Fan-Translation Masterlist

As a rule of thumb:

  • I fan-translate as a hobby, for satisfaction and practice. Meaning, even if there is another fan-translation out there, I will still translate it if I want to.
  • On the other hand, please feel free to do the translations yourself or commission someone to do what I’ve already fan-translated. Just because I have it on my list doesn’t mean I have translation claim over it.
  • I will generally only re-translate things with an official translation available if I have some comments I want to make about it. It’s all about preference.
  • This list will be updated as I finish each translation.
  • Discontinued projects have been removed.
  • I don’t take requests, but I do take commissions. I might look into things if something mentioned catches my interest.
  • Everything is subject to change, so don’t hold me to it.

Active projects: Tears of Themis (ToT); The Entertainment Industry is Mine (EIIM)

Drama CDs

  • SEVENTH HEAVEN Series ( Akira | Hinata | Itsuki | Yuuri | Shion | Mint | Kanade | Bonus Tracks)
  • Thanatos Night (Izaya | Nia | Oliver | Seth | Liam | Duran | Bonus)
  • Thanatos Night Re:Vival (Izaya | Nia | Oliver | Seth | Liam | Duran | Bonus)
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS More,Blood (Kou)
  • 42 GAMI Series (Celesta)
  • Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly (Hikage)
  • Marginal#4 (New Oath | Valentines | Halloween | Miracles | Christmas)
  • Blackish House (Rei | Tougo | Noa)

Games (CN server)

Novels (and adaptations)



    • Evil in Majesty (威風堂々惡女)

Short Stories


Last Updated: 27/01/2021

12 thoughts on “Fan-Translation Masterlist

  1. Yes! Jooubachi no Kanbinaru Kougou is on this list!! Thanks so much for translating and I just read Hinata’s route from Seventh Heaven. It was so heart wrenching! Thanks again for you hard work! 🙂

    • Haha, you’re welcome =3 Jooubachi vol 1 is up there for a friend so I’m not sure if I’ll do the other volumes either >n< And it'd be the first time I TL something 18+ ;w;

  2. Ah, the comment by Kass actually made me wonder:
    Is there a chance that you’ll be doing any of the other Diabolik Lovers More Blood CD’s? Or more specifically, the Mukami Brother CD’s at least?
    And if not, do you happen to know someone who does proper translations of the entire cd?
    I’m just curious to know, as I really enjoy your translations since they’re easy to read while following the flow of the conversation that you’re listening to.

    • I’m…actually considering doing the Mukami Brothers xD Only because they interest me more than the Sakamaki brothers right now. Whether or not I end up translating the other 6 brothers depends on how much time I have and if my perfectionist self kicks in haha. I’m very likely to do Shuu and Kanato though.

      I plan to do the Character songs and the mini dramas that come with it too, though =3

      Currently, I don’t know if anyone else is going to do full translations. I think the closest ones online are summaries? That’s all I’ve found.

      Thank you!! /)w(\ I’m glad you find my translations easy to read. I thought some bits might sound awkward. ww I try to keep the sentence structure the same so you can follow the translations while you’re listening.

      • //cackles.
        Same here, I mean, I have a liking for the Sakamaki Brothers and all the other characters in Diabolik Lovers, but the Mukami Brothers interest me the most because new characters + Rivals = Jo is interested.

        Oh! I’ll look forward to those then. From Ayato’s Character song and the preview for Kanato’s, I can honestly say I’m really interested in them. Great music + Great voices. Yeah yeah yeah.

        Yeah, same here. Most people only end up putting summaries of the CD and the basic things that happen, and though it gives a feel of what the CD is like and what the characters are like, it still doesn’t give you the same experience as a full translation does.

        Oh, no need to thank me! Hah, I can’t recall any bits sounding awkward, and if they do they’re probably not awkward enough for me to dwell on them for long (Who’s gonna be able to dwell on a sentence structure for long when there’s a guy whispering in your ear, right?) It’s much appreciated that you keep the sentence structure, it makes it easy to find where you have to wait for a pause in the track and where you can keep reading. You just do a very good job at it!

        Anyways, thanks for the reply, and good luck with your exams! I’ve already had mine, so I guess I should currently be spending my time trying to teach myself some japanese rather than scrolling down tumblr endlessly and crying over fictional characters and their designs. ehehehe.

        But yeah, good luck! I know you can do it.

  3. I’m soo glad that you will translate all SEVENTH HEAVEN volumes… :’D
    also the Jooubachi vol.1… >///>
    I love your translations… the structure… makes it super easy to read!
    and your thoughts is really interesting (also funny) to read… XD

    Good luck with your assignments and translations, Doropyan-chan~! OwO)d

  4. I was wondering if you could edit my rough translation of the short preview of the Kou’s scenario on the DL website? Since mistakes will be prevalent, Could you also explain as well?

    コウ 「どう? 千切られた花びらの上で寝る感想は?」
    Kou: How is it? What are your thoughts on having your petals plucked while lying down? [Really not sure here]

    コウ 「自分もむしりとられたみたいで……惨めな気分になる?」
    Kou: It seems like I myself am plucked…..Does that make you feel miserable?

    ユイ 「コ、コウくん……。急に、どうして……。」
    Yui: Ko-Kou-kun…..So, suddenly, Why?

    コウ 「ふふっ……わからない?」
    Kou: Fufu…..You don’t know?

    コウ 「ちょーっと優しい顔をするとすぐに勘違いしてさ。この俺がお前らに本気で優しくするわけないじゃん?」
    Kou: From making a slightly kind face, you instantly misunderstand. Don’t I not have a reason to seriously treat you guys nicely? [This sounds so weird but I don’t know how to reword to make it flow]

    • For most of your translations you’d have to look carefully at the syntax and don’t forget that Japanese is generally translated from the end to start. Also, it can be very vague so any particle is important. ^^;;

      コウ 「どう? 千切られた花びらの上で寝る感想は?」
      Kou: How is it? What are your thoughts on sleeping on top of plucked flower petals?

      1. 感想 is your main noun and everything before it modifies it.
      2. So, “thoughts about what?” The closest verb is寝る and you have to take everything until you hit another verb which is the phrase花びらの上で寝る (i.e. sleeping on top of plucked flower petals)
      3. 千切られた is a verb as well and it works the same way as the previous phrase does. “What type of flower petals?” Petals that have been torn off (or plucked).

      コウ 「自分もむしりとられたみたいで……惨めな気分になる?」
      Kou: For it to seem like as if you are being torn and plucked yourself…..Does that make you feel miserable?

      1. The自分 here is referring to Yui judging by context (Kou would never pluck/tear himself apart).
      2. むしりとられた joins 2 verbs together むしる and とる(in passive form)
      3. “For it to…” comes from then で. Although usually it serves as a conjunction ‘and’ it can mean ‘because, as a result, for’

      ユイ 「コ、コウくん……。急に、どうして……。」
      Yui: Ko-Kou-kun…..So, suddenly, Why? (All of a sudden…why……?)

      1. This is just a matter of choice of words. Whichever is smoother or to your liking.

      コウ 「ふふっ……わからない?」
      Kou: Fufu…..You don’t know?

      コウ 「ちょーっと優しい顔をするとすぐに勘違いしてさ。この俺がお前らに本気で優しくするわけないじゃん?」
      Kou: Just by making a slightly kind face (expression), you instantly misunderstand. There is no way that I would seriously be kind to you guys right?

      1. すると = if I do something (in this case if he makes a kind expression)
      2. お前らに = To you guys
      3. 優しくする = To be kind
      4. わけない = わけがない = No way
      5. じゃん = asking for agreement (can be rhetorical in this case)

      I hope that helps and good luck with any translations you do!!

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