S1 Episode 4 Preview

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Zhao Jinjin
Some new talents these days don’t have much skill, but sure are quick to cling onto the leg of a bigshot. They want to compete with me? Don’t they know to weigh how much worth they are first?

Xu Zhaixing
Oh! You’re…Zhao Jinjin? You look prettier in person than you do in the poster!

Zhao Jinjin
Huh? What…? Is it a trend to compliment your opponent before you start ripping at each other?

Xu Zhaixing
So you were touched by my cousin’s sincerity and now want to be loyal to death to Chenxing?

Zhao Jinjin

Xu Zhaixing
Then…my cousin promised you a drama made for you, so you can change your acting genre from a little flower role to the biggest female lead?

Zhao Jinjin
Not that either.

Xu Zhaixing
Then what for?

Ahem. After seeing CEO Xu, Sister actually only said one thing.

Convenient Store Staff
Hey, buddy! Are you going to sing today, too?

Cen Feng
I’m not. I won’t come anymore. The next time she comes by, just tell her I never came and give this back to her.

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