Unboxing the MEGA!Order [Dec-Feb]

I don’t usually do unboxings of what I order but this time was just too big of an order that I thought I might as well do something with my blog. Something easy that doesn’t require brainwork haha. RL has been overworking me lately I hardly get 6 hours sleep a day anymore. Where did my glorious 12+hrs/day sleep go?!

So because Tsuzuramaru decided to play hard and stay out of stock for over a month, my AmiAmi shippment ended up being a combined order for 3 months (Dec-Feb). During that time, I’d accumulated stuff from Animate and Stellaworth (Jan-Feb) as well. They made a pretty big dent in my savings but thank god I was actually saving up for this haha.

I was actually expecting these to arrive tomorrow or the day after because of Australia’s crappy post but Japan’s postage efficiency (i.e. shipping on weekends as well) got them here today. Literally 3 days after I paid for them.

WARNING: Image heavy (click into them for the full sized image)


  • ‘Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita’/’I loved you since ages ago’ light novel + Specials (Bromide + Clearfile)
  • CD+DVD (Limited First Press Edition A) + Specials (Bromide + Changeable Cover)

Based on the really popular vocaloid song series by Honeyworks. The light novel covers Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu/Confession Rehearsal.

The CD is pretty much a compilation of most of the songs from the school-setting series. I’m just sad there wasn’t Yakimochi no Kotae -Another Story- QwQ  The DVD contains short story animation for each pairing which are from the above mentioned songs and Hatsukoi no Ehon/Picture Book of  My First Love. My favourite is still the two from Yakimochi no Kotae. >w< I really wanted Edition B for the cover but in Edition A, you get the prologue manga to Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu which was the only reason why I got this edition. sdlfkjaeifj It’s so bloody cute _(:3 」∠)_


  • Mahou Shounen Heart Magic Vol. 01 Kitty Dadga
  • Sweets Blossom -Keita-
  • Tsujisaki Gakuen Seitokai no Himitsu Vol. 03 Hinomiya Tsubaki

I HAVE COMPLETED THE CD COLLECTION FOR MARGINAL#4!!! YEAAAHH!! At least until the album is release and then we wait for the game =w=

Anyhow, I dunno if you noticed but most of the dramaCD order is Suzuki Yuuto hurhur. I couldn’t help it. My Yome is just too cute in these CDs sldkfjaoseime I’m still waiting for a few more CDs =w= Now Milky Chain, you’ve announced 2nd series for Tsujisaki. PLEASE LET ME HAVE MY WEDDING WITH KEITA!! Before that I’d like a trip down to France and maybe a few dates oh and getting jealous about him and some pretty french woman would be interesting too. /shot I have nothing to say about Tsujisaki. Nope. Fricken Margarine Tengu.

  • AMNESIA -Shin- Novel
  • AMNESIA -Ikki- Novel

These are the novels based on their respective routes in the first game, AMNESIA. Uhhh from memory of the description when I ordered, it’s from HIS point of view xD Can’t wait to find time to read it~

  • Hana Awase -Hime- (Game)

AHAHHAHAHA GUYS THIS IS THE GAME I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR SINCE MORE THAN A YEAR AGO!! I actually started playing it before I got it thanks to a dear friend who was kind enough to share her game files with me ❤ I LOVE YOU sdlkfjaoseijf I’ve stopped at my 2nd grinding stage just because RL things have kicked in but I’m sure I’ll get back to it soon. I tag all my live tweets about it as #gdi姫なのだ on twitter so if you’re interested, feel free to follow. OR block it if you don’t want to be spoiled.

  • Katae ni Saku wa Mashiro no Hana
  • Tabete Inotte Koi wo shite

Both are Shokatsu Koumei x Yamada Hana (Sangoku Rensenki -Otome no Heihoudoujinshi. When I saw Satsuki-sensei tweet about the first one I just had to get it. The second one’s just one I came across and liked the art of >w<


  • FREE! Colour Collection Box Set + Box Set Special

I regret absolutely nothing. They look adorable and omfg that box set special is just laksjdfoaisj *strokes* Now I’m waiting for the FREE! Colour Collection Display Boxes to be released so I can put them safely in one each and decorate my shelf. owo

  • Kyoukai no Kanata Bookmarks + Box Set Special

_(:3 」∠)_ Now I don’t have to use old train  tickets to bookmark my things and I can still have eyecandy hurhur. Aaaaahhh HIROOMI IN THAT WHITE SUITE I CAN’T ALKJFAOIJFD And yeah, I got the box because of the special again. >w< But thank god I have friends who’d gladly by the extras/doubles I won’t keep ww ❤

  • Ken ga Kimi Deka Keychains (Suzukake; Tsuzuramaru; Sakyou; Kei)

TSUZURAMARU DECIDED TO GET ORDERED!! Yeah w I backordered him first and he was the last to come. I sometimes wondered if he had gotten lost or something on the way to Amiami LMFAO. But at least I have him now ww Time to change keychains but uhhh dunno if it’ll fit in my purse xD

  • Kyoukai no Kanata Galaxy S4 DezaJacket (Akihito; Hiroomi)

My first phone covers and I’m having a hard time to decide which to use. If I use it, they’ll cover my Haruka decoration sticker too. But pretty phone………… QwQ

  • FREE! Pinched Keychain+Phone charm (Nanase Haruka)
  • Yowamushi Pedal Keychain (Manami Sangaku)


  • Yes You Are Right -Anata no Jinsei Koutei- CD Vol. 03 ~Warae! 30 Sai~

OMG guys….. the did it again. THEY PUT THE SEIYUU’S FACE ON THE BACK. Why didn’t Zukki’s CD get this *sobs* Only Zakki and Takasaka go it _(:3 」∠)_ Was Zukki not ikemen enough for you Animate?? QwQ

  • FREE! DVD Vol. 5&6
  • Kuroko no Basuke Season 2 DVD Vol. 1&2

Uhhhh I’m a collector so *cough* The only 2 series I’ve collected and they BOTH decide to have 2 seasons (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻

  • Eikoku Tantei MYSTERIA Musical Live ~The Opera Mystery Case~ DVD

The seiyuu……. cosplay as the characters the voice from the game to act out this musical. sldkfjaoseijf KIMU-NII I CAN’T WAIT BECAUSE ALKSFJAOWIDJ SCREAMS THEN LUPIN OMFG CANNOT TAKE ARRRRGGGHHH *lies in a puddle of feels*

  • Natsume Yuujinchou Itsuka Yuki no Hi ni DVD (Complete Limited Production Edition)

This contains 3 discs. The OVA disc, the DVD for the SoundTheatre stage where the seiyuu voice act along with live music. Then there’s the disc for Nyanko-sensei digital contents. I haven’t actually looked properly at what’s in it but IT LOOKS CUTE LIKE REALLY CUTE LAKJFAOEIJ Uggghh the whole package for this DVD set is amazing… My aim is to collect the past DVDs of Natsume and oh I will. I’ll raid BookOff! and get the best price. I WILL GET IT because that’s just how much I love it. I don’t even know how many times I’ve read the manga, watched the anime. I haven’t started the light novel yet either. ww I think there’s a new fanbook too so owo

So yeah, that’s the end of my unboxing. Long I know. And I probably won’t be doing another one because I’ll make sure this is the last time I get such a big package. A 3 month wait but it was totally worth it. Now I’ll just put everything on my shelves, crawl back to work and uhhh come back to it later which may be in 6 months since I can’t take it all to Japan with me hahahaha


6 thoughts on “Unboxing the MEGA!Order [Dec-Feb]

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff. And you got Stellaworth’s Kitten cd! I really wanted it this month, but it’s unavailable so I’ll have to wait a couple months to get with the next batch of cds, unless they don’t restock it _(:’3 / <)_. More Suzuki Yuuto love! ( ノ๑•́ ヮ•̀๑)ノ ~♡

  2. wow everything looks great, so jealous! just for future reference, how much was the total for all the goods? and how much for the total shipping? once again, you’re so lucky to have all this merch 😀

    • _(:3」∠)_ I’m sorry but I’d like to keep the cost of this order closed just for personal reasons but I’d say it’s easy to work out an estimate if you’re familiar with the items ^^;; All I can tell you is that I needed a steady income to support this hobby /shot

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