The Entertainment Industry Is Mine

EIIM CoverWebnovel title (CN): 娱乐圈是我的[重生] (Yulequan shi wo de [chong sheng])
Published Novel title (EN): 娱乐圈是我的,我是你的 (Yulequan shi wo de, wo shi ni de)

Webnovel title (EN): The Entertainment Industry Is Mine [Rebirth]
Published novel title (EN): The Entertainment Industry Is Mine, I Am Yours

Author: 春刀寒 (Chun Dao Han; Spring Knife is Cold)
Genre: Romance, Rebirth, Entertainment industry, Feel-good


Xu Zhaixing’s idol, Cen Feng is a new and rising star in the entertainment industry. She firmly believed people would one day see his radiance, but she would never witness that day. Cen Feng suffered from depression and killed himself at home. Only after he was dead were the injustice and torment he went through exposed.

It turned out he was an adopted orphan. It turned out his father was a murderer.

It turned out the reason he was never able to play the piano again was because his a group member stepped on his little finger on purpose and broke it. It turned out he was bullied in the group, he’d offended the agency’s higher-ups resulting in his offers being split up between other members of his group.

It turned out the treasure she was so afraid would crumble just being held in the palm of her hands had been trampled upon and was covered in cuts and bruises.

Half a year later, Xu Zhaixing was reborn after dying from being hit by a car. She was in her first year in senior high. There were still ten years until Cen Feng would commit suicide.

‘I will use these ten years to pave a wide and smooth path with brilliant prospects for you. All the people who had hurt you will never appear before you again.’

‘Big Brother1, this time, let’s walk the flower road2 together!’

Cen Feng who suffered from depression and committed suicide was reborn ten years into the past. Coming back alive, he finally understood how ridiculous the hope he once had was. What awaited him in the future were never fresh flowers and a beautiful outlook.

He tore off his facade, threw away his personal image, and waited for the end of his contract to leave this Vanity Fair of pretence.

Manager: Cen Feng! The agency wants you to debut in C-position!

Cen Feng! There’s a major variety show that wants to invite you to be their regular guest!

Cen Feng! Director Zhang’s specifically said he wanted you to be the male lead in his new drama!

Cen Feng! Which of these top luxury brand ads do you want to shoot? It’s all up to you!

Cen Feng: ???

Where the hell are these offers coming from?

I wish to ride the wind3, but regrettably the human world has too much mire. You are my only island.

1 A form of address fans use when referring to their idol.
2 Idol fandom slang meaning “I hope everything goes well for you”.
3 The characters for “ride the wind” are read as cheng feng (乘风) which are an almost homophone of Cen Feng’s name.


Published Novel TOC
Book Blurb Published Novel Chapter (EN) Equivalent Webnovel Chapter Equivalent Audio Drama Episode
Chapter 1 – Meeting Again Chapters 1 – 6 Season 1 Episode 1
Chapter 2 – New Life Chapters 7 – 13 Season 1 Episode 2
Chapter 3 – Safeguarding Chapters 14 – 22 Season 1 Episode 3, 4
Chapter 4 – Orient Belle Chapters 22 – 26 Season 1 Episode 5
Chapter 5 – Chenxing Chapters 27 – 32 Season 1 Episode 6
Chapter 6 – Dream Chapters 33 – 38 Season 1 Episode 6, 7
Chapter 7 – Board Director Xu Chapters 39 – 44 Season 1 Episode 7, 8
Chapter 8 – University Chapters 45 – 50 Season 1 Episode 8, 9
Chapter 9 – Youth Idol Chapters 50 – 55 Season 1 Episode 9, 10
Chapter 10 – Talent Show Chapters 56 – 61
Chapter 11 – Contest Chapters 62 – 64
Chapter 12 – Ardent Chapters 65 – 68
Chapter 13 – C-Position Chapters 69 – 73
Chapter 14 – World Wide Web Empathy Chapters 74 – 79
Chapter 15 – Group Debut Chapters 80 – 87
Chapter 16 – Top-class Chapters 88 – 95
Chapter 17 – Group Variety Show (Part 1) Chapters 95 – 99
Chapter 18 – Group Variety Show (Part 2) Chapters 99 – 104
Chapter 19 – Getting Along Chapters 105 – 111
Chapter 20 – Disbandment Chapters 112 – 117
Chapter 21 – Secret Chapters 118 – 122
Chapter 22 – Found Out Chapters 123 – 127
Chapter 23 – Stage Play Chapters 128 – 131
Chapter 24 – Group Variety Show Chapters 132 – 137
Chapter 25 – Movie Chapters 138 – 141
Chapter 26 – Confession Chapters 142 – 145
Chapter 27 – Official Announcement Chapters 146 – 150
Chapter 28 – Romance Variety Show Chapters 151 – 155
Chapter 29 – Desolate Land Chapters 156 – 166
Chapter 30 – Where Happiness Begins Chapters 167 – 169
Extra 1 – Proposal Chapters 170
Extra 2 – ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ (Part 1) Chapters 171
Extra 3 – ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ (Part 2) Chapters 172
Extra 4 N/A
Exclusive Short Story N/A
Audio Drama

Broadcaster: 九紫声优团 (Jiuzi Voice Actor Group)

Xu Zhaixing: Chu Xian
Cen Feng: Qian Wu
Cheng You: Yi Ruoxun
Xu Yan: XuanZONE
Father Xu: Li Longbin
Zhao Jinjin: Qiu Qiu
Zhou Mingyan: Yang Zai
Yin Chang: Cheng Yu
Ning Siyue: Shi Zekun

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Note: The audio drama translation is meant to be a read-along. No SFX will be added to the script. Please listen along if you can!