S1 Episode 3 Preview

Listen here

Xu Zhaixing
I heard you can make three wishes on your birthday… I’ll make two and give you the last one as a gift, how about that?

Cen Feng
Huh? Make wishes?

Cen Feng
If wishes really can come true… I wish I was…never born into this world.

Yin Chang
Brother! You really won’t look out for me anymore?

Yin Chang
Cen Feng, even if you’re unhappy with the agency you don’t need to take it out on me, do you?

Yin Chang
I treat you like a good mate and what do you treat me as?!

Cen Feng
Yin Chang, I’m giving you one last warning… Take all of your mind games and scheming, and use it on someone else.

Yin Chang
Damn it…!

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