Big Brother Ren’s “Secret” Interview

Ren Tianya is ranked 5th on the character rankings and everyone (especially Jin Xian because Su Ci is ranked first) always pokes fun at Wai Wait about it. Poor guy. IT’S OKAY REN-dage!! I’LL LOVE YOU!!!!  (second after Hua Ling) BUT YOU’RE STILL SECOND!!!

Waiwai is known to be the one with the dirtiest mind out of the entire cast and question 4 is about that.

Question 4: Out of the five main cast, are you the one who “speeds” the most?

Right, because you have huge reactions to the character for “day”.

Let’s start with “speeding” (车速) first. To “drive a car” (开车) is internet slang for the equivalent of “guttering” something. When things sound “yellow”, it means there are sexual innuendos.

About the character “day” (日), in internet slang it’s an alternative to 卧槽,哇塞 which means “fuck”. The evidence they mention is this recording at 01:50. It was a very dirty day haha.

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