極限のダミーヘッド官能ソングSEVENTH HEAVEN Bonus Track Translation

Title: Kyokugen no Dummy Head Kannou Song SEVENTH HEAVEN Bonus Tracks


アキラ(Akira) ー 野島健児 (Nojima Kenji)
ヒナタ(Hinata) ー 高橋広樹 (Takahashi Hiroki)
イツキ(Itsuki) ー 高橋直純 (Takahashi Naozumi)
ユーリ(Yuuri) ー 近藤隆 (Kondou Takashi)
シオン(Shion) ー 鈴木達久 (Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
ミント(Mint) ー 鳥海浩輔 (Toriumi Kousuke)
カナデ(Kanade) ー 森久保祥太郎 (Morikubo Shoutarou)


These tracks are bonus tracks for buying all six volumes from one seller. Each track is about 40 minutes long.

Animate – Shinigami’s Boys’ ♂ Talk

In short, this track full of slapsticks. Take a glimpse of the boys’ everyday life but beware. Your stomach muscles might be the ones going to Heaven in the end.

All Akira has been doing these days is playing poker or napping during the day. Our resident prank-loving master of the estate, Kanade, forces this shinigami with a lot of time on his hands to complete a mission.

“Something important of mine disappeared so go and find the culprit for me. I won’t take no as an answer.”

When Akira asks him “so what did you lose?”, our seriously, extremely sadistic Kanade-sama replies with “that’s a secret♪ Work it out yourself.”

Troubled, Akira goes around asking the other shinigami if they know what it is. Usually, the first to be suspected of pulling something like this would be the mischievous Shion.

Will Akira be able to safely find the culprit…?


Official (Skit Dolce) – Shinigami Academy Tales

You have just transferred into Shinigami Academy. During homeroom, Mint-sensei has an announcement about the school culture festival.

The cast for this track:

Homeroom Teacher: Mint
Scholarship Student: Kanade
Students: Akira, Hinata, Itsuki, Yuuri, Shion, You


Animate Bonus Track – Shinigami’s Boys’ Talk

*Bell tolls*

Kanade: Why, good evening. It seems you’ve met every member of SEVENTH HEAVEN. Really? Then I’ll show you something good. Now, close your eyes.

*Snaps fingers and crows fly around flapping their wings and cawing. Your vision blurs*

[0:39] *Clock chimes*

Mint:     Hm? No, it’s just my imagination. *Sigh*

Akira:    What is wrong Mint? You are frowning more than usual. Oh, I know. It is about Shion is it not?

M:          I would not want any more reasons than that.

A:          *Chuckles* What did he do this time?

M:          Damaging, destructing and several other things.

A:          Haha, I see, I see.

M:          Dogs and cats would be considered harmless compared to him, really.

A:          He is active so is that not a good thing? I do not get bored watching him. Besides, consider this. If he were to be quiet it would be disturbing. It will make you wonder what kind of wicked plan he is working on, giving you the slight chills.

M:          Well, you are right about that. *Sigh* I made you listen to something trivial. Let me make it up to you.

A:          There is no need. If you would just keep me company with this…

M:          Hm. Poker again? I don’t mind. I’ll be your opponent.

[2:05] *Shuffles cards*

M:          There has been one thing I needed to say to you from a long time ago.

A:          Hm? What is it?

M:          You… Have you ever beat Shion at poker before?

A:          …I plan to win next time.

M:          As I thought. Facing him head on will be useless because every single time, he chea-

Shion:    Oh! There they are! My Caretaker Team~

A:          Hm? What is this ‘Caretaker Team’ you speak of?

S:           Hah? It means exactly what it’s called. You don’t even know that? You look after me so you’re my Caretaker Team. Got it?

A:          I see.

M:          Don’t accept that! So, Shion. What do you need now? I don’t want any more trouble, okay?

S:           Hah? What the hell? You make it sound like I bring trouble with me every single time!

M:          That is what I intended for it to sound like.

S:           Well. It’s exaaactly like you said though! Anyways. Yuri’s brought someone into the mansion again.

M:          Sigh. Tch. That fool!

[3:16] *Gets up and runs out of the room*

S:           Hehe…ahahahahaha… Man that’s hilarious~

A:          Oi. Don’t tell me…

S:           Sigh. It’s a lie~! Mint totally fell for it. This is why pulling pranks on serious guys is so addictive, man.

A:          Dear god. It is your choice to enjoy tricking your fellow shinigami but if you take it too far, you will get into trouble, okay?

S:           Hah? Are you scolding me even though you’re just Akira? In terms of being a shinigami, I’m more than 300 years older than you, okay? Damn brat.

A:          Well, that is true.

S:           Welp, as long as you get it. Hehe. Oh right, since I’m here let big brother Shion tell wittle brother Akira something good.

A:          Hm? What is it?

S:           Okay. Akira, listen well. When you push down a human woman…whispering in their ear “you are my dessert. I’ll savour you today” is the normal thing to do, okay? But then you knew at least that much didn’t you?

A:          …No.

S:           What?! Seriously?! As a guy that’s the worst thing ever! Welp, make sure you remember it.

A:          I-I know.

[4:53] *Shion opens door and leaves*

A:          I see. “You are…my dessert. I’ll…savour you today”, huh. Hmm. “You are…my dessert. I’ll savour you today”. “You are my dessert. I’ll savour you today”. Umm….

S:           Hahaha, that Akira got tricked again. It really doesn’t get old. *Sigh* Now, what should I play with next? Huh? Oh! It’s Yuri. What’s he doing in the kitchen?

*Opens door and enters*

S:           Yuri-chaaann~ What are you doing, nyan?

Yuri:      Ahh, it’s you Shion. Your face makes me want to make you into damaged goods today as well.

S:           Your ideas are disgusting as usual too.

Y:          I shall take that as a compliment. I am…as can see, am making black tea as per Kanade-san’s request.

S:           What?! What’re you doing being pushed around?

Y:          It’s Kanade-san so it can’t be help. Even you know what will happen if we make him angry, Shion.

S:           Well, yeaaahh…

Y:          Besides, it’s not so bad being arrogantly made to serve.

S:           Like hell that can be.

Y:          Like hell it is. When the time comes, it’s easier to deal with them. You find out something new every day. “Ahh, so they enjoy, let me into their heart or let their guard down when I do this.” Haha. But, well, Kanade-san doesn’t quite let me see that quite so easily. That is why there is merit in being made to serve.

S:           Haha, I see. I don’t hate that part of you.

Y:          I am not interested in men.

S:           No! I didn’t mean it like that! Don’t bullshit!

Y:          I am joking. Probably.

S:           Don’t say ‘probably’…

Y:          Hahaha. Ahh right, Shion. Shall I tell you something good?

S:           What good thing…?

[7:38] *Yuri walks over*

S:           O-oi, don’t come so close.

Y:          It’s not something I can say in a loud voice so…excuse me.

S:           Ow ow ow ow! My ear! Don’t pull my ear!

Y:          Be quiet. Hey, did you know? Even though Kanade-san lets off that frightening aura, he’s actually a collector of sweets.

S:           Huh?! Seriously?!

Y:          Yes, I am serious. Biscuits, chocolates, and cakes too. But…his favourite is a candy cover in sweeeeeet sugar. He puts them in a glass container that looks even more expensive than the price of life and puts it on display like something very precious.

S:           Heeeeh… I did think he was someone I didn’t quite get but I’m not getting him even more now.

Y:          Hah. Now that I think about it again, I think he’s a very simple person. He is somewhat cute when he laughs, gets worked up over small things on the rare occasion like as if he’s a child. Hahaha.

Hinata:  Hm?

Y:          Ahh, Hinata. You came at a good time. I’m making my special blend of tea. Would you like some?

H:          Hah? This is the worst thing ever.

Y:          Hm? Somehow I didn’t hear that well. Would you repeat that for me?

H:          I said it’s the worst thing ever. Seeing both of you at the same time is the worst thing ever. Are you planning something for a stupid prank again? Hmph. What boring people.

S:           What did you say?!

Y:          There, there, calm down. *Sigh* Hey, Hinata. Can we not come to an understanding?

H:          I don’t like how you try to take advantage of someone too.

Y:          Ah. I’m sorry Hinata… For always… I’m really sorry. I mean it. Please forgive me.

H:          Wha-? What? It’s creepy for you to apologise.

Y:          You know, I’m always thinking of wanting to get along with you. Well, actually, I’m feeling hurt form the bottom of my heart from being bluntly refused. So much I can’t recover. What do you hate so much? The fact I hid your favourite pair of gloves? That I dug a hole and made you fall into it? Ahh, or is it the fact I secretly bugged your room? Ahh, I’m so sad.

H:          …I knew it! It really was the both of you!

S:           Hah?! What do you mean “both of you”?! I didn’t do any of that! What I did was swap the contents of the seasonings, break the window, tore your curtains this morning, and then…!

H:          …I won’t forgive you two. I won’t ever!

Y:          Oh, you’re so narrow-minded, Hinatan~

H:          Don’t call me Hinatan! It’s annoying! Aaah, geez! Yuri, did you think I didn’t know? Know what you’re secretly doing in the basement? The next time you do something to me, I’ll tell Kanade-san everything!

S:           Hah? Yuri? In the basement of the mansion? What’re you doing down there?

H:          Ugh… Something too repulsive to put into words. Just speaking of it makes me feel disgusted. Ugh it’s so creepy!

Y:          Haha, I see. It seems you know a few things, Hinata. What a pity…hahaha. But…if you keep speaking so impertinently, it makes me want to seal that mouth of yours.

S:           Aha! That’s hilarious~ It’s started~

Y:          It pisses me off so…Hinata, shall I sew your mouth shut with a needle and thread, open your head up with a knife and organise your insides for you? If I do, then I’m sure you’ll become able to hold conversation a little more decent than you can now.

H:          …! Wh-…!

S:           Ooh! It’s getting exciting pretty good! Do it, do it! Let’s settle things once and for all today!

[12:06] *Someone runs to them*

Itsuki:    Okay, okay, alright! Stop!

S:           Oh, Itsuki! You came a good time. They’re just about to-

I:            Everyone look! There’s a UFO flying!

H:          Huh?

S:           What?! Seriously?! Where?!

Y:          What? There’s no way a UFO would be-

S:           Where’s the UFO?! Hurry up and tell me or it’ll fly away!

I:            I’ll leave the rest up to you. Hinata, you’re coming this way with me.

H:          Huh? Ah…

S:           Oi, Yuri! Where’s the UFO?! I really wanna see it!

Y:          *Sigh* I wonder where it is.

S:           Gah! What’re you putting on airs for?! Hurry up and tell me!

Y:          Even if you say that to me…

S:           Ah, oi! Hurry up and tell me! Tell me! What’ll you do if it leaves?!

Y:          Ugh, I-I get it. Okay, okay, let’s look for it together. Err…first the right.

S:           The right! Nothing!

Y:          Okay, next is the left.

S:           The left! Nothing either!

Y:          Next, above.

S:           Above!

[13:05] *Hinata and Itsuki open a door and run through it, panting*

I:            If we’ve come this far, we should be alright.

H:          Itsuki.

I:            Hm?

H:          Um, sorry. I’m always getting into fights and can’t get along with them Yuri and Shion. I’m sorry.

I:            Ah, it’s fine. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.

H:          Okay. Thanks.

I:            There, there.

H:          Itsuki…

I:            Ah, sorry. “We’re the same age so don’t treat me like a kid”, was it?

H:          No, that’s not it. Um…thanks for stepping in just then.

I:            Haha, don’t worry about it. Well, you and those two just don’t get along, no matter how you think about it. It’s like water and oil. Actually, did they do something to you again?

H:          Yeah. This morning my curtains were torn. It was Shion’s doing.

I:            Haha, I see. Then I’ll go and fix them for you now.

H:          Huh? Really?

I:            Of course. So bad things end now. Okay?

H:          Yes! Oh, I know. Tonight, I’ll make a special keema curry for you as thanks.

I:            Seriously?! Thanks! I’m so happy!

H:          Haha.

[14:32] *Crow caws*

M:          My god, that Yuri. Just where is-…Hm?

A:          Hm? Ah…Mint. You’ve appeared at the right time.

M:          Oh. It’s you.

A:          What do you mean ‘oh’? I was even thinking of letting you hear something good.

M:          What good thing? It’s probably something trivial. I don’t want to hear it.

A:          Come, don’t say that. Just listen. You have nothing to lose. Here, come.

M:          W-what is it?

A:          Hey…Mint. I am your dessert.

M:          …Haha…Shion again? Just how many times do you plan on getting tricked?

A:          Oi, what did you just say?

M:          No, it’s nothing. Oh I know. Then I’ll let you hear something good too.

A:          Hm? What is it?

[15:48] *Slams hand against wall*

M:          I will seriously violate you.

A:          …!

M:          Hah. Fool.

A:          …As expected of you…Mint.

*Crow caws*

[16:09] *Door slams shut*

A:          *Sigh* As expected, in the end my own room is the most relaxing. Really. *Yawn* *Sigh*

K:          Akira, you had a hard time. You seem quite tired.

A:          Really?

K:          Yes. I’m worried.

A:          Hah. Worrying about a shinigami or the like is ridiculous.

K:          Of course I’d worry. Come, if you’re going to sleep then don’t do it on the sofa.

A:          You’re annoying. Shut up. Don’t order me. Who do you think you are- Wait. Kanade?

K:          Hey, it’s been a while.

A:          This is rare. For you to visit me in my room. It has been about 200 years, has it not?

K:          No, it hasn’t. It’s been 199 years.

A:          That is not much of a difference.

K:          True. So, you were acting quite rebellious… If you have anything to say I’ll lend you an ear.

A:          …I am at fault. I didn’t realise it was you and said needless things.

K:          Haha. Good boy.

A:          So, what do you need?

K:          There’s something I want you to investigate.

A:          I do no want anything troublesome.

K:          I still haven’t said anything yet. Oh, could it be that you’re rebelling?

A:          How could that be possible? So, what should I investigate?

K:          Haha, well you see.  Something I treasure has actually been slowly disappearing as time passes.

A:          Something you treasure? Something like that existed?

K:          Of course it does. Even I have a thing or two I treasure.

A:          Hmm…I see. So it’s like that. Well, anyhow, to think there is someone so ominous who would steal something that is yours.

K:          Hm. Judging by that, then it wasn’t you after all.

A:          Of course. Even if I was asked to do it, I’d refuse. So, you want me to investigate who the culprit is?

K:          It’s great that you’re quick to understand. Then you know you can’t refuse, right?

A:          *Sigh* I know. I’ll take it on.

K:          Mm~ You’re a good boy Akira. I’m very happy that you are by my side as part of SEVENTH HEAVEN.

A:          Well, that is an honour. However, Mint would be more suitable for tasks like these. Yet, why did you ask me?

K:          I don’t like leaving things like these to Mint.

A:          Why? I think he is much more suitable than me.

K:          He’s too indifferent it’s boring.

A:          Hah. Well that is a luxurious problem. So just what is the thing you treasure? Gems? Or is it money?

K:          No. I have no interest in those things.

A:          I thought so. Do not tell me it is food. How trivial.

K:          Ah…

A:          Hm?

K:          …What?

A:          Nothing. Like I said, just what is the thing you treasure?

K:          Something I treasure is something I treasure. Is there any need for you to know any more?

A:          What? But then how would I-

K:          Anyways, it’s an order. Determine who is doing bad things. Akira, do you understand?

A:          Well, I will do my best.

K:          Then, I’ll leave it in your hands. *Kiss*

[20:11] *Akira falls off the sofa*

A:          …! Wh-

K:          That’s why I said you shouldn’t sleep on the sofa. Haha…hahaha!

*Kanade leaves through the door*

A:          And so, I see everyone is here. Now, who is the one who snuck into Kanade’s room and stole something, whatever it is. Is it you Shion?

S:           Hah?! Why is it me?

A:          At times like these, it is usually concluded to be you sooner or later. I believe…it was the same 150 years ago.

I:            Hm? Huh? Did something happen then?

A:          Itsuki…Do you really not remember? Kanade’s familiar, the black bird’s something or other disappeared. You were the one who searched around for it, eyes bloodshot.

I:            A-ahh…I forgot about that. Actually, I wanted to forget it. I remember it now.

Y:          Haha, in the end it was found in Shion’s room, wasn’t it?

S:           So? I only borrowed it for 2 days! Y’know, putting it on my shoulder, making me feel really like a shinigami and all that… I wanted something like that too! …I mean it was kinda cool.

H:          Are you an idiot?

S:           What? Did you say something, Hinatan?

H:          I told you not to call me Hinatan!

I:            Hey, hey, hey, hey. No need to fight, no need.

S:           Besides, y’know. The thing Kanade treasures is his collection of can-mmph!

Y:          Shion…There is no need to say what Kanade has hidden. If you’re thought to have gone against him, you’ll be punished. Hmph.

S:           *Coughs violently*

A:          Can? Oi, do you have an idea of what it is?

Y:          No, I don’t. Right, Shion?

S:           Huh? Ah…me? Umm…err…Can…can…can badges! I’m collecting can badges! Girls all have some on these days, right? Can badges! They all have them on when they go to events! Can badges!

A:          Can badges?

I:            Ehhh? Really?! Are can badges popular now? Will they be happy if I give them some as a present?

M:          *Sigh* Oi, we’ve gone off on a tangent. Ahh, geez, whatever. Anyways, who is the culprit? Stand forward immediately!

Everyone:       *Sigh* Mm…

[22:43] *Clock ticks in the background*

M:          *Sigh* Any more of this will be a waste of time. Let’s leave it for tomorrow. Perhaps you’ll want to come forward after cooling off and thinking on it for a night.

A:          Indeed.

H:          Yeah. You won’t be able to hide it forever anyway.

S:           What? Don’t look at me.

Y:          I want to watch all of your expressions all night long as you’re suspicious of everything.

A:          I shall pass on that. I am returning to my room. Mint, let us continue to play poker.

M:          Hm? Ah, let’s. Go ahead first. I’ll come later.

A:          I see. Later.

H:          Me too. Oh, everyone I’ll be borrowing the kitchen for a while.

I:            Well, I’ll go back to my room too. Oh! It’s time already?! The finale airs today!

Y:          Ah~ah. The meeting’s dissolved. What a pity. Right, Mint?

M:          You are the only one enjoying this.

Y:          Eh? Really?! No wonder everyone looked so gloomy. Could it be that I wasn’t able to read the mood? Mm…it can’t be helped so I’ll just go and start doing something fun by myself. Ah, you can ask me what I will be doing if you’re curious.

M:          I am not interested in the likes of you.

Y:          Mint, you’re so cold. I’m your senior so please be nicer to me. A junior who pursues and devotes himself to the senior. I like you so much so, yes…one day I’ll make you into one of my dolls too, okay.

M:          You’re disgusting. Leave already.

Y:          Yes, yes. I’ll be going~ *Chuckles*

S:           Tch! Don’t shit with me. Every single one of them suspect me. What?! Hurry up and go off somewhere too!

M:          I will even without you telling me to. However, if you were the culprit, you would be proud and be flaunting it. I just thought to leave you with that.

S:           What do you mean by that?! Are you making fun of me?!

M:          If you want to think of it like that, then do as you please. I am only speaking my mind.

S:           What the hell?! Ugh! Dammit!

[25:55] *Shion stomps off and slams door*

I:            Alright! I made it in time!

*Turns on TV*

I:            I see. The hearts of girls these days race at situations like these… See, I knew I needed to research properly about human girls.

*Munches on snacks when his door is pounded on*

S:           Oi, Itsuki! If you don’t want your door broken down, open up within 3 seconds!

I:            Crap! I need to hide this! Ugh! It’s so heavy.

S:           Threeeeeee!

I:            What?! Three already?! W-wait! I’m uhhh…n-naked right now! Really naked, seriously! Alright. Oof…

*Door breaks*

I:            Woah!

S:           What the hell’re you doing? Open up the door quicker.

I:            Ah…my door’s broken.

S:           Don’t worry about it. Hey, was someone else here? I thought I heard someone talking…

I:            N-no, a-are you sure you didn’t mishear? Oh! That might have been me talking to myself. Yeah!

S:           So when you talk to yourself you say “I want to go to see the sea.” “I can’t listen to that request.” “Meanie. Why?” “Because I want to look at you here.” or stuff like that?

I:            Y-yeah, I do. Yup.

S:           Wow, that’s so lame! Well, whatever. Anyways, tag along with me now.

I:            Now?

S:           I’m gunna find the culprit.

I:            But it’s you right?

S:           Even you?!

I:            I’m kidding. Just kidding. Actually, is there anyone who can get into Kanade’s room without his permission in the first place?

S:           Exactly! That’s exactly it!

I:            Huh? So…?

S:           So! There’s someone in this mansion other than us. On top of that they can get into Kanade’s room and even steal things! That’s a pretty big thing, y’know. Like hell I could just without care. Yet every single one of you blame me for it. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stoooopid!

I:            Haha, I see, I see. There, there.

S:           Ugh, don’t touch my head!

I:            Haha, sorry, sorry. But I was just thinking how you’re quite a lonely person.

S:           Hah?! What did ya say?!

I:            Nothing, nothing at all.

S:           Anyways, we’re going!

I:            Okay, let’s go.


I:            I didn’t know a place like this existed under the mansion. It seems like some underground maze I guess? Did you always know about it, Shion?

S:           Nope. I did think the staircase at the back of the mansion looked suspicious but this is the first time I’ve come down here. It’s so damp it’s feels crap. What the hell is this place for anyway?

I:            …I wonder… Hm? Shion! Look, there’s light from back there.

S:           You’re right! Hehe, so we’re confronting the culprit already?

*Walks deeper into the basement*

S:           Huh? What’s this place?

I:            Mm…there’s a lot of things here that I don’t wanna look at. If I’m not mistaken these are…

S:           Torturing tools, for sure.

I:            They are, after all?

S:           Was this what Hinata was talking about?

I:            Huh? What did you just say?

Y:          Ahh, and I was thinking who it could be.

S:           I knew it.

I:            Yuri?!

Y:          Yes, it is me, Yuri. You are correct. Welcome, the both of you, to my secret place. Ahh, please go ahead and take a seat on the chair over there. We can’t enjoy a chat with you standing. Please, go ahead.

S:           Ahh…

I:            …Uh…T-then I’ll take you up on your offer…

Y:          Please.

*Prepares tea*

Y:          I must say I am a little surprised. What are you two doing together?

I:            We’re looking for the culprit who stole Kanade’s stuff and found ourselves here. I didn’t think there’d be a place like this…

Y:          Ahahaha…oh what a transparent lie.

S & I:     Huh?

Y:          You came to have fun with me, didn’t you? Oh please. I know you did. *Chuckles* I was just thinking of having some fun. Ahh, you really did come a good time. If it’s on shinigami like you two, I can test this drug… It’s no fun giving it to a girl who wants to die anyway. *Chuckles*

I:            S-Shion…? Isn’t this kinda bad?

S:           Bad doesn’t cover it!

I:            Tch! What’re we going to do?!

Y:          It’s not easy to keep smiling. If there’s something that pisses me off I’d want to push them down and make them lick my feet and make them submit. I have thoughts of that but then when the time arrives, they’ll be cautious of me. I guess you could say it goes against my wishes. If I’m going to do it, I need to make the other person feel at ease from the bottom of their heart or else it goes against science or I guess you could say it doesn’t feel good. Hahaha…hahahahaha…ahahahahaah!! It’s so delightful I’m crying.

I:            Wai- Yuri? Um… Your eyes are…scary…

Y:          Hm? I am always serious. I am always confronting things seriously, in my own way. It is true that…yes, it’s is a little different to how other shinigami do it but…

S:           Wait, wait, wait! We’ll get it if you just talk about it to us!

Y:          I think it’d be easier to understand if you experienced it first-hand instead of being told…just how good having fun with me is…haha…hahahahahaha!

S:           *Gasp* Run!

I:            Help!!

[32:51] *Yuri’s laughter echoes*

I:            *Pant* I-If we’ve come this far we should be safe right?

S:           Holy shit. Yuri, that guy’s eyes! One wrong move and we would have been eaten!

I:            Eaten?! D-don’t say weird things like that that!

S:           No, seriously.

I:            *Gasp*

S:           Let’s hurry up and say ta-ta to this place! What?! Oi, oi, oi, oi!

I:            What is it now?

S:           What the hell is with these bars?! We can’t get out like this!

I:            These weren’t here when we came in!

S:           Dammit! Oi! Someone!

M:          I thought I heard someone making ruckus. It turned out to be you two. What are you doing in a place like that?

I:            Mint! Ahh, thank god! We’re saved. I thought we’d die.

S:           Oi, Mint! Hurry up and remove the bars. Yuri, that demon’s chasing after us!

M:          *Chuckles* I don’t know what happened but Shion…is that how you ask for a favour from someone? Hm?

S:           Uh. Um…O-oi Mint…Remove them!

M:          How annoying. For how much you’re saying what you want, I can’t hear a single ‘please’ at all.

I:            Gaahh! Please, please, please!

M:          Calm down, Itsuki. I didn’t mean you. I am speaking with Shion. I need to train him from time to time.

S:           Tch.

M:          So?

S:           I can say please but…

M:          Hmph.

S:           Ahhh! Okay! I get it! Please, please!

M:          Hm…

S:           Ahhh geez! I beg you, please! How about that?!

M:          I don’t like it. Do you think you could make up for all the evil doings you’ve done up until now? Hey?

S:           What?

M:          I’m joking. I’ll remove these immedi-

S:           Don’t get angry just because I swapped your shampoo with body soap!

M:          What? What did you just say?

S:           I said: You’re angry because you washed your hair with body soap right?!

M:          Haha…ahh, I see. I see how it is.

S:           I’ll apologise for that so hurry up and let us out!

M:          I refuse.

S:           Demon! Devil! Savage! Pervert!

M:          Say whatever you want. Hey, what are you feeling now? Hm? Haha…hahahahaha…hahahaha!!!

S & I:     Gaaaaaaahhh!!!

I:            Why me too?!!!!

[36:01] *Birds twitter*

H:          It was a good idea to put banana and wine as secret ingredients in yesterday’s curry. Oh, Akira. Good morning.

A:          Hm? Oh, Hinata. Good morning. You are always up early. Oh, right-

H:          Tea. Right? I’ll make some for you now.

A:          You are thoughtful. It is a waste for you to be a shinigami.

H:          Haha, thanks.

A:          Oh, right. I think you know but-

H:          You want it warm, right?

A:          Yes.

*Mint walks in humming*

A:          Hm? Mint?

M:          Ahh, good morning to the both of you.

H:          Good morning. You’re in a good mood for once, today. Did something good happen?

M:          Ahh, yes. A little something. *Chuckles*

H:          I-I see. Are you going to the library now?

M:          Yes, I got my hands on a new book. It seems I’ll be able to read in peace today. Hahaha.

H:          Have a nice day… Hm. What happened to Mint?

A:          Who knows? Well, is it not better than him always frowning?

H:          Well, you’re right.

S:           Aaaaakiiirrraaaaaaa

A:          Ah! O-Oh, it’s you Shion. Do not scare me like that.

S:           *Moan*

A:          Hm? What’s wrong? You have gotten a lot thinner in just one night.

S:           *Moan*

A:          Oi, Shion?

S:           *Moan*

A:          Hinata, what do you make of this?

H:          Uhh, even if you ask me… Well, I don’t know what happened to Shion and I don’t want to know either. Isn’t it good that it’ll be peaceful now?

S:           *Moan*

H:          Hey, Shion… Are you seriously going to say you’re feeling unwell even though you’re a shinigami?

S:           *Moan*

H:          Ahhh, geez! This is troublesome in its own way. C’mon, get a hold of yourself.

Y:          Ahhh, good morning everyone.

S:           *Squeak*

Y:          Ahhh, I see Shion was here too. Last night was fun wasn’t it?

S:           Y-y-you can go diiiiiiieeee!!!!

[38:43] *Shion runs off*

Y:          Oh my. *Chuckles*

H:          W-What happened to him?

A:          Oi, Yuri. What happened?

Y:          I wonder. Maybe that’s how he expresses his love.

A:          I-is that so? I see. Something like that exists too.

H:          Akira! Of course it doesn’t. Yuri, what happened?

Y:          Please don’t glare at me like that. I will leave even without you telling me to. It seems I’m certainly being view as a nuisance. Oh, right. Before I leave. About Itsuki, I’ll be taking care of him for a while.

A:          What?

Y:          *Sigh* I am also troubled by this. To think he’d get addicted to it.

H:          What do you mean? What did you do to Itsuki?

Y:          I didn’t do anything. Nothing at all, okay? *Chuckles* Shiiioooonnn!!! Where are you hiding? Hurry up and come out!

H:          I-I’m going to look for Itsuki!

A:          Oi, Hinata? *Sigh*

*Crow caws*

A:          I do not know what is going on anymore… Oh right. Just until when do I have to keep doing yesterday’s search for the culprit? *Sigh*

[40:26] *Crow caws*

K:          Hey, welcome back. Hm? What do you have in your mou- …Haha. I see. So you were the one who took the candy. Hahaha, I see. Hahaha! Let’s keep it a secret from everyone for now. *Chuckles*

[41:00] *Bell tolls*

K:          Haha, welcome back. Were you able to know about everything? Hey, this is a secret between you and me. You cannot tell anyone else. If you break our promise…you’re not someone who doesn’t know what will happen, right?

*Bell tolls*

K:          The stories about the shinigami are endless but it is time. Close your eyes.

*Bell continues to toll*

K:          Once is all I ask for. If I am permitted to pray, one day…I want…to meet you again.

Official Bonus Track – Shinigami Academy Tales

Narration (Akira):      Accomplished in both academics and sports, handsome in appearance with a promising future. A place where such talent gather…that is the Shinigami Academy. It is known for being a school where only people who are permitted, can be enrolled. There are various rumours about the disturbing name such as the founder of the Academy was a shinigami. However,… Ahem. The truth of that is a mystery and has become one of the Academy’s seven mysteries. This is a tale of love and hope where Ra-…you transfer into a place such as this.

[01:05] *School bell chimes and the staffroom door slides open*

Mint:   Hm? You’re here. Come over here. You are the transfer student…? Hmm, your clothing, hairstyle and all other aspects…I don’t find anything that breaks the school rules. *Sigh* So it means we finally have a proper student at last. Alright, I will give you permission to sit on this sofa. From today onwards, I am your homeroom teacher, Mint. Call me Mint-sensei. Do you understand?

M:       Good. In any case, this school finally has a female student, huh. Hm? What are you surprised about? You don’t mean to tell me you didn’t know you were the only female student here. Well, even if you regret it, it is already too late. You are already a student of this Academy. Do not be flustered. Be firm. Really.

[2:25] *Staffroom door slides open*

Hinata:            Excuse me.

M:       Ah, you came at a good time. I’ll introduce you. This is Hinata, appointed today to oversee disciplining you.

H:        Sensei! If you say it like that, she’ll get scared.

*Walks to the sofa and sits down next to you*

H:        Nice to meet you. I’m Hinata. I look forward to seeing you around. Let’s shake hands. Haha, thanks. If there’s anything you’re troubled with, worried about or anything, come and talk to me.

M:       Okay. Let’s leave greetings there and head to the classroom.

H:        Okay.

[03:12] *Walks down the corridor*

M:       We’re here. Let’s start homeroo-!

*Slides door open and dodges flying knives*

M:       …!

H:        W-where’d the knives come from?! Mint-sensei! Are you okay?

Yuri:   Ahhh! I missed, huh. Do I really not have any talent for darts?

M:       You damn…!

Y:        Good morning, Mint-sensei. Ah. Hold on. Guys, move out of the way. You’re in the way. A hindrance. Oof!

M & I: Woah!

Y:        Hm. Hmmm… Are you the rumoured transfer student? Ahhh, this is good. Yes, I knew females were good. You smell nice. I want to keep you in a bottle and make you into a perfume.

H:        H-Hey wait, Yuri! Don’t touch her!

Y:        Ha? What is it? Why do you obstruct me from doing everything I do? I could it be…actually it’s certain, that Hinata likes me? Really likes me?! Am I loved?!

H:        Ugh! Don’t touch me or her! You’re disgusting as usual.

Y:        Please call it a strong personality. Thanks to it, every day is fun. Hahaha. Now, here, the cute girl can go ahead and sit here next to me. It’s a special seat. It’s a seat just for you. If you like, I can make my lap your special seat. Now, please~ Let’s pass messages secretly during class. What you like, what you hate, and other personal information starting with your three sizes, please write everything in those messages. Of course, I’ll tell you everything about me. What I dreamt this morning, and about every corner of the body, everything. That is the rule of this Shinigami Academy.

M:       Oi, Yuri! I was keeping quiet listening to you but… Don’t make up weird rules!

Y:        You’re so inflexible, Mint-sensei. To impede on a student’s youth life is the worst as a teacher. Shall I ease the insides of your head so you can think more flexibly?

M:       I decline. My god! You… Ah right. You see that person sleeping at the back of the room, right? Go sit next to him.

H:        Huh? But that should be my seat…

M:       Hinata. You move next to Yuri.

H:        What?! Why me?

M:       Think of it as for her sake and give her you seat.

H:        *Sigh* I wanted to sit next to her…

Y:        Serves you right.

H:        What?!

[06:09] *Everyone walks to their seats*

H:        To be seated next to Yuri of all people is the worst! Ahh god, really the worst!

Y:        *Scribble scribble scribble scribble…scribble* *Chuckles*. Here

H:        Don’t pass messages to me! It’s disgusting!

Y:        You don’t have to be so disgusted. This is the first I’ve sat next to Hinata so I’m feeling very euphoric~

H:        Ughh…

Y:        Oh right! While I’m in euphoria, let me tell you something good. It’s a national premiere.

H:        I don’t want to hear it! It’s going to be something trivia-

Y:        In actuality! These…are fake glasses.

H:        Huh?

Y:        Yeah! You were surprised. I win. It’s one of the seven mysteries of Yuri. *Chuckles* Here, Hinata, you try them on too. You’ll be able to tell there aren’t any prescriptions. Here, here.

H:        D-don’t touch me! I don’t want to know anything, not even a little bit about at all!

Y:        Hm? What’s that ‘I actually want to know’ expression? Hey? Hey? Hey?

H:        Oi, idiot! Don’t come near me! Don’t lean in, don’t touch me or come near me!

[07:30] *You sit down in your chair*

A:        *Stretches* Hm? You are…? Oh, that’s right. They said a transfer student was coming today. So that’s you? Hmm… ‘You look forward to getting along’, you say? Well, I can accept getting along with you. Ah right. We will be having, if I remember correctly, history of shinigami in the first period. Do you have the textbook?

*You shake your head*

A:        I see. We will be having classes soon so if you do not have your textbooks it will be difficult for you, wouldn’t it? Hm? Do you want to use my textbook? You do right? Then I do not mind showing it to you. Hm…? Mmm?? Hm…umm… Ah… Hm? It’s not there… Haha! Oi, Rat! Huh? Who am I talking about? You, I’m talking about you! You can study even if you don’t have the textbook. No. Do you not think that relying on a thing such as a textbook is a type of weakness? That’s right. Haha. And so, I will be leaving all copying from the blackboard to you. I will be borrowing that notebook from you later. Make sure you take colour-coded notes so they are easier to read. I will be…sleeping. See you later. Mm…

[09:37] *School bell chimes*

H:        *Chucks things at Yuri* The likes of you…! I hate you Yuri! Disappear!

Y:        Aw, no. It should be ‘we’ll be together forever’, Hi-na-tan~

H:        Eugh!

M:       You damn…! Shut up already! Did you not hear the bell chime?!

Y:        Haha!

H:        I’m sorry!

M:       *Sigh* Anyways, first we’ll start homeroo-

Itsuki:  Alright! I’m safe from being late by split second!

M:       You’re not safe at all! You are later, you fool!

I:         Hey, don’t get angry Mint-sensei! Calm down, calm down!

M:       You’re telling me to calm down? I am always calm! Itsuki, has there ever been a time in the past where you’ve been in your seat before the bell chimed?!

I:         Uh… Ahhhhh! Hey, Sensei! That girl over there…the one next to Akira…Could it be that she’s the transfer student?

M:       Yes…she is…

I:         …Damn.

M:       What?

I:         Hot damn. She’s totally in my strike zone. Actually, she’s exactly my type, y’know?

M:       What nonsense are you speaking?

I:         How do I say this? My…body’s just getting hot…

M:       Do you have a fever? If it’s a fever I will give you permission to leave early.

I:         No, that’s not it! L-O-V-E! It’s love, Sensei! I fell in love with her! My awaited youth has arrived!

M:       What?

I:         It’s like…I feel like I’ve known here since a long time ago. It’s like we’re childhood friends. Ah! Is this what they call fate?!

M:       Stop saying things that make me cringe. Hurry up and sit down.

I:         Ahh, Sensei, what should I do?!

M:       *Sigh* If you like her then tell her you like her. If you’re a man, make her your own.

I:         Yeah, you’re right. It’s just like you said, Sensei! Alright! They say the first impression is the most important so I need to make a good impression as being manly!

[12:02] *Itsuki walks to your seat*

I:         Uhh, umm… Ah, so cute. N-Nice to meet you! I’m Itsuki. Can I have your name?

A:        It’s ‘Rat’.

I:         Wha-?! You were awake?!

A:        I woke up because of you.

I:         You could have just kept sleeping. Wait, what’s with that weird nickname?!

A:        Even if you ask me ‘what’, it’s her nickname. I decided on it.

I:         Where do you even get that confidence? You get to be with such a cute girl yet you give her such a horrible nickname. I won’t allow it!

A:        Hm? Really? Then…

I:         Ahhh! Don’t! Don’t! *Sigh* Sorry about that. Akira doesn’t mean any harm by that. He just…kinda doesn’t have any naming sense…or he’s kind of an airhead.

A:        What did you say?! You would call me, the absolutely, perfect, undefeatable prince and ‘airhead’?!

I:         I’m kidding, kidding. Be quiet. Shhhh. I’ll play poker with you later.

A:        Tch. Airhead? Hmph!

I:         Hey, when I wasn’t around did anyone say anything that hurt to you? Mm, that’s good.

M:       Oi…all of you, that’s enou-!

I:         Ah!!!

M:       What is it now?!

I:         Oh right, Mint-sensei! Um…It’s really…really hard to say but can I say it?

M:       I get it. Don’t say it. It’s obviously going to be something troublesome.

I:         You’re absolutely correct! That Shion’s gotten into arguments with students from another school again. He was fighting just a while ago.

M:       *Sigh* I told you…not to tell me…!

[13:50] *PA system squeals*

Shion:  Ahhhhhh! Mic-test, mic-test! What the heck? Is the mic having a bad day? A goddammit! Die!

I & H & Y:      Hahaha…

I:         Looks like the fight’s ended…

M:       How many times is this…?

S:         Hahahaha. Hi all students in the school! Goooood morning! Are you all well today?! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s a good response. Alright, so today for all you guys having a good day, I’ve got some good news! Today marks my 6666th continuous victory! It’s a new record! Hahahahaha…ahahahaha!

M:       That…fool!

*Mint runs out of the classroom*

Y:        Ah~ah…Shion~ Mint-sensei’s just started heading over to you~

A:        That Shion… I don’t know how he can cause so much trouble without a reason.

S:         Ahahaha…Alright! To celebrate my successive wins, I’ll sing a song for you all!

[15:07] *PA Room door opens*

S:         Wha-?! Wai-! Gah!

M:       Shiiiiooonnnn…?!

S:         Geh! M-Mint-sensei?!

M:       Dammit. Every one of you…

S:         Aaahhh!! I say no against corporal punishment from a teacher to a student!

M:       Wha-?!

S:         As if~ Stupid! Stupid!

M:       You really…don’t repent your actions do you?! *Sigh* I see. That’s fine. Then I’ll won’t hold back.


S:         Huh? Wait, what? What’s that thing in your hand? Huh? A whip? Where’s you get that?! If you’re a man then fight with your fists!

M:       Shut up! Be quiet and kneel and sit on your heels over there!


M:       Hang your head!


S:         Waaahh!

*Things break and the broadcast cuts off*

*School bell chimes*

M:       *Chuckles* Now, we’ve been delayed quite a bit but I will now start homeroom. Hm? Oi, Hinata, Yuri. When did I say you could sit apart?

H:        I can’t take it anymore…

Y:        We’re in a long distance relationship right now.

M:       Ahem. *Sigh* Anyhow, everyone is finally here.

S:         Everyone? That guy Kanade isn’t here.

M:       Kanade can attend whenever he wants. He’s here as a scholarship student. He’s different from all of you. Feel vexed about it all you want.

S:         Actually…y’know, I’ve always wondered about this but what the heck is a scholarship student? Hey what is it? Is it yummier than raw liver?

M:       Tch. Ah, god! We won’t get anywhere at this rate! Shut up, shut up, shut up! Look, listen well! Today’s topic of discussion for homeroom is…!

*Writes and slams hand on blackboard*

M:       About the Cultural Festival!

H:        The cultural festival?!

I:         Aahh, it’s that time of the year already? Getting close to her during festival preparations and then…getting a girlfriend! Yeaahh…

A:        I recall we did a shinigami café last year?

Y:        Yes, yes. We did. If we talk about how unsellable Akira’s special tea was…it was pretty horrible.

A:        B-Be quiet.

Y:        I’ll be teasing you about that for at least another 10 years, Akira~ So, Sensei? What about this year?

M:       …This year we will be…

H:        We’ll be…

[17:55] *Drumroll*

M:       …*Grumbles*

S:         Oi! What’re you keeping us in suspense for?! Hurry up and tell us!

Y:        That’s right. What will we be doing this year?

M:       *Sigh* A play. The programme will be ‘Snow White’.

A:        Snow White…?

S:         Ahhh, I kinda know that. At the very en- mmpphh!!

Y:        I know, I know! It’s a lovely story where in the end you kiss the princess and save her, right?

S:         Ugh! What the hell are you doing? Don’t touch me!

Y:        Sensei! I want to be the princess! The frilly dress I’ve longed for!!

H:        What? Are you an idiot?

Y:        Huh? I’m kidding. Read the mood, will you?

H:        Wha-…

A:        The only one who could play the role of the princess would be her.

H:        Yeah. You’d suit it well!

I:         Aaahhhh! Damn! You’d definitely be cute!

A:        Well, it’s like they say. “Fine feathers make fine birds.”

M:       Be quiet! When I let my guard down you all start making a ruckus. Anyhow, we only have one female so the princess role has been decided. The problem would be…

I:         The role of the prince?

M:       Yes.

S:         Hahahaha…Ahahahaha!! That problem’s already solved! The prince…can only be me!

I:         If that happens, even though it’s just an act my girl would be…kissing Shion…?! No, no, no, no way! I won’t allow it!

S:         What’s that Itsuki? Are you gunna go oppose me?

I:         Even if it’s your Shion, that’s the one thing I won’t allow! Yuri, you think the same right?

Y:        Well, even if I do…Itsuki, I won’t be recommending you. I want to play the role too. I want to hug her, kiss her.

H:        You can’t! That’s even worse!

Y:        What’s that? What do you mean by ‘even worse’? You’re just Hinata.

H:        Wha-? Hey, wait! What do you mean?!

M:       *Sigh* A troublesome argument has started again… Hm? In the face of things, it seems to be better to allow the princess herself to choose.

A:        Hm? Ah, that’s a good idea.

H:        Yeah. That might be the most peaceful way to resolve this.

S:         Hahaha…But it’s boring if we’re chosen normally. So how about we use all day today to appeal to her and the person who gets chosen will play the prince?

Y:        Ahh, that’s a good idea. I don’t believe I’ll lose.

I:         If it’s like that, I don’t either!

A:        Hmph. *Chuckles* Very well. I’ll participate.

M:       In addition, I will be participating as your homeroom teacher.

H:        What?! Mint-sensei too?! If it’s like that then I’ll just have to participate too.

S:         Haha, things are getting interesting…

[21:26] *School bell tolls*

A:        O-oi. Ra-! No, that’s not it… Oi, Princess! Umm…was there anything you did not understand in class? Are you hungry? …Oi, are you listening? Hurry up and answer! Ah, wait. I cannot raise my voice. Mm…Oi. Don’t hang your head. I was at fault. …’I am your desse-‘ No, that’s not it. ‘I’ll will truly voli-‘. No, that’s not right. Ahem. …Ahh, I cannot do it. Even though I try but it just does not suit me. No more, no more. Geez. But really, you’ve been met with difficulty. You are being made to play along with something like this. Are you not regretting coming here? Don’t be mistaken. I am not worried about you. I just happen to think that so I said it. Don’t you dare let it get to your head. Whatever happens to you has nothing to do with me. Go and become another man’s prey. However, well… If you say you will choose me, I will not allow that. I will promise to protect you… What will you do? Hm?

S:         An opening!

A:        Woah!

S:         I’ve seized the princess~ Hehe. You snatch what you want. That’s you call a real man! See ya, Akiirraa~

A:        Wait, Shion!

S:         There you go!

A:        Hm? Th-this is! The book that’s been out of print…’The Poker Master!’

[24:12] *Shion slides open a classroom door*

S:         Hahahaha, he fell for it. How hilarious~ I changed the content to an erotic book. Hahah. Oi, you. I’ll be taking you to my usual place so stay still. Where is it, you ask? Haha, that is…! The in-fir-ma-wy~

*Locks door*

S:         Hahaha…don’t even think about running away. Stay still on the bed. Listen up. If you’re a man…you have to steal your woman with force no matter the circumstances. Haha. I give you only the time to close your eyes. If you get it then at least let me kiss you. Haha. Hmm…You surprisingly look like a pretty edible woman. Should I not only just give you a kiss but make love to you here? *Sigh* Thanks for the meal…

H:        Waaaahhh!

S:         Ugh!

H:        T-that’s the first time I’ve punched someone…But if it’s this idiot in heat then I have no regrets! Here, give me your hand. Let’s run away together.

[26:00] *Runs out of the infirmary*

H:        *Pant* Alright. If we’re here…if we’ve run to the yard then we can relax. We ran a lot but…are you okay? Ah, you’re sweating. I’ll wipe it for you with my handkerchief. There, it’s all good now. You look really cute. Um…Hey! I’m sorry if I trouble you by saying something like this…but I want you to choose me. I’m sure I’ll make you a happier princess than anyone. I won’t let anyone hurt you. Am I not good enough?

S:         Tch! Where the hell did they go?!

H:        Ah! Oh no. It looks like he’s caught up to use. Don’t worry. I’m here for you.

Y:        Oh my. What a good mood.

H:        Uwah!

Y:        Shh! Don’t make a sound! If you’d like, shall I tell you an escape route?

H:        Do you think I would trust something like that?

Y:        Please trust me, Hinata. I’ve thought a lot about this too and in the end…I want to be the stepmother who brings the poisonous apple. I like pulling pranks in the shadows, it suits me more and that’s my position anyway. And so, Hinata. Having you to play the role of the prince would the choice with the least har-. Ahem. I think it would be the best choice. Whether or not you believe me is up to you, Hinata. But staying here any longer will be dangerous for sure, right? I am not wrong am I?

H:        That’s…

Y:        Anyhow, come over here!

H:        O-oh…

Y:        Come! Go over that hedge!

H:        Here?

[28:29] *Falls into a hole*

H:        Aaaaahhhh!!!

Y:        Yay! He fell for it! To think he’d fall so easily for a pitfall~ Hinatan’s such a fool aren’t you? If you don’t use your brain, you can’t just live with a pure heart, Hinatan. And so…let’s go. Princess… No, it should be my princess…let’s go to our castle. Hm? Where is that, you ask? It’s my hiding place. It is also commonly referred to as the sports storeroom. It’s gloomy and if we were to do the deed, it would be thrilling and be the best experience. *Chuckles* *Sigh* I…can do anything for your sake. I don’t even mind turning the whole world against me. I am the only one who loves you this much. That’s why I should become the prince. *Chuckles* But, if I were to tell the truth…I don’t care about any princess or prince. I just genuinely want to join with you. When I think that anyone else would be touching those cute lips of yours…I am scared… *Chuckles* Hey, if we were going to do it, where would you like it? On top of the mat, slowly? Or would like to be entangled on top of the vaulting box? Both sound good, don’t they? Now, let’s go. Oh? Please wait. This is…! My favourite macarons are dropped on the ground. Plus, it’s my absolute favourite Hiiragi label! Ah… One macaron, two macaron, three macaron, four macaron, five macaron, six, seven, eight, how far do I have to go?

I:         Haha, the food lure succeeded! I’m glad I knew that Yuri’s favourite food was macarons. It was scary, right? On the first day of transfer and you’re being dragged around like this… At heart, no one’s a bad guy but unfortunately, they’re like that. But if you get along with them too well, I might get jealous. …Hey, are you okay? Um…did anyone do anything weird to you? I see. That’s good. It’s okay now. So be at ease. Okay? Here, smile. Ah, no, wait a sec. How do I say it…? It’s like…if you’re too cute…it troubles me. I mean, see? I’m a guy… Aahhh geez! I don’t want you be anyone else’s princess!

M:       Oi. Hey, you.

I:         Gah! Since when have you been there?! Don’t interrupt me, Sensei!

M:       Be quiet. Shut up. More importantly. Itsuki. Here, look at this.

I:         T-that’s…!

M:       It’s the mini-test we had last week. What is the meaning of getting 5 out of 100 on this?

I:         Ahahaha! Actually, I was watching the drama I recorded the night before and just…fell asleep during the test…

M:       I do not want to hear any excuses! Oi, if you don’t want this test to be shown to the others go and immediately to 10 laps of the grounds.

I:         What?! Immediately?! But right now I’m with her-

M:       Never mind that! Hurry up and go or else I’ll handle you accordingly!

I:         Handle me?! Gaaahhh! Why now of all times?!

[33:25] *Itsuki starts running laps*

M:       Hmph. He’s gone. *Sigh* This Academy is a treasury for troublesome things. I don’t know how many times thought of getting a job relocation. Like as if I’d let those brats do what they want any more than they do now. In exchange for the role of the prince, why don’t I train them and make them obedient? Listen up. Do not disobey me. You know what will happen if you do, right? Hm? Oppressing a young girl like you is a very simple thing for me. Make sure you understand that extremely well. If you understand then hurry up choose me. What is your answer?

*Crow flaps its wings and caws*

M:       You are…! How did you get out of the animal shed? Who unlocked it and let it out?!

Kanade:          It was me.

M:       …! Kanade?

K:        Good morning, Sensei.

M:       Why are you here…?

K:        Why am I here? Oh, don’t say that. I am after all a student of this Academy. It isn’t strange for me to be here. If you were doing something so amusing like this, why didn’t you invite me?

M:       If you participate, things will get even more complicated than needed.

K:        Did you just say something?

M:       No, I didn’t say anything.

K:        I see. Hey, Sensei. Is this the rumoured transfer student? She’s quite cute.

[35:27] *School bell chimes*

K:        Let’s see, everyone should be gathering in class soon. Here, let’s go back to class together.

M:       *Sigh*

*Walks down corridor*

M:       You know, it is quite rare of you to come to school, Kanade.

K:        I’ve finally become bored of being alone. I need to come and see how well everyone’s doing once in a while.

M:       I’m sure everyone else would be quite surprised. Hm?

K:        Hm?

S:         *Sigh* Dammit, where the hell is that women wandering around?! Hurry up and come back, dammit! We can’t even decide who’s playing the role of the prince! Tch.

A:        There, there. She’ll come back eventually. Why don’t we just wait patiently. It won’t help even if we panic.

H:        It’s just as Akira says. But I wonder if she’s okay. I hope she didn’t get injured…

S:         Don’t worry about someone else when all you are is just Hinata!

H:        What? What do you mean by that?

Y:        Oh my. Is this some plot to start a fight to kill time? Hmm…who should I support now? No, won’t both sides destroy themselves for me?

A:        *Sigh* If Itsuki and Mint aren’t here, then there is no one to stop them. At a time like this, if Kanade was here then at least…

S:         Oi, Akira! What did you just say?! You just said a name that I don’t like, didn’t you?!

A:        What?

S:         It reached both my ears clearly. You just said Ka-na-de. I don’t what scholarship student or shit he is dammit. Don’t shit with me, bastard! Why is he the only one who won’t get scolded for not coming to school?! It’s unfair! That bastard. One day I’ll beat him all black and blue and make him submit to m-!

[37:33] *Door slides open*

K:        Hey there, everyone. It’s been a while.

S:         Geh! Kanade!

H:        Nice timing.

K:        Shion, what is it?

S:         Nothing at all.

K:        *Chuckles*

Y:        You’re the same as usual, Kanade-san. I’m glad you’re doing well. Sensei and my princess, welcome back. We’ve been waiting for you.

H:        *Sigh* Huh? But where’s Itsuki?

I:         *Pant* I-I’ve finished 10 laps around the grounds!

M:       Hm? Oh, you really did it?

I:         Wha-? Whaaaatt?! I swear I’m always the one losing out!

H:        Itsuki, are you okay?! Here, water! And a towel! And a fan!

I:         *Gasp* Ahh, thanks so much. *Gulp* *Gasp* Ahhh, so cool.

Y:        Hinata…I’m thirsty too-

H:        Shut up.

Y:        Awww you’re so cold~

S:         Aaahhh god! Stop whining! Anyways, we’re all here. Oi! Decide who’s going to be the prince.

K:        You shouldn’t do that Shion. She’s troubled. Everyone, would you hear my suggestion out? If she’s going to be troubled, then how about we don’t choose a prince at all?

Y:        Yes…but if there is no prince to go to Snow White and kiss her, she won’t come back alive.

K:        That is fine.

A:        Hm? What do you mean?

K:        *Chuckles* It means our princess is fated to die. So there is no need to kiss.

A:        Well that’s…

H:        It’s…

Y:        Well, if Kanade-san says that…

S:         It kind has this weird sense of…

I:         Persuasiveness…

M:       Or not…?

K:        Hmph. That’s great. I’m glad you’re all convinced. I knew everyone were honest and good children. Well, I’ll take advantage of that and *kiss*

Everyone else: Ahhhhh!

K:        I felt like kissing her.

S:         Kanade!!! Even if it’s you, that’s still unfair!

K:        Even if say that to me… You should use any and all methods to obtain what you truly want. *Chuckles*

S:         Unfair! Unfair! Unfair! Unfair! Unfair! Unfair! Unfair! Unfair! Unfaaaaaair! Dammit!!!

A:        Ow! S-shion! Don’t take it out on me! Oi! Ow, ow, ow, ow!

S:         Gaaaahh!!! Dammit! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!!!

A:        Let go! I told you to let go! Let goooo!!!

S & A: Gah!

I:         No. What’s a kiss to the hand anyway? No matter what happens, the fact that I love her won’t change! Yup, yup.

Y:        He flaunted that kiss in front of me… How do I say this…? I’m kinda…frustrated. So, Hinata? Come over here for a bit…!

H:        Huh? W-what? D-don’t pull me! Stop!

Y:        *Gasp* You know. I just had a thought. That perhaps the reason I have two arms is to hug someone. Yet…they are completely empty-

H:        Wai-! No! Ew! Stop! Aaahhhh!!

M:       *Sigh* This kind of Academy… I quit!!!


It was great coming back to this series and yes, I have finally completed it! I remember just how much I really like these characters. I think I’ll always come back to them and three years later I have a new kind of appreciation for all the characters. There were a few I weren’t too fond of back then but I gotta say, they’re all amusing in these bonus tracks. Ah, the old days when Rejet had deep plot and not plot that tried to be deep.

The announcement of Thanatos Night’s was what really pushed me to kick myself back into action. Most of the time these days, I really just listen to CDs and game in between completing my studies and jobs. I really don’t feel motivated to translate, despite my ever-growing backlog haha. So forgive me for not sounding as excited as I usually am in other posts. ;3

You might have noticed that after a three-year hiatus (at least for this series) my translation style has changed. I do admit I tend to lean towards producing a translation that reads smoothly but I still try to keep in as many cultural and linguistic aspects so unique to Japanese. Hopefully I’ve succeeded and you’ve enjoyed reading this (if you haven’t already read a different translation somewhere else).

If you’re wondering, yes I will be translating Thanatos Night. I’ll try to get the free talk and special Animate bonus tracks that comes with each CD too but I can’t guarantee I’ll get my hands on it… or the Stellaworth bonus for buying all volumes.



4 thoughts on “極限のダミーヘッド官能ソングSEVENTH HEAVEN Bonus Track Translation

  1. Thank you very much for all your work! I’ve just finished listening to everything Seventh Heaven-related and I feel so empty… I started ages ago but I don’t know I stopped so during this week I finished the ones I had left. It’s just so sad that Rejet let this franchise die…

    And about Thanatos Night… it’s just me or the dummyhead mic in its songs ain’t as intense as it was in the ones from Seventh Heaven? I like them though, but it feels different. I’ll be waiting for your translations!

    • Thank you for reading! I’m glad you managed to finish the series haha. It’s always nice to go back to the old stuff. This series was a beautiful one and well at least it KINDA continued on with Thanatos Night xD I know what you mean. It might be because the songs to TN are more ‘rock’ and fast-paced rather than slow ‘ballads’ that SH songs were. I do miss the intensity of the dummyhead like in Akira’s song. I’m not getting as many goosebumps anymore.

  2. Thank you for the translation — I am really happy to see your posts once again after such a long hiatus! I wonder if you’d listened to another bonus track — if I’m not mistaken,it’s from premium box cd. Sadly, I saw only a translation for it somewhere on tumblr and I wanted to listen to it, though I didn’t find anything on the web and buying CD is too expensive for my poor Ukrainian soul. xD Hope someone will eventually upload it someday, because Seventh Heaven is one of my favorite CD-series and I want to finish listening to anything related to it.

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