Leader Yuan’s “Dangerous” Interview

A couple of notes on the translation because I wasn’t going to dump a huge TL note on an already cluttered screen.

Q5: Teacher Gu, what do you think of some fans who say “I don’t want to be your woman. I want to be your dawta”?

“So what? The handsome high-powered business “man” is a “daddy”? And not just a man?”

CN: 怎么?霸总,爸总。这是爸爸的bà是吗,不是霸气的bà啊?爸总。
霸道总裁 (badao zongcai) is literally “overbearing/tyrannical chairman” but we know them more as CEOs. 爸 is a homonym of 霸 which means “dad”. The pun is on the “tyrannical” part of the word but yeah, couldn’t sub it in so I had to localise it as much as I could without destroying the pun.

That aside. I LOVE HOW EXASPERATED HE SOUNDS AT THE IDEA. It makes me wonder if all voice actors go “I don’t know what goes through your minds, but okay. If you want to see it like that, sure??? I’m…just doing my job???” www

Q6: Are there any interesting behind-the-scenes stories during recording?

“All interesting behind-the-scenes stories are already uploaded at ‘Xuanyu travels Dayong’.”

These videos are posted on their BiliBili space every Saturday (well they have been up until now) and there are a total of 21 episodes so far. The earlier episodes are also uploaded onto Youtube. The keyword to look for is 弦于游大雍. The amount of memes in these is not funny when you barely grasp textbook Chinese 😂 But if you can understand it’s absolutely hilarious. I don’t know how they managed to pull out the funniest parts of everything coz I’m sure despite what the game synopsis says, it’s probably somewhat serious.

Enjoy the Porcupine.

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