Hello Thar Japan Vol. 02

I’m thinking I should just call it Hello Thar Dear Despair with the amount of Rejet stuff I’m getting and going to haha.

4th April 2014

So I didn’t give up and I went to do kujibiki at the Rejet Shop for a 2nd and 3rd time AND FFUUUUU 3RD TIME LUCKY!!!! YEEAAAHHH!! I went after uni so 2 of the Ken ga Kimi pillows was out of stock (sobs my Suzukake and Shady slkdfjaoseijf) so I ended up getting Saneaki and Enishi. Funny how they’re my two least favourite characters but I LOVE the picture on the pillow the most. I guess the way they cropped the picture was better than the other 2. Well, anyhow I stayed away from there as much as possible until the end of month…not really since I took my friend who was in Japan there ww But that’s another story.

SO I avoided the store as much as possible but the kitchen…… was another thing. The Marginal#4/Ken ga Kimi/TYB collaboration ends 25th April so I had to go owo.

I was going to sit at Suzukake’s table but I’d been in that part of the café before so I went to the other side and found Shady =w=. It was just my luck Nao-nii Saitou was right next to him. owo Ahhh~ Can you feel the table just oozing despair? >w<

I came back later with a friend so I took more pictures of the place and the tables so I’ll just compile them all here xDD

Anyhow, first time eating this menu and I didn’t feel that hungry so I ordered L’s drink and the Ken ga Kimi parfait.

The Marginal#4 drink was so cute alskjfosaeij They had star shaped agar jelly pieces in it and because the kiwi syrup is denser than the calpis the way it creates a gradient from syrup to calpis is *A*!! I couldn’t stop staring at it aaahhh!! It was really a pity when I had to mix it up to drink it lol. I had to, the syrup’s WAY too sweet to drink on it’s own haha.

The Ken ga Kimi parfait was interesting. I honestly thought it was going to be just a normal green tea parfait but nope! The name of it mentioned the 5 swords of heaven (天下五剣) so they had 5 different layers… kind of. Starting from the bottom is crushed puff pastry, milk pudding, sesame pudding, hanami dango topped with black sugar syrup and cream.

I was skeptical about the pudding but it turned out to be really nice!! Milk pudding and puff pastry tasted like malt but then when you add in the sesame pudding it changes. I don’t know how to describe it but it was really nice… *Q* and filling LOL. I really didn’t expect that ww It got pretty sweet down the bottom because the syrup was soaked up by the pastry but the milk pudding kind of made it mild? It was a great dessert >w< ❤

As usual, after you pay, they give you a random coaster but LOL I got L which I’m really happy about!! I’m not that into TYB so MARGINAL#4 FTW!!! /shot


5th April 2014

So after my string of Rejet stuff it was time for something completely unrelated. Namja Town!! My friend Jinxie took me there thinking it was the last day of the Yowamushi Pedal campaign (we later found out they extended it to early May haha) and alskedjfaosiejf Yeah, we kinda went crazy haha.

We go in a bit before 11am and grabbed a ticket for one of the games, High Cadence (something or other). It’s a lottery where you turn then wheel and hope for the best as each ball drops out. xDD We had a little time before our designated time so we decided to go grab some food. With every campaign, they have a special character menu for food and desserts.

I love everyone in YowaPeda but MANAMI IS MY ANGLE ANGEL (yes I know he’s not really one but that’s what I love about him). With each food, you get a post card and ww MANAMIIIIIII AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH /shot We actually had dessert after the first game but I’ll shove it in here too haha.

So food was dumplings and they’re made pretty well. Can’t say the beat my homemade ones but they got the stuffing right! I could taste the sweet/savoury juice from the meat and YUSH that’s how it’s supposed to be. Manami’s dish was a gyoza-don meaning I got rice under the dumplings. There was also butter on top so it was an interesting combination but dunno if it was because I was hungry, if it was good or IF IT WAS JUST BECAUSE OF MANAMI STARING AT ME WHILE I WAS EATING but I really liked it.


So obviously for dessert, I went for the Manami cake. OMG you don’t know how adorable it was lkafsjaoaisjf The shop was also famous for making really yummy cakes and yeah, they do deserve that recognition. >w< The cake was basically a slice of cake, wedge-shaped placed on the plate like it hill. On it they had a road-racer made out of chocolate but here’s the best part. Behind it was a pair of wing aslkejfaoseijf *CRIES* When I was eating it, it felt like I was the one who broke his wing uggghhh (FEELS…..all my feels _(:3」∠)_ ) There was some fruit on the side and they gave me a Manami flag/toothpick ww



Jinxie loves her YowaPeda, but she’s mostly a Sohoku fan so guess what she ordered ww

So that was the food and now off to the games!! Fukutomi and Arakita goods were out of stock so fast LOL I’m just glad I’m not a huge fan of them. My poor friend Jinxie loves everyone, especially Fukutomi so haha oh her pain…

First up was the High Cadence (max of 5 turns per ticket) where I could get a pillow, pop stand, can badge or post card. My first try and 5 postcards LOL MY BAD BAD LUCK ww I tried a second time and I actually got my pop stand, can badge and more post cards but HEY I GOT MY MANAMI AND HAKOGAKUUUUUU /slapped.

The other game was Tadokoro’s Pan-taoshi (i.e. Tadokoro’s Knock-over the bread/burger) ww Instead of cans, they have 6 foam thingies which are stacked. You get 2 throws per turn (a max of 2 turns per ticket). The prizes were mini bags, microfibre cloths and bookmarks. I couldn’t throw for my life. I mean one of my beanbags scraped the side of one of the foams but it didn’t fall so ww 2 boomarks for me. Honestly that’s all I wanted since I wouldn’t even use the other stuff haha.My friend though, had pretty good aim so she got a Sohoku mini bag and something else. She did that game again where as I chose High Cadence instead ww

By the time we finished or 3rd game it was about time to meet up with a friend of Jinxie’s. Before that we made a quick stop at Ikebukuro Animate so Jinxie could pick up a few things and sakjf;oaisej;falskj;loijfa AHHHHHHHHHH Didn’t have time to look around the 8 floors slowly but DON’T WORRY I HAVE MANY MORE CHANCES HAHAHA!! I did end up buying books… HERO-sensei….. ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ There was the Kamigami no Asobi Animate Cafe caravan outside but I didn’t have time to try it.

After Animate, we went back near Sunshine 60 and had lunch/early dinner at that bread place with another 2 friends lol! I really don’t remember what it is but hey all you can eat bread, all you can drink! I ordered a creamy corn soup and the mustard, garlic chicken ksjdhfaisfh It was so SOOOO GOOOD *Q* I really need to go again because though it’s a little on the expensive side, it was totally worth it. I was so full after! Probably from all the bread I ate though. I mean they were fresh out of the oven!! Someone come with me again!!


It was too early to go back to the dorm so we went to karaoke for 2 hours later at Uta Heya. I wanted to go to Karaoke no Tetsujin because it was the second last day for the Rejet Song Collaboration but the place was WAY too crowded. 2 hrs later and yeah, that was pretty much the end of the first of many otaku outings to Ikebukuro with friends ww.


6th April 2014

Finally something non-otaku haha We went on an excursion with exchange students and a few Japanese students who are tutors. I sat  in the middle of bus 2 and man, we were rowdy haha. My tutor was there as well as the other person she tutors. We call her Mama haha. The other 5 tutors on the bus also sat around us so yeah…explains why we were so noisy. Everyone else on the bus was just so quiet owo;;

Anyhow, we were off to Saitama for the day and the first thing we did was go down the rapids in a boat. I kind wanted the get wet because the sun was pretty hot but the water a cool and refreshing. THE AIR WAS DELICIOUS!! I’m not kidding. It just smelled so good I couldn’t stop taking deep breaths in LOL


After the rapids, we went to make udon which was going to be out lunch. I didn’t know it was so tedious just to make 2-3 servings of udon but hey, mine turned out pretty yummy =w= Nice chewy texture~ ❤ Pity they didn’t give us a lot of toppings when we ate so it wasn’t that filling. I didn’t have any problems with that because next was my search for the strawberry prince Seiya /shot

I mean…Strawberry Eating Picking. We couldn’t take any home so you had to eat it there. Sorry Seiya, I couldn’t make a strawberry milkshake for you QwQ I don’t know how it started but our rowdy Bus 2 group decided to have a competition to see how many strawberries we could eat. I ate 51 in total, sizes averaged about 3cm in diameter and 6cm in length ww. There were some HUGE ones that I had to take 4 bites to finish it off. You can tell how red and sweet the ones I picked were by how red the juice dyed my hand haha.


By the way, if you think 51 is a lot, think again. My tutor ate 100 strawberries LOL I’m pretty sure they were average sized too… She only stopped because we ran out of time (we got 40 mins) and there were no more red ones left in the greenhouse ww I think that was pretty much the best part of the trip xDD ALL THE STRAWBERRIES MADE ME HIIIIIGGGGHHH LIKE A BIIRRDDD /bricked.

Next post is really just me and Jinxie taking Ticky around Ikebukuro then me taking Izzy around Ikebukuro owo;; yeah, I was out 3 days in a row… to Ikebukuro LMFAO. Not healthy AT ALL.


4 thoughts on “Hello Thar Japan Vol. 02

  1. uwaaa i wanna have an otome time there as well;w;. Seiya is coming out today!!! gl on looting him and others 😀 (Seiyaaaa strawberryyyyy)

    • QwQ I really hope you can go there one day akxkqlgk

      Haha, I actually have Seiya preordered from SKiT so I don’t have to fight other fangirls. They’re…so much more haedcore ide…

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