Yandere Town: Yandere Types

Are you ready to discover the ways his love can be twisted?! Here’s the original chart again as reference. It is also posted on the game’s Twitter account.

The translated mindmap serves as a quick reference guide to what kind of yandere a character may be. The more detailed explanation is in the tables further down. The yandere is assumed to be male and the love interest female.

There’s something off about him…

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Yandere Town

Yandere Town (ヤンデレタウン) is a free, adult otome game by SkyKani (空カニ) currently in development, where the player can date 13 different yandere men who all have their own twisted version of love. I can’t remember the last time I played something with that many love interests in one game. I think the closest we probably ever got from the big publishers was HaruToki? And that’s including the side characters. Asgard/Honeybee games don’t count. Those were split into several games.

The game’s been under development since March 2019 (but apparently the idea is from 2014), so why the heck am I writing a post about it now in 2022? Because I need a place to organise all the information that’s been released since then and I need a place to scream about the puns in the names and the bloody detailed as hell yandere types!!

The game is rated R-18 and contains sensitive content so proceed at your own risk. If I listed all the trigger warnings that apparently need to be mentioned these days we’d be here all day so stay with me if you love your yanderes and are okay with anything. And I mean anything. Please click that [X] button on your browser if you are easily offended.

One last thing. Because the game is still a WIP and an original work, the creator has expressed that they strongly recommend fanworks of the game not to be created as some content may be similar to what is currently under development. While thoughts on the available content are welcome, please do not flame. In regards to an English translation, do not patch the game and redistribute when it is released. The creator has explicitly expressed on their personal Twitter account that they would rather have it done under their supervision. I hope everyone can respect the creator’s requests.

Capisce? Great.

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