Terashima Apologises

OMG He apologised (English post which links to original Japanese post). ;A; I’m happy he apologised though this doesn’t quite mean everyone on the internet will accept it. I am personally still wondering how I’m feeling about this.

On one hand, I feel so much better knowing that Terashima reflected on his actions and wrote this apology up. On the other, the words that were said during and after the event from the videos and radio are still echoing in my mind. I have to admit, after hearing them it’s been hard to listen to Terashima’s voice whether he’s talking, singing or voice acting for a character. Though maybe now, I can slowly ease myself back into everything.

I never stopped being your fan Terashima. I was disappointed and wished this had never happened. As of now, I’m still a fan but just not as…hardcore(?) as I used to be. I hope one day you’ll be able to earn back the respect, even just a little, that you lost 2 months ago.


What is Respect, Terashima?

I don’t mean to rain on everyone’s parade but I need to get this off my chest and twitter probably won’t be enough to handle this ‘rant’.

As much as I like it, as of today I am boycotting Kokoro Connect until I can get my head around what happened. Hell even the mention of the anime just kills any happiness that I feel.

Additionally, Terashima Takuma, forget the nickname we used to call you by, you have disappointed me greatly. I really don’t want to believe what happened was true but the proof is there. I love you as a voice actor but to publicly humiliate someone, who tries their best but is unsuccessful, is just unacceptable. Even just being part of the group who was involved is bad enough but you go on twitter and thank those who were involved? Well thank god you lost followers and most likely many fans. I would really like to see how your album sales and live events go from now on. Other voice actors are ignoring aren’t they? Sugita was disappointed.

I know you’re in Hyakki from memory and I’m really looking forward to that game. Heck you even voice my favourite in Hyakki. I’m just hoping I won’t hate your characters as a result of this event. Other than that I’m not going to cover any Ittoki songs. I only do that when I respect the singer and composer of the song. It may be unfair to Agematsu but right now UtaPuri is virtually ruined now. It was still okay after Debut even if it wasn’t great but now? No.

To Kokoro Connect and Clannad music fans, I hope this doesn’t ruin things like it has for me.

To all those who are huge Terashima Takuma fans, maybe you can find it in yourselves to forgive him earlier than I can.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about and want to know: http://breadmasterlee.com/2012/08/30/terashima-takuma-in-ijime-connect/

I’m sorry this the first post I’ve done in a while.


うたのプリンスさまMUSIC (Uta no Prince-Sama MUSIC)

Official Website: http://www.utapri.com/game/music/

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Can I just say that this game is so fun I’ll play it over and over again? Why? Because it’s a rhythmic game and although I completely suck at is (yes, I got a friggen C in level 3 of EASY) just playing the songs gives you a sense of satisfaction. This game uses the buttons [X] [∆] [□] and any of the arrow keys. It comes out as a cross.

Hello there suckiness: 

This game includes all your Idol Songs, Audition songs, Duets, Happy Songs, A and S class songs AND OF COURSE!! Your MAJILOVE1000% album!! Unfortunately it doesn’t have ‘First impact, recipe’ but oh well. =3

Oh I was SOOOOOO happy~

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