Spring Dream


“I dreamt about spring. It was very bleak dream. I heard your gentle voice in the never-ending spring sky. I lingered in the memory of the dream for a little while when I woke up. Ahhh. I want to see you now.”

Bright blue faded into a velvet navy. The voice faded away in the spring breeze which then turned chilly.

Itaru’s eyes slowly refocused on the ceiling of his room as he opened his eyes. It was dark, past midnight but still hours before the sun rose. The almost-full moon hung brightly in the night sky, shining through the windows of his room. He clicked his tongue in annoyance. I fell asleep with the curtains and window open? He closed his eyes again, his arm positioned to block out the moonlight too bright for his liking. The cool breeze of a late-spring night carrying a hint of the approaching summer drifted in and out through the open window. It should have been a comfortable night.

Several deep breaths did nothing to calm the discomfort in his chest, not allow him to grasp that lingering sensation of the dream. Nothing did. I want to see her. The moment that thought flickered through his mind, his heart thumped louder but eased that strange sensation in his chest. The lump lodged in his throat loosened slightly but not nearly enough. Itaru sat up slowly on his bed and rubbed his face with both hands before sighing deeply into them. He knew he wouldn’t fall back to sleep any time soon. Standing up, he slipped on his slippers and dragged himself to the kitchen for a drink.

Grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge, he chugged it down hoping that irritation he felt would disappear with his thirst quenched. But that was just wishful thinking. He’d known what he was feeling had nothing to do with thirst. At least not for water. Itaru leaned against the kitchen bench supported by his elbows, the half-consumed bottle of water now dangling between his fingers. He sighed again and found himself constantly glancing at the nearest staircase up to the second floor. It would be so easy to walk up those stairs and cross the garden to her room. He played with the bottle in his hands absentmindedly while he stared. Slowly, Itaru’s feet began to move on their own accord, or at least that’s what he told himself. One by one, he climbed up the stairs, anticipation growing. Maybe, just maybe she couldn’t sleep either and maybe he’d be able to see her.

He climbed the final step and walked towards the balcony. The quiet night-scape of Veludo Town spread out before him. He chuckled under his breath, hinted with self-ridicule. What was I expecting? He turned around to face the wall which hid the dorm rooms. Which hid her room, through the door and past the storage room. Itaru ran his hand roughly through his hair before facing up to the sky and squeezing his eyes shut. What am I doing here? He was being ridiculous. No one would be up at this time, not even a gamer like him. So why had he expected her to be standing out here, waiting for him? They hadn’t made any promise to meet. He never made any promises.

Itaru shook his head to clear his mind of all his ridiculous thoughts. It did him no good, not when that lump in his throat and irritation wouldn’t disappear. But there was nothing he could do about them. Running his hand through his hair one last time, he looked away from the door to the rooms and headed for the stairs.

The click of a door was loud in the silent of night. I must be imagining things, he told himself even as he turned to look at the only door near the stairs. There she was, rubbing her eyes as she walked through the door and obviously still tired.


Her name had left his tongue before his mind could even process it. Hearing her name, she turned her head in his direction and not yet fully awake but that didn’t matter to Itaru. His body moved on it own accord again, much quicker than when he had walked up the stairs. I wanted to see you. And here you are. That was all that was important. He pulled her into his arms, pressed her head against his chest and buried his own into the nape her neck. A deep breath brought the gentle scent of spring of her with it, so much like the one in his dream. “Izumi…” He whispered her name again. Ahhh, I missed you. The lump in his throat was gone. The irritation in his chest settled and now replaced with the pitter-patter of his racing heart.

They stayed like that for a few moments. It was only a few short moments but that was what he needed to keep going. He knew he couldn’t have her to himself. There were brats and small fries in the dorm getting in his way. He cherished these short few seconds until she finally realised what was happening.

“Itaru-san?” She shifted her head to try to look up at him. A flash of turmoil appeared in his expression before it disappeared as he let her go. “What are you doing here?”

“I should be asking you that, Director,” he smiled teasingly as he usually did. He pretended he didn’t see the flicker of disappointment she showed when he reverted to using her title instead.