[Li Zeyan] Night Island

Rain-Coloured Date

Date Synopsis

I don’t know when it started. Unlucky things started happening to me, one after the other. Unexpected trouble at work, accidents during programs, and the weather always working against me. They all caught me off guard. Enduring enormous pressure I made it through one day after the next, but all my emotions finally reached breaking point…

Chapter 1

I dragged my heavy luggage and rushed to the company as soon as I got off the plane at six o’clock in the morning.

MC: Are the documents ready?
Yueyue: They are but… I have some bad news. Boss, you need to stay calm.

I took a deep breath and waited for Yueyue on the other end of the call to inform me of the latest bad news.

Yueyue: Our cooperation with Yuelai may have really fallen through…

Despite having mentally prepared myself for this, my heart still sank at the sound of this news.
Yuelai Entertainment is a large, prominent entertainment company in the industry and has cooperated with us many times in the past.
We had finally seized this opportunity to impress them enough for them to express their intentions of entering into a long-term cooperation with stable development in the future.
But, just as we were about to sign the agreement Yuelai suddenly changed their mind. They said a second review of our collaborative project was necessary.

MC: What on earth happened?
Yueyue: Rumour is that their higher-ups are planning on spending these resources within the ‘family’, so…
MC: I understand. Looks like this review will only be for appearance’s sake.

I stood outside the office building, looking up at the dazzling and blinding sun in the sky. I suddenly felt a little suffocated.

I stepped out of the conference room after the two-hour long review meeting. I hesitated for a short while, but still chose to catch up with the directors who walked in front of me.

MC: We have been one hundred percent sincere over the course of our collaboration proposal. I hope you can reconsider.
Director: From our experiences during our previous cooperation, we are very willing to give you this opportunity.
Director: However, the budget you have proposed is slightly higher than anticipated. We need to think about it.
MC: If that is the only problem then I can make a better proposal. Please give us another chance!
Director: About that… We will consider it.

I felt a huge, gloomy cloud floating above my head as I stepped into the office.
Everyone had worked overtime for this collaborative project not too long ago. But, who would have thought all the sweat and blood put into it would go to waste overnight.

Yueyue: So, they’ll change their decision just like that. Who’s going to compensate us for the time we spent on it?!

Everyone sighed one after the other. I forced myself to lift my spirits and comfort everyone.

MC: There might still be some room for discussion. Don’t be discouraged.

Ana looked at me, concern faintly showing in her gaze.

Ana: [MC], you should go home and have a good rest before you try to solve the problem.
MC: Don’t worry, I’m okay.

I pondered a little on whether I should try to draw up another proposal to fight for that final change.
When I took out my phone, I saw a missed text from Li Zeyan.

“Report at ten. Don’t be late.”

Shoot! All I’d been thinking about since I landed was our cooperation with Yuelai. I couldn’t believe I forgot about this!

I quickly typed a reply.

“I’ll be right there!”

Chapter 2

The office was extremely quiet. There was only the sound of paper being flipped and the scratching of pen.
By the time I finished reporting to Li Zeyan on the week’s work, my eyelids were already waging war with me.
A fountain pen tapped me sharply on the head. I startled and opened my eyes to an expressionless Li Zeyan.

Li Zeyan: Don’t be distracted during the meeting.
MC: There’s only the two of us anyway…

I mumbled and couldn’t help but yawn a few time.
The midday sun shone through the window wall, warm like a new quilt.

Li Zeyan: Did you stay up again?
MC: My flight was late last night, so I spent most of the night at the airport.
MC: And there was an urgent meeting this morning…

I rubbed my sleepy eyes. The bad news from this morning flashed through my mind again and I couldn’t help but feel burst of depression.
Li Zeyan’s hand stopped flipping through the documents and looked up at me.

Li Zeyan: Have you been feeling tired lately?
MC: No.

Li Zeyan blinked at the denial I shot back before furrowing his brows slightly.

Li Zeyan: Look at your eye bags. The pandas at the zoo would recognise you as one of their own.
MC: A lot of things just happened to bunch up and I’m just a little too busy. I’ll be fine once I get through this period!
Li Zeyan: Are you sure?

I nodded hastily.

MC: Yeah, I can handle it!

Wei Qian had shown me Li Zeyan’s schedule for the next two weeks. The tightness of it was shocking.
My workload was not worth mentioning when compared to his.

Li Zeyan: Do you have any other work in the afternoon?
MC: Why?
Li Zeyan: I’ve read your proposal. There’s no major problem with it.
Li Zeyan: Go home and have a good sleep in the afternoon. You’re not allowed to stay up all night in the next few days.

I stared at him for a moment. When I saw the mountain of project documents on his desk, I took my laptop decisively out of my bag.

MC: I’ll stay here with you.
MC: Being with you is the best way for me to relax.
Li Zeyan: … Do as you please.

Li Zeyan sighed but the corner of his lips curled up into a small smile.

Li Zeyan: How are talks with Yuelai coming along?
MC: Um… We still don’t know the final result yet.

I looked away guiltily, even more determined to draw up a good proposal and while I was at it, learn from the CEO beside me who’s seen the entire business world.
But just as I did, my phone on the desk rang.

Gu Meng: Boss, are you able to come back to the office?
MC: What’s wrong?

After Gu Meng’s explanation, I finally understood we were dealing with a difficult guest at the shoot for a talk show.
Not only was he ordering the staff on set around arrogantly, but he also demanded to see the producer of the show.
I couldn’t work out the situation just by a phone call, so I had to rush over to see it for myself.
I ended the call and lifted my head. When I met Li Zeyan’s puzzled gaze, I helplessly explained the situation.

MC: Something unexpected came up again. I need to make a trip back to the office.

Li Zeyan nodded lightly, his handsome eyebrows furrowed.

Li Zeyan: Do you have an umbrella?
MC: Huh?
Li Zeyan: It will rain today.

I looked out the window wall, confused. It was clearly bright and sunny outside.

MC: Did the weather forecast say that?
Li Zeyan: … I’ll have Wei Qian bring you one.

Li Zeyan picked up the phone on his desk about to make the call when my phone vibrated with new messages.

MC: They’re rushing me. I’ll just buy one from the convenient store!

I scrambled to pack my laptop away and waved goodbye to Li Zeyan.

MC: See you!

Guest: Ugh! Didn’t I say to use skim milk in my coffee?
Guest: Does your makeup artist have any skill? They drew my eyeliner all crooked!
Guest: How many times have I told you to keep the room temperature at 24.5 degrees. Any higher or lower and don’t even think about getting me to work.

The grumpy man at the dressing table picked at everything and ordered people around. He was completely different from the approachable comedian on TV.
I patted the upset on-site assistant, took a deep breath and nodded a greeting to the guest.

MC: I apologise on behalf of my staff. Your understanding for where we are insufficient is greatly appreciated.
MC: I am the producer of this program. Please let me know what you require.

The guest snorted softly and threw the script impatiently onto the dresser.

Guest: My requests are simple but your staff won’t understand no matter how many times I tell them.
Guest: This is the first time I’ve seen a team that has nothing to show for it with such a big attitude.
MC: ……

I forced myself to maintain a smile, took several deep breaths while silently chanting “don’t be angry”.

Gu Meng: We were halfway through the shoot when he stopped it. One second he’s complaining the room temperature’s not right, next second he’s saying our staff have bad attitudes. I think he just wants to vent.

Gu Meng murmured angrily in my ear and I sighed.

MC: Great things will be ruined if you don’t endure the small annoyances. It’ll be hard on everyone but we can do it.

It was finally break. As I passed by the pantry I heard soft crying from inside.
It sounded like… Weiwei?!

Chapter 3

I opened the door carefully and sat down beside her, patting her gently on the shoulder.

Weiwei: Boss, what am I not doing well enough?
MC: No, no. This isn’t your fault. Don’t blame yourself.

She sniffled. Her eyes were already red.

Weiwei: Work is too tiring. I have so much to worry about and there’s much pressure…
MC: I understand, but this is how work is.
Weiwei: But, you’ve taken over the company at such a young age. You even obtained Huarui’s investment. Everything’s been smooth-sailing for you. How is it the same?

I stared at Weiwei’s tear-stained face not knowing what to say to comfort her.

MC: I actually…have a lot of worries too.

Ever since the day the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, I’ve put on a bold front and forced myself to cope with various challenges.
Even though the company was now back on track I am still busy and entangled in work. Countless of unlucky things like the “late plane” still happened to me.
In every battle in life, I feel like I’m a new recruit who is chased onto the battlefield even when I still can’t hold my weapon firmly.
Afraid these negative feelings would affect Weiwei, I hesitated shortly before giving up on listing my painful experiences one by one.

MC: Leave the rest to me and have a good rest.
MC: Once we’re through this wave, let’s go to the temple to pray and kick away this misfortune. How does that sound?

Under my encouragement, Weiwei gave a firm nod and threw herself back into work with rekindled fighting spirit.

I rubbed my sore temples as I finally got a short breather. The fatigue from the past few days rushed through me.
The sunlight through the window was just right. The trees and its leaves swayed in the wind. I watched the drifting clouds in the sky, sorely missing Li Zeyan at that moment.
The morning I spent with him was probably the only time in the pasts few days that I had been able to relax.
Just as I sat there in a daze, the phone that has brought me a string of bad news since the morning rang again.
I shuddered after seeing who it was from.
It was from Yuelai.

MC: …Hello, Director Chen.

My heart was up in my throat. I didn’t know if the news awaiting me would make things take a turn for the better.

Director: Ms. [MC], the proposal you made is one of the most earnest and creative proposals we have ever seen.
Director: However, your company is too small. We are looking for long-term partners. I am very sorry.

The beeping of the busy tone pulled me back into reality. I thought I heard the sound of air leaking through the crack in my heart again.

The shoot ended right before midnight. I dragged myself and my long shadow out of the office building.

The doors to the train closed on me just as I got to the subway. The last train home had brushed past me.

MC: The waiting time for booking a taxi through the app is over one hour… Forget it, I’ll just walk home.

I dropped the hand holding my phone to my side and returned to the empty main street. This was the first time I’ve felt I had nowhere to go in this world.
The bitingly cold breeze of the night slammed into my face. Several dark clouds floated by and blocked out all the starlight.
The high-rise buildings in the distance were still brightly lit. The traffic under the overpass was endless.
The clouds accumulating in the sky grew thicker and thicker. A flash of lightning suddenly flashed across the night sky. Thunder rumbled overhead.

I suddenly had a bad feeling.

Not too long later, the pattering of rain gradually grew louder, and my soles were quickly submerged in water.
The cold rain fell on me. I held my bag above my head in an attempt to block the rain.
Some puddles underneath my steps were shallow, others deep. My feet sunk into them from time to time.
I carefully made my way forward, but still I suddenly staggered, almost falling to the ground.
The bag I used to block the rain flew out of my hands, drawing an arc in the air.

MC: Oh no…!

My bag fell onto the ground with a muffled sound. Its contents spilled everywhere.
My originally neatly bound documents were also scattered in the rain. The writing on it were now blurred and hard to distinguish.

I stared blankly at the mess on the ground. I don’t know why but my nose started to sting.
I stood in the middle of the street like a small boat in the wind and wave unable sail forward. The journey ahead is dangerously dark.
I wanted to run away from under the spotlight. I didn’t want to face tomorrow. I wanted to find a deserted corner and cry to my heart’s content.

My phone lying in the puddle vibrated a few times. Someone was calling me.
I rubbed my stinging eyes and reached for the wet phone.

MC: …Hello?
Li Zeyan: Where are you?

There was suddenly a tightness in my throat. I never would have thought Li Zeyan would call me now.
I took a deep breath and pretended to sound normal. I didn’t want him to know from the sound of my voice that I was about to cry.

MC: What made you call me this late? I’m almost home. What about you?
Li Zeyan: *Sighs*
Li Zeyan: I see you.
MC: What did you say?
Li Zeyan: Turn around.

I turned around unconsciously the moment I heard his words. The beam of headlights directly in front of me were so blinding I couldn’t keep my eyes open.
A car stopped. Someone got out of the car, opened an umbrella and looked in my direction.
Under the dim streetlights the outline of his figure slowly appeared in the curtain of rain and gradually approached me.
I stared at Li Zeyan, dazed. For a moment I thought I was seeing things.
I don’t know why but the tears I had been suppressing suddenly surged out.
He stared at me for a while with a frown on his face before he sighed.

Li Zeyan: How much longer do you want to stay in the rain for? Come here.

I rubbed my eyes. I ran desperately into his embrace not caring how awful I looked.
The burn that had accumulated in my chest finally spilled out. I couldn’t help but cry loudly, buried in his chest.
The rows of streetlights shone. The city heavy with traffic were blurry neon lights sprinkled in the distance.
The umbrella fell aside. He covered me with his coat and the residual warmth dissipated the chill from my entire body.

Li Zeyan: You’re crying so hard. Looks like you’ve suffered a gargantuan grievance.
MC: I feel like I’ve already worked so hard and.. I’ve already tried everything I can…
MC: I don’t know what else I need to do…to make things even better…

I spoke through my sobs, stopping and starting. Li Zeyan my back tenderly. One pat after another, slowly and gently.

Li Zeyan: I know. You’ve already done a great job. I’ve witnessed it all.

His voice was soft, occupying an entire world in the fading rain.

I don’t know how long had passed, but the rain finally stopped.
My raised my head, eyes red, and looked at Li Zeyan. This still felt surreal.
Droplets on the leaves left from the rain fell onto his shoulders. Even a large patch on the front of his shirt was wet with my tears.

MC: I’m not dreaming am I…? Wh-Why are you here?

Li Zeyan didn’t answer me. He reached out and gently wiped the tears from my face.

Li Zeyan: To bring a moron home.

Chapter 4

One by one, the streetlights on both sides of the roads swept past the car, illuminating the quiet streets after the rain.
The scent I was familiar with permeated this small space and my exhaustion seemed to have naturally unloaded.
In the seat next to the driver’s, I freed up my hands to check the contents of my bag then hesitantly turned to Li Zeyan.

MC: I think I lost my keys, so I can’t go home for now…
Li Zeyan: This is originally the road to my home.
MC: Y-Your home?

I choked on my words as I stared at him, speechless. Then I suddenly remembered I had bawled my eyes out not too long ago.

MC: Li Zeyan…
Li Zeyan: What is it?
MC: Can you forget about how I cried to you, runny nose, tears and all?
Li Zeyan: Don’t worry. I’ll have my jacket sent for dry cleaning tomorrow.
MC: ……
Li Zeyan: What happened today?

I actually didn’t know where to start now that he’d suddenly asked me about it.
Maybe it was because of the abrupt difficulties with the proposal, the guest who made trouble, or because of this unexpected heavy rain…
Maybe it was because of these small things which I could do nothing about yet suffocated me, that allowed me to recognise that I was not that strong.

MC: I discovered I’m not as great as I thought I was…
MC: The more I want to do, the bigger the goal, the stronger the feeling is of just how insignificant I am in the face of failure. How powerless I am.

The more I spoke, the more I felt words couldn’t convey what I meant. I tugged at the hem of the jacket over and over again.

MC: I feel so useless…
Li Zeyan: It seems you are really stupid.
MC: How did this become about how I’m stupid again?

I couldn’t help but grumble a complaint, but I still looked at him curiously.

MC: But, you don’t look like you’ve ever lost control of your emotions like I did.
Li Zeyan: I have.

His voice became very soft in the quiet of the night.

Li Zeyan: I’m not any different from you. There are many things I can’t do and can’t force.
Li Zeyan: So, you’re allowed to not be strong or do well. You don’t need to suppress your emotions.

I stared blankly at his side profile. I don’t know why, but something he once said came to mind.

Li Zeyan is also an ordinary person.

Li Zeyan: I won’t tell you to force yourself to push forward whenever you encounter difficulties. It’s not realistic.
Li Zeyan: There will be a day when you will have grown into someone better and will have enough courage and experience to deal with everything.

I suddenly understood.

MC: You are an ordinary man, Li Zeyan, and I am just a plain woman, [MC].
MC: We are all people who are alive and have emotions like happiness, anger, sorrow and joy. Except, we all have different emotional threshold.

He smiled softly but didn’t contradict me.
Under the soft lights, his voice seemed to have paused. As if it travelled through a long, long period of time before it reached my ears, yet each word was still clear.

Li Zeyan: But, before that day, I hope you can learn to rely on me.
Li Zeyan: At the very least, you will always have the right to be vulnerable when you’re with me.

He stopped outside his door. I followed him out of the car with his coat still over my shoulders.

It was a lot warmer inside. His hand reached over to the take the temperature of my forehead. His tightly furrowed brows smoothed out.

Li Zeyan: Fortunately, you don’t have a fever.
Li Zeyan: Sit on the sofa and wait for me.
MC: Okay…

He first brought me a towel to dry my hair, then found a thick blanket to put on me.
As I cradled the hot ginger tea I realised Li Zeyan was still wearing the shirt wet from rain.

MC: You should go take a hot shower, too. Be careful not to catch a cold.

Li Zeyan made a soft sound of agreement, said nothing more then walked towards the bathroom door.

Li Zeyan: Help me find a change of clothes.
MC: Huh?

I blinked at him then nodded.
Suppressing the strange restlessness in my heart, I walked into his bedroom and pulled out a set of house clothes he often wore.
The bathroom door wasn’t locked and I didn’t hear the sound of the shower. I gave the door a light knock. Before I opened my mouth to say anything, the door cracked open.
Li Zeyan’s hands paused in unbuttoning his shirt. He turned his head and looked at me standing there dazed in the doorway.
His clothes were half undone. His tie was loose around his neck.

MC: ……
MC: I brought you your clothes.

I pretended to be unfazed and walked into the bathroom without staring.

Li Zeyan: Put it over there.

The corners of his lips curled up in a small smile as he brought down the shower head to test the water temperature.
I had my back to him. I placed his clean clothes on the rack, took another deep breath and squeezed out a smile.

MC: If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back out first. Take your time.

I let out a few awkward laughs. I couldn’t stop the faintly discernible lines of his figure through his shirt appearing in my mind again.
I headed for the door, absentmindedly, when I suddenly slipped for the second time that day.

Li Zeyan: Careful!

Li Zeyan’s warning rang out from behind, but it was already too late. My entire body uncontrollably fell towards Li Zeyan.
I heard a faint grunt of pain from behind.
When I felt the soft and warm touch in front of me, a bad feeling washed over me as I lifted my head.

Under the bright light, Li Zeyan was leaning against the pure, white tiles just barely propped himself up on his hands.
His fringe was messy and water like droplets of crystal were caught on the ends of his hair.
His wet shirt, now almost transparent, stuck closely to his skin revealing the lines of his body usually kept hidden.
The sound of water was still rushing from the shower head that had fallen aside.
My gaze moved from his bare ankles all the way up until it stopped on his gorgeous face. I couldn’t help but forget everything else.

Li Zeyan: Seen enough?
MC: Not-…

I almost bit my tongue to stop the words on the tip of it. I swallowed. I stumbled a little as I moved my the hand supporting me from where it was beside him.

MC: Tonight’s really been full of disasters, haha…
Li Zeyan: Get up. How long do you plan to stay seated on the floor?

Li Zeyan stood up first and pulled me up. Then he pulled out another towel to dry off the drops of water on me.

Li Zeyan: There’s never a worry-free moment with you.

I hurried away from the bathroom and sat back on the sofa. I couldn’t help but glance at the light still lit behind me.
On the table are the documents I handed to him that morning. I wondered if Li Zeyan had been sitting here making corrections to my proposal before he found me tonight.
I snuck a glance at the bathroom that was still lit and flipped through the documents on the table while he wasn’t here to notice.

MC: He didn’t roast me ruthlessly again, did it?

Just as I expected, every page of the proposal was filled with more comments than usual but…

“Good.” “You’ve made progress.” “Commendable”…

Not only were there praises I wouldn’t usually see, but there were even extremely detailed analyses and examples.
The busy CEO would actually have the time and care to secretly prepare this?
I couldn’t stop the silly grin that appeared on my face. My fingers trembled slightly as they gently stroked his handwriting.
He is the hug I can run desperately into when I am at my worst.
He is the only island my boat that has gone off course can stop at.

Li Zeyan: Why haven’t you slept?
MC: …I couldn’t sleep, so I waited for you.

I don’t know when Li Zeyan had come out of the bathroom and stood behind me.
He was drying the damp ends of his hair with a towel, steam from his shower still clung to him.
He glanced at me before his gaze followed my movements and landed on the pile of proposals on the table, a tinge of surprised mixed in his expression.

MC: I swear I’m not working overtime. I was just looking around and…happened to see it.

I tapped the comments in red, looked up at him and gave him a smile that said “I get it.”

Li Zeyan: I was only curious to see if such a silly method of psychological encouragement had an effect on you.

He just still refused to say what he really meant.

MC: It’s not silly at all and it’s effect is outstanding.
MC: I recommend you employ this method regularly in the future!

He ignored my teasing, walked around the sofa and sat down beside me.
I looked at Li Zeyan and stared at his side profile enveloped in a halo. Only the sound of our breaths seemed to echo in the tranquil air.

Li Zeyan: Your eyes are very swollen.

I blinked at him and unconsciously rubbed my eyelids.

MC: I-Is it really ugly?
Li Zeyan: Yeah, very ugly.

I could hear the extra laughter in his voice.

MC: …Then don’t look!

I lowered my head gloomily and pulled the blanket on my head down a bit more.

Li Zeyan: You moron.

His gaze was deeper than usual. His breath that fell on my ears was light, steady, yet slow.

Li Zeyan: In the future, only I can see how you look when you cry.

Date Diary

XX April 2020

The moment I got off the plane I heard the bad new from Yueyue. Our cooperation with the prominent entertainment company was in danger of being called off. Without resting, I rushed to the office, wanting to seize a final opportunity to save it, but the result left us disappointed.

The short time with Li Zeyan in his office at Huarui gave me a chance to relax. However, bad news never comes alone. I just had to received a call from Gu Meng that required me to make a trip back to the office to deal with a difficult and picky guest.

Our fight for the collaborative project ended in defeat. I dragged my fatigued body out of the office after working overtime. Then it started to pour. I had thrown Li Zeyan’s reminder to the back of my mind and didn’t have an umbrella with me, so I could only force myself to walk through the rain back home. But, I was met with even less luck.

I met Li Zeyan in my most vulnerable and hopeless moment, and went home with him. Under his comfort and enlightenment, my mood lifted after everything suddenly became clear. I wasn’t going to let myself be caught up in those suffocating emotions.

Moments: A friendly reminder

Li Zeyan
I don’t always have the effort to remind a certain moron to take an umbrella with them.

What are you thinking now?

MC: I’ve already made a habit of checking the weather report every day before I leave the house!
Li Zeyan replies: You don’t need it today. I have time to pick you up.

MC: I will remember this kindness with my heart!
Li Zeyan replies: Don’t be just all talk.

MC: Then I’ll remind you from now on!
Li Zeyan replies: I’d rather hope a certain moron takes better care of themselves instead.

Phone call: Balance of Work and Rest

Li Zeyan: Hello…
MC: I’ve already told you three times. When I say I don’t need it, I mean it. I don’t care what you’re going to say, I won’t place an order.
MC: That’s it. I still have work. Please don’t call again. Thank you.
Li Zeyan: …What nonsense are you on about? Listen to who I am before you speak.
MC: Huh? This voice… Li Zeyan! How come it’s you?
Li Zeyan: *Sighs* Don’t you look at who’s calling you before you answer?
MC: I’m just a bit too busy. I thought you were that salesman… Sorry ’bout that.
Li Zeyan: Why are you working overtime on the weekends again?
MC: It’s for the program I told you about.
Li Zeyan: Didn’t that wrap up last week? You even came over for a free meal from me.
Li Zeyan: Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten.
MC: Of course not! Every dish was so good. I even finally got a good night’s sleep…
Li Zeyan: You’re going off on a tangent.
Li Zeyan: First, tell me what you’re busy with.
MC: So, it’s like this. The deadline for the program was last Friday but the delivery date is coming Monday, so…
Li Zeyan: So you opened the sample this weekend because you “had nothing to do”, and now you’ve taken the clip home for post-production.
MC: Haha…yeah.
MC: I feel bad for the post-producer, but since there’s still space for improvement then I still want correct it as much as I can.
Li Zeyan: There’s one thing I need to remind you of.
MC: Of what?
Li Zeyan: You have worked on this for fifteen days straight since the filming for this program ended.
Li Zeyan: Even machines need rest, let alone humans.
MC: I-I have rested. I went over to mooch a meal off you…
Li Zeyan: With your mind obviously on the show. You think I couldn’t tell?
Li Zeyan: *Sighs* I don’t need to remind you of the importance of balancing work and rest, do I?
MC: I know… I promise I’ll rest well after today.
Li Zeyan: You said that on Friday.
MC: I swear I will this time! We have to deliver the clip tomorrow anyway. I can’t edit it even if I wanted to, right?
Li Zeyan: There will be others.
Li Zeyan: There is no end to work as long as you want to do it.
MC: That makes a lot of sense. As expected of the CEO… Thanks for the lesson. I’ll do my best!
Li Zeyan: Moron. I didn’t that to make you keep working. I meant for you to rest.
Li Zeyan: Forget it… I’ll give you another three hours to finish editing. Don’t keep trying to dig up new problems with the clip.
Li Zeyan: I’ll pick you up once time is up.

Phone call: De-stressing Camel

MC: Did I leave something with you?
Li Zeyan: Are you talking about that wooden camel?
MC: I knew it. I’ll go pick it up from you after work!
MC: I thought I lost it when I didn’t find it in my office.
Li Zeyan: I really can’t understand why you must take it to work.
MC: As long as it’s placed on my desk then it’ll remind me I will never become the camel whose back is crushed by any straw.
Li Zeyan: *Sighs* …Sometime I really want to see what is inside that head of yours.
MC: I’m not talking nonsense. This kind of psychological suggestion is supported by science!
Li Zeyan: All right, I know. You called just to ask about that camel?
MC: Actually I also want to humbly ask a favour of you…
Li Zeyan: What favour do you humbly ask for?
MC: Can you please look over my newest proposal for our collaboration with Yuelai?
Li Zeyan: Didn’t they turn down the project?
MC: They did at first, but…I reasoned with their directors again and snagged a final chance.
Li Zeyan: *Smiles lightly* Not bad. Congratulations.
Li Zeyan: Looks like the venting was effective in turning pressure into motivation.
MC: Didn’t we agree we wouldn’t mention that ever again?
Li Zeyan: Who was it that cried hard enough to startle the heavens and shake the land, making it difficult to forget even if I wanted to?
MC: …I-It was the first time I’ve ever cried like that in front of someone!
MC: It definitely won’t happen again…
Li Zeyan: …It seems you didn’t hear what I said that day.
Li Zeyan: At the very least, you don’t need to suppress your emotions when you’re with me.
Li Zeyan: Whether you are upset or unhappy, you can tell me immediately.
MC: …Thank you. In return, I will be your shoulder to lean on!
Li Zeyan: *Smiles lightly* That’s unnecessary. Learn to look after yourself first.
MC: It’s settled, then. I’ll go find you in the afternoon with my proposal.
Li Zeyan: And take your camel with you while you’re here.
MC: Why are you dislike it so much? You’re the one who gave it to me as a souvenir.
Li Zeyan: It suits you very well, not me.
Li Zeyan: Having the Moron by my side is enough.

Translator’s note:

A little bit of rewriting for better flow was involved but I kept Li Zeyan how he sounded to me. I’ve written out a few wordless expressions to convey the feel of the content without actually having to hear him.

I only play on the Mainland Chinese server so I actually don’t have much of an idea of how Li Zeyan/Zen/Lee Taekeon/Victor is portrayed in their respective servers. I do know Victor seems to sound overly harsh to the MC which makes me sad because even if he is strict and blunt, the curtness of his tone isn’t actually demeaning in any way.

Hope this little date and the calls helped you destress like it helped me during a burnout.

Stay healthy and stay safe!


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