Confessions of a Fangirl Blogger

So I came across this blog post my friend did, and despite being completely different bloggers I thought I’d give it a shot. He’s a writer and blogs about his life and me? Can you even call me a blogger? LOL I only ever put up translations nowadays. Anyhow, I thought this’d be pretty interesting to see how my answers differed from other bloggers so here goes.


When did you first start blogging and why?

My very first blogging site was actually livejournal and according to my archives I started blogging 5th July 2010. Guess what my very first post was? This. IDE LOL Wow I mean I didn’t even start with an intro post. I just went straight into fangirling ahaha.

Why did I start blogging? I think it was mostly because one of my closest friends got a blog and she started blogging her art. I’m crappy at art so all I had were words haha. Another reason was probably not knowing where to put my feels about the otome-related things I was starting to get exposed to. My Japanese wasn’t that great back then and I only just joined Twitter so I didn’t know many people in the otome fandom. I wasn’t even on Tumblr back then. xD

Have you had any past online presence?

Yes. Do I have to reveal myself? Skdfjao;efij Okay, so if you have ever seen a cherries888 that’s probably me. I think I used that to sign up for Quizilla or Mangatraders or something. Or one of those Shoko-chan is me as well, though since that one’s a pretty commonly used username, it might not be me. I mostly used that on forums and I remember using it for or I forget if I’ve actually changed my username now. I’m more of a lurker than anything else on those sites anyway. I HAVE written before but pfftttt don’t remind me. I don’t want to look back at my crappy writing. Nor do I want to look at the folder of unfinished original stories/fanfiction. They. Are. Horrible. Back when I was a noob on the internetz _(:3 」∠)_ eeeewwww Please don’t stalk my old accounts LOL

So that’s my past and now I’m Doropyan. Cookie for you if you can guess where I got my username from. ;3c Or should I make it a translation request? Though I’m scared too many of you guys will guess correctly and my backlog will just go BOOM!

When did you become serious about your blog?

最初から本気でやったつもりだったけど・・・ww I really did try to be serious about updating my blog and what not but life accounts are easier done on Facebook and Twitter. I’m really and extremely lazy when it comes to game ‘reviews’ or summaries. I mean I haven’t even finished writing about Miyako and Eikoku Tantei Mysteria orz. I actually had Hiiro no Kakera ~Shin no Tamayori Hime Denshou~, Abunai ~Koi no Sousashitsu~, Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom (yes the localised version) and Hana Awase ~Mizuchi~ somewhere on my summary list but uuhhh…. *hides*

I think I’m the most serious about my blog right now since I really want to become a translator and doing casual translations for drama cds gives me chances to try my hand at actually doing translations. I’m still working on my style and trying to get a balance between literal and paraphrased translations. I didn’t used to feel bad about updating my blog but now I’m just like lskjdfaoseifj I’M SO SORRY THIS IS OUT SO LATE (I really am!! I swear SEVENTH HEAVEN Vol. 7 KANADE will be out soon and and I will be doing Shinigami Gakuen tokuten track too!!)

What was your first blog post?

My very first blog post was about Tohzuki Suzuya from Starry☆Sky ~In Spring~ (PC). AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH Back then the childhood friend was my ‘to go for’ type and hnnngggg. I didn’t actually cover his route in as much detail as I would if I rewrote it now but the CGs really bring back memories. I remember just staying up all night trying to finish his route because I couldn’t stop. I NEEDED TO FINISH THE ROUTE. LOL Screw the fact I had school the next day. xD

I also remember I played SS when I was completely obsessed about Kamiyan/HiroC and OnoD lskdfjaosi I was listening to their radio show~ (I’m so friggen behind right now haha) That was probably why I went straight for OnoD’s characters in Spring and HiroC’s in Summer XDD

What have been your biggest challenges blogging?

My biggest challenge is probably the most common one. Actually getting motivated to blog.

If I’m in the mood, I will do it or if there’s some hype about something I’ll make some nonsensical post. Nowadays I’m more prone to typing up apology/update posts because of the gaps between my blog posts orz. SEVENTH HEAVEN actually did get me on a schedule but that didn’t last long when Uni and holidays interrupted me. I’m just proud of getting 3 volumes out within a week or something LOL.

Another thing that’s…not so much challenging but one of my pet-peeves is that my posts…have to be in the exact same template as before and because of the huge gap between each post, I tend to forget it so I have to keep referring back to old posts ahah Especially for colour schemes =w=. I’m sorry for being so picky. It really only gives me more grief than my readers though haha.

What is the most rewarding thing about blogging?

The comments. QwQ Actually, maybe looking at my stats and seeing which posts are being viewed the most. It makes me really happy knowing I’m helping fellow fandomers (?) uhh or fangirls out there.

Now that I think about it, I don’t really mind if there are no comments on my posts. =3 I mean I get really excited when I get some but I’m satisfied just knowing that people read them >w< So thank you to all my readers and friends. Thank you to the ones who answer my stupid questions or give me their opinions. It really is hard to choose which drama cd I want to prioritise in translating haha.

What is the most discouraging thing about blogging?

Ehhhh~ Well, I suppose this doesn’t really apply to me but seeing my fellow bloggers and friends getting stressed over their posts or the comments they get (which some can easily be avoided if readers read the post properly) really discourages me from blogging.

I know that it won’t happen to me since what I put up isn’t something that will get too big. They’re mostly things that I enjoy personally. Little things that won’t expand as much as other things will. But I dunno, I guess when your friends get pushed to the point they hate blogging and wish to stop, it seriously dampens my motivation to finish a post. =/

What is your lasting inspiration or motivation?

Knowing I’m of help to the fandom and just the series I love. More otome content means the more likely I’ll stay interested. Something’s bound to catch my attention and make me want to scream, cry, bawl, hyperventilate and keysmash over it. Kimu-nii, Zakki and Zukki my babies The seiyuu are doing a damn good job at that mind you.

What is your blogging dirty little secret?


Naaah~ more like what secret? There is no secret when it comes to a fangirl blog!! I hope? Okay, maybe apart from the posts I’m holding back from you all xD I swear it’s only because they’re incomplete!! And if I don’t reply to your comment, it’s because I don’t know what to say without sounding awkward, repetitive, insincere… QwQ I read them all okay?! Heck I even read my spam. /shot

My secret (??) as a reader though… I READ ALL YOUR POSTS MY DEAR FRIENDS!! I REALLY DO I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO COMMENT ON BECAUSE I was probably fangirling with you when you were playing through the game or listening to the drama cd on twitter anyway haha.

What is your current goal as a blogger?

Get a damn schedule up LOL SCHEDULE MY BLOG POSTS OR SOMETHING. Or have some backlog. Finish the summaries I started but never finished! Ahhh yes and shorten my backlogs……..orz (≧ヘ≦)

Have you learned or become passionate about anything through blogging that caught you by surprise?

Not…really? I mean I started blogging about something I was really passionate about and it just grew? I’m more thankful at the fact I’ve broadened my information sources, make more friends and become a better googler. Yup. (눈‿눈✿)


So there you go haha. If any of you guys are going to do this post, I’d like it if you link me so I can stalk get to know you better? ;3c


8 thoughts on “Confessions of a Fangirl Blogger

  1. I have to admit, when I did this meme, I thought it would be just a random fun thing to do, but now that I’m reading other’s people answers, it’s interesting to see all the different reasons and thoughts everyone has for blogging. It’s a great to learn new things about someone.

    For one, I didn’t know you wanted to be a translator! I find that pretty awesome, especially since I tend to have quite of trouble when translating from English to Spanish or vice versa. I just can’t handle to think in two languages at once, I get confused. XD

    I hope you start blogging more often. I can understand how things like uni can get in the way of writing, especially in the final weeks of the semester. Not much that can be done about that, I guess. Assignments must be done and exams must be studied for, and everything will have to be put aside least we fail. But yeah, I do hope you get the time and motivation to just write and fangirl, hehe.

    I suggest to start small, like one or two blogpost a day, about anything you want, whether it’s about a pretty boy (regardless of him being real or animated, heh), or food, or even just the crazy weather we’re having! It’s your blog, and a great thing about that is that you get to write about anything you want. And if you just want to fangirl, nobody can stop you. 🙂

    • Haha thanks Seb!! I actually did consider doing one blog post a week just to see if I could keep it up but for now I’m thinking of keeping it as a pure translation blog. At least that’ll make me get something out a few times a month even if it’s sporadic. xDD

      I have a habit of tl;dr-ing every time I write something so if I actually do do something every week…oops. 2000 word about my life not intended but somehow appeared LOL

  2. Interesting to know and I think brings to mind the fact that there are such diverse reasons for blogging. Glad to see someone come from a LJ start x). I hope you keep growing with your fandom and that you persevere to become a translator – I really appreciate your translations for me when I sporadically ask about things.

  3. Doropyan!~ such good memories and cutesy squeals of a fangirl whenever it cuddled up to him like zomg kyaa! xD i want him to hug me too 3
    Hmm.. nice to see you have more motivation to blog than i do… I didn’t bother cause i’d probably be way too biased and too lazy as well …. (like we all aren’t)… anyways i guess for me watching and playing them is good enough for me as long as i can convince others around me to try them out too =P

    Blogging too often can become a pain especially since it can build pressure on you, for waiting readers on certain topics ;;;. ^Seb’s suggestion is good =3= keep it to one or two to start off with then build around your timetable! That way you’ll keep those D’s -lol-

    Just keep the fangirl squealing to a min. in public i.e. at uni お願い致します !~ not that i can really stop you… LOL

    • Do I call you Miriaria or you real name? /shot (I had to look at your email to work out who you were LMFAO)

      sldkfjao;eifj You knooowww omg you know where my Doropyan comes from!! I can tell!!! ksdfjasifdjoeij ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノ

      Awww but seeing bias blog posts are always interesting haha. Though the pain of trying to put your feels into sentences that make sense is hard…

      Pshhh, even if I try to keep it to a min, I’m always around otaku at uni so how CAN I not scream? xDD

  4. SOBBU I’M IN THE SAME BOAT AS YOU DOROPYAN WHENEVER I BLOG IT’S BEEN SUCH A HUGE GAP FROM MY LAST POST I HAVE TO REFERENCE AN OLD ONE OR I GET ANNOYED WWWWWWW I have to keep the same template too or else it bothers me xDD sometimes I wish I would have just chosen a simpler template to begin with!!! This is pretty fun though, I liked reading it and discovering we have much in common when it comes to blogging haha~

    It really is hard to keep up with blogging though :< especially with uni and classes and finals and homework taking up all of your time, and then you always want to make room for friends and family too so sometimes at night I have to debate whether I want to play an otoge or go out with friends to the bar and party wwww partying usually wins out in the end LOL

    I have to say comments and stats and seeing some of the stuff that people search that pings my posts are probably some of the best parts of blogging www I swear there are some weird search terms that people put in trying to find information about some of the stuff I've played or posted about xDDD ofc "english patch" is pretty high up there too though… xD

    Anyways I hope you had a great holiday and new year bby <333 I missed you while I was out of the blogging/otome-ing scene so I will do my best to stalk you better this coming semester!! 8DDD www <3333333

  5. So, is it fair to assume this blog is on indefinite hiatus? Looks like the author has moved on to other projects. Sorry to see her go.

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