Zhangmen Tai Mang (Sect Leader is Too Busy) – Character Profiles

I’ve been eyeing this game ever since Ilinox brought it to my attention and just wanted to share a quick translation of the synopsis and character profiles from the official website. It officially launches on 7 August on the Chinese server. I haven’t heard any plans for localisations. Unfortunately, historical games like these usually don’t ;w;

Game name:

掌门太忙; Zhangmen Tai Mang; Sect Leader is Too Busy
(previously known as 掌门在上; Zhangmen Zai Shang; Your Honorable Sect Leader)

Game Synopsis (Short)

“You needn’t be overcourteous. I only want you and Jianghu.”

You are an independent woman from the present who transmigrated through time and space to Dayong and become the “antagonist Sect Leader” of a sect everyone in Jianghu (the pugilistic world) wants to annihilate. In your fight to rebuild the sect you meet and get to know five men of extraodinary identity. From expelling ghosts, solving cases to making your comeback, your Jianghu story begins here.

Game Synopsis (Long)

This is a fantasy world named Yong. Yong originally referred to the extra layer of protection around the peripheral of a city. Now it means harmony and shelter.

You were summoned through time and space by chance to face a battle against extermination without knowing what’s going on, but you know it’s serious. You had thought this was all a dream. However, after awakening the sect’s divine guardian beast you have no choice but to believe the tragic reality you face.

The sect leader you’ve transmigrated into has no luxurious clothes or extravagant meals, she has no heart-warming disciples. She only has a dilapidated courtyard and the identity as a notorious villain in Jianghu…

Apparently, you have an eccentric master who’s abandoned you and smears your name out there, and a ‘white lotus’ 1 senior sister who is possessed by a demon near you. You even have a divine beast you are linked to, in which you had no say in. The beast is a professional at getting in your way and comes with the “I disagree for the sake of disagreeing” element. It’s in no rush to find the other half of its body. Instead, it racks its brains to promote the handsome men of the seven major clans of this world to you.

Seeing the affection level all the powers in Jianghu have for your desolate sect in the negatives makes you silently miss the distant land of the red flag you grew up under and the spring wind you grew up in.

Even though the body you transmigrated into comes with an unlucky aura to the point you trip when you walk and choke when you drink water, there hasn’t been a lack of handsome men among the people you’ve met.

The iron-willed man from the Ren Family, the Ghosts’ Horror Su, Little Wolfdog of the Tang Family, Drama Queen Godfather of the Hua Clan, and the Old Pufferfish Leader who can’t stroke fur properly…

‘No, no, no! I don’t want to become a woman of the moment! I’m terrified of everything, so weak and my innate talent is poor. I only want to quietly rebuild this destitute sect well, recruit more disciples, save some money, fulfil the wish of the original owner of this body, and go home to my cat.’

Passerby A: I saw her. She’s the one who hacked down that ghost that’s been troubling the town for three years in one strike. Not even a scrap of it was left.
Passerby B: I saw her too. That handsome swordsman got drunk and she carried him away on her shoulder.
Passerby C: I saw her too. Even the girls in my family are charmed by her heroic appearance.
Passerby D: She’s really scary. The top three noble young men made headlines because of the Asura Stage competition she held.

What you thought was simply a conflicting journey of “villain needs to raise affection levels and who knows when I’ll gain refuge” encumbers a shockingly huge conspiracy that’s gradually sweeping your way…


Su Ci (CV: Jin Xian)

Courtesy name: Yuanqing
Nicknames: Immortal Su, the Ghosts’ Horror, Chief Su
Age: 23
Birthday: 1st day of the 11th month (Yong Calendar)
Height: 183 centiyong
Weapon: Qingchen Sword

“He is the Su Clan’s most promising genius to enter the major Dao. However, he is far too unearthly and doesn’t understand human emotions of the secular world. He is King of Awkward Silence.”

Family Clan and Identity:

Su Ci is the Su Clan’s most promising genius to enter the major Dao. The members of the Su Clan generally are named after herbal medicines in hopes they remember to defend the righteous and engrave into their hearts to be sincere, to live with dignity and honour, to be able to differentiate the right from wrong and have the heart to save the world.

Su Ci has been extremely clever and strong since he was born. For his major Dao, he cultivated day and night. Although young, he was as mature as the elderly. At a young age, he had already become unfeeling. At thirteen, aspiring to rank first on the swordsman ranks, he smashed Tingjian Pavilion’s seventy-three layer restrictions with one strike. This caused a sensation among the major clans and he became the unrivalled young genius of the Su Clan.

Ren Tianya (CV: Waiwai)

Courtesy name: Zhanhong
Nicknames: Big brother Ren, Swordsman Ren, Divine Chef Ren, Dayong Officer
Age: 28
Birthday: 15th day of the 5th month (Yong Calendar)
Height: 186 centiyong
Weapon: Tuchong Blade

“A man of iron-will and a master of housekeeping. He unknowingly draws blood upon the first prick.”

Family Clan and Identity:

Ren Tianya is the young master of the Ren Clan and Dayong’s youngest Heavenly Protector. The Ren Clan has guarded the borders for generations for the Long Royal Family and has produced many great generals.

His father is the current head of household and Protector General. Ren Tianya is a steady and self-sustaining man who is highly skilled in martial arts. He is revered and supported by many as a leader in the army. In the hearts of many youths of Dayong, he is a hero. To young ladies, he is the lover of their dreams.

His excellent housekeeping abilities originate from having a depressed mother who spent all her time at home when he was young. In order to cheer her up, Ren Tianya learned to make many delicious foods and fun toys as a child. However, his mother still passed away prematurely.

Tang Tang (CV: Su Xiangqing)

Nicknames: Tang Twelve, Young Master Twelve, Little Peacock
Age: 17 and a half
Birthday: 18th day of the 8th month (Yong Calendar)
Height: 178 centiyong (and growing)
Weapon: Novice Taoist of Magic Tools

“The little devil star from which everyone who catches wind of him runs away from. Tang Family’s youngest Eight-leaved genius. A youth with quick hands. Fourth on the Dayong’s Noble Young Men rankings.”

Family Clan and Identity:

Tang Tang is the youngest young master of the Tang Clan and a brilliant and bright proud son of the heavens. All members of the Tang Clan enter their cultivation of the Dao through magic tools. They are experts in forging all kinds of rare magic tools and own Dayong’s largest magic tool forge—Shenji City.

Tang Tang has eleven older brothers. His paternal great-grandmother dotes on him the most. All children are given names from a string of characters which create the sentence “both a fine scholar and soldier, richest of the region, respects the elderly and protects the young, and treats love and friendship seriously.” 2 However, his family specially bestowed him with the name “Táng” 3. Tang Tang doesn’t like how unmanly his name sounds 4 and stressed that everyone outside the family should call either call him “Tang Twelve” or “Young Master Twelve”. He strongly opposes to being called by his full name.

Hua Ling (CV: Su Lulu)

Nicknames: Clan Head Hua, Paraquat
Age: Unknown
Birthday: 15th day of the 3rd month (Yong Calendar)
Height: 182 centiyong
Weapon: Flower Mirage 5, Dream Soul Bell

“He is a drama queen 6, unfathomable, an expert of speaking nonsense, a cross-dressing godfather, a spiritual plant murder, and a black hole for plants.”

Family Clan and Identity:

Hua Ling is the current Head of Clan of the Hua Clan. His identity is a mystery and his whereabouts are indeterminable. Members of the Hua Clan are experts at using Gu poison 7 and creating puppets.

Hua Ling grew up in this extremely cruel environment of nurturing Gu. He was tormented because his innate talent was sealed as an infant. He begged for his mother’s love, but she never reciprocated. His maternal uncle 8 was the only one who was kind to him, but even he betrayed the Clan for his younger twin brother.

In the end, Hua Ling used the protective blood directly from his heart 9 to refine his own puppet to pass the trial in the Kuixin Room 10, becoming the youngest Head of Clan the Hua Clan has ever had.

Yuan Zhongqiu (CV: Gu Haoran)

Nicknames: Sect Leader, Pufferfish, Old Leader
Age: 22
Birthday: 5th day of the 1st month (Yong Calendar)
Height: 189 centiyong
Weapon: Chenyuan (the red mist tattoo on his right shoulder)

“He’s a first-rate pufferfish who is always angry, has no luck with animals and has an uncontrollable love for fluffy things.”

Yuan Zhongqiu is the sect leader of Qianyuan Gate. His origins are unknown and his face is partially hidden under a Yellow Spring Jade mask.

Qianyuan Gate is a sect in Dayong which has rapidly risen in the ranks in recent years. It is rumoured that they do not question the identity, background or innate talent of the people they accept and recruit. They concentrate on helping the destitute, and cultivators of the Dao but aren’t accepted by other sects. They impart teachings on cultivation methods allowing people to have a new lease of life.

The sect is usually low-key in what they do. However, with the expansion of Qianyuan Gate’s influence, the power they hold is neck and neck with the other five sects. As a result, all the major sects are wary of Qianyuan Gate and in the world outside Jianghu, their name has been spread as a Demon Sect.

Translation notes:

1 白莲花 (bai lian hua), literally meaning “white lotus”. It is a term to describe women are morally perfect and harmless on the surface and the opposite underneath. Or it can describe women who take the ‘kindness’ to the extreme end of the spectrum which can actually be quite harmful. These types of characters usually seem so innocent they’re protected by everyone. Nothing they do can be wrong or their fault.

e.g. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to fall in love with him. I couldn’t help it. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” when a female character steals another’s boyfriend.

2 The characters are pronounced “Wén wǔ shuāng quán fù jiǎ yī fāng jìng lǎo hù yòu qíng shēn yì zhòng.”

3 Meaning jade.

4 It sounds like a homophone for candy.

5 花非花 (hua fei hua), literally meaning “flowers which are not flowers”. This can be interpreted as “flowers which are not what they seem” hence “mirage”. It’s actually the name of his puppet who looks like him (well, dresses like him), so we can assume its name also means “Hua Ling who is not Hua Ling” haha

6 戏精本精 (xi jing ben jing), literally meaning “the elite actor (you speak of) is this elite here (i.e. me)”. 戏精 means drama queen. The entire phrase can be a compliment for a great actor or it can be an insult meaning show-off.

7 蠱 (gu); see Wikipedia for an explanation

8 This uncle is his mother’s younger brother.

9 心头血 (xin tou xue), literally means “the blood from the tip of the heart”. In Wuxia/Xianxia novels, this is the most important blood any person has. It protects the heart and in extension the life of the person. It is the purest blood in the body, so using it to refine anything will make it better quality than just using normal blood. It is also limited and cannot be replenished using artifacts, pills or through cultivation.

10 傀心间 (kui xin jian), literally means “puppet heart room”. In most Wuxia/Xianxia novels, a puppet heart is a core piece that gives life to a puppet so it is stronger or acts like a human.

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