Light Chaser – Lyric Translation

Title (CN): 追着光的人
Title (EN): Light Chaser
Subtitle: “Did you know? On you, a beam of warm light embraces you.”

Listen here (Weibo) or here (Broadcast App)

Music Director: Fanfan
Composer/Arrangement: Black Photo Album (Hei Xiangbo)
Lyrics: Ran Yuyou
Vocals: Cifer
Mastering/Mixing: A’Guan

Lyrics (English translation)

Did you know? On you,
a warm beam of light embraces you,
unintentionally illuminating all the people around you.
The night alone wanders back and forth.

How heavenly that face is,
yet it cannot wash away the rumors and slander.
Those fingers that can play the piano are so slender,
but still cannot cover up the injury of many years.

Perhaps the Heavens cannot bear to see people despair,
and desolately leave this world one by one,
so it gave us more time
allowing our story to go back to like when nothing had begun.

This time I want to rush in the direction of when you arrive,
and walk with you to the place you want to be most.
Gales and billows, covering wind and blocking the rain.
Don’t hurt my dearest sun.

I’ll design the softest style of clothes
waiting for when you receive the most important award.
Together late at night we’ll rush to the nearest venue
to watch you show your most capturing side.

If possible I want to be a dreamcatcher
to have each and every beautiful dream remain by your side,
and to have all despicable and filthy thing
that has and hasn’t happened stopped beforehand.

Although in the end I am just an ordinary person,
but for you I have extraordinary wishes.
Just like this road as long as a lifetime.
So long you can see the entire length of the road of glorious sights.

Just allow me to sit in that ordinary seat,
and watch you as pass through the sea of noise and shouts from strangers.
Under the spotlight the entire way, a suit of moonlight.
Which is even more dazzling all upon you?

In the future when you’re on the red carpet standing shoulder to shoulder under the spotlight,
I’ll watch as everyone appears on stage one after the other and then leave.
When the curtain drops on the bustle and the song and music loses its sound,
I’ll finally be able to hug your arm and lean against your shoulder.

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