2020 Qixi Event PV: On Qixi, I Follow Along with My Dear

Qixi Event Card Names

Ren Tianya: Heat Disperses in July

七月流火 (Qīyuè liúhuǒ), literally “Fire flows in July”. It is a phrase from the Shijing (Classic of Poetry) which means the weather is cooling.

Su Ci: A Promise to Meet on a Full-Moon

I find it amusing that the guy who’s all about the Dao gets the card title that doesn’t seem to reference any idiom.

Tang Tang: The Hand Grasping Yours

执子之手 (zhí zǐ zhī shǒu) is also another phrase from the Classic of Poetry now often used to express be together with the one they love. It is often followed by “与子偕老 ” (yǔ zǐ xié lǎo), meaning to grow old together.

Yuan Zhongqiu: Gentle Breeze and Mild Rain

和风细雨 (hé fēng xì yǔ) is an idiom to liken something to pleasant countenance or attitude.

Hua Ling: Fruit of an Illusory Flower

空花之果 (kōng Huā zhī guǒ), literally “fruit of empty flower“. I think there’s quite a bit of wordplay here. 空花 could mean empty flower or empty Hua (i.e. Hua Ling). If we take the meaning from the Classic Chinese dictionary, 空花 means “illusory prosperity and beauty”. Hua Ling puts on a facade making him illusory, but the title of the card is saying an illusory flower can bear fruit. In extension, it’s saying even someone without a heart (Hua Ling) can have a heart (MC).

My bias is showing HAHAHAHAHA

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