The Entertainment Industry is Mine (娱乐圈是我的) Translation

I’m stupid and only saw that this webnovel is getting an audio drama ONE DAY before it airs!! And that’s what finally made me decide to kick-start this project before every other one I have in the backburner. I MADE IT TIME YEAH??? Still the day before so previews still count as previews!!

This is one of the few webnovels I keep going back to because of how much I enjoyed the balance of a light-hearted plot and the slow but sure development of the relationship.

I’ve noticed in many reincarnation novels with a female protagonist she overshadows the male lead or he only gets to shine when they’re apart. This novel is somewhat of a slow burn, but you see how Cen Feng slowly steps out from the shadows depression has brought him and how everything Xu Zhaixing does for him acts subtly as his guiding light.

I lost count how many times I just burst into tears while reading the novel and everyone (except a select few) are all nice people!!! I’m waiting for the novel to be physically published. The author’s other entertainment industry webnovel, 老婆粉了解一下 (Take a Look into “Wife Fan”) did so hopefully this one will as well! Wife Fan’s a similarly enjoyable novel that has a spin-off sequel which covers the story another couple. He protects her in Wife Fan. She protects him in EIIM.

In the meantime, I’ll be chasing this audio broadcast because ohhhh boy the preview had me crying. The cast is great!!! I really can’t wait to hear how Cen Feng’s voice actor will alter his voice as his character develops.

Join me in this journey with other Kites riding the wind to the peak where, together, we’ll wait for him and welcome him with the warmest abode.Read More »

Tears of Themis Translations

I’m absolutely late in announcing this but I’m just popping by to let you all know I’m collaborating on translations for Tears of Themis (未定事件簿), a Chinese mobile dating sim!

Chapter 1 complete and up for you to have a taste of what the game is like. Chapter 2 is in progress and let me tell you the story gets more and more compelling.

Weiding Shijianbu

Official website


Stellis City sprung up amidst a collision of culture. Science and technology light up its lively and bustling neon lights, but it also casts dark shadows.

Prevalence of mental illnesses has increased abnormally;
Public disturbance incidents have increased significantly;
Lovers, who were tender and considerate to each other, inadvertently became irritable and violent;
Friends, who once went through thick and thin together, turned into enemies overnight…

Although these incidents were caught and recorded, they were drowned out in the enormous flood of data. But there was still someone who noticed them, analyzed and sorted them, and redefined them.

This report was given the name “Conundrum” and it removed conflicts of interest and restored the truth which had been smeared.

In the end, these will be sent to the Scales of Justice, and you will be the one placing weights on the balance scale.

From Tears of Themis Masterlist

The feature image is from the Qixi Event, if anyone wanted to know! My bias is Zuo Ran, the Elite Lawyer. You don’t know how much effort it takes to drag him home through the gacha to stop him from working overtime… I kid. I don’t drag him home, I have to exchange for him. It’s like the game holds him hostage!!

【Announcement】Doting Boyfriend becomes Crazed, Loving Boyfriend -Makoto Sougami-

Hi everyone! I’m here to announce the translation I’ve done for A-chromatic color has been released! The files on DLSite have now been updated to include the English script and translation of the documents. The links to the download pages are below the cover image. There’s a two-part sequel to this volume and I hear they’re working on a new series. You can follow them on Ci-en for their latest news and to support them.

This sets out your relationship with him. It was originally a stand-alone so you can listen to this volume only but I’d recommend to follow-up with the sequel for his salvation arc. It had me in tears. Apparently Mitsuhashi cried when he recorded because he got too into character.

Warnings: Sexual content, R-18. Don’t listen until you’re legal!


You work at a pharmaceutical company. One day a man known within the company as the ‘Mad Scientist’ confesses to you. You were frightened and chose to give your reply another time.

Makoto Sougami is your colleague, a senior employee. You complain about wanting to go for a drink. He recommends you take a mood stabiliser instead of drowning in alcohol.

However, the drug you actually took was ‘GIFT’, the poison the Mad Scientist developed.

Is this the beginning of misfortune…?

English: Doting Boyfriend becomes Crazed, Loving Boyfriend -Makoto Sougami-
Japanese: 溺愛彼氏が狂愛彼氏に変わるまで―贈守誠―

For those interested in my translator’s notes on this title, read on under the cut. Spoiler warning for the entire series, just in case.

Edit (2020/05/01): Makoto tweeted for a day on April Fool’s. You don’t have to know what happens in the sequel, but this was released after the series was complete. The English translations are under the cut.

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【Announcement】The ‘Evil Lady’ Undergoes ‘Interrogation’ by the MenDere Prince. Is this a Bug?

Hi Everyone, I’m back (kind of) with some news!

I’m happy to finally, officially say the English translation of「悪役令嬢はメンデレ王子にHな拷問されるなんてバグですか」by 禁断りんご (Forbidden Fruit as per DLSite) has been released! Translation provided by your’s truly ;D

For those of you who already know about it, I hope I’ve done justice with the script. For those of you adults who love the dummyhead mic, sexy voices and a plot full of surprises, it’s time to check it out.

You can grab it from DLSite. The links are below.

English Site: The ‘Evil Lady’ Undergoes ‘Interrogation’ by the MenDere Prince. Is this a Bug?
Japanese Site: 悪役令嬢はメンデレ王子にHな拷問されるなんてバグですか

The sequel and the bonus SS are coming soon!

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Podcasting – 「Say Who? Seiyuu!」& Updates

Podcasting Start!

I know what you’re thinking. “What?! This girl’s doing a podcast. But look at her friggen translation backlog!!”

Haha yes…well Axel (my dear otouto-kyun, wait she’s a girl) and I have started up a podcast mostly seiyuu-based (as you can tell by the title). It’s honestly just us to rambling about biases, games/anime/drama CDs we’re hooked on and the like. You can find out about the podcast in more detail at our podcast blog under ‘About’!! xD

Our first podcast is up already!! Please check it out if you have the time!!

It’d be great to have your input as well so please comment if you have any questions you’d like answered whether it be about us & our otome/anime/seiyuu experience; specific otaku topics, etc.  You can also email us at Just please keep in mind that we won’t be discussing any BL. I mean sure, there might be mentions of it here and there but no specific talk about it.



Apart from the occasional minor work I can do with the podcast, I haven’t been able to do much. Exams are being horrible to me which is why I haven’t updated in almost a month. Do you know how much I am itching just sit my butt down in front of the computer and just translate without having to worry about my marks and what not? *Cries* But it’s not possible and still won’t  be for at least another week. Last exam, JLPT exam and work. QwQ

Honestly, nothing has changed much since my last update post. Just wanted to let you all know I’m still alive and still working on things…well, planning too haha. Some things may look similar to what has been said before because that hasn’t changed.

  • Seventh Heaven will be top priority when I get back to work SO DON’T WORRY GUYS. KANADE-SAMA IS COMING YOUR WAY!!
  • 2nd priority will be my Seiyuu Bias translations.
  • I will not be translating any CD from the JoouBachi series since I’m still a little uncomfortable with listening to it.
  • Diabolik Lovers More Blood is on hold as usual.
  • Vanquish Brothers has been added to the list. At least 1st volume has because Nobunaga-sama xD
  • Still considering Wasurenagusa Season 2 and  Bad Medicine but even if I take them on, they’ll be low priority
  • Game translations and summaries are going to be slow and on indefinite hiatus.
  • I have a side project of almost anything to do with FREE! going on but a side project is still a side one.



Hey guys, as you know, I’m officially back (though I have to say mid-sems are closing in on me haha.) I’m really just finding a reason to procrastinate. Now I wanted to just give everyone a little update as to the next few months in regards to translation projects.

  1. Seventh Heaven is up to date (until Mint’s CD releases in a few days)
  2. My next few drama cd translation posts will be Kimu-nii drama cd ones. (I need to catch up because he release like…4 in one month ww)
  3. JoouBachi has been taken off the list as Ilinox has translated the CD. You can read it here.
  4. Diabolik Lovers More Blood is on hold until I get all my Kimu-nii cds out. (MY DANNA TAKES PRIORITY OKAI?!!)
  5. I know I really shouldn’t but I’m looking at Wasurenagusa Season 2, Bad Medicine, and Vanquish Brothers (because Nobunaga as Nobunaga LMFAO) as potentials. REJET WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME??!! If you could let me know which series you’re most interested it, I’ll take that into consideration.
  6. Game translations and summaries are going to slow and on indefinite hiatus because right now, drama cds are easier and faster to do haha
  7. I have a side project of song lyrics going on…because FREE! and Haruka. I mean how can I not? They’ll probably come out in a batch (but you should be able to find lyrics and translations everywhere by now haha) I’m only doing this for myself :3c

Also, as mentioned before on Tumblr,  please check my Translation Backlog before you ask if I’m going to translate or keep translating a series. Sometimes I’ll reply in the comments but please still check. ^^;;

Thank you guys for your constant support and I hope I’ll be more regular with my updates. Feel free to drop me a comment on relevant pages/posts (if there are none then the About Me page?)!! I don’t bite…much. I promise ;3


HIATUS (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

ヾ(=・ω・=)o I’ve decided it’s time to take a break!

Usually I don’t do this since only my friends read this blog and because I hardly blog  but now that I’ve got new readers (I love you all okay? ;3) I thought it’d be best to let you know.

Don’t freak out guys lol. I’m only going on about a 2 month break from 17th June to 1st August because of exams and holidays. I don’t exactly want to plunge myself back into text walls after writing a whole bunch of text walls that decide my future ww Yes, I’ll still be translating SEVENTH HEAVEN and possibly DIABOLIK LOVERS More,Blood though they’ll be out later than the other translations have been. If you know my track record I’m usually done in 2-3 days. You’ll have to wait a month this time XD

Not sure if I can finish one of my other route posts before I leave so don’t expect anything up xD Apologies in advance if I don’t reply to comments during this period. It might take me a little longer to get up and running again after holidays so bear with me. >w< You’ll know when I’m back ww


Otome News

Lately, my twitter timeline has be quite busy. It all started with Lore. Yup xD Well not really. You can thank Rejet for creating such lovely games like Diabolik Lovers and Black Wolves Saga. ww

By ‘busy’ I mean that quite a few major projects were started up on twitter and are slowly progressing. We had the DIABOLIK LOVERS English Wiki, the Hana Awase English Wiki. The Primer for Hana Awase can be found here if you’d like an idea of what it’s about. These two wikis have translations for scenes that most people on my TL contribute to and though it’s not that active right now it’s still progressing. What started these were our uncontrollable feels for these games. Yes, they’re not the happiest or sparkliest otome games there are but we love it. We love the despair it has brought us. No really, WoGa and Rejet has probably ruined out lives haha XD

Finally, and the biggest news of all is OTOME JIKAN. This is a blog where news about otome related things are gathered. It is set up by Lore but around 50 or more people in the otoge fandom are contributing to it. It is a blog made by fans for fans.

“Otome Jikan belongs to everyone.”


You can find out more about it here. Feel free to contribute! Everything you need to know about how to do that is on the site as well.