Yandere Town: Yandere Types

Are you ready to discover the ways his love can be twisted?! Here’s the original chart again as reference. It is also posted on the game’s Twitter account.

The translated mindmap serves as a quick reference guide to what kind of yandere a character may be. The more detailed explanation is in the tables further down. The yandere is assumed to be male and the love interest female.

There’s something off about him…

Possessive Type

Subtype Variant Description
Controlling Maintains emotional equilibrium by completely controlling their love interest.
Physically violent Yandere of this variant who resort to taking action directly such as resorting to physical violence are often short-tempered and pursue the happiness they see before them only to regret it later. They are differentiated from Delusional type variants by whether they feel guilt or have a clear purpose. Those of this variant who control through inducing fear tend to have low self-evaluation in general. They find it difficult to simply feeling and recognising happiness and are unable to believe that it will last for long. This then also leads into the those who are suspicious and don’t trust their love interest (regardless of whether or not she is in the wrong) and loathes lies.
Brainwashing and Conditioning Highly calculative, the majority of yandere in this variant are more shrewd than their love interest. There are some who end up taking some sort of action due to a lack of confidence and others who use punshiment as a pretext to controlling their love interest. Because the yandere’s fundemental aim is to possess, upskilling the love interest is not the goal of brainwashing or conditioning. They wish for her to regress or become obedient to the point she is completely under their control and beneath them. Through this method, the her personality changes drastically from when they first met. These yandere may react in one of two extreme ways. They might grieve the change or not notice it at all.
Murderous The yandere may commit murder if the above methods result in no improvements to the love interest (a character may immediately escalate to this variant if they are extremely unskilled or lack time.) Possession through death is thought to fulfill their possessive needs for reasons such as: it’s the equivalent of obtaining her entire life from then onwards; they are the ones who brought about her death; they have taken her to a place where no one else can intrude; they have obtained her body which doesn’t fight against them. If murder is followed by suicide, these yandere are categorised under a different type.
Removing Nuisances Physical This can mean physcially getting rid of someone in the literal sense, give candid advise to third parties involved, purposely make others lose affection for the love interest or make gifts meant for her get lost. Unlike the Isolating variant, yandere of this variant often come off as being suspicious and are easily pinned someone who seems a bit off. They aren’t very bright and are often impulsive. Those who are childish and short-tempered, or pessimistic and aren’t good with people are most likely to act impulsively. Additionally, if they are also the Stalker type who has never interacted with the love interest before, they will act in the background like a backstage hand and continue to silently remove people who get in their way. The discovery of these incidents may be delayed, depending on how sharp the love interest is.
Isolating Both variants of this subtype take action while knowing the love interest’s personality well so isolation is done by someone she is fairly close with. Those of this variant who criticise then praise her to adjust her self-evaluation are often someone she has some sort of affection for in the first place. Because the love interest is so cautious about how the yandere reacts, her self-evaluation plummets. This may change her personality so yandere of this variant are dangerous to her in this way. They will criticise her repeatedly on how useless she is, but once they’re alone with her they’ll be overly doting. The characteristics of this type are similar to the Brainwashing variant, but they are differentiated by whether their purpose is to control everything of her or isolate (become mutually dependent). If the purpose is to control, the love interest is more likely to become more useless than if it is to isolate.
Adam and Eve (Absolute Isolation) Enclosed World These yanderes wish to be isolated alone with the love interest. In extreme cases, anyone other than her is a nuisance. If yandere has become like this due to reasons of a congenital kind, they fall under one of the Delusional variants. (Even if it were due to reasons later acquired there is a high possibility the yandere suffers from a mental disorder of some kind.) They are extremely possessive and they themselves also want to be solely possessed by the love interest, wishing for a mutually dependent relationship. However, in order to maintain their world for two, the yandere must have financially sufficient and have a bit of rationality. If they don’t have both, they will choose the easiest option which is to commit murder-suicide. (However, this death has nothing to do with the next life but rather it assumes of an eternal world for them alone. The difference lies in the yandere’s opinions of life and death.)
(Has a period of stability) –
Is fundamentally extremely dependent
Both variants are extremely stable when the love interest is with them.
Loss Characters develop into this variant suddenly after losing the love interest. Sadness and loneliness turns into unease and they’ll do anything to get her back. This is quite a common type of yandere. Most of them are fairly mentally healthy at first and the change is often sudden. They are a variant that is dependent and unaware they are, so they aren’t able to calm down. They will lose their cool and become sick both mentally and physicially.
Clingy The dependent type that is clingy from the time the love interest was with them. This is the standard dependent type who becomes mentally unstable when they almost lose her. Unlike the Loss variant above, they’ll do anything to keep her with them even before they’ve lost her. Both variants don’t differ much in how far they’re willing to go. They only differ in the first move they make.
Collector’s Habit Sampling Urge Yandere of this variant don’t care if the love interest is alive or dead. They are fine as long as they are in a position to appreciate the her body. It is as if they are simply staring at a beautiful butterfly specimen they have hung up so it’s quite difficult to reason with them. Partially because they have overlapping traits with the Delusional type, they lack rationality. As a result, their aim to preserve the love interest in her beautiful state escalates from photos to the preservation of the actual person.
Collector Yandere of this variant are obsessed with the love interest being their property. Be it her clothes or her garbage, they want to collect every thing regardless of its actual value. At the core of this type is possessiveness so it does not mean they aren’t interested in the love interest. It’s more similar to an otaku imagining their love interest from the objects and enjoying it that way. They have a creative brain. Many yandere of this variant are of the artistic kind and have great imagination.
Attention-Seeking Self-harm These yandere have many traits that overlap with those of lunatics. They try to bind the love interest to them by harming themselves so they either are confident she likes them, do it without any thought, or are trying to take advantage of the her kindness. Those that harm themselves without any thought are categorised under the Mental Disorder subtype. They believe getting hurt is a form of way to get attention. They’ll try to tie the love interest down with feeling of guilt and not love, so they don’t care about the consequences and are filled with desperation and determination. Because these yandere only know to hurt themselves to keep the love interest with them, they aren’t that skilled in other areas.
Making an Impression We often have an image of a fan who their idol doesn’t pay attention to at all for yandere of this variant. They will do things that the love interest hates on purpose and try to remain in her memories even in the form of hatred or fear. Being ignored is what does the most damage to the so they may fly into a rage and do worser things. They are highly aggressive and may evolve into a stalker or murderer, almost equivalent to the Sociopath variant.
Observing The variant most go through before shifting to another.
Often done out of pure love, or the result of an unconscious inquisitive mind. This then breaks off into many different directions as they simply watch and observe. Those that secretly observe from the shadows may shift into the variant who fantasise. Those who observe and communicate with the love interest often shift into a diversity of types such as the Possessive, Intoxicated or Shackling. This is the stage where they cannot yet be considered ill in some sort of way.
Monitoring Confinement The standard type of yandere. Most of the subtypes under the Possessive type contain this trait, so they can be considered doers. They’ll place the love interest under their monitoring so they will hide them somewhere others cannot find. One essential factor to confining her is that the yandere is financially able to support the her as well, (if they’re okay with her just being alive then they don’t need to be too financially successful), or they need to have a place away from sight. Planning skills also become important as it is difficult to confine the love interest for a long period of time without one.
Keeping Tabs Bugging phones or taking photos in secret are things stalkers often do. If the yandere doesn’t gather the love interest’s garbage for collection purposes but for the sake of collecting information, they are categorised under this variant. As Collector is a different variant, any collecting by this yandere is often done as preparation and is only an accessory to the final operation. This behaviour is often seen in people who are meticulous.
Notes The Possessive and Shackling types are extremely similar, but the Possessive tend to want to remove all variables. It is difficult to separate yandere from possessive and shackling inclinations, so they are often combined with various other types.

E.g. [Sociopath] subtype + [Adam and Eve] subtype = Their judgment of good and evil is different from the norm, so they are able to create an isolated world for the two of them without any feelings of guilt. They have no aversion to committing crimes, so sometimes they are combined with the Removing Nuisances subtype as well. The boundary between themselves and their love interest is blurred, so the way they approach her is usually odd from the very start. This is what decides whether they are the Delusional type or Mental Disorder (Acquired) variant.

Shackling Subtype

Subtype Variant Description
Easily Jealous It is rare for a yandere to be okay with their love interest to be around other people than not, so this is an very common variant. There are differences in whether or not the yandere shows it or not, but they are mostly easily jealous. It may be impossible to talk things out with yanderes whose feelings surpass jealousy, so they are more dangerous than most. The extent of their jealousy decides whether or not they are emotionally ill or a healthy person. If you notice them act slightly abnormal when you meet their gaze, or see them feeling annoyed when they’re alone doing nothing, that is when they are first recognised as having something off about them.

Note: Jealousy does not affect sociopaths and those who have emotional abnormalities. The Love is Blind variant of the Intoxicated type does not “see” anyone other than their love interest in its truest meaning, so they may not care about the existence of other people. They either look down overwhelmingly upon others or don’t even notice them, so most of the time something is obviously off about them.

Self-Imposing Dependency Yanderes of this variant bear a close resemblence to the YES meme1 that went viral for a short period of time. As this variant takes care of the love interest in everything, they seem like the Self-Sacrificing subtype at first glance. However, because their goal is to make her dependent on them puts them in this variant. They are extremely calculative, and their self-sacrificing trait differentiates them from the Controlling subtype. By the time the love interest notices anything she will have become (mutually) dependent. The likelihood the love interest is the one who becomes useless without the yandere is overwhelmingly higher than the reverse. There are rarely any male characters who will fall under this variant. However characters such as the first-born son who has sibling(s) much younger, or mother-figures who make meets end financially for the family are attentive characters who are highly able to earn a living. These traits make it comparatively easy for them to fit into this variant.
Contact Being with the love interest is the goal of yandere of this variant and is not affected by their ability to support themselves. There are some who may end up in her care so making their way into her life is the kind of contact they make and end up becoming financially dependent on her. However, for this to work out the love interest must have some affection for the yandere so there must be something about them that she is attracted to. At the core of this variant are the traits of the Shackling type, so if the yandere discovers any factors of unease in their shared life with the love interest, they’ll often show their jealous nature. It is easier for those of the ‘useless man’ or ‘younger man’ types that tickle her maternal instincts to develop into this variant.
Overprotective Doll Having the love interest under their surveillance is the major prerequisite for this variant. They are also doting. These yandere do not wish for the love interest to be independent. As long as the she is within their monitoring range, the yandere will spoil her. However, they will not allow the love interest to do as she pleases at all. Compared to the Glassware variant, the Doll variant is undeniably more self-centered and rather aggressive, but they are also highly sensitive to maliious and aggressive intent from others. They can be considered a ‘360 degree security protection’ type, one that even the love interest finds a nuisance.
Glassware The love interest is so dear to the yandere of this variant that they are afraid of losing the her more than anything. They have similarities to the Deprived subtype but don’t cling nor do are they determined to get the love interest back after losing them. This type is simply extremely fearful and is timid in their approach to the love interest, which is a characteristic of this variant. As the traits of the Shackling type are at core of this variant, they want to safeguard her extremely carefully. They are compatible with the Worshipping variant and sometimes the two may be combined in one person.
Easily Lonely This variant is afraid of being alone above all else. They tend to be self-preserving most of the time, and love themselves and the love interest. They don’t want to be alone so shackling her to them becomes their aim. Unlike the Overprotective subtype, if the Easily Lonely subtype is betrayed their nature makes it easy for them to shift into the Love-Hate subtype. They have more in common with characters who are categorised as lunatics than not.
Matching Psychological identification is the ultimate aim of yandere of this subtype. Everything needs to be matching or the same. This is the secret to keeping them emotionally calm. They are more common when the yandere and the love interest are of the same sex. If the yandere choses to match with the the love interest, they fall under one of the Intoxicated variants. If they force her to match with them, they fall under this variant. By matching in appearance, their aim is to keep those around the love interest in check, create a world no one else can enter freely in order to shackle the her to them. The yandere is scared and will hate that she might wear or have something that doesn’t match what they do, or show interest in different things. They won’t allow even the slightest difference.

1 YES meme: There were a bunch of bots on Twitter which were named 全肯定○○ (zen koutei xx) or @YES_xx for some time where they would agree with everything someone tweeted. Complaining about work? “YES YOU ARE RIGHT” is the part of the reply you’d get.

“Denpa” Delusional Type

Subtype Variant Description
(Emotionally Unstable)
As the subtype name suggests, this type of yandere is emotionally unstable and has panic attacks about the smallest things. They are mentally ill and in terms of stages of illness, this would be a symptom that mostly emerges towards the final stages. It is rare for anyone to start out as this subtype of yandere. They mostly switch over from other subtypes or variants after experiencing excessive amounts of stress. There are some who show a hint of the traits of this subtype from the very start, giving people the chills. Though, this last characteristic is an optional trait.
Desire for Ruin Both variants belive death will save them. They have given up on life.
Forced Murder-Suicide Yandere of this variant have given up on everything and will drag the love interest along with them in death even when they know there is nothing beyond it. The difference of opinion on death differ from person to person and that is what will affect the underlying conditions that form the yandere. In this case, the yandere’s views of death is nothingness. Their mental state makes it very easy for them to beome an alarmingly dangerous person. In extreme cases, the person they force into a murder-suicide does not even have to be the love interest. They are also originally emotionally ill.
Hope in the Next Life Yandere in this variant believe there is life after death. They are large-scale stalkers who follow the love interest through Samsara. They have their own strong, picky opinions on death so it is hard to reason with them. Unlike the Adam and Eve subtype, they find no appeal in death. It is simply a stage which leads them onto the next life. As a result, although they may find it regretful they have to kill the love interest, they will still kill her and as they say incomprehensible things such as “just endure it and it’ll be over.”
Abnormal Behaviour Self-Contained Yandere of this variant are more doers than not. They are an unaggressive type that deals with their excessive love for the love interest alone. They often do abnormal things in places away from view. We often imagine them to be type the love interest will be disgusted by after discovering what they are doing. Because these yandere are more docile, it is hard to sense the danger they pose but their love is still heavy. If they are obsessed in whatever they do while thinking of the love interest, it is possible some may not notice her even when she is standing right before them. They are happy when thinking about her.
Abnormal Fetish As a way to let out their pent-up love for the love interest, yandere of this variant do abnormal things disregarding whether or not it may endanger a life. If their actions are not self-contained and end up involving others, the yandere is categorised in this variant. If the yandere sends their bodily fluids to the love interest or do something similar, many of their traits will overlap with those of the Attention-Seeking subtype of the Possessive type. If they do the unthinkable such as licking the chair the love interest sat on, they fit into this variant.
Sociopath Unlike congenital psychosis, these sociopaths are usually formed in a uncommon way where an abnormality may occur in their brain when they are young, during their personality development. Up until then, the yandere’d general mental structure would mostly be like anyone else’s but would lack sympathy or a conscience. They are narcissists, lie on a daily basis, are indiscriminant and short-tempered. They do not know fear and it is hard to glimpse any humanity in them. However, because they are emotionally lacking, they are skilled actors and are even ostensibly charismatic. Unlike those who have congenital psychosis, it is possible for yandere of this variant to develop affection for someone. When the boundaries between themselves and the love interest blurs, and the yandere becomes fixated on her, the yandere can carry out inhumane actions on other people without a thought. The type of people who can shred someone into pieces with a weapon without batting an eye will most likely be categorised here.
Blurring Fantasy and Reality Yandere of this type don’t daydream. They truly blur the lines of fantasy and reality, so even if they are rejected they will just stare back blankly not understanding what is being conveyed. They twist their interpretation of things to suit their needs so their mental defense is tough. There is no other way to deal with them other than running away. They will say, “oh, I get it! You’re just shy aren’t you?” and proceed to smile widely while staring at the love interest who stares back in fear.
Actor Yandere of this subtype pretend to be someone who has mental abnormalities. They can switch their acting on and off at will. They will suddenly show a sense of normality then switch back, their personality changing constantly. They are a swindler at heart so they can’t be considered mentally normal, which is why they’re categorised under the Delusional type. They do not live in their own enclosed world so they will get angry just like any other person would in some situations. This makes them hard to deal with if the wrong method is chosen. Mysterious characters who are often outwardly cheerful fall into this category quite easily. Their true intentions often remain unknown until the end.
Religious (Worshipping) Faults Viewed Favourably (Intoxicated) Yandere of this variant worship their love interest as a god and agree with everything she does or says. It is more accurate to say they are devote than have romantic feelings for the love interest. While the Dependency variant of the Self-Imposing subtype compares the actions of the love interest to their own standards of good and evil, then accepts acts they believe to be evil because of love, yandere of this variant believe the love interest = good from the bottom of their heart. They are intoxicated in their devotion and are a rabid devotee to the point that if she says crows are white, then they become white. Yandere of this variant often have experienced a fateful meeting by their standards then transition into this type, or they may already work a job related to religion and their target of worship has simply changed to the love interest.
Imposing Ideals Yandere of this variant see the love interest as their god, but they get furious if the she has traits that differ from their image of the ideal god. Although they are usually intoxicated in their devotion, they are a field of mines blow up as they keep an eye on the love interest to ensure she doesn’t step out of the framework they’ve set for their “god”. This is in order to make the love interest into their ideal person. If their “ideal” crumbles away too much, their sense of self will collapse as well. That is how brittle their heart is.
Religious (Sharing Values) The target of worship for this yandere is not the love interest. They are the type to invite and drag the her into worshipping their wonderful “god”. Yandere of this variant are unable to chose between who or what they worship and the love interest, and become furious when the she rejects their god. They often act out of goodwill believing the she will have a better life if she does as they say, so it is hard to reason with them.
Mental Disorder (Lack of Emotions) Yandere of this variant have difficulties with their emotions. They have no aversion to brutal acts of crime and may develop into the Abnormal Fetish variant which calls life and death into question as a method of expressing their love. They may literally consume the love interest believing that her becoming one with them will bring happiness. They may also make love to the her dead body or perform other acts beyond the understanding of normal people.
Mental Disorder (Acquired) Traumatised These yandere are not mentally stable due to abuse as a child or a side-effect of medication. They find it difficult to accept being happy and are often agonised by flashbacks. They can be categorised as someone who is emotionally ill, but when they suffer from trying to love someone they then obtain the position of ‘pitiful yandere character’.
Delusions and Hallucinations Yandere of this variant do abnormal things as a result of having injured their head or side-effects to drugs. There are also some who may have caused an incident, taken drugs that induced hallucinations before transitioning into this variant. It is a helpless situation. This is a problem with their brain, the most important part of the body. As a result, they can’t be reasoned with, there is no stopper to their actions and they are more aggressive than they would have been. Characters who are intrinsically delusional in its true meaning fall under this variant when they fall in love.
Lack of Knowledge Yandere of this variant don’t know how to express their love as a result of abuse during childhood. Because they were not given enough love they do not know what happiness or love is. They act upon instinct resulting in abnormal actions taken.Having no ill-intentions is a trait of this variant. If their other intuitions are normal, they gradually realise their abnormality and agonise over it. Even though they only lack the knowledge, it often affects their personality development during childhood. This then means the gap in their knowledge is not something that can be filled by just teaching them. It is a deeply-rooted problem.
Notes It is questionable if most of these variants can be considered yandere types so they have been placed under the Delusional type. Most of them actually just fall under the emotionally ill category, but if we include an already mentally ill person falling in love as a definition as yandere then these variants count. However, opinion is split on this. Additionally in regards to psychopaths, who are very similar to sociopaths, (many people believe) they don’t feel love so they can’t become a yandere.

Love and Hate Type

Subtype Description
I Hate You But I Love You – State of Internal Conflict Yandere of this subtype are in a state of internal conflict where their Love:Hate ratio is 5:5. Just like how there is a saying that the opposite of love is indifference, being highly aware means the intensity of their feelings is extremely heavy. It is because the conflict within them can tip either way that their internal conflict is never-ending.
I Love How Pitiful You Are What sets these yandere apart from others is that they love the love interest for being unhappy. These yandere have a difficult personality where they don’t find the her attractive when she is happy. The unhappier the love interest is, the more love the yandere feels for her. Those of this subtype are somewhat in a bizzare state. Some may like the love interest from when she is happy, or fall in love when they unexpectedly see her tears. The tears trigger a skip of the heart which is love born from her sorrow. This preference can also be considered a fetish of sorts.
Beautiful Memories These is indeed a certain state of the love interest that yandere of this subtype loved, but are unable to admit to once something changes in her. Regardless of whether the growth is internal or of her appearance, such as emotional growth or aging of the body, the yandere is unable to tolerate the crumbling of their image of her “best state”.  Their desire to keep the love interest just as she was in their beautiful memories is strong and in the worst case scenario the love interest could be killed. They have similarities to the Sampling Urge variant, but the difference lies in the fact they also care about internal factors. The Imposing Ideals variant of the Worshipping subtype is composed enough that improvement can be sought of them but there is no changing yandere of this subtype, which is what differentiates them.
Obsession Born From Hatred Since no love is involved, strictly speaking yandere of this subtype don’t fall under the Love-Hate type. However obsession exists. Because of the hatred they have, they will not tolerate others taking the the target of their feelings from them which makes them closely related to the Possessive types. Twisted feelings for their target does exist and even if their ultimalte aim is to kill the them, they will be furious if the target suicides or is murdered by someone else.
I Once Loved You But Am Vengeful The prerequisite for this subtype is that they must love her deeply in the first place. They shift to the Love-Hate type after a experiencing a betrayal or something similar. Because their love for her is originally intense, their hatred is just as strong. They are the more severe version of the Internal Conflict subtype. Their unconscious love and newly-found hate create an internal conflict and make them obsessive. Because of how strong their hate is, this subtype is like the “heavy-weight” version of other subtypes of the Love-Hate type.
Shadow of Love Found in Hatred This subtype does not love the target of their feelings, but instead a close (female) relative of theirs. In this case their target of feelings would be the child or descendant of the person they love. Because the one they love is not the target, it is more accurate to say the yandere is fixated on the shadow of their loved one that they see in the target. When hatred is involved, such as when the target is a child born between the person they love and their love rival, or when the child is theirs but the mother died after giving birth, the resemblence in the child to their loved one is what agonises them.
Pursuit of Perfection This subtype of yandere is unable to love the love interest because of one thing about her, but everything else about her is perfect so the yandere is unable to hate her. This subtype is very similar to the Imposing Ideals variant of the Worshipping subtype, but the difference lies in the fact the former variant sees the love interest as their god instead. There are an abundance of people who have good and bad points to them, but this subtype of yandere is fixated on a certain person and insists on fixing the bad thing about her. This intervention is what labels them as someone who seems a bit off.

Intoxicated Type

Subtype Variant Description
Self-Sacrificing (Doesn’t Wish to Shackle) Actionist Yandere of this variant continuously does acts of self-sacrifice much like an attendant to the love interest. At the core of this variant are the traits of the Intoxicated type so they do not seek to shackle the love interest as a pre-condition to their self-sacrifice. They only wish to devote themselves to the person they love, making their love heavy. How aggressive they are to others depends on their personality, but more often than not protecting the love interest is included in their acts of devotion and will kill and succeed if necessary.
“Gon the Little Fox” Yandere of this type perform acts of devotion secretly behind the senes. However, these self-sacrificing acts are disturbing and are often treated as a red herring in an incident would be. They are also more likely to meet an unfortunate end compared to the Actionist variant. They need to be clever enough to rid themselves of the handicap others are unaware they have. If their efforts bear fruit there is potential in these yandere to become normal. Neither the Actionist nor the Gon the Little Fox variant pose much danger to the love interest.
Rabid Fan Rabid Fan variant yandere are directly linked to the core traits of the Intoxicated type. We often imagine them to simple-minded and love the love interest so much they’ll do anything. They are similar to the Faults Viewed Favourably (Intoxicated) variant who worship a “god”. The difference lies in whether the yandere deifies the love interest. They are also similar to the Deification subtype mentioned next, only they are a “fan” and don’t feel guilty for loving the love interest. In fact, they’d want to get together with the her if possible.
Deification and Austerity While this variant is similar to the Faults Viewed Favourably (Intoxicated) variant of the Delusional type, the significant difference lies in the fact this variant sees their love interest as just that and not just someone to worship as a god. They tend to punish themselves for falling in love with their “god” and continue to be internally conflicted by their overflowing love for the love interest and self-loathing. They are extremely serious and easily emotional. People who believe in fate or are inclined to believe in it are more likely to fit into this variant.
Fantasising Princess Love Interest Regardless of whether the yandere is dating the love interest, they believe she is their fated princess and have a fantasy-prone mind. They completely believe that true love will prevail above all obstacles and that love will never waver. Although they resemble the Delusional type, they can be considered normal so they are categorised into the Intoxicated type by a paper-thin difference. They act as if they are a prince who has appeared in the real world.
Self-proclaimed Prince Although very similar to the above variant, they are a Prince who waits to confirm her love rather than acting out their idea of true love like the Princess variant does. They are a troublesome type that finds how the love interest fights desperately over them adorable. They assume she reciprocates their feelings so they become furious if she does anything out of their expectations. (Although similar, the Blurring Fantasy and Reality subtype of the Delusional type differs significantly in the fact that they act as if nothing has happened in even if the love interest does something unexpected.)
Masochist The original meaning of the name of this subtype refers to a sexual predilection, but in this case the person is intoxicated in love so any aggressiveness from the love interest is met with joy. That is how Masochist is defined here. They do not simply seek pain but they seek to feel the love from the pain inflicted upon them by the love interest, which is a trait of this subtype. They believe aggressiveness is rarer than kindness and find pleasure in the rarity of it.
Love is Blind Both subtypes only notice the person they love.
Nervous Yandere of this variant are essentially maidens in love. They are unable to display their skills as normal when the love interest is around. They are either extremely nervous or too excited that nothing goes to plan. Unlike people who have stage fright, they are able to display their skills as normal around others, so it is love that throws them into disarray. When they fall into that state, they don’t care about anyone’s opinion but the love interest’s. (If they get so much stage fright they don’t care about how embarrassing their actions are and only care about the love interest, it becomes a problem of innate bashfulness. These types are categorised under the Delusional type.)
Forthright Yandere of this variant are the opposite of the above variant. Only around the love interest do they throw away any sense of embarrassement or care about appearances. They are forthright in their approach and keep at it. They don’t care about what others think of them so don’t hesitate in doing anything. They are often positioned as a comedy relief character.
Mixing in Bodily Fluids This subtype is a doer. It is questionable whether they fall under the Intoxicated type though. If the person wants the love interest to take in their bodily fluid as an act of offering instead of trying to make it happen as part of their sexual predilection, then they fall under this subtype. We tend to have the image of characters mixing all types of fluids into things when it is a sexual predilection (especially for male characters). As for characters who are the Intoxicated type who then develop into this subtype, the idea of a female character mixing in their blood into things is one that is popular.
Directly Linked to Life and Death The love interest’s existence the yandere’s meaning of life, leaving them in a critical situation. It is easy for those who are indifferent about living or are apathetic in the first place to fall into this subtype. When the general opinion of hobbies become the motivation for work escalates in a bad direction, this is one of the symptoms they show. Although one-sided, the yandere is completely dependent on the love interest and if she dissapears, the yandere will choose death. They aren’t able to fight to stay alive. The love interest’s existence is their source of life so if if she disappears, the yandere’s heart will stop before they even search for her.
Fetishism Yandere of this subype devote their love not to the love interest but to certain parts of them such as her legs or hair. They seem like they could be categorised as someone with particular fetishes and it is also still questionable whether or not they fit under the Intoxicated type. Strictly speaking, they do not love the love interest so it’s not clear if they can be considered a yandere. Traits of this subtype can be found in people who seem a bit off or are mentally unhealthy.
Notes Compared to the Possessive and Shackling types whose aim is to keep the love interest by their side, the Intoxicated type does not pose as much danger. They simply have their heads in the clouds while in love. However, because they don’t have a clear purpose like the Possessive type, something seems a bit more obviously off in them compared to others.

Stalker Type

Your almighty yandere who’s a bit of everything.

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