The Entertainment Industry is Mine (娱乐圈是我的) Translation

I’m stupid and only saw that this webnovel is getting an audio drama ONE DAY before it airs!! And that’s what finally made me decide to kick-start this project before every other one I have in the backburner. I MADE IT TIME YEAH??? Still the day before so previews still count as previews!!

This is one of the few webnovels I keep going back to because of how much I enjoyed the balance of a light-hearted plot and the slow but sure development of the relationship.

I’ve noticed in many reincarnation novels with a female protagonist she overshadows the male lead or he only gets to shine when they’re apart. This novel is somewhat of a slow burn, but you see how Cen Feng slowly steps out from the shadows depression has brought him and how everything Xu Zhaixing does for him acts subtly as his guiding light.

I lost count how many times I just burst into tears while reading the novel and everyone (except a select few) are all nice people!!! I’m waiting for the novel to be physically published. The author’s other entertainment industry webnovel, 老婆粉了解一下 (Take a Look into “Wife Fan”) did so hopefully this one will as well! Wife Fan’s a similarly enjoyable novel that has a spin-off sequel which covers the story another couple. He protects her in Wife Fan. She protects him in EIIM.

In the meantime, I’ll be chasing this audio broadcast because ohhhh boy the preview had me crying. The cast is great!!! I really can’t wait to hear how Cen Feng’s voice actor will alter his voice as his character develops.

Join me in this journey with other Kites riding the wind to the peak where, together, we’ll wait for him and welcome him with the warmest abode.

Edit (2021/01/27): The synopsis and TOC for all EIIM related translations has been moved to its own separate page.

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