黒蝶のサイケデリカ キャラクターCD Vol.1 緋影 Translation

HikageCoverTitle: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Character CD Vol. 1 Hikage


緋影 (Hikage) ー 石川界人 (Ishikawa Kaito)


This CD has major spoilers. As in, listen to this and it’ll give away the whole game for you. The song shouldn’t be too bad but track 02 is. So read at your own risk or play the game before you read.

Okay so I might be exaggerating a bit.

Track 01 – Character Song「黒蝶夢想」(Black Butterfly Dream)


もう空には戻れない 堕ちるだけ
求めることは狂気 この翅(はね)は罪の色

差し出す手を汚すだけ やめてくれ
無防備な微笑みに 否(いな)むしか 術もない

バラバラに壊れた 約束も
「大丈夫だよ」と 嘘ついたあの日も

無理矢理 奪う口吻(くちづけ)だけが
君に触れた 僅かな真実
こぼれてく 記憶の欠片
すこしだけ 君が憎いよ

水面に爪たてるように いつまでも
歪んだ水鏡に ヒカリなど映らない

泣きじゃくり それでも まっすぐに
奇跡のように 羽ばたくその姿

底の見えない 時の奈落か?
叶うことなき 願いを抱いて
夢を見るよ 愚かな夢を

無理矢理 奪う口吻(くちづけ)だけが
君に触れた 僅かな真実

底の見えない 時の奈落か?
時を戻して 君に逢いたい
夢を見るよ 優しい夢を




Ame ha furiyamanai
Mou sora ni ha modorenai
Ochiru dake
Motomeru koto ha kyouki
Kono hane ha tsumi no iro

Yami ni owari ha nai
Sashi dasu te wo yogosu dake
Muboubi na hohoemi ni
Inamu shika sube mo nai

Kitto kimi no sei da ne
Bara bara ni kowareta yakusoku mo
“Daijoubu da yo” to usotsuita ano hi mo

Eien dakara zetsubou nano ka?
Aa hajime kara machigatteta no ka?
Muriyari ubau kuchitzuke dake ga
Kimi ni fureta wazuka na shinjitsu
Kobereteku kioku no kakera
Sukoshi dake kimi ga nikui yo

Ame ha furitsutzuku yo
Minamo ni tsume tateru you ni
Itsu made mo
Yuganda mizu kagami ni
Hikari nado utsuranai

Kimi ha maitatsu chouchou
Nakijakuri sore demo massugu ni
Kiseki no you ni habataku sono sugata
Hidoku itoshii

Tadoritsuite mo zetsubou nano ka?
Soko no mienai toki no naraku ka?
Kanau koto naki negai wo daite
Yume wo miru yo orokana yume wo

Eien dakara zetsubou nano ka?
Aa, hajime kara machigatteta no ka?
Muriyari ubaru kuchitzuke dake ga
Kimi ni fureta wazuka na shinjitsu

Tadoritsuite mo zetsubou nano ka?
Soko no mienai toki no naraku ka?
Toki wo modoshite kimi ni aitai
Yume wo miru yo yasashii yume wo

Tabidachi no sono taki ga kita
Hora yagate ame mo agaru
Sono chou ha tadoritsuketa ka?
Saigo ni ha waratteita ka?


English Translation

The rain will not stop falling.
It can’t return to the sky,
It will only keep falling.
What I sought was madness,
These wings are the colour of sin.

There is no demise in despair.
I’ll only dirty the hand you offer.
Please stop it.
To your unguarded smile,
I can only decline

It is definitely your fault.
The promises broken into pieces,
And the day I told the lie “it will be okay”,
You make me recall them.

Is it because it’s eternal so it is despairing?
Aah was I wrong from the start?
Only the kiss I forcefully stole,
Was the little truth that you experienced.
They’re overflowing, the pieces of memory.
Just a little bit, I despise you for that

The rain keeps falling.
As if scratching at the water’s surface,
Upon the warped reflective water surface,
Not even light is reflected.

You are a soaring butterfly as if dancing.
Sobbing, yet even then so determined.
Just like a miracle, the way you take flight,
Is extremely dear.

Even if we make it there, will it be despair?
Is it a hell of endless time?
Holding onto my impossible wish,
I will dream a foolish dream.

Is it because it’s eternal so it is despairing?
Aah was I wrong from the start?
Only the kiss I forcefully stole,
Was the little truth that you experienced.

Even if we make it there, will it be despair?
Is it a hell of endless time?
I want to turn back time and meet you.
I will dream a tender dream.

The time to set off is here.
See, soon the rain will stop.
Did that butterfly make it?
In the end was it smiling?


Track 02 – Another Ending Drama

This is my final memory. It is the last memory of that long dream. If you wish, then I will tell you of it once again. Of my final lie that won’t ever be granted.

(BGM Plays)


Beniyuri: Don’t, Hikage-kun! Put the gun down!

Hikage: I was wrong from the start. The one who killed my sister and the one who created this abyss is me! This…is all I can…do!

B: That’s not true! There’s still a way to revive, a way to do things again-!

H: I have sinned. I must accept the punishment for it.

B: *Gasp*

H: This abyss is like a heat haze. It’s only…a dream of the dead. Dreams will be woken up from. For me and you, the time to wake up has come.

B: Hikage-kun!! (…! I can’t move my feet properly! Why? But I have to stop Hikage-kun…! Stop!! Please!!)

H: …! A white butterfly?

B: Butterfly? Usagi-chan? You’ll help me? Ah! My feet…! They moved! Hikage-kun!!

[2:00] *Thump*

H: Ngh! Beniyuri, move. I don’t want to drag you into this as well.

B: Please don’t say that!

H: …? Beniyuri…?

B: Hikage-kun…you really are siblings with Usagi-chan. She said the same thing. That she didn’t want to drag me into this as well.

H: She did…?

B: But that’s really a really sad thing to say. When someone dear is suffering, not being able to be beside them is…very painful. Don’t do something like taking your own life. That kind of thing…absolutely don’t do that!

H: I was the one who tried to trick you all. You can resent me, hate me, even kill me. Yet you…why do you cry?

[3:03] *Drops gun*

B: Hikage-kun…

H: That’s why I told you not come close to me. You…until the very end, won’t even let me to just die as I please. To think you’d allow me to exist like that… I didn’t want you to experience the fear of disappearing…

B: Huh?

H: You can see it right? That the mansion is crumbling. The world I created, now without my will, is starting to fall apart.

B: This abyssal world…will fall apart?

H: Yes. But you don’t have to worry. You are still alive. You will probably be able to return to reality as it is. However…

B: However?

H: If you’re with me you will have to experience the collapse of the abyss, the fear of your existence gradually disappearing. Can you endure that?

B: It is a lot better than seeing Hikage-kun die.

H: *Chuckles* I keep telling you. I am already dead.

B: No, that’s not true. Hikage-kun, you lived here together with me. You talked with me, lived every day with me. It’s that Hikage-kun that I…!

H: Beniyuri…

[4:35] *Glass breaks*

H: You’re right. If this is the end then just a little…give me just a little of your time. Before I wake up from this dream I want just a little bit of the warmth of being alive. *Hugs* I actually wanted to end everything before I held you in my arms like this.

B: Why?

H: The abyss is a world made from my will. I became scared of how I might end up keeping you here just by thinking of not wanting to disappear. I don’t want to cause pain to a person I hold dear anymore.

B: Person you hold…dear?

H: I don’t want to admit it though. But it’s already too late. If you end up unable to go back, don’t complain okay?

B: Does that mean you don’t want to forget about me?

H: I don’t want to admit it though.

B: *Giggles*

H: Wh-?! Why do you laugh?

B: You will be you after all. You’re not honest with yourself even at this kind of time.

H: If you are going to say that then it is the same for you, being so meddlesome until the end. Let me get a clear view of your face.

B: My face?

H: Yes. Your cheeks, your eyes, your lips. I want to engrave them all in here. It’s okay if you forget. No, forget about me.

B: But…! *Gasp* Your face…I can’t see it clearly. Why?

H: The end is near. We will eventually be unable to see each other.

B: No! I want to remember everything! To be with you more and…!

H: It’s enough. Please don’t say anything more. Your lips are warm. I can tell with my fingertips. Touching them makes me want to touch them even more. It makes me want to spend much more time with you.


B: I also…want to spend more time with you.

H: Are you crying again? Your cheeks are wet.

B: Hikage-kun… *Sigh*

H: If you press your cheek against my hand like that I can’t wipe your tears.

B: Hikage-kun’s hand…is warm. I wish you could keep touching me like this. Stay with me? At least until we wake up from this dream

H: Haha. What a convenient dream. I completely did whatever I wanted yet in the end I’m the one who is saved. A human like me is not worthy of this dream. But it’s a pleasant dream.

B: But I wanted to dream of another dream as well.

H: Hm? What kind?

B: One where we chat normally under the sun, have fun, go to school together. I wanted to see a variety of your expressions.

H: Schools just a place to study isn’t it? What’s enjoyable about that?

B: It is fun. Studying with you, I’m sure even just leading a normal life with you would be enjoyable.

H: …Is that that all you want? You are surprisingly not greedy.

B: Then what about you, Hikage-kun?

H: I want to just hold your hand, stay by your side and look at you like this. Because if I open my mouth I’m afraid I’ll say something unnecessary…

B: Hm? *Gasp*

H: What? Don’t get flustered all of a sudden. It makes me feel embarrassed too. Even though I can’t see you well, I can feel your body temperature rise.

B: Oh, you’re right. Your hand is hot too. Haha, we’re the same. …Hey, Hikage-kun.

H: What is it?

B: Telling you this now might trouble you but… I…love you, Hikage-kun.

H: I know.

B: Yeah, but I wanted to put it into words. Right now, that’s the only way I can convey it to you.

H: Hmph.

B: Hikage-kun?

H: There are other ways than words.

B: What do you me- mph!

H: *Kiss* These are my feelings.

B: *Gasp*


H: Until the very end, the only thing I could do was steal from you.

B: No, they’ve been conveyed clearly. But even though I want to look at you even more, my eyes are blurring and you seem like you’re somewhere far away.

H: Then you just have to come close. So close that we only know of each other.

B: Will we really disappear?

H: Beniyuri, this is a dream so when you wake up, reality is waiting for you.

B: But…!

H: It is a happy reality. You are surrounded by friends, leading a happy life, living each day happily. I am born and live each day as a student like you. You and I both do not notice each other at first. But…one day, for sure… I will find you. I will find you and touch you like I am now. If you notice that, please notice me.

B: …Okay. This isn’t the end, is it?

H: No. You are simply returning to reality. You can start over from there. Let us meet again on the other side. I am looking forward to a life which does not have any special happenings.

B: You’re still saying things like that even now?

H: I can’t help it. This is who I am.

B: Yeah. It is. I’m…also looking forward…to meeting you.

H: Goodbye, Beniyuri. Until we meet again.


Track 03 – Situation Voice “Good Morning”

*Birds tweet, door opens and closes*

[0:09] You’re late. Didn’t you hear me? I said you’re late. I’m not being strict or anything. I waited a long time for you to wake up. I’m allowed to complain at least this much.

[0:28] Wait. Your hair is messy. You’d better fix it. *Sigh* Don’t say you don’t care. If you won’t fix it yourself then… Hm, no. It’d be weird if I touch it. Fix it properly yourself after all.

*Rummages for and turns on hairdryer*

[0:54] Geez… Hey, it’s the same with your clothes. Straighten out your collar and hem! It makes you look neat that way, right? Hey, around your neck-! I told you, I won’t fix it for you. Do something about it yourself. Yes, okay. That’s good.

[1:17] Forget about saying thanks. Be a little more self-aware. You always have too many gaps in your guard. The guys all misread the meaning of those gaps so be more careful with your surroundings. I’m not always there to look out for you.

[1: 36] You were just about to yawn weren’t you? *Sigh* I’m not telling you not to yawn. It’s just that it makes me feel uneasy when I think you’ll let anyone see you like that.

[1:53] Then do you only let me see? What are your intentions of letting me see you so unguarded?

[2:03] Ha, it’s a joke. You’re panicking too much. Well, it doesn’t feel bad knowing you trust me. But that and your appearance are different problems. Make sure you clean up well. If you understand then that’s good.

[2:23] Even so, you really look tired. Don’t tell me you stayed up late last night.

[2:35] Am I right? *Sigh* When you sleep is none of my business but I don’t like how you didn’t heed my warning. Even though I told you to sleep early so you’re not half asleep like that.

[2:54] A book? Were you reading the one that I lent you? That’s not a bad thing but it’s not something you need to stay up late reading right?

*Flips through book*

[3:11] Hmmm… I see. So you like those types of books. Then next time I’ll lend you another book from the same author. It’s the same writing style but they try their hand at different subject so it’s quite an interesting book. Of the book the end is the most excellent…! Wait, you should find out when you actually read it.

[3:33] Huh? No, I’m not delighted or anything. You’ve taken a liking to it so I’m just simply lending it to you. There’s nothing else to it.

[3:46] It’s nothing you need to thank me for. When you’re so straight forward like that I…don’t know how to respond.

[3:55] Now that I think about it, the main character is similar to you. Pure and honest, rash and problems keep arising for her, and always makes people around her worry.

[4:08] See, you don’t realise it yourself. Your actions actually baffle people around you more than you think so be careful. If you weren’t like that, I wouldn’t nag so much.

[4:23] You’re so unguarded with your appearance and actions I’m so worried whether you’ll say careless things to other guys. Really, you don’t even know how I feel about it…

[4:40] I’m worried about you but I’m not trying to criticise you. It’s just that I’m worried you might be stolen way by someone. Ah! I said something unnecessary. Anyhow, make sure you sleep a little earlier tonight. Or do you need me to remind you when to sleep?

[5:02] Well…if you ask me to… it’s not something I can’t do… Don’t be so happy. Really. You’re such a handful.

[5:20] Oh, right. I just remembered I still haven’t said this yet. Good morning. I’ll be in your care again today.


Track 04 – Situation Voice “Good Night”

[0:10] What? Weren’t you going to sleep? You said you wanted me to stay here until you fell asleep so I was waiting but if you don’t intend to, then I’ll go home.

[0:21] I’m joking. I’ll leave after I tell you of my opinions.

[0:29] What’s with that face? I’m not going to scold you or anything. It’s just an opinion. Because apparently things you remember right before you go to sleep are retained more easily in your memory. Things like these are best said before sleeping.

*Pours tea*

[0:49] In the first place, asking me to stay with you until you fall asleep, I think you’re being a little too spoilt. The time before you sleep is usually used to get ready for the next day and sort out your necessities and thoughts, isn’t it? For you to spend such precious time to be with me… You should think a little more about how you spend your time.

[1:10] Hm. You’re not listening to me are you? *Sigh* Why are you laughing? No, nevermind. It’s nothing! I was just reflecting on how I’ve done nothing but nag. I told you just then what you do in the time before you sleep is retained easier right? If it stays in your memory so clearly then I just want to cherish this time.

[1:51] I thought you were thinking the same thing too when you chose me to stay by your side. What? Am I wrong? You’re not the only one who’s using up their time before sleep. I’m spending my precious time before I sleep like this especially for you. If I’m wrong then there’s no problem if I’m not here right?

[2:17] I’m joking. Your reactions are amusing when you panic so I just teased you a little. Even if you make that expression it’s no use. It’s unfair that you’re trying to make me say it even though you don’t want to admit the time you spend with me is precious.

[2:40] Are you still dissatisfied? Geez, at this rate it seems like you won’t be falling asleep at all.

[2:50] Well, I made a promise to you. I’ll stay until the end. The best thing would be if you’d fall asleep immediately but I can chat with you for a little while until you sleep. What do you want to talk about?

[3:08] A fairy tale? That’s not a conversation. And fairy tales of all things too? You’re not a child.

[3:19] So you can sleep with ease, huh… Unfortunately I don’t know my fairy tales well. Fine. Then I’ll look into some for next time. I’ll look for a pleasant story that you’ll sleep well to.

[3:41] Are you getting sleepy? Then it’s okay to close your eyes now. I’ll stay by your side until you fall asleep.

[3:53] Really, for you to want me to stay with you until you sleep, I bet something happened to make you feel down. Your clumsiness is something to behold but you have the intent to reflect on yourself. I admire that part of you. It’s okay even if you fail. Try hard again tomorrow. If there’s anything I can do, I’ll give you hand.

[4:23] Oh, she’s asleep huh. Hmph. Why is she laughing in her sleep? Really, you’re so unguarded. But I like it much more when you have that expression on. Having seen you sleep so peacefully, I feel like I can sleep well too.

[4:51] Good night. Sweet dreams.


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! It’s what, more than half-way through the day where I am (it’s bloody hot right now btw) and what have I done? Well I couldn’t make chocolate and send it out so I had to settle with sending all my dear readers this special little gift of despair on V-day. I know, I love you all too. Think of it as the pinch of salt on that chocolate to enhance the flavour~ ;3c That being said, I made salted caramel so if you know me IRL pop by my house? =D

I’ve had this translation sitting in my drafts for god knows how long. At least 6 months so I gave myself a goal actually finish this. I only have one thing to say to Hikage:

“Thank you so so so much for the taste of despair.”

Finishing the game on his end was the most painful thing I can remember since seeing Kise lose every single damn match even though he tried so hard! Yes, even more painful that Hime or Iroha in HA (though I still haven’t finished the 2nd game). So you’d think this dramaCD will be a little relief, a little bit more closure after his route but NOPE.

LOOK AT THE SONG LYRICS. And the alternate ending? I’ve listened to that track more than 20 times and I STILL. CRY. EVERY. SINGLE. DARN. TIME. Thank you Kaito and Mai-chan. Thank you very much for the wonderful voice acting. Whoever composed the BGM, I love you too.

I’m crossing my fingers for more HiBeni in the ‘sequel’ game. It doesn’t seem very likely from the main visual but I don’t want to give up. QwQ

Psst, visit Ili’s blog for the other character CD translations. I only did Hikage because…Hikage.

Enjoy the rest of your Valentine’s Day no matter how and who you spend it with!


P.S. Someone give me a pretty kaleidoscope so maybe I can wish Hikage into life. _(:3 」∠)_

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  1. OH GOD SORRY EMONG. I totally didn’t notice that you did Hikage’s CD track already sgdfkjghfkj and your translations are amazing as always :’D 私はもっと勉強しなきゃ.

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