DIABOLIK LOVERSドS吸血CD MORE,BLOOD Vol. 2 無神コウ Translation

kou-01Title: DIABOLIK LOVERS Do-S Kyuuketsu CD MORE,BLOOD Vol. 2 Mukami Kou

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無神コウ(Mukami Kou) ー 木村良平 (Kimura Ryouhei)


You’ve been kidnapped from the Sakamaki brothers and when you regain consciousness, theplace where you wake up is…

On Kou’s bed.

You are toyed with by Kou while in a blindfolded state, on his bed, with no way to struggle.

He spoke to you kindly but…When things don’t go the way he wants them to, he mood turns bad. He sinks his teeth into you forcefully, as if the scent of your blood tempted him to.

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