S1 Episode 5 Preview

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Expert Fei
Can you guarantee to everyone here that you independently completed this creation from design to tailoring?

Xu Zhaixing
Yes, I guarantee it. ‘Ascent’ is my individual work of design.

Homeroom Teacher
Stand up straight! Are you housewives at a food market or what? Why did you start hitting each other?

Song Yanan
I just hate seeing how her family boasts and shows off everywhere just because she participated in some unofficial competition, and wanted to let everyone know the truth!

Xu Zhaixing
Song Yanan, do you know why Zhou Mingyu doesn’t like you? It’s because the way you gossip is so ugly.

Father Xu
You dropped five ranks in this end-of-term exam.

Xu Zhaixing
Err… I think there’s some saving we can still do.

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