極限のダミーヘッド官能ソングSEVENTH HEAVEN Vol. 6 ミント Translation


Title: Kyokugen no Dummy Head Kannou Song SEVENTH HEAVEN Vol. 6 MINT

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ミント(Mint) ー 鳥海浩輔 (Toriumi Kousuke)


At Hiiragi Mansion, you plan to die by hanging yourself but are stopped by someone. He gives you two choices, either to die and feel pain for eternity or obtain peace. He tells you to enter Hiiragi Mansion if you want peace. You enter and it isn’t until a few questions and a certain master’s order that he introduces himself as Mint of SEVENTH HEAVEN.

You pass your time in Hiiragi Mansion keeping to yourself and following Mint’s simple orders until someone gets bored and forces you and Mint to spend time together. Up until the very end he takes an “I don’t care about you”, calm attitude but that breaks just a little.

Translation Notes/Ramblings:

Hara no suwaru (腹の据わる) – To become so that you’re not be disturbed or excited. It is used in the negative form in Track 1, so it’s been translated as “easily disturbed”, just to keep the structure of the sentence.

Dansa (段差) – Literally difference in level. Translated as ‘dip in the ground’ because that’s what a difference in level in ground makes. xD

Inochi wo moyasu (命を燃やす) – It looks like you’re burning your life in which, it isn’t completely wrong. It means to live your life without running away and do nothing but move ahead in life until the day you die. In other words, live out your life to the fullest?

Track 01 – Drama I

*Crickets chirp and someone approaches*

[0:05] Oi, you over there. As I thought, you can see me. My boring duties just increased.

*Walks towards you*

[0:20] Hmph. It seems that you intended to hang yourself and die there. You chose the method with the least suffering, huh. But now that you have seen me, you won’t obtain any peace even if you hang yourself now. You will only suffer eternally.

*Walks closer*

[0:45] There are two choices left for you. Either you gain pain when you die or you obtain peace. That is it. If you choose the latter, then you should step inside Hiiragi Mansion. Make your decision promptly. That is all.

*Walks away*


*Door opens and closes and pages of a book are flipped*

[1:16] Hm? Oh, you came.

*Closes book and rises from his seat*

[1:23] I thought you would be hanging yourself by now.

*Walks towards you*

[1:30] Oi, what are you doing? Don’t cast your eyes down. Don’t you understand? I’m telling you to raise your head. Do you intend to not obey? Hmph. Well, you’re free to take what attitude you want but if you’re not going to obey my orders then you should be suitably prepared.

[1:58] No matter how valuable your existence was in the human world, right now in front of me that doesn’t even mean a thing to me. Not to mention, don’t even think that just because you’re a woman I will hold back. I don’t need a response. Show me through that attitude of yours.

*Steps closer*

[2:20] Now, I’ll say it once more. If you decide to obey me, then raise your head.

*Raises head*

[2:30] What’s with those frightened eyes? You’re the one who decided to come to me right? Be resolute. *Chuckles* What an easily disturbed person you are. I can picture it. You, trembling with fear when true death is before you.

[2:55] Well, put that aside. Listen up, I only require one thing of you. Until the appropriate time comes, do not even take a step out of your room. Other than that, there is nothing. If you do that then as promised, I will give you the peace of death.

[3:17] Hm? What do I mean? *Chuckles* Who allowed you to ask a question of that sort? You no longer have the right to know the way of things of this world. Just be judged by me. Well then, good day.

*Walks away but stops as crow caws*

[3:44] *Sighs* Master wishes for me to waste energy on a game? How troublesome.

*Walks back*

[3:56] Fine, I will tell you. It seems this is also my duty. You know at least the existence of shinigami, yes? That is me. Only the people who wish for death from the bottom of their hearts can see me. If it is needed, you may call me Mint. If you have no need of it, then forget it.

[4:23] Once you have seen a shinigami then in the end, only death with call upon you. It is impossible to change this fate. Do you understand the meaning of the word ‘impossible’? It means that whether you cry or scream, even if realise the value of life and genuinely ask for an exemption, the path to life will not open again for you.

[4:50] If you want to run, then do as you wish. You can struggle unsightly. No matter what you do, you will be drawn in by your fate of death. You’ll then lose your life and become a pitiful soul that will linger for eternity.

[5:12] *Chuckles* But there is one thing, if I use the power of an existence within the shinigami that is called SEVENTH HEAVEN, which includes me, you will be able to obtain a peaceful death. If I use the power within our song, that is.

[5:35] *Sighs* In any case, you have come to me in this way, and I want to send you over immediately but…Look out of the window. The moon is being covered by mist. The door to that world has been closed. It’s proof that the master of SEVENTH HEAVEN is bored. Either he wants to see the wants of humans who are before death or it’s just a whim. Either way, it is trivial. Well, whatever.

[6:13] You will bravely killed by my hands and die. You’re done right? Well then, please excuse me.

*Walks away and leaves the room*

Track 02 – Drama II

*Door opens and closes*

[0:10] I see. You won’t run or hide. There are some who run away from here and become lingering souls but it seems you are different. I might have saved me some hassle if you had done so. Well, whatever. It’ll only be troublesome if it increases by another noisy one.

[0:33] Hm? Ah, even if I say noisy, you won’t sense anything. Here and there in this mansion there are souls who weren’t able to pass over into that world, that continue to suffer. Of course, they’re even in this room.

*Takes a step back*

[0:53] What are you frightened of? It’s not like I’m saying that they’re following you or anything. It’s nothing a person who can’t see these things, needs to see. To be scared of something like that is idiotic. I am a shinigami so I can see them because the existence of shinigami is close to death and souls.

[1:18] What is it? You look like you want to say something. Very well, I’ll allow you just once to ask a question. Say it. “Isn’t it scary to be able to see those souls?” It is not scary at all. They are only continuing to linger and wish for release from eternal suffering. They aren’t particularly malicious. No, maybe it’s better to say that they can’t hold any malice towards someone. They can’t do anything other than feeling pain.

[1:58] What? Are you feeling sympathetic? *Chuckles* Depending on your decision, you could have become like that. Well, anyhow. I understand that you don’t intend to cause any trouble. I give you permission to leave your room. As long as it’s within the mansion, you can go wherever you please.

[2:25] Hm? “Is it alright?” Be silent. I only permitted you to asking one question. Are you ears just decoration? Do not annoy me. Anyhow, if I say it is okay, then it is. Do as you please. That is all.

*Door opens and closes*


*Pages of a book are flipped as door opens and closes. The clock ticks in the background.*

[2:59] Hm? There’s someone here already. I said it was okay to walk around but for you to take notice of this library room it seems you have an eye for things. And so? Obviously I meant for you to give me your opinion on the book you have in your hands. Up until what you’ve read is fine. Now, tell me.

[3:28] It’s a book you chose just before your death. You must have some opinions of great interest. Hm? Just you try and make me listen to something boring. I’ll make it so you won’t be able to speak ever again. So?

[3:52] Why do you stay silent? Didn’t you hear me tell you to speak? I’ll tell you this. All the books in here are part of my collection. Only things of careful selection are shelved here. There shouldn’t be a single book that doesn’t trigger any opinions. Originally I would have placed it in a room where it would not gain a scratch but books are things that come alive when they are read. So that’s why they are here like…

[4:28] Hm? Oi. Wait. Why is the final page torn? To this extent…! Ah, this is…! Horrible! *Sighs* Really, this is why people who don’t know the value of things are troublesome. I an idea of who the culprit is but…

*Flips furiously and get annoyed*

[5:02] What is with those eyes? You weren’t going to say words of sympathy were you? It seems I’m being made light of. *Chuckles* Well, since you’ve feel so then I’ll gratefully accept them. It has nothing to do with what you think. I am a little tired from dealing with the shinigami. Sometimes, it’s okay to wish for something like this. *Chuckles* Now, offer me that body of yours and cheer me up. Come on.

*Drags you and sits you both down*

[5:53] You don’t know what should do? *Chuckles* There’s only one thing a woman can do to a man right? Is there a man that won’t make love to a woman when he lives with her like this? *Laughs* You should enjoy it too. It’s a pity to die without know the pleasure of it. Come over here more. Sit on my lap.

*Moves to his lap*

[6:26] Is it the first time you’ve had this done to you? Hm? Then what about having your hair touched with fingers and have your ears played with? *Chuckles* Touch me like I am touching you. Don’t hesitate. You should just be touched by me. That’s right. *Chuckles*

[6:55] What’s wrong? Your cheeks are reddening. What are you doing, desiring me, a shinigami? Hm? Do you want these lips to be taken? Then you need to do it in a more wanting way. Blushing and casting your eyes away, is your everything? Then until you coax it out of me improperly…that’s right, I’ll trace them with my finger. *Chuckles*

[7:33] Is it that frightening to expose your desires? Then give up. If you can’t do that as well, then you’re a hopeless woman, aren’t you? This expression…what other men have you shown it to? Or perhaps it’s the first time? It’s not that bad. It provokes a man’s sadistic side. It’s that kind of face.*Chuckles*

[8:05] Well, it’s fine now. I’ve been cheered up somewhat by looking at your pitiable form. Move. You’re in the way.

*Walk away*

[8:19] Hm? What? Did you want to be played with even more? Then you should try to make me feel like doing so. It’s only if you can though. *Chuckles* I will rest in my room. You can past the rest of the time freely.

[8:45] Until when do you plan to keep blushing? If it wasn’t enough then do it yourself. *Chuckles*

*Door opens and closes*

Track 03 – Drama III

*Door opens and closes*

[0:04] Hm? Oi, what is this? Entering someone’s room without even knocking? I knew by your presence that you were wandering around the mansion but to come here late at night, what is it? Speak your needs succinctly.

[0:25] Ha? You just mistook this for your room? Hmph. What stupidity. Then hurry up and get out.

*Leaves room but enters again*

[0:50] Hm? Do you actually need anything this time? Ha? You made a mistake again? You can’t return to you room? Don’t make excuses. I don’t want to hear them. Disappear!

*Leaves room. Crow caws outside and you enter again*

[1:10] Again? You…*Sigh* Never mind. Stay in my room until the sun rises. Everything is Master’s…Kanade’s working. He’s probably enjoying perplexing you. Really, he has such bad hobbies.

[1:32] It’s up to you whether you play along with his game or not but I’ll be displeased if I get dragged into it any more. If you understand then suppress your presence and stay still over there. Let me say this first. Do not intefere me at all.

*Crow caws and flaps its wings*

[1:52] What is he so displease about? How idiotic. Tch. Oi you. Come here. Sit in that chair.

*Walks over and sits down*

[2:09] Oi, now that we’re actually facing each other for once, say something. If I tell you speak then speak. Anything is fine right now. Hm? What was I doing? It has nothing to do with you. Next. Tomorrow’s weather? I don’t care. Next. The scar on my face? Ah, this. What are you going to do after you know?

[2:46] *Sighs* Next. *Sighs* Really…If Itsuki was here at times like this…Hm? Ah, Itsuki is a shinigami of SEVENTH HEAVEN. Even though he’s a shinigami he is good at looking after people and is considerate. He means no harm like Yuuri does. Yuuri is…he in himself is a pitiful existence. Well, if you can stay oblivious to him then that’s fine.

[3:25] Ahh…and there’s someone called Shion as well. I’m suspecting him to be that ultimate idiot who tore the books. No, it was definitely him! Because his the insides of his mind is overflowing with trivial things. Can that thing even function as a shinigami like that? And to begin with, why do I have to be the one who mediates between him and Hinata?

[3:49] Who was the one who tripped who first, who locked who in the room or who glared at who? I don’t care! There’s no need for shinigami to understand each other but if you’re going to quarrel then let it break out somewhere I can’t see!

[4:03] And Akira! Even though he looks like he’s missing a screw somewhere he’s good at sensing things like that and hiding from it! In the end everything gets sent to me. Get a hold of yourselves. Are you really shinigami? Dammit. I’ll give them certain death. No. As the words say idiots won’t be fixed even if they die! *Sighs*

[4:29] Huh? What? *Clears throat* *Sighs* This is enough idle talk, isn’t it? Whatever occurs from here on in has nothing to do with me. Just be played with by Kanade on your own. Get out immediately.

*Stands up to leave*

[4:57] No, wait. At this rate, even if you leave by yourself there is no way Kanade will return you safely. I’ll see you to your room. I made you listen to something boring too… Follow me. We’re going.

*Walks out of the room*


[5:24] To not even turn on the lights in the hallway, it’s quite an elaborate game he’s playing. Oi, don’t get separated.*Sighs*

*Thunder rumbles quietly*

[5:35] Hm? Look out at where you step. There’s a dip in-

*Lightening strikes and you trip and fall*

[3:46] And so why did you trip? I told you to be careful of the dip in the ground, right? Who would give you a hand? Stand up yourself. Oi, why do you hold onto my arm? Let go.

*Thunder rolls*

[6:07] Ha? You’re scared? Of what? You saw the silhouette of someone at the end of the corridor? Hmph. I see, you can see it as well? The wandering soul.

*Lightening strikes*

[6:25] That one is after you. Do your best to not have your body taken over by it, by not leaving my side.

*Holds on tighter*

[6:36] Hmph. Are you an idiot? Of course I was joking. I’m sure I said that you can’t see souls. What is there is a mirror. A mirror! Really, to be scared of something of this sort then I’m worried about when the night of the full moon comes. If you understand then let go of my arm. Stand up!

*Drags you up*

[7:00] Hmph. Come on, we’re going. Oi, what is it? Did you perhaps sprain your ankle when you fell? How your foot becomes has nothing to do with me. Even if you have to crawl, follow me. If you can’t do that then spend the night there.

*Thunder rumbles*

[7:31] Listen up, from now until I say it’s okay, do not make a sound. I don’t want to listen to something such as your voice. Don’t even move an eyebrow. If you understand, then nod.


[7:44] I’m sure I told you not to make a sound. Okay.

*Lifts you up*

[7:55] Really, what a clumsy person. To think that if you weren’t held in my arms then you wouldn’t even be able to walk. I’ll take you to your room. Just be glad that I’m not dragging you. If you struggle even a little, I’ll throw you down. Okay?

*Thunder rumbles*

[8:19] Hm? What? Are you scared of thunder? That sort of thing is nothing to be afraid of. Whose arms do you think you’re in right now? Really. And? Your foot, does it hurt? It can just hurt on its own. Like I would care about you. Hmph.


*Door opens and closes*

[8:50] We’ve finally arrived. I haven’t felt that corridor to be as long as this before. *Sighs* You can just be quiet on the sofa.

*Places you down*

[9:09] *Sighs* Come on, you still have something left to do right? Don’t put you guard up. Relax and be obedient. Don’t struggle. If you resist you’ll only be met with pain. You can just leave things like this to me.

[9:27] First…That’s right…Hm…Ha? What do I plan to do? It’s obvious isn’t it? Do you intend to sleep without treating that foot? Be obedient and show me that foot.

[9:50] What are you being embarrassed about? I don’t think a single thing just by looking at any part of you. I’m still better off looking at a wall or something. Hurry up and show me. You’re irritating me.

*Shows sprained foot*

[10:07] It’s quite swollen. That’s why I told you to be careful. Really.

*Wraps your foot*

[10:20] With this, if you rest for a while, it’ll probably heal. For a person who’s going to die to get injured…never mind. Anyhow I will leave now.

*Walks to leave but the door is locked*

[10:40] Tch. *Sighs* So he intends to lock me in this time? Oi you! *Kisses forcefully* Relax…really, you’re such a handful to look after. *Kisses*

[11:08] *Sighs* Don’t bite. Are you an animal? Don’t make a sound. Be quiet. Stay still. It’ll end soon. *Kisses* Not yet, huh? *Kisses*

[11:35] *Chuckles* This isn’t your first time. Well, the charade is over. Kanade’s presence has disappeared. To be the one who set this up but get tired of it is just…

[11:55] Hm? What? Did you think I genuinely made a move on you? Ha. If you’re going to be conceited, be moderate. Hurry up and sleep. I will actually go back now.

*Opens the door and leaves the room. The clock ticks and the door reopens*

[12:17] Hm? This is…Why? I had returned to my own room but…*Sighs* So it means the game is still continuing, huh.

*Closes door*

[12:36] Well, let him do as he wants. He’ll have to be sick of this by the time the sun rises. *Sighs* I will sleep. At times like this it’s best not to play along with him poorly. Really, thanks to you I’ve had to go through terrible things today.  And so, I’ll be using this bed.

*Lies down*

[13:11] What? Don’t stare at me. It’s bad manners.  That sofa is enough for someone like you to sleep on. If you think it’s too narrow, use the floor or something. It’s spacious. So, good night. Do you best to have a good dream. Hmph.

*Clock ticks*

[13:37] And? Do you seriously plan to sleep there? You fool. Do you think I would seriously force someone who is injured to do such a thing? Of course I have no intention of passing the night there, ashamed in your place. Come on. Come here. Didn’t you hear me? Come.

*Hugs you when you climb in*

[14:14] Don’t become so stiff when you’re only held in my arms. It also looks like you’re provoking me. You dragged me into something so trivial. I’ll have you be useful to me in some way. Besides that kiss from before wasn’t that bad. *Chuckles*

[14:40] Are you scared of asking what’ll be done to you? Hm? Don’t worry. I’ll make love to you without hurting your foot. I’ll make love to you gently, lovingly like a lover. *Chuckles*

[15:03] *Laughs* Fool. Don’t take me seriously. If I was serious in making love to you, I would have done it without letting you say yes or no. Realise that it’s just a joke immediately. You really are someone worth teasing. *Chuckles* Well, you can just be still in my arms for tonight. Go on, sleep. Really.


Track 04 – Drama IV

*Birds tweet as you walk*

[0:07] Stop. It becomes a lake from here on. There is nothing to gain even if you continue. What are you surprised about? I was the one who was here first.

*Birds tweet*

[0:24] Hmm… There’s something I have to ask. Since then…how has your foot been? Ah, no. I have asked a foolish question for someone like me. To see you up and walking around means it was nothing serious. Ha? What am I doing here? I was sitting in the shade of the trees and looking at the lake. I wasn’t doing anything else.

[1:00] What is with that shocked expression? Did I look like I would be thinking of ways to torment humans?  Hmph. *Sighs* And so? What about you? Well, if you want someone to talk to I can spare just a little time. As long as we live together, it is probably also part of my duties. Then I should carry it out.

*Walks towards him and sits down*

[1:40] Hm? What? If there’s something you want to say then just say it. Why did I appear before you? Are you curious about such a thing? I was ordered to, by Kanade. He’s the master of this mansion. It is natural to obey him. No matter how trivial it can be, there is no exception.

[2:12] It’s just… even though I was far away, I could sense that your soul was pure. And so you can say it also piqued my interest. Don’t you sense it? Your own soul? Purely and proudly and yet…why was it hurt that much? I don’t possibly think it’s just because your spirit was weak.

[2:45] Do you hate them? The ones you hurt you? But those people will one day probably forget your existence. Even if they feel guilty about your death, it is only a moment. They will comfort themselves with the flow of time and continue forward. Humans are that sort of being. They cannot continue to live holding onto their sins.

[3:14] Do you regret it? The fact you threw your life away on your own? No, I won’t listen to your answer. It’s not like anything will change even if I do. You have already left yourself in the midst of a fate you cannot struggle against. Within a fate that takes in regrets, tears, cries, everything and returns them to nothing.

*Gets up*

[3:43] Any more talk is useless. I will be going now. Good day.

*Walks away*

Track 05 – Drama V

*Knocks on door*

[0:02] Enter.

*Door opens and closes*

[0:06] It’s you. You aren’t going to say that you can’t return to your room again are you? What happens to you no longer matters to me.

*Walks towards him*

[0:17] There’s something you want to give me so you came? I see. So what is it? This is…a flower? What do you mean by this? It’s thanks for treating your injured foot? *Chuckles* I see. You’re an honest person even to a shinigami. But out of everything for it to be a flower…Do you think I’d love something like that? If so then words would have been better. I wouldn’t be troubled in dealing with it.

[1:04] Oi, wait. Where are you going? I had no intention of saying I won’t accept it. I’ll accept it for you. Now hurry up and give it to me before I change my mind.

*Walks to hand him the flower and walks away*

[1:25] Hmph. Oi, we haven’t finished talking. You’re a hasty person. I’m heading to the conning tower now. If you want to come, then come. Ah, I should tell you this. This isn’t really an order.

*Walks off*


[1:55] From here, you can see the entire town. It’s not bad scenery is it? This is the last time you can bathe under sunlight and look up at the sky. So take a good look.

*Birds tweet*

[2:20] What are you thinking of right now? Answer my question. There’s no use in staying silent now, right? What? Is it weird for me to ask something like that? I was curious so I asked. What’s bad about it? Hm? What am I thinking of? Hm. The peaceful days of when you were alive.

[3:00] Are you surprised? That shinigami were once alive? I don’t know about the others. Even if I asked, there are probably some who can’t even remember. But I won’t forget. I had certainly lived as a human. That’s right, there was a time when you wanted to know right? About this scar on my face.

[3:38] This is…that’s right, it’s the scar that I gave myself when I determined that this was the place for me to die. *Sighs* I’ll praise that foolishness of presenting me with a flower and tell you. There was something more important than my life. That was it. Becoming a shinigami may have been my punishment for throwing away my life.

[4:15] I definitely lived. I lived by my convictions and lived my life out. I have not regretted the death at the end of such a life, even once. To continue to prove that I am, I am standing here by my own accord. With the fate of a shinigami that continues for eternity.

[4:46] What is death to you? No, it’s okay. I asked something dull. My apologies. Whenever you are before me, I become a little talkative. But let me say one last thing. The night of the full moon is tomorrow. You know what that means right? Don’t die miserably. Do you understand?

*Walks off*

Track 06 – Drama VI

*Clock ticks*

[0:05] You choose to approach your end in the library room, huh. Very well.  As promised, I will send you to that world with my power. Are you prepared? No, before that, there’s one thing I want to ask of you. Before you go to that world, I want you to show me your soul. I told you that I could sense how beautiful your soul was before I met you, didn’t I?

*Walks towards you*

[0:47] And by passing time with you like this I knew that it was not mistake. You are beautiful. So I thought I wanted to see. Don’t be so surprised. Of course, this is not an order. You can refuse. You nodded. You really are…No, it’s nothing. Then, I’ll release your soul.

*Soul is released*

[1:38] As I thought, I wasn’t wrong. It’s a beautiful soul. One that looks like it would break with a little bit of strength. I thank you for listening to my request. Now be fixed there. I’ll send you over. A day where you and I will meet again won’t come. Death is such a thing. It has not even a bit of hope. If you need parting words then…Are you trembling? As I thought, you’re afraid aren’t you? Of death.

*Walks closer*

[2:29] Until you have made your resolution…


[2:37] I will hug you like this. You are small, aren’t you? I can tell, hugging you like this. And I can feel warmth from your soul. To think that warmth is pure as well…

[3:07] I don’t mind if you cry. If I say it’s okay then it is. When I’m like this, I can feel it even more so. Your pain. Your grief. You didn’t have to hurt a single thing. What a foolish woman. *Kisses*

[3:36] You only needed to protect your soul. Yet you looked at horrible things that you didn’t have to see. *Kisses* You should have forgotten such things. Should have thought that it has nothing to do with you. Why couldn’t you think of it as something unrelated to you in the end? If  you had casted it away, then you would have lived… *Kisses*

[4:08] No. You would have physically been able to live on but you would have lost that pure soul. That’s why I was able to meet you.

*Bell tolls*

[4:27] I won’t let anyone interfere. Even for just this moment, you can just be you. You can use your life just for me. *Kisses* Wrap your arms around my back. I want to feel your heat. That’s right. *Kisses*

*Bell tolls*

[5:00] Now, call my name. Want me. With your body and soul. *Kisses* *Chuckles* You’re free to be embarrassed like that but don’t you know that that expression tempts me? *Kisses* The more dishevelled you are the more gorgeous you are in my eyes. I wonder why, I really do… *Kisses*

[5:40] Don’t make me want you this much and then be shy.  Any shyness will be useless soon. I won’t be satisfied until I make all of you mine. *Kisses* More. It’s not enough. I’ll make your feelings overflow until you don’t need a single word. *Kisses*

[6:13] Is that it? It’s not is it? Hm? What is it? If you want to say something then say it. Do you think I would have a woman by my side if I want to reject them? *Sighs* If you don’t understand then I’ll make you understand forcefully. Like this…! *Kisses*

[6:47] Do you understand? Hm? If you do, then relax slowly. Be obedient. You are mine. I won’t allow you to become anyone else’s. *Kisses* *Chuckles* Don’t twist your body. I want to feel you. Let me feel you. Okay?

[7:23] Just by letting my fingers crawl along your leg I can feel it. Your heat. *Chuckles* That’s good. Expose more of yourself. Don’t be afraid. I want to see it. *Kisses* Feel me even more. *Kisses*

[7:58] It’s not enough. *Chuckles* That’s right, just go with it and feel. You can come at me with your desires. *Kisses*

[8:20] Not yet. No matter how much I want you…no, the more I want you the more I desire. It has no end. I wonder why? Even though I know better than anyone else that I can’t obtain you…

*Bell tolls*

[8:45] Ahhh…I am certain I’m exchanging words with you, touching you, kissing you…*Kisses* But…

*Bell tolls*

[9:06] It is time. Everyone is lonely when they die and they have to burden that. Raise your head. Before you there is only death. There is not a path where you can escape. Now, accept everything. Die a proud and noble death.

Track 07 – Stars (Song)


凍てついた 光を放つStars (in the Dark)
掌(て)を伸ばし 掴み取ろうとするなら―――……

時が巻き戻る 真実は何処(いずこ)
祈っても 縋っても 黄昏ていく
滲んで 感応(かん)じた 孤独(ナミダ)の欠片を


凍てついた 光を放つStars (in the Dark)
掌(て)を伸ばし 掴み取ろうとするなら―――……

闇の四十万(しじま)は 静かに横たわり
ふたりを 優しく 包み込んでる
夜空の 向こうで 結合(むす)ばれたなら


錆びついた 心が解けて逝く (今)
奏で合う 欲(あい)の旋律は美しく



凍てついた 光を放つStars (in the Love)
掌(て)を伸ばし 掴み取れば、輝いた―――……



Itetsuita hikari wo hanatsu Stars (in the dark)
Te wo nobashi tsukami torou to suru nara…

Toki ga makimodoru
Shinjitsu ha izuko
Inottemo sugattemo tasogarete iku
Tooi hi no kioku ga
Nijinde kanjita namida no kakera wo

Saa, watashi no naka de ike

Itetsuita hikari wo hanatsu Stars (in the dark)
Te wo nobashi tsukami torou to suru nara…

Yami no shijima ha shizuka ni yokotawari
Futari wo yasashiku tsutsumi konderu
Motome dashita sei ga
Yozora no mukou de musubareta nara

Dare mo shiranai kuchitzuke wo shite yaru (*kiss*)

Sabitsuita kokoro ga tokete iku (ima)
Kanade au ai no senritsu ha utsukushiku

Subete wo wasure, watashi ni yudanero
Mou nakuna……eien ha aru……(*kiss*)
Itamu no ka?
Da ga, sono kao, totemo utsukushii
Yorokobi to kanashimi ga irimajitta……onna no kao da
Omae no tamashii ha watashi no naka ni nokoru
Saa, sugu soko ni aru mono ni furero……(*kiss*)
Took uni ha nani mo nai
Sore ga ai
Ima, omae ha watashi no onna da
Sore wo watashi ga oshiete yarou

Kono owari ha, sou……hajimari da

Itetsuita hikari wo hanatsu Stars (in the love)
Te wo nobashi tsukami toreba, kagayaita…


English Translation

Stars that emit light that is frozen (in the dark)
Reach out your hand and if you intend to grasp it……

Where is the truth that turns back time?
Even if I pray, even if I cling onto it, it fades into twilight
The memories of a distant day
They blurred and have touched me, the pieces of lonely tears

…Now, pass on within me.

Stars that emit light that is frozen (in the dark)
Reach out your hand and if you intend to grasp it……

The darkness of Shijima stretches out in silence.
It envelops the two of us, gently
The stars that I prayed for
If they could be united on the other side of the night sky

…I’ll give you a kiss that no one knows of *kiss*

The heart that was rusted together melts away (Now)
The melody of desire we play together is beautiful

Forget everything and entrust it all to me
Don’t cry anymore……There is eternity……*kiss*
Does it hurt?
But that expression is extremely beautiful
Pleasure and sorrow mixed together……it’s the face of a woman
You soul will remain within me
Now, touch the thing that is right there
There is nothing in the distance
The thing that is right beside you
That is love…
Right now, you are my woman
I will teach you that

…This end is, that’s right……the start

Stars that emit light that is frozen (in the dark)
Reach out your hand and if you can grasp it, it shines……

Track 08 – Extra TrackLast Message

*Bell tolls and starts to rain*

[0:07] What a peaceful expression. Even so, you were actually in pain, right? Didn’t you wish to be able to live with your hopes if you could have? Hm?

*Thunder rumbles*

[0:30] Do you hate this me who can only say such words to your corpse? *Sighs* Sleep for eternity. *Kisses* You have done well.


Now, you might be wondering why this isn’t a ‘FEELS’ section this time? Well, it’s simply because Mint didn’t give me as many as the other shinigami so far for me to make it a feels section.

I liked him in the way that he intended to leave you alone until he was able to send you off. I also liked the fact that he could be nice when he wanted to.  Oh and when he complained about the others it was cute w. I have to admit that I doki’d a little in Track 3 but other than that, I don’t think I felt much when I was listening???

Looking back at it now, Mint is really calm. He’s extremely calm when he sends you over and it’s slightly worrying. Is he suppressing everything? He listens to each and every demand that Kanade makes of him without complaint and I wonder what is it that makes him so numb? Actually, is he numb at all? I can’t stop thinking of all the possibilities because if he’s really just shutting everything up within himself it’d be very painful. And and lskdfjaoseifjaoi I dunno how I’d react to it.

Actually, his message to you in the final track is so sweet I don’t know what to make of it. It seems like he really likes you. He really does in Track 6 but how…how do you stay sane Mint? How do you act so calm? Someone explain. AAAHHHH!!!


On another unrelated note:

*Cough* I’m…really supposed to be writing the essays due in the next 2 weeks but uhhh, I wanted to get this out before Kanade’s CD ^^;; Y’know, shortening my backlog and what not. (It’s friggen finals and sldkfjaoseifja ARRRRRRGGGHHHHH!)

Oh and then my PC decided to crash on me. Not sure if I can get my files off it right now. I was and STILL AM in panic mode about it so I’m not sure when Kanade’s translations will come out. I actually had to re-do part of Mint’s translations as well because I lost those and I was just so angry and panicked that I got this finished to take my mind off my PC problem. I’m hoping to get it fixed but no guarantees. That affects me more than you guys but yeah…expect really slow updates for a while >_>;; Unless if it’s songs…


9 thoughts on “極限のダミーヘッド官能ソングSEVENTH HEAVEN Vol. 6 ミント Translation

  1. Hello !
    Thank you so much for your wonderful translations, there’s a great articulation about them, you got a really good rythm with timing and all, it’s just so pleasant to read, and “smaller” things like time to put songs in 3 ways, and all…You’re so dedicated ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ

    I was kind of perplexed when CD was over as well as you, I don’t know if I begin to make up a whole interpretation and analysis of him just to the fact that I expect those whole babies reach the same drama and feelings spot or if Rejet had really done a job more subtle with him, or simply stucked to his kind of character, which has a less explicit emphasis than the others. We’ve seen every so different distinct archetypes and how each shinigami manages to evolve themselves, “ourselves”/masochist listeners, and relation, by the most extreme extend ; which layer of devotion they deliver when first real final message, before they sing, and after that…
    I haven’t noticed how strange that he is THAT calm, until I’ve arrived to the final track….Yeah definately I am able too now to see how abnormal it was, since the beginning. In its own way, this final track sounds horrific for me and had repercussion on the whole CD _(:3」∠)_
    He really reminds me of a the character of Iroha (いろは) in the Hana Awase (華アワセ) Game, and this damn baby is such a big deal of despair, tourment, pain щ(ಥДಥщ)
    I mean, I feel like he already reached a kind of limit-sanity, not to mention how they all confess directly or by behavior how they can’t stand what they are, Mint being the third oldest of all (Kanade first acting like bastard to fill spare time, Yuuri second who’s clearly insane, seems like you don’t get better with time (・_・ヾ), he has to “lived” and supported so many things…
    Mint is the only one to be aware of the him human being, and the only one to (be able to) share his own end, to the very last place he did choose to die (if I understood well). I thought that it was a really strong moment.
    And this final message…

    “Do you hate this me who can only say such words to your corpse? Sleep for eternity. You have done well.”

    ノ┬─┬ノ ︵ ( \o°o)\

    Seriously, it frozed me full of emotion and horror. Yet he was so talktative, stiffness nuanced by provocation, it seems so predictable (just read qualifications of his profile, and you know what to expect from him as for others) and he is so stuck to this that he confused me thinking that the living there with him was a little oddly line-alike, and didn’t feel first as much affection like for others. But those words…he’s like a lucid death machine, dedicated to his duties, he hates it but he assumes it (as Sisyphus alike I don’t know how to explain), playing the fool for Kanade, and though he said so much, he is still stuck far away of our reading. He just can’t change, even with the sudden apparition of a pure soul, the romance that has to happen. He knows too well how it works as he said himself. It seems like he already broke too much himself just before singing for us, and the more solemn he sounds to the end, the more it hurts, because the more he’s pushed down to this machinerie of his own hand made, and this rethorical question when he asks if we hate this he who is only able to be that, to act like that, finishing this off by this damn solemn congratulation… ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽
    I’m sure he’s aware of his broken self //his rhetorical question, he talks about one specific part of him// and keeps head up to avoid the total break out, which initially didn’t need us to pop up at any time.

    “Even the iron machine will break ”

    [from Iroha’s route]

    This restraint, before, after singing most importantly, and the “I don’t care about you” feeling that persists even when the girl is nothing more than a [corpse] and eventh though we know that it’s not the case, but still ambiguous because of [such words], this whole character witch such a layer of stiffness before a more complex mind …
    That’s why I can’t help but think of him as a Iroha of his own, and my kokoro hurts so much now that I feel that (´;ω;`)

    His non devotion but dedication for Kanade is expected for his character, but I really would like to know what made him like the honnest and assumed puppet of [the master], but I don’t think we will get hints with the Kanade’s CD ; it’s not necessary, this is something very natural of his type.

    oytrbclapgyrnvqiseugqarghhhhhhhhhh I’m so bad to explain my things and I’m so confused too and I’m thinking so much and I don’t know what to say and I could say more but I’m just writing too much now and I make nonsense and and and COME HERRR’ YOU DAMN PRECIOUS SOLEMN DEATH LUCID SISYPHUS MACHINE BABY I’m ending up //suffering// loving you as much as the others (ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

    I’m so done. With my nonsense and awfully long message, with this baby, with Kanade. I’m just going to repeat the sample of the first CD tokuten to enjoy some dumbyboys all day and night to be able to survive faux bastard baby _(:3」∠)_

    Thanks again, I really appreciate the time you take to make these posts. I know too well the loss when PC goes crazy, I hope you will be able to feel better about that soon. Fighting and kind regards d(=^・ω・^=)b

    • Hi Peony!! Thank you for taking time to write that comment laksjfoisefj w< I couldn't not include the Kanji, romaji and translations to the lyrics~ It's what I look for when I search for lyrics so I wanted to give back in that way.

      Now that you mention Iroha…that dear baby. Is it the same? The same way how they stayed silent despite their despair?? sldfkjaoeij (´つω・`)シュン At the very least Iroha had lost it a little for him to release SOMETHING but Mint was just calm the whole way through. It's that part of him that scares me. QwQ

      I agree. I feel like he feels a lot more detached from the world compared to the other shinigami. It's like he's a mindless machine doing what Kanade bids and he does it perfectly. It also feels like as if the heroine's pure soul was a tap that opened his feelings up ever so slightly but as soon as she's gone, it's closed again. It probably won't be opened ever again and Mint's back to his almost emotionless self.

      TO WHOEVER DECIDES WHO BECOMES A SHINIGAMI, JUST LET THESE BABIES HAVE PEACE AND DIE PLEASE!!! I'm looking forward to Kanade's CD a lot. I hope most of our questions get answered but I doubt it. Rejet's really good with answering some only to leave us with a dozen in it's place…

      Haha it's okay~~ I know it's hard to put all these Rejet feels into words. Which is why my ramblings never make sense. w

      I WILL DO MY BEST!! And PC is in repair but thank god for my laptop xD

  2. I was waiting for your translation, thanks again for your hard work~
    You’re right, how does Mint could be so calm after doing it and send you away? He makes like it was easy but I think he keeps his feelings and toughts for himself. Yes! Track 3 was so cute! He speaking about the others shinigami, he opened to us and maybe he didn’t noticed but we see a little of his real self >o<.
    I thinked the same, i was waiting more from him because I'm Tori chan's fan but my heart doesn't doki-doki so much as with Itsuki or Shion.

    • If Mint keeps his thoughts and feelings to himself then he’s doing a damn great job at it. At times I just really don’t know if I should read into it. I’m sure I’d ドキ more if I did but I don’t want to ruin what Rejet presented us with QwQ

  3. Thanks for the translation! I’ve been waiting forever! Mint’s so calm, but that’s probably because he accepts that she’s gone. Please can you do the translation of Sweet Blossom? Thanks! Hope for Kanade!

    • Hi Samantha!! Thanks for your comment~ If you’d look at my Translation backlog, Sweets Blossom -Keita- is there already. I’ll get around to it one day but right now, I’m not quite sure when ^^;;

  4. Wow! This Mint guy, I don’t really know what to say about him. He somehow stirred a lot of emotions inside me, I ended up crying almost as much as I did with Hinata and Shion D: And particularly one of his last lines: “Do you hate this me who can only say such words to your corpse?” T^T I think its so full of emotion, it sounds to me as a self reproach for not being able to feel devastated.
    Anyway, thank you so much for your translation! ^w^ I’m sorry about your PC and I hope you can retrieve your files!
    I’ll wait patiently for Kanade’s translation, I want to know once and for all what’s been up with that guy! Toying with everybody’s feelings >m<.

  5. i hope you can do kanade’s as well when u have time alright i don’t want to pressure you ^^ but it’s really sad my heart feels that it’s being stabbed so much it practically feels like knives hurting me alot

  6. Thank you for translating Seventh Heaven.
    Anyway, I’m sorry to bother you at a time like this, but I was wondering… when will you have a chance to post the translation of Kanade’s volume of Seventh Heaven, along with Seventh Heaven’s tokuten CDs? Since, I’ve been waiting since November 2013… and I would love to read you translation of Kanade’s.

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