[SOLD] Selling PS Vita CLOCK ZERO ExTime (Regular Edition)

Hey guys!

I found myself accidentally ordering an extra copy of the new Vita port of CLOCK ZERO ExTime. It’s the regular edition with the preorder drama cd bonus from AmiAmi (link). I should receive the game early May, depending on the shipping time.

I’m looking to sell it off for 5000 yen (shipping is separate). Please keep in mind I ship from Sydney, Australia. The game will weight less than 500g so you can estimate shipping costs using this postage calculator, or wait for my quote when the game arrives ;3

Drop me an email at doropyan@gmail.com or a comment at my Tumblr if you’re interested!

[EDIT] Found a buyer~ >w<


Otomate Christmas SS 2014 Translation

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you’re all enjoying those wonderful plans you made with family and friends (and that you don’t actually read this until the 27th or later. Like seriously, have fun, go shopping on Boxing Day and don’t check emails until after. Don’t be like me, stuck at home, translating) On the odd (?) chance you’re actually reading this on Christmas Day (or what is left of it), I hope you’re having an awesome day whether it is with your 2D sweethearts or with actual people. Eat all the food! Open all the presents!! Take the time to relax!!

As a little something to all my dear readers out there for Christmas, I present you with translations of Otomate’s 2014 Christmas Short Stories!! Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with a few of the works there so I’ll only be translating the ones I know well.

Otomate released short stories and wallpaper art for Trigger Kiss, BinaryStar, RE:VICE[D]. MARGINAL#4. Code: Realize and Shinobi Koi Utsutsu. They released a wallpaper art for Hakuouki SSL and a short story for Amnesia World. Here’s the link if any of you want to look at the site, get the wallpapers or read the SS. Not sure how long this link will stay active so be quick!

It took longer than I thought it would to get out. I was totally aiming for midnight on Christmas but haha, it was completely impossible. So think of it as a present given on Christmas which you unbox on Boxing Day? ;3c I’m just making excuses now.

That’s enough rambling from me. Click any of the titles below to jump to the story or just scroll!!

BinaryStar | RE:VICE[D] | MARGINAL#4


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Unboxing Ken ga Kimi Artbook

Ken ga Kimi’s artbook (剣が君 和風伝奇絵巻) was released today and I picked it as soon I could. I ordered the Deluxe Edition (豪華版) IT WAS HEAVY ww 160 colour pages with a wooden box. It was like this… precious parcel from Rejet lskfja;osiefjdk The books are beautiful as usual and I thought I’d share a few pictures from it. Apologies in advance for the crappy quality again ww What is photoshop and what is cropping owo

WARNING: If you have not played the game/ordered the book/plan to order and do not wish to be spoiled, please refrain from reading on (not that I’ll be saying much but the pictures…)

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Hello Thar Japan Special 01 ~Swallowtail Butler Cafe Edition~

Special post for my experience at Swallowtail Butler Cafe. I’m really relying on my memory since no cameras are allowed inside (and I’m typing this up like at 1 am, 2 hours I got back to the dorm ww) so I’m sorry if things get fuzzy. I’ll be throwing in bits and pieces of Japanese here and there without explanation so uhm… yeah ww Feel free to ask me anything about it. And…my writing style might be different for this post ww… First part is about the food and overall experience. (Jump to the fangirling)Read More »

Hello Thar Japan Vol. 01

You guys are probably hating my guts for not translating and nek minnit you find me in Japan. I’m totally not here just for the merch /shot NO seriously LOL I’m here on exchange for one semester and yeah I promised my friend I’ll try to keep a blog about my merch hunting and loot experiences here. I probably won’t be doing a blog post for each thing that’s happened rather a collation of everything that’s gone on in the past few days ww (when I remember). Apologies in advance for the crappy quality of the photos! _(:3」∠)_

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Unboxing the MEGA!Order [Dec-Feb]

I don’t usually do unboxings of what I order but this time was just too big of an order that I thought I might as well do something with my blog. Something easy that doesn’t require brainwork haha. RL has been overworking me lately I hardly get 6 hours sleep a day anymore. Where did my glorious 12+hrs/day sleep go?!

So because Tsuzuramaru decided to play hard and stay out of stock for over a month, my AmiAmi shippment ended up being a combined order for 3 months (Dec-Feb). During that time, I’d accumulated stuff from Animate and Stellaworth (Jan-Feb) as well. They made a pretty big dent in my savings but thank god I was actually saving up for this haha.

I was actually expecting these to arrive tomorrow or the day after because of Australia’s crappy post but Japan’s postage efficiency (i.e. shipping on weekends as well) got them here today. Literally 3 days after I paid for them.

WARNING: Image heavy (click into them for the full sized image)

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Title: BRCN DOUBT – BROTHERS CONFLICT Official Doujinshi

Okay, so I broke my own rule about not reviewing anything BL-related. Normally I don’t even touch BL unless my friends really recommend it, even then I don’t review. This time, it’s special. When Sylph Magazine announced that there was going to be an official doujinshi of Brothers Conflict, I knew I had to get it no matter what. Yup, I decided that then realised it was BL. But WHO CARES ANYMORE! It’s BROCON!! I know not many of the people in this fandom were able to get a copy of the doujinshi, since it was only sold at the 20th Dengeki Annual Girls Festival. I got mine through proxy and man, it was expensive, completely worth it.


DOUBT You – Go to Nirvana

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