TL BECAUSE [seiyuu]' list where Kimu-nii is xDDD

  3. Congratulations on catching up with Seventh Heaven!

    I’d love to see you translate Vanquish Brothers~, or Bad Medicine. Wasurenagusa 2 would be challengingggg. orz

    Also omggg, you’re translating the Free songs!? dfjkskj– skfjjdf, I probably mentioned it before but I really like the way you translate songs. (not that the Free! Character songs have any particularly deep and meaningful lyrics. xDD)

    • Thank yooouu~ But I’ll be ‘behind’ again with Mint’s CD releasing tomorrow haha

      xDD Yeah, judging from the series, Wasurenagusa 2 would be harder because of the historical context. It’d require me to do more research than I usually would. =33 (I see VB is popular hurhur)

      YESSSSS!!! I AAAMMM!! lskdjfoasiejf I’ve actually trascribed all the songs and split the parts already. I just need to TL them but…XDD Thank you so much >w<

      Though with the lyrics of the songs, I think it gives us a deeper insight to the individual characters. Haruka's songs talked about stopping swimming, starting again and feeling nostalgia when he gets back into the water. It felt like it was episode 8 all over again QwQ And Makoto's talks about his friendship with Haruka lsdkjfaosiefj I CAN'T MY FEELS

      • Ahahah, I wouldn’t say your behind, as ~~amazingly~~ fast as you are, it’s a little unreasonable to have a translation on the same day of a release. :33

        VB is pretty popular it seems, ahaha I thought most people would kind of over look it because it’s not getting a game. I bet you it’s the really intense music on the site, it’s what got everyone hooked. 8D Also, thanks for putting research into your translations!! You can tell that they’re really good translations and it always feels like you put a lot of work into them. I appreciate it a lot. < 3

        I'll look forward to seeing your translations then- When you get around to it of course~. MKDASKJDHKJSFD, on the topic of Free the last episode was today. TT__TT my heart broke into a million little pieces. I just… need to go cry and think about life, it WAS SO FreaKING CUTE. One of the strong points about Free is definitely the characters and their friendships/bonds with each other. ;A:

      • xDD I need time to listen to it through once and enjoy it myself first haha xD

        Yes yes!! I got interested by the concept and then the music got me hooked on completely!! >w< I don't feel satisfied with my translations if I don't do research haha 0w0 It's become a habit now xD

        askdjfaowseijfaowseijf PLEASE OMFG…I streamed it live…so I was spamming my twitter with feels. Hahaha Goodbye like about 1/3 of my tissue box there _(:3」∠)_ I only signed up for the eye candy and beautiful water NOT FOR AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER But yes…what did KyoAni give us? sfdjaeifj

        I really love the friendship between them all. you really chan see how strong they are over the course of 12 episodes and they wrapped it up really well *sobs*

  4. Hello, I love all the translations you made so far. The Seventh Heaven ones make my heart melt…
    They inspired me to take one step forward, and so I came here to make you a proposal (not a marriage one :D). It’s the following: I make videos of drama cd with their translations; initially, it was only BL drama cd, but I decided to open my horizont and start making otome drama cd. I came here to ask you if I could use your translations and if you could help me out with other translations (they are mostly completed since I can understand a bit of japanese, but there are bits missing).
    In case you’re interested to know more about it, please contact me through this email address:

    • Hi Mafy! I’m really happy you want to expand into otome drama cds. You’re welcome to use my translations for your videos!! ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ I’d love to help you with translations but I’m not sure I can take on anything else right now. I’ll email you at a later date once I decide how my translation schedule is going to be =33

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