【Announcement】The ‘Evil Lady’ Undergoes ‘Interrogation’ by the MenDere Prince. Is this a Bug?

Hi Everyone, I’m back (kind of) with some news!

I’m happy to finally, officially say the English translation of「悪役令嬢はメンデレ王子にHな拷問されるなんてバグですか」by 禁断りんご (Forbidden Fruit as per DLSite) has been released! Translation provided by your’s truly ;D

For those of you who already know about it, I hope I’ve done justice with the script. For those of you adults who love the dummyhead mic, sexy voices and a plot full of surprises, it’s time to check it out.

You can grab it from DLSite. The links are below.

English Site: The ‘Evil Lady’ Undergoes ‘Interrogation’ by the MenDere Prince. Is this a Bug?
Japanese Site: 悪役令嬢はメンデレ王子にHな拷問されるなんてバグですか

The sequel and the bonus SS are coming soon!

Okay, business aside. Let me tell you about this MenDere Prince title.

What caught my eye was definitely the art and the ‘villainous lady’ light novel-like title. I’m love those. You’re the villanous lady who has been dumped by her fiance, the Crown Prince and bump into the Third Prince, Leo when you slip out of the ball. Insert plot here and you’re down in the dungeons for interrogation as a suspect of espionage.

Then I see the cast. Ichijou Hirame. Oh my god. I knew he was good with the slow kisses but holy hell this title just shows you how good of an actor is. I can’t say much because of spoilers but the switches he makes within a single phrase is amazing.

Prince Leo? He. Is. Adorable. Whatever happened to the yandere you expect from titles like this? I got attached to him so fast.

The next CD is about the Second Prince, Dande but our MenDere Prince will be back as well. The R18 sample is up if you follow the Creator on Ci-En. I still can’t believe they recorded separately…

There’s so much I can’t say because it’s just spoilers no matter what I say. I’d love to hear what everyone thinks about it!

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